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Pet-Fishing in the Cook Islands

Long Version, Part I

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Bob Fenner  
Where are the Cooks? 32 Degrees South Latitude

Hawai'i's principal islands are about 32 degrees north latitude.

>More Closely, Twixt Samoa and Polynesia to the east  

Spread out in an area larger than Western Europe.

>Cooks History/Geology Notes  

Cook Islanders original Polynesian inhabitants gave rise to the Maori of New Zealand. The country was a British Commonwealth, now semi-independent (reliant on aid, protection from NZ). The Cooks are a Parliamentary democracy, a very stable government. The populace are mainly Christians of different sorts.


This island nation is made up of fifteen islands, only the surface area of 241 sq. km. (about size of Rhode Island in the US), spread over water area of over 2 million sq. km. Most folks just visit Roratonga, Aitutaki Islands in the southern group. The islands are volcanic in origin (though some now just low-lying sand spots) like Hawai'i. Steep shorelines, little shelf, deep water about.

> >Cooks Economy  

vImports exceed exports. vMore citizens outside. vBlack pearls largest export. vTourism most important, about 50k tourists a year, 11k population/Rora.  

>Roratonga Views  

Principal Island population, size (67.1 sq. km., about 35 mile drive around edge), capital wise.


>Aitutaki Views  

Second most popular island in Cook's. Site of original "Survivor" show. Population 2,332. Size 18.3 sq. km. Larger surrounding lagoon.


The principal Cook Islands are one of those places where you can proverbially put a stick in the ground and it will grow.

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