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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. VI

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>Cirrhilabrus (1), Coris (3 spp.)

Shown: the fabulous Cirrhilabrus scottorum. Great from here. One in Chip Boyle's holding facility, the other in a U.S. aquarium

Shown below, juvenile, female and males of the two most common Coris wrasses in the trade and the Cooks: Coris aygula and C. gaimard. Not shown (or ever seen by me), C. roseoviridis.

>Epibulus (1), Gomphosus (1)

The Sling Jaw Wrasse, Epibulus insidiator, male and female shown, as is Gomphosus varius a Bird Wrasse. Males from here are gorgeous.

>Halichoeres Wrasses of the Cooks, N= 5

Shown: Halichoeres hortulanus, H. margaritaceus, H. melasmapomus, H. ornatissimus, H. trimaculatus.

>Hemigymnus, Hologymnosus, not for aquarium use

Shown: juvenile and adult Hemigymnus fasciatus,  adult Hologymnosus annulatus, and juvenile and adult H. doliatus.

>Labroides, Cleaner Wrasses n = 3

Shown: Labroides bicolor, L. dimidiatus, L. rubrolabiatus

>Macropharyngodon, Leopard Wrasses of the Cooks n = 2

Shown: Macropharyngodon meleagris, M. negrosensis

>Novaculichthys, the Rock Mover

Shown: Novaculichthys taeniourus juvenile and adult, not shown: Cymolutes praetextatus.

>Pseudocheilinus Wrasses, N= 5  

Shown:  Pseudocheilinus hexataenia, P. octotaenia, P. hexataenia.

Not shown: P. ocellatus, P. citrinus

>Pseudodax, Pseudojuloides, don’t generally live in captivity  

Shown, the monotypic Pseudodax moluccanus as a juvenile, the two Pseudojuloides found in the Cooks: P. atavai and P. cerasinus.

>Thalassoma Wrasses, n = 6  

Shown: Thalassoma amblycephalum females and a male, T. hardwicke,  a female and male T. lutescens, T. purpureum.

Not shown: T. quinquevittatum, T. trilobatum

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