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The Joy Of Fish Clubs


At the end of August, I was lucky enough to be a speaker at the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society in Ohio.

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Carpet Anemones


Stichodactyla spp anemones, otherwise known as carpet anemones, are fascinating creatures....

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Freshwater Algae


Algae are photosynthetic organisms somewhat like plants in structure at a cellular level, but rather different in many other regards.

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Refugia are touted as doing everything from feeding your fish for you to negating the need for water changes.

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Ugly Fish


When the average hobbyists think of fish, beauty often comes to mind. From breathtaking reef dwellers to exotic wild caught African cichlids, beauty sells.

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Victoria Cichlids


During the 1980s a new and fascinating market seemed to be opening up to aquarium hobbyists.


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