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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. III

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>Underwater: Invertebrates  

Plenty of species, diversity, abundance of all major marine invertebrate phyla.

>Soft and Hard Corals

Rubble washed up on beach are stony skeletons, a Lobophyton, massive colony of Goniopora in six feet of water, and an equally shallow mass of Montipora.

>More invertebrates  

Molluscs (shown a Tridacna clam, Spanish Dancer nudibranch), and one of many species of Sea Cucumber.

Cooks Fish Families, Species of use to aquarists N= 547 total >A Acanthuridae of the Cooks: Surgeons, Doctorfishes, Tangs vN=27 species/Cooks vGood quality, numbers vNone collected for the trade from here vAcanthurus achilles, A. dussumieri  

>More Acanthurus Surgeon Possibilities (of 16 total) Acanthurus lineatus, the Clown Tang; A. nigricans, the Powder Brown Surgeon; A. thompsoni with a white tail from here unlike Hawai'i, and the Manini or Convict Tang, A. triostegus, a great filamentous algae eater.

>Cooks Ctenochaetus Tangs  

Shown: A juvenile and adult-colored Chevron Tang, Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis; a Striated Tang, C. striatus, and a Kole or Yellow-Eyed Tang, C. strigosus

>Cooks Genus Naso Tangs

N. brevirostris,  N. hexacanthus, N. vlamingii, N. lituratus, N.unicornis.

>Zebrasoma in the Cooks vZebrasoma scopas, Z. veliferum. And have Z. rostratum according to fishbase.org, but I’ve never seen it there.

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