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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. II

To: Pet-Fishing in the Cooks, Short Version, Longer Version: Part I, Part III

Chip Boyle at his collection station in Roratonga

>Terrestrial Fauna

The Cook Islands have some non-indigenous mammals: pigs, rats, cows, horses. One native fruit-eating bat.

There are some naturally occurring birds, a handful of endemics, the imported India Mynah, seabirds of various kinds.

There are good hiking trails, access on all islands. Bring gear for water/mud experience.

>Getting There Air New Zealand… best through Hawaii. Possible dual trip… vNice hopper/SAABs over to Aitutaki vGive yourself at least a week time to “get in the groove” see and do what you will want to…

> >What (Else) to Do There v   > vDiving/Snorkeling vHiking, caving, biking vDancing, singing (at least observing!). vHandicrafts vFood, drink… vCultural events; check on the Net.

>Visiting Chip Boyle A premier fish collector, located in the Cooks for the last dozen years. Shipping a handful of species caught at great depths on Roratonga to Japan and the U.S.

>The Seas: Friendly?   > vScuba or Snorkel? vSome great snorkel spots on Roratonga… not on Aitutaki w/o a boat ride.

Two Roratonga pictures above, tow Aitutaki below.  

vFishes very friendly in “exclusive zones”… ask locals.

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