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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Pt. VII

To: Pet-Fishing in the Cooks, Short Version, Longer Version: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part VPart VIII



>Burrfish & Puffers in the Cooks

Shown: Diodon hystrix, Arothron hispidus, A. meleagris, A. nigropunctatus

Not shown: Diodon liturosus, 

Tobies, Sharp-nosed Puffers

Shown: Canthigaster bennetti, C. solandri female and male, C. valentini

Not Shown: C. epilampra, C. leoparda

>Boxfishes in the Cooks  

Shown: Juvenile, sub-adult and adult Ostracion cubicus, male and female O. meleagris

>Dart Gobies, Microdesmids, N= 5  

Shown: Nemateleotris magnifica, Ptereleotris evides, Ptereleotris zebra

Not shown: Nemateleotris helfrichi, Ptereleotris microlepis

>Filefishes in the Cooks  

Shown: Cantherhines dumerilii, Cantherhines pardalis, Pervagor melanocephalus

Not shown: Aluterus scriptus, Cantherhines longicaudus 

>Goatfishes in the Cooks, N= 8  

Shown: Mulloidichthys flavolineatus, Parupeneus ciliatus, Mulloidichthys vanicolensis, Parupeneus bifasciatus, Parupeneus barberinus

>More Goats in the Cooks  

Shown: Female and male Parupeneus cyclostomus, P. multifasciatus

Not shown: P. heptacanthus,  Upeneus vittatus

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