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FAQs about genus Chromis Damsel Reproduction

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All Chromis are wild-collected for the hobby.

Keeping Chromis Happy Morning! <Hi there!> Hope you all are doing well. <And the same to you! Scott F. here today!> Reason for "writing" today is.... I have purchased 3 blue-green Chromis and talk about beautiful coloring!  Wow! <They are cool fish, huh?>   My question is this: How can you tell the males from the females? <Hmm... I am not aware of any external sex differences. Other damselfish species can be sexed by fin shape and coloration, but I have not heard this with this species...> And, if I do have both sexes, what are the chances of them actually successfully breeding in captivity?  I have heard that they are difficult breeders and that it is not common outside of their natural habitat...? <I have heard a few accounts of their spawning in captivity, but I have not heard about the larvae being reared...> Also, I was wondering, since they are peaceful, to be able to keep them in a 30 gallon tank with 2 yellow erectus seahorses? <While they are peaceful, they can be rather active, which might intimidate the seahorses during feeding. I'd pass on this combo, myself.> There is plenty of space for all of them and as I have found out... LOL. They (Chromis) are DEFINITELY hearty eaters!  I have been mixing live brine shrimp with frozen and also been adding a few flakes for them as well, they seem to do well with the mix and I am finding that there are still plenty of live brine shrimp swimming around to feed the seahorses as well.  Am I just asking for disaster by trying to keep these two beautiful species in the same tank? <Well, I don't think it's disaster in the making, but I think that you should observe carefully to make sure that the seahorses are getting their food...Also, as you mentioned- they are both pretty spectacular species, so why not keep each in its own tank?> Thanks for your time and attention.  Hope your day is a wonderful one! Jena <Thanks for the kind words, Jena! I hope you continue to enjoy these beautiful fish! Good luck! Regards, Scott F>

Breeding Green Chromis Hi! Sorry to trouble you, <No trouble at all.> but I was given this email address. Basically my green Chromis spawn every week. <Congratulations!> Any ideas on how to raise fry? <I would begin with rotifers. Damsels/Chromis are related to Clownfish. Hopefully, their larval stages are similar. I would research the needs for raising clownfish as a starting point. Joyce Wilkerson's book "Clownfish" could be helpful. Best of luck to you! -Steven Pro>

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