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FAQs about genus Chromis Damsel Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Chromis are easy to feed.

Chromis feeding  7/3/08 Hi guys and gals I have 135 g tank with 100lbs of live rock. Tank is about 8 yrs old. I am thinking of buying 5 chromis. For fish I currently have a yellow tang, Foxface Rabbitfish, royal Gramma, clarkii, and a mandarin dragonet. My question is this: Will the 5 Bluegreen chromis deplete the population of copods for my mandarin? <Mmm, not likely... they spend most all the time near the surface... the copepods et al. that Callionymids are interested in are at, in, near the bottom> I am feeding phyto and see copods on the glass all the time. I just love that little guy and would hate to add fish that would be detrimental to him. I checked your FAQ's but couldn't find this answer. Thanks so much for supplying this service. When I get on here I just read ( and learn) for hours. Cindy
<Good. BobF>

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