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FAQs about Choridactylines

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 Inimicus didactylus in captivity

Sea Goblin I am researching a fish called Sea Goblin or Inimicus filamentosus, I have found some general info but I would like to find a little more insight into their temperament. <Mmm, sit on the bottom, on rocks, pretty much all the time... suck up/gulp small-enough fishes wandering by>   I am planning a quite large tank (1400 gal.) and the most aggressive fish that will be in there will be a blue tang and a few dwarf angels.  Otherwise, the rest of the inhabitants will be generally peaceful.  The smallest fish inhabitants will be gobies and Chromis. What do I have to plan for as far as tank mate possibilities with a Sea Goblin. <They all will be food sooner or later... most anything that can fit down Inimicus spp. mouths they'll inhale> I should also ask, before I get ahead of myself, is a Sea Goblin a good captive candidate or should I steer away. Obviously not a path I will consider if it is not. Thanks so much for the advice and I apologize for the rather disjointed question. Sincerely, Corey <Is a good candidate if you like cryptic marked and colored fishes... but not exciting in terms of movement... very like Stonefishes... Bob Fenner>

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