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FAQs about Caulerpa Algae Nutrition/Fertilization

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Caulerpa Bob, I recently notice with the new skimmer that my Caulerpa algae is growing healthier. Is it possible that the high nutrient levels would cause the Caulerpa to die off and not grow? <Generally, Caulerpa thrives in high nutrients.> The Salt that I am using is Reef Crystals with a FOWL. Do you think this salt is overkill. <I use the same thing, more out of habit than any concrete proof that it is better. I started out using RC, never had any problems, and have no reason to change. Instant Ocean, from the same company - Aquarium Systems, is very good too and a little cheaper.> I would like to use a 175w metal halide light with 2 actinic bulbs(30W) on my 45 gallon tank, but people tell my this will promote bad algae growth. Unless I add a couple of soft corals. I don't think light causes bad algae but the nutrient level and other things. <Correct> Should I invest in some soft coral to lower the nutrient level. Eventually, if I get brave, I will try to convert my tank to reef tank. <The additional lighting will be in order when you convert to a full reef tank.> Thanks <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Feeding Caulerpa I would like to grow Caulerpa in a separate Rubbermaid bucket with small filter and light. Is there anything that I can do in way of 'feeding' the Caulerpa nutrients for it to grow? <The easiest thing to do would be to fill the Rubbermaid with your old water when you do your next water change and continue this practice of recycling. You will probably have to add some extra buffers to the old water, but it will have all the nutrients you need.> I don't have space for a refugium underneath my stand right now, but would like to just have it grow out in another tank in the garage or something. Thanks, Jim <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

More Feeding Caulerpa So, the water from a weekly water change is enough to feed them until the following week? <Sure> And if I have to add supplements to 'grow' algae, what would those be? <No one that I know of makes a particular algae stimulant for marine tanks because most people try to discourage algae growth. You could experiment with Miracle-Grow or some such product since there will be no fish or inverts in this tank, but it is probably not needed.> Thanks, Jim <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Feeding Caulerpa III Understand. Some one recommended using some of the sludge from the protein skimmer, but I thought that was a bad idea. Even though there is nothing besides the algae, not sure skimmate would be a good nutrient to put in. . . Jim <Don't know if it would be a good nutrient. Besides, the stuff smells. -Steven Pro>

Caulerpa Bob, I have recently added a small refugium to my tank that I am trying to grow Caulerpa in. I am using 2 small aquarium lights and the water is moving fairly well. There seems to be brown micro algae growing on the Caulerpa (it seems especially dense closer to the light). I do however, have plenty of new growth of Caulerpa which don't seem to be covered with micro not yet at least, system is new). I've read that the Caulerpa is a superior competitor for nutrients. Maybe the original Caulerpa went into shock allowing micro to out compete? <Possibly> Any insight as to what might be going on? Alkalinity=7DkH; PH=8.4; I do frequent water changes w/RO water/tropic Marin salt; I have started using a marine buffer it's really old...does this stuff go bad?) <Not really... may get "clumpy", but still usable> ; I also add trace elements which include calcium. <This may be the source of your low alkalinity problem... what is your calcium concentration? If 350 or higher, I'd stop with the "calcium supplement"... which may likely be precipitating out your alkalinity. Please read over these topics information, FAQs posted on the www.WetWebMedia.com site> Thank You... Nick Gialias <You're welcome. Bob Fenner>

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