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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. V

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>Some So-So Cooks Butterflies

Shown: Chaetodon ephippium, C. unimaculata, C. citrinellus, C. quadrimaculatus

>Poor Aquarium Butterflyfishes

Shown: Chaetodon bennetti, C. flavirostris, C. pelewensis, C. lineolatus.

>More Poor Choice B/Fs

Shown: Chaetodon ornatissimus, C. reticulatus, C. trifascialis, C. vagabundus.

>Hawkfishes of the Cooks >vN= 7, not reef-safe… will eat crustaceans.

Shown: Cirrhitus pinnulatus, Neocirrhites armatus, Paracirrhites arcatus, P. forsteri.

>More Hawkfishes of the Cooks

Shown: Paracirrhites forsteri, P. hemistictus

>Cooks Squirrel, Soldierfishes

  >vN= 21, with most being too large and/or ugly for aquarium use.

Shown: Neoniphon sammara, Myripristis berndti, Sargocentron diadema, Myripristis violacea

>Wrasseland: the Cooks >vN= 50 species! vSome of the best, worst of the family (for aquarium use) found here. vIncluding two bad Anampses species. Shown: Anampses caeruleopunctatus, A. geographicus

>Cooks Bodianus Wrasses/Hogs

Shown: Bodianus anthioides, B. axillaris, juvenile and sub-adult B. bilunulatus, not shown, and rare in the Cooks, B. loxozonus

>Splendour/Maori Wrasses Genera Cheilinus, Oxycheilinus

Shown: Cheilinus chlorurus, C. fasciatus, C. trilobatus, Oxycheilinus unifasciatus.

Not shown, the humungous Napoleon, C. undulatus and Cheeklined Wrasse, O. digrammus.

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