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FAQs on Genus Chaetodontoplus Angels Disease

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Blueline Angel with sore/wound       2/4/16
Thank you so much for providing such an overwhelming amount of data/guidance to the world. I've been reading and reading and I'm still not exactly sure what has developed on my BlueLine angel fish (parasite or wound or ???).
<Do you have a clear, well-resolved image you could send along?>
The sore appeared 2 days ago as a bump on it's side and evolved into what looks like an open wound. I have been testing water parameters everyday since the discovery and everything appears in line (350 gallon - Fish Only tank, Ammonia=0, Nitrites=0, nitrates=2-5ppm, PH=8.0-8.1, Salinity 1.018).
>Mmm; though it's popular to keep spg low; I would raise this up to near natural water concentration... 1.025 or so... over a week or mores' time>
The fish was introduced about 5 months ago (after a 1 month quarantine).
I have not noticed any behavioral changes and it is still eating everything(pellets, mysis, brine, seaweed, etc) . Any idea what this could be (I have provided some video links below)? Would you recommend I quarantine and medicate or at this point, would it be too stressful (also keeping in mind, the tank is large and catching anything usually takes a few days as it involves a trap and starvation)? If medication is advised what type? Also would freshwater dips help? I can provide any additional
info if needed.
Video 1 (15 secs): http://www.screencast.com/t/ol3Sb0l9Video 2 (30 secs): 
<Ouch! This appears to be a wound from a physical trauma. I would be soaking the foods you offer in a vitamin/HUFA mix ahead of offering; and triple dosing the system (water) with iodine-ate once a week.>
Thank you,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: Blueline Angel with sore/wound         2/5/16

Thank you for the quick reply. I was leaning towards a wound/injury but the whole bump thing turning into a wound was throwing me off.
<Mmm; actually quite common etiology>
This morning there was another open wound perfectly aligned vertically.
I am speculating the fish was blown into the edge of the opening at the top. The top has two openings in it and there is a Maxspect Gyre at one end pushing water pretty hard near the surface across the entire tank (I've turned the flow rate down).
I always soak food overnight in either Selcon or Vita-chem so we are good there.
<Mmm; at room temp., half an hour is about all the good you're going to do.
DO pour the supernatant (liquid) into the system as well>
I will be adding iodine today as recommend and will also slowly raise the salinity up (I use water from Scripps aquarium which is already at natural sea water levels so that should be easy to do).
<Ah yes; am a resident in San Diego; used their water (with storage, and/or bleach/dechlorination...) for many years. A very long time ago>
I will keep you posted on the recovery. Thanks again for you insights.
<Thank you for sharing. B>

Conspic Angel Injury? (red blotches)   7/25/11
Hi bob or WWM crew,
<... Ryan>
My friend from HK was able to buy a Conspic angel for me at a really good price. It was totally fine according to him when he got it and it was even nipping on the pellets the shop fed it. But when it arrived in my QT last night, there were these weird red blotches throughout only one side of its body.
<Seven megs of pix/files and all too blurry to be of much use...>
Im not sure but I suspect it may have been mishandled during transport since the blotches are only on one side?

<Very likely so>
Would that be a fair assumption or do you think its bacterial?
<Hope, pray... get the specimen to a large, stable, optimized setting ASAP>
I attached some pics so you can take a look. Sorry for the quality though, I just used my iPhone camera and its a bit blurry but you can still see the marks and the bumps.
<... we ask that folks limit such files to a few hundred Kbytes... Why would you send such poor images if you knew they were of limited value?>
Have you seen anything like it?
<Oh yes>
If so, how do I treat it?
<... again, not much can be done directly... Read the above again>
Its in my 50g QT tank now. The salinity of the LFS was at 1.17
<... No>
so I followed it for my tank as well.
<Review all the Pomacanthid Disease FAQs on WWM, treating infectious disease.... Bob Fenner>

Conspic Question    8/12/11
Hi Bob or WWM crew,
Sorry about the last pics I sent. It was in such a hurry and it must have slipped my mind to resize. Anyways, I'm still really hoping that you could give me some input on what's going on with my Conspic!
<Infection of the lateral line system, neuromast destruction... Likely infectious>

Here's what happened exactly: I got the fish from HK and when it arrived, it had this line of lumps with redness underneath. I placed it in my QT and over the course of a few days, I lowered the salinity to 1.009.
<Not of use>
The Conspic was eating a lot of Mysis soaked with a lot of Selcon. I feed it around 3-4 times a day and it can finish a cube each feeding. After a few days, it went away and I was incredibly relieved. I came to the conclusion that perhaps the lumps left behind was just trauma caused by shipping or something.
<Possibly... though if only on one side, perhaps this specimen was dropped on the ground... Oh, I see below>
Unfortunately, a few days after that, weird swelling lumps appeared on the other side (this is the problem that's pictured above). I left it alone since it didn't really fit any criteria for diseases that I was familiar with. As you can see in the pictures, its affecting the lateral line but it doesn't look at all like HLLE. There are white lumps in that area which leads me to believe that perhaps its viral lymphocitis? What do you think it is and how should I go about treating it?
<The approach you've taken; providing enriched foods, good/stable water quality is the route I'd go. BobF>
Thanks again!

Pinched Stomach    9/2/11
Hi Bob,
<Dr. Uy>
I think I have one of the unluckiest fishes in the world! My Conspic Angel's skin is now totally fine since I last emailed you pics. I came back from a 4 day vacation yesterday and I noticed that its stomach was pinched.
My brother was in charge of taking care of it and feeding it and he said that it was fed at least 3x a day with Mysis soaked in a lot of Selcon.
However, when I tried feeding it yesterday, it wouldn't touch a thing. Till now, it still hasn't eaten anything and its stomach is starting to look more pinched. The Conspic has been with me for a month and a half and this is the first time that it has stopped eating.
I've been reading WWM regarding this and I was wondering whether or not force feeding the Conspic with angel formula + Flagyl would be a good idea?
What else can I do?
<Keep offering foods that you hope will entice this fish... B>
Thanks Bob!

Constipated Conspic    9/30/11
Hi bob!
My Conspic is still in QT till now and its eating quite well but no matter what, I can only get it to eat Mysis soaked in Selcon.
<Mmm, too rich... like candy bars for children>
Sometimes he picks on the Nori sheet that I put in his tank but more often than not, he just ignores it.
<Try New Life's "Spectrum" pelleted food of appropriate diameter... start by mixing some in w/ the Mysids>
For the last week and a half, he hasn't pooped at all. I've been reading through WWM regarding this and I have already added Epsom salts to the water at the recommended dosage(1tbsp per 5 gallons). I dosed it four days ago and I re-dosed it yesterday and so far it hasn't helped. I've also started feeding him Spirulina brine shrimp today but he doesn't like it as much as the Mysis. Any advice regarding this?
<Don't worry re... this too shall pass>
Re: Constipated Conspic    9/30/11

Hi bob,
<little r>
Yep, I have tried mixing the NLS pellets with his Mysis but he's waits for the Mysis and totally ignores the pellets. I've tried just feeding him the pellets and he totally ignores that. Alright, ill just wait and see but his
stomach is getting a bit bloated so I'm just a little concerned.
<As well you should be>
Re: Constipated Conspic    10/1/11

Hi bob,
Yep, I have tried mixing the NLS pellets with his Mysis but he's waits for the Mysis and totally ignores the pellets. I've tried just feeding him the pellets and he totally ignores that. Alright, ill just wait and see but his stomach is getting a bit bloated so I'm just a little concerned.
<Good. B>

Light brown patch on tail of my Angel 11/17/10
<Hello there>
I recently purchased a Scribbled Angelfish and have the fish in a 55 gallon quarantine tank. I am putting her into my 210 FOWLR tank after quarantine. The quarantine tank had already been running for a month and a half with 2 large powerheads, a heater, and a few pieces of rock for shelter before I placed her into the tank. I have had the fish for 3 days now and she has been eating well for 2 days. She looks alert and seems to be in good health except for a small discoloration in the middle of her tail that I noticed for the first time today. Her tail is yellow and the discoloration is more a faint brownish color. It almost looks like the tail is dirty.
The spot is approximately a 1/2" by 3/4" and directly in the middle of her tail.
It has me very concerned because a few months ago my Passer Angel died with no signs of poor health except a spot similar to this. I noticed the spot on the Passer one day while feeding it and within two days it was dead. I tested all my water parameters when he died and everything tested out fine.
My current water parameters in my quarantine tank are Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 10, Temp: 79, SG:1.024. Please help me as I am unaware of what sort of condition this is or how to handle it and don't want my new beautiful Scribbled Angelfish to suffer the same fate. I thank you in advance for all your time and help, it is greatly appreciated.
<Considering the size and placement of this discoloration, it's very likely "just" a mark from (mis)handling during collection or being moved about (in captivity). I would not fret here. The Passer very likely perished from stress combined with... Bob Fenner>
Scribbled Angel w Popeye 11/17/10

I've had my 5" Scribbled in a QT 55g tank for one month. She's in there with 2 small angels,
<Very stressful>
live rock, a pair of mj1200s and a hob filter. About a week ago, she developed cloudy eye in one eye and over the next few days its turned Popeye. I started mixing Kanaplex in their food paste along w Selcon and garlic as usual. Her appetite is very strong and water param.s are in order.
Should I be worried?? Will she go blind? Here's a video
<I would be concerned and I would move this fish to its permanent, larger quarters, w/ or w/o perfunctory pH adjusted freshwater dip/bathing. Bob Fenner>
Re: Scribbled Angel w Popeye 11/17/10
Unfortunately, the large tank wont be setup for a month. I treated the qt with Prazi 3tsp in case its flukes causing it.
<Mmm, doubtful... If these are internal (Flukes), you'll need to introduce the antihelminthic in food/s>
Still feeding Kanaplex and appetites are strong.
<Good... I suspect this exophthalmia is environmental/injury in origin.
Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm
and the linked files above. BobF>

Scribbled angelfish swollen stomach area, Hypo?    5/2/09
Hey there, Crew.
I've recently purchased a scribbled angel, I've had it for almost two weeks now.
Initially, I placed it directly into my DT. Yes, I know that is frowned upon. I received it from a trusted source and I really hoped it was going to be disease free. I like to learn the hard way, apparently. I know I shouldn't have placed it right into the DT, my mistake, it wont be one I repeat.
So it went into a 210g tank, 8.2 pH, salinity of 1.025, temperature rock solid at 77.5. It was supposedly collected over a month ago and feeding very well on small and large mysis, algae strips and Formula 1 pellets. It was shipped to me on April 20th and I received it April 21st. I went through my normal drip acclimation process. I also received a small achilles tang, which went right into the display as well.
<Mmm, this species is much more problematical>
The achilles had/has Ich. I already wrote in about this in a previous question, I started treating the tank with hyposalinity. For what it's worth, the Ich is gone now and hopefully when I raise the salinity in 8 weeks, it will stay gone. Time will tell. Also, when I lowered it I believe I had a slight bacterial bloom,
<Not atypical>
the water got a slightly cloudy white tint to it but that only lasted about 2 days and went away. I had a little bit of ammonia show up during that time and so I used an ammonia neutralizing product to temporarily calm that down.
<Mmm, this is not really an efficacious manner...>
The levels were low but I know even low levels are toxic.
I also have the scribbled separated off from the other fish in the tank through the use of eggcrate, which you can see in at least one of the pictures. I know it isn't getting harassed. Even just "harassed by sight" isn't happening, it goes up to the eggcrate and looks at the other fish and they come look at him, he doesn't look scared or shy. The achilles is on the other side, so it's just the scribbled on his own side. He has about 60-70 gallons to himself and some live rock to hide in and pick off if he wants to.
You'll notice from the pictures that it has a really bulged out belly on the left side. Looking at the photograph, it's on the right, but it's the left side of the fish. The right side of the fish has a bump as well, but it looks a lot more normal and not near as protruding as the left side. I started noticing this pretty soon after I received it. It wont eat at all, so I thought it was weird that it's stomach is swelling. After about a week, it is bulging to the point you see in the pictures.
Starting this Tuesday, the 28th, I pulled him from the main tank and placed him into a 29g QT. I started treating with Furan 2, hoping it was a bacterial infection. Well, it's been 3 days and the swelling is even worse.
The bump is larger, not a LOT larger but noticeable. Tonight, I'm supposed to put in one more Furan 2 treatment and let it sit for 24 more hours, then do a water change and introduce activated carbon to remove the meds. I'm going to assume since he is getting worse, this one last day of treatment isn't going to solve the problem.
What do you recommend I do?
<Mmm, this, these treatments are all "exploratory"... sans knowing root cause...>
I have PraziPro, which is an anti-parasitical formula as you probably know. My plan is to put in carbon tomorrow night (Saturday) and do a couple 25% water changes over the next 2 days, then on Monday start with the PraziPro. I'm wide open to advice at this point though if you can think of something else I might be able to do to save this gorgeous fish.
<The Prazi, perhaps with concurrent treatment with Metronidazole/Flagyl (can be done) is a "shot in the dark" but may work... It could be that there is something else going on here... Damage to the gas bladder, an idiopathic tumour... that is not thus treat-able>
For what it's worth, I've tried feeding mysis, brine, scallops, clam on the half shell, Nori strips stuck to a rock and stuck to a typical "Nemo" shaped algae clip, shredded fish and shredded shrimp. All of this has been mixed with garlic extreme, Selcon, Zoe and I even tried a vitamin C mix that Kent makes.
<All worth trying>
I've also tried these foods plain with no additives and he doesn't seem the least bit interested. So not only does it have a large intestinal bump, it also wont eat.
<Mmm, might need to be force fed if it starts wasting>
It still seems nice and fat and healthy, besides the bump.
<What IS it eating?>
I'm not horribly worried yet and I think the fish is savable, it swims upright, has nice clear eyes and isn't particularly scared of me. I walk up to the QT and it hides but then it comes out and looks at me and will come right up to the front glass. Typical inquisitive angel behavior, just with a large bump protruding.
Water "settings" now, by the way, are 1.009 salinity,
<Oh! I would not keep this fish in this low spg... This IS likely THE principal reason it is not feeding... could be directly related to the "bump/s">

temp is 76 degrees, there is a sweeping powerhead with a bubbler attached to help with O2 exchange and a typical hang on the back filter to keep the water clean. pH is 8.4 (raised up slowly from 8.2 while he was in the display). It was actually not a planned raise, I was buffering a little over zealously I guess when I lowered the salinity... but it went from 8.2 to 8.4 over the course of 3 days, so I don't think that is the cause of the bump, although I don't know a lot about pH harming fish.
Any help you can give would be appreciated greatly! Sorry for the long story but I wanted to make sure you guys had all the background.
<Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/hyposalandcrypt.htm and the linked files above re this treatment and some of our feelings re.
Bob Fenner... who can imagine a scenario where this fish specimen was "needled" to release air from its gas bladder... and subsequent low spg exposure has led to this pathology>

Chaetodontoplus personifer in quarantine, hlth.  02/27/2008 Hello WWM Crew, <<G'Morning, Andrew today>> Let me just say that I love your site and read over the new FAQs several times a week but this time I couldn't find anything similar to my situation. <<Lets cure your lust for knowledge>> The other day I walked into a LFS and spotted 2 very small (1" and 1.5") personifer angels for only $28! I asked them to hold the slightly larger one for me and went home and set up a 10 gallon quarantine tank. On the first day he seemed fine but mostly hid in a large plastic coral. On the second day he was swimming about normally and ate some frozen food. On the third morning I woke to discover him "breaching" at the top of the tank and swimming erratically. Soon after he just lay on the floor of the tank looking washed out and breathing heavily. I immediately performed a 30% water change and dosed the tank with triple-sulfur. 2 hours later he was fine, swimming normally and feeding again. 2 more days have passed and he is feeding well and behaving normally. I have been changing 10L of water each day, should I do anything more to help this little guy out? What would have caused his strange behaviour? I couldn't see any sign of external parasites. Could it have been Ammonia poisoning from the uncycled quarantine tank? <<Yikes.....Yes, certainly...A quarantine is basically just a miniature marine system, and as such, should always be cycled. The point that the fish changed for the better after the water change shows that the behaviour is due to this uncycled tank. For future, what you could do is keep the filter media from the QT filter in the main display tank as this will cycle the media and keep it in this state. So, you'll always end up with an instantly cycled quarantine tank. In your current situation, you need to closely monitor water parameters and keep the water changes flowing>> Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Yours Sincerely, Adam Harbeck <<Thanks for the questions, hope the above helps. A Nixon>>

Re: Chaetodontoplus personifer in quarantine 03/19/2008 Hello Andrew, <<Hello again Adam>> I submitted a question a few weeks ago about a tiny Chaetodontoplus personifer I purchased on the 22nd of Feb and now I have a follow up query. The fish has been in quarantine for 25 days now with a water temperature of 28C, is eating very well and has grown about 0.25cm. As suggested I have been performing frequent water changes (10l/day). <<sounds good>> The other day I noticed a small white spot on the back of his right pectoral fin. I kind of panicked and performed a pH adjusted freshwater bath on him and dosed the tank with triple sulphur. He took the bath very well, just lay on the floor breathing normally patiently waiting for his 5 minutes to be up, but the spot remains. I have encountered Whitespot in the past but the fish looked like they had been dusted with white pepper, scratched incessantly, stopped eating and hid. The behaviour of this fish hasn't changed at all, his colours are still bright, i haven't seen him scratch once, still eats like a pig and spends his day displaying to himself in the glass or coming up to beg for a feed when I enter the room. I have not been adding more triple sulfur to the tank during changes because I am afraid of poisoning him, I have been told that angels are very sensitive to medications. <<indeed...Is this the only spot? Continue to monitor in the quarantine tank>> I think by now the concentration would be very low. Should I leave him be for a couple more weeks to see how he goes? Or should I give him another bath with some Methylene blue added and add him to the main tank? I have grown quite fond of the little guy and would hate to lose him now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. <<Continue to monitor the spot in the QT tank, if this is indeed white spot, then hypo would be the next step to eradicate the Ich>> Yours Sincerely .. Adam Harbeck <<hope this helps. A Nixon>>

Grey Poma I recently bought a 4" Grey Poma angel. It's in my 60 gallon reef until I'm confident enough to put it in the 240.  <Good idea> My water parameters are 0 ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Temperature is 78. I have 1 marine Betta, 2 green clown gobies, 1 sailfin tang, 1 Wardley's wrasse, and 1 tomato clown. The Angel is eating, but it's getting skinny. I'm thinking intestinal parasites. <Possible> I feed a lot, but the fish is extremely shy, the tang is a pig. I was wondering if I took the tang out and put it in the 240 until the Poma is all nice and fat would make a difference. <Maybe, or...> Or I can put the Poma in the 240. the 240 has 6 true perculas, 1 blue damsel, and 2 striped. the water is 76°. It's been set up for 1.5 months. It's relatively understocked for now. I'm not sure of the water parameters. I feed flakes, frozen Mysis, frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, Angel Formula. I'm trying to get it to nibble at the Angel Formula, but the other fish get to it first. It'll eat everything else. <I would move this fish... and possibly try soaking whatever it is eating in one of those new "Garlic" materials (or make your own)... I don't endorse their use for "Ich" remedying... but have seen positive results for "skinny fish" (presumed intestinal parasite) disorders (especially in Puffers)... And do try placing some new live rock (a type with a maximum amount of sponge and tunicate material on/in it. This will help on a few counts... as food, water conditioner and disrupter of current hierarchies. Bob Fenner, who would do all this for your Chaetodontoplus soon, like now>

Re: one sided breathing >Marina, thank you for the advice. >>You're quite welcome, I hope that it's been of some help. >Its taken years to accept but I finally realize we all need help from time to time. >>I learned a while ago to just give up the idea that I don't need help.  LOL! >Also, on a positive note my Blue Line (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis) angel began breathing from both sides yesterday and respiration slowed to a more normal rate. >>Excellent. >He had not eaten since receiving him which has been five days so I tried minced clam on the half shell which was received well. >>Great, getting him started is half the battle.   >Thinking he cannot sustain on clams alone I mixed in frozen Mysis with the minced clam. How and what other foods do you suggest I introduce, I've refrained from live brine so far and would like to stay away if possible. >>I would, too.  If you're more concerned with getting him fattened up, keep giving him the clam (soaked in a good supplement like Selcon), and you might try instead of the live brine more Mysis.  Also offer a bit of squid, krill, maybe even bits of other fish.  Soak everything in Selcon at this point, once he's on his way then you can reduce it to a few times a week. >I've gone through the related files and the forum sections without success. Of course given the size of your site I probably flew over them, Ha! I floated a piece of washed spinach but it didn't get touched, I didn't mention that I set some live rock in for him to graze on, though it hasn't been successful. >>Don't give up yet.  Do you happen to have on hand one of the frozen angel formulas?  IIRC they also have bits of sponge and whatnot that the larger angels seem to really like. >I'm thrilled that he's begun to nibble, its a starting point. >>Absolutely! >I've done my research but can't seem to find a whole lot. Any thoughts? >>I'll link you to the FAQ, but I'm guessing you already have it.  I'm going to do a quick Google, as well as searching reefs.org.  Be back in a minute! http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/chaetodonoplus/faqs.htm http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?siteid=21&pCatId=1140 http://ichtyonb1.mnhn.fr/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=11124 >>This one searching via Advanced Aquarist online zine http://www.advancedaquarist.com/cgi-bin/websearch.pl >>I know this isn't much, but it's a start.  I do hope it helps, especially the one link that speaks more specifically to feeding.  I don't think this angel will be very interested in vegetable matter outside of the algae it might choose to nibble at.  Good luck!  Marina

Sick Singapore Angel? Hello, <Hi there! Scott F. here today> My new Singapore Angel has Ich.  He is about 4 inches long, good color and has clear eyes.  I went to the store to buy Ich medication (Rid-Ich), but the owner steered me over to Mardel Copper Safe.  He said I only have to medicate once and with half the prescribed treatment because of the angel.  The angel is in a 10 gallon bare bottomed quarantine tank.  Should I treat with Copper Safe?  For how long and with what amount? <There is a lot of disagreement about whether or not to use copper with many angelfish species. I feel that CopperSafe is a good product, but the choice to use copper is a judgment call on your part. If it were me, I'd rather use a Formalin-based product than a reduced dosage of Copper. The use of copper is dependent upon a specific dosage, and should be tested for while in use. All medications should be administered in a separate aquarium.> I have had the angel for about a week.  Whenever I come into the room he hides in a cave.  He has only eaten live Caulerpa and nothing else.  How long can he go without food?  Will he eventually eat?  Thank you for your time. Sam Reef <Well, Sam, it's important that the fish eats as much food as possible, as soon as possible. Yes, these fish don't have the best reputation for being easy feeders. If the fish is ill, this could complicate things, but it is important to keep food available to the fish. Don't give up! Regards, Scott F.>

Singapore Angel Fish's eye turned bright blue >Hi, I bought a Singapore Angel Fish about 4 weeks ago.  For the first week it would not eat.  After the first week it started eating and now acts perfectly normal and eats very readily.  However over the past week I have noticed that one of his eyes has swelled up a little bit and turned blue.  I was wondering if you could give me any type of advice as to what to do.  Thanks, John >>While I'm not familiar with color changes as you've described, I think it's safe to say that it is very possible he scraped or otherwise injured the eye.  If you're not doing so now, get some Selcon and begin soaking his food in it.  Nutrition and excellent water quality are a fish's best friend, so address those issues first.  Also, go to our home page to the Google bar and try either "injured eye" or "exophthalmia".  We have very extensive FAQ's on the subject.  Good luck!  Marina

Problem With A Poma (Sick Angel) Dear Scott, <Hello again!> I bought a pair of gold-stripe maroon clowns on Wednesday and added them to my tank with the Grey Poma, but now I have noticed that the Poma has developed white-spot. <Yikes! No quarantine? I don't want to scold you now- but...Ya got to quarantine all new arrivals to avoid problems like this in the future, okay?> It is not a really heavy infestation but I know I need to cure it. The angel has been trying to solicit the boxing shrimp into cleaning it but I have not yet observed them doing so. The clowns are still free of spots but what is the best way to go about treating them? I know copper is toxic to angels, so I bought some Vertaid medication which contains Quinine hydrochloride and Malachite green from another fish shop and the guy there said to add 1ml per 70l for four days and do partial water changes if the fish or inverts look stressed. <Well, some angel species are very sensitive to copper, mainly Centropyge species. I have used copper on a variety of angels without problems. Of course, if you are concerned about this medication, I'd recommend a Formalin-based product as an alternative.> I impulse bought this product because I did not know what else to do. Should I treat the whole tank or isolate the fish in a separate tank and do it as it is going to take a while to set up a hospital tank? <Id treat all affected fishes in a separate tank, and let the display run fallow for a month or so. My advice is to NEVER treat in the display tank.> He said that he would not recommend a freshwater dip as this may shock the fish more. <Well, freshwater dips can be a bit rough on an already-stressed fish. Their effectiveness can vary, and I would not consider a FW dip a primary treatment method> Can you please put me on the right track to treat my fish, I do not want to lose them. Yours Sincerely Adam Harbeck <Well, Adam- I'd remove the affected fish to a separate system for treatment, and let the display tank run without fishes for a month or so. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter concerning dosage and duration, regardless of what medication that you choose to use. Follow through and keep observing your fishes carefully during the process, and I'm sure that your fish will make it through fine! Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Angelfish with Rapid Breath Hello, <Hi! Ryan Bowen with you today> I recently bought a Personifer angelfish. about 4-5" with full colored face. Its currently in a 46gallon bow front QT tank, with a Fluval 304, and a 4 watt UV sterilizer. <Great to hear> Its swimming around normally, its breathing rapidly. I've had angelfish before and I know they breathe a little slower. Tank is fully cycled, there's only a trace of nitrates. Its not eating, but I only got it two days ago, so I'm not entirely worried... yet. I just want to know if there's something that I don't see is wrong. <Ammonia?  Also check for gill flukes.> I have black garbage bags that I've cut to make a makeshift "kelp forest" to ease its acclimation and to give it a sense of security. It doesn't appear to be stressed because it approaches the tank when I put my face near it, but the rapid breathing has me worried. <Yes, I'd be nervous as well> any insights would be greatly appreciated. Also I gave it a F/W bath before putting it into the tank. But like I said, it doesn't appear to be stressed except for the rapid breathing. well over 80 gill movements a minute. <I'd give him a few days, but keep an eye on water quality and gills for disease.  I'd execute daily water changes to keep things fresh in the QT.  Thanks, good luck! Ryan>

Lost my Conspic :(   7/16/06 Hello WWM Crew. <Jeff> I had a tragic loss of my Conspicillatus Angel after two and a half years of healthy living he is gone. I had noticed over the last 6 months his breathing had increased and he loved the bubbles. His appetite up until the last day was voracious as usual. I always looked in the gill plates for any sign of problems but did not see anything (still bright red and full). When I came home the other night I noticed his breathing was beyond rapid.  I called my fish guy at 11:00 pm to come over and help. <... some service!> After looking at the gills again we noticed a huge (about the size of a nickel) white bulbous growth tucked deep inside the gill plates (because now his gills were flared wide open to get o2). We agreed that in the morning we would "cut " whatever it was out <!> to save the fish because it wouldn't make it if he continued like this. Unfortunately by 7:00 AM he past away. The fish guy did a post op on him and said he found a "goiter" in his gill plates, <Not uncommon> one large one and a smaller one on the other side. I unfortunately do not have a pic of it but is it common, rare or even possible for angels to get them (I only saw references on rays and sharks)? <All vertebrates and some invertebrate groups are subject to these tumorous growths... Generally associated with endocrine malfunction, in turn related to a nutritional, chemical deficiency> or could there have been a copepod or some type of parasite that fits the bill? <Mmm, this is also a possibility. Would need to examine the growth> It did look more like a "tumorous" growth than parasitic but I would hate to search for another beautiful fish like that and not know what I would be dealing with. Best Regards, Jeffrey G. Schoor <Sorry to realize your loss... Might I ask, were/are you of the habit of using vitamin/supplements and/or iodine/ide/ate on a regular basis? Bob Fenner>
Re: Lost my Conspic :(   7/16/06
Hi Bob, <Jeff> I do use vitamins and supplements for my fish that contain iodine but I did not use additional iodine. I guess I should start. My tank is 400 gallon fish only what types of supplements would you recommend? Thanks for the quick response Jeffrey <Mmm, well, it takes actually very little iodine to prevent Chromaffin Tissue (homologous to Thyroid, Parathyroid in "higher vert.s) deficiency syndromes... If you are adding such weekly (a good practice to time with water changes, general maintenance, this should "do it". Our collective input on this issue here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/vitaminmarfaqs.htm and http://www.wetwebmedia.com/iodfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Triple Sulfa and Maracyn Plus... Chaetodontoplus, Angel dis. period   11/12/07 Hi Crew, I have a gray Poma angel that was great for 2 months at the pet store. I brought him home and put in my 125 gallon FOWLR and was doing well for a few weeks. His fins starting getting cloudy and frayed and he had like white patches under his side fins that would look bloody at times. <Environmental... possibly with a social component> Well I removed him and treated him in a QT tank with triple sulfa and he did great with treatment which was a 4 day treatment. I put him back in the 125 tank and it came back during the course of a week. <... same env.> I removed again and treated again this time twice and once again he looked great even better since I treated him for 8 days. The instructions said I could treat twice if need be. Well this time after treatment I didn't return him to the 125 and did 50 percent water changes daily for the last 4 days in QT and can see his fins are starting to turn cloudy again since he finished his 8 day treatment. <Cumulative stress> It says I can use triple sulfa in the main display tank without hurting the bio filter. <Yes, generally> Is this true? I'm afraid to do that. My levels are all great. 0 Ammonia 0 nitrites and 20 and under nitrates. This fish was in a small 20 gallon for at least 2 months and did great health wise but always looked scared and was hiding in the pet store. <Also env.> I bring him home and he keeps getting fin rot? His tank mates are 1 clown and a small Kole tang that have o interest in him. Its driving me nuts and I'm afraid to put him back. I started treatment today in the QT with Maracyn plus. The instructions were clear with the triple sulfa but are not with the Maracyn plus except to treat on days 1 3 and 5. Nothing about partial water changes during treatment? <Monitor water quality, change-out as necessary, re-medicate...> Are if I do a fifty percent daily water changes do I add Maracyn plus to make up for the water change? One last thing the fish does not seem stressed and eats well in the main tank and QT. He did stop eating right before I started the original treatment is why I started and he was eating again the second day once treatment was started. Thanks in advance <This is NOT a pathogenic condition... What would really help is a refugium, mud... macroalgae, DSB there... It's the environment that needs improving... not the symptoms of the angel that need medicating. Bob Fenner>

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