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The Diversity of Aquatic Life Series

The Conger & Garden Eels, Family Congridae

By Bob Fenner

Conger triporiceps

Three families, 32 genera of about 150 species. The smaller Garden Eels are current "darlings" of many public aquariums... who have the size systems (large), depth of soft substrate (deep), culture facilities for live zooplankton food and filtration, personnel to fight the effects of over-feeding.

Conger cinereus Ruppell 1830, the Mustache Conger. Indo-Pacific. To four feet in length. Found in holes in rocky caves near the bottom. Looks like a sea monster, but is a gentle giant. Hawaii pic during the day.

Conger triporiceps Kanazawa 1958, the Many-tooth Conger. Western Atlantic; Florida to Brazil. To a meter in length. Found in association with rocky, coral bottoms. Bahamas pic at night.

Gorgasia preclara Bohlke & Randall 1981, the Splendid Garden Eel. To 40 cm. Indo-West Pacific: Maldives to Papua New Guinea; south to the Ryukyus; north through the Philippines to the Coral Sea. Aq. pic http://fishbase.org/summary/Species Summary.php?id=12704

Heteroconger hassi (Klausewitz & Eibl-Eibesfeldt 1959), the Spotted Garden Eel. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, East Africa, over to Australia, up to the Ogasawaras to Micronesia. Sandy reef slopes, generally below 15 meters. Wholesaler/LA and Thailand National Aquarium pix. http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/
Summary/species Summary.php?ID=12619&genusname= Heteroconger&speciesname=hassi

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Heteroconger longissimus Gunther 1870, Garden Eels. Tropical Eastern and Western Atlantic. To 51 cm. Found living in colonies near reefs in the sand in which they burrow, retreat. Feed on plankton and detritus.


Poeciloconger fasciatus Barred Sand Conger. Madagascar to Hawaii, Fr. Polynesia. Here in Bali 2014, TiffB pic.

Taenioconger digueti (Pellegrin 1923), Pale Green Eel. Eastern Central Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Jalisco, Mexico. To 63 cm., Live in the sand in large colonies. feeding on suspended zooplankton. Birch Aquarium photo.

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