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FAQs about Cold Water Marine System Lighting

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Lights Dear Mr. Fenner, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? I have a 20 gallon long tank (12"X12"X30") with an Eclipse hood. I have set up a temperate marine tank, (temp around 62°--65°) with a 3" deep live sand bed. I am stocking it with things I find washed up on my local beach (Northern California). I am mostly interested in the red and coralline algae, along with invertebrates (not the kind with algae in their bodies). I can only use regular fluorescent lamps; 2, 24" bulbs. Can you tell me what kind to use---I am confused about what Kelvin rating they should be. Thank you so much, Lori <Please read over the marine light, and lighting pieces archived on the www.WetWebMedia.com site. Look for 5,000 Kelvin temperature lamps (even though this is a bit unnatural for your likely charges... Some by Sylvania/Osram should be available at/through your local large warehouse (like Home Depot) outlets. And do look for the works of Dave Wrobel (associated with the Monterey Bay Aquarium) on cool/coldwater local "reef" keeping. Bob Fenner> 

Coldwater Reef Systems Do you have any advice for setting up a 160 gallon cold water marine system. <Yes. The best is to seek out the writings of Dave Wrobel on such systems. He was a staff member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and set-up cold reefs there. Are you familiar with searching printed literature? We have a few articles on this topic on WWM> I live in the northwest, (Washington) and have contacted the fish &wildlife dept about collecting along the coast. I know about needing a chiller but one question (of many) that I have no answer for is what about lighting? <Should be subdued... a watt or so per gallon, entirely up to your appreciation, not the livestock. Filtration needs to be vigorous, in particular circulation aspects. Not hard to have such systems, and quite vibrant. Bob Fenner Thanks Les Peterson  

Cold marine tank question- anemones and lighting -- 03/18/07 Dear WWM denizens, <Of the deep?> I've enjoyed your FAQs quite a bit, but am finding it tricky to find information on setting up a cold marine tank. <We don't have much... yet. Do a search about for the written works of Dave Wrobel here...>   I have found the wonderful people at coldwaterfish (a yahoo group) and the occasional lurker on saltwaterfish.com knows something about cold marine tanks, but still am encountering difficulties. <Okay...> I have a 1/6 hp chiller, protein skimmer, and powerhead, in my 29 gallon tank.  I'm writing today to ask you about anemones.  My tank is going to be a sea star dominated tank- <It's kind of small...> I'll have 1 bat star and probably two ochre stars, <Patiria and Pisaster? Know them well...> but I'd also like to have a couple of anemones.  No (or maybe 1) fish, a couple of hermits, a couple of snails, that's it. <Mmm, again... wish this tank were bigger> Does anyone on WWM know about lighting requirements and Pacific NW anemones? My initial research indicates that they need less light than tropical anemones, and indeed, that even fluorescent lighting would be sufficient for a couple of small anemones. <Do need some of the same requirements... of temp., CRI as other Actinarians from the tropics... not as much intensity...> Your response is most appreciated.  Thanks again for being there on the web. Rachel <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/index.htm Scroll down to the Anemone tray, the bits on lighting... And do consider penning an article or twenty on this field! Bob Fenner>

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