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FAQs about the Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Angelfishes for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

coral beauty not eating – 5/30/12
hi folks,
For the first time after a week in quarantine alone, my coral beauty refused all food and wouldn't come out of his hiding place. I checked him out with a flashlight. I see no signs of anything on his body, although he does seem to be breathing harder. I checked the water parameters. ammonia is zero; nitrates under ten. I did a water change though. The pads on the canister filter are new aren't that old. The skimmer is picking up some detritus, but there isn't a lot of bioload in the tank.
Bob, I read the article on WWM about coral beauties, and it seems to me based on what you write about quarantine perhaps it's enough time and I should put him in the DT, where there is plenty of live rock and algae, both of which are absent in the QT.
Am I wrong? But if I'm not,  should I give him a Methylene Blue bath first or would that be too much stress?
<The addition will actually reduce the stress of the pH adjusted freshwater bath... by reducing light, improving DO>
He had been in the LFS for nearly three weeks when I bought him. He showed quite a bit of interest in an algae wafer yesterday, but today it's like night and day.
Thanks as always,
<Welcome. BobF>

Coral Beauty eating brown algae. Coral Beauty in Quarantine  9/20/07 Hello, <Hey there! Scott F. in today.> I've had a Coral Beauty in 10g QT for about a week. The fish was eating Nori and mysis shrimp just fine. However, I made the mistake of placing a second fish in the QT tank with a clear divider between the two. Seemed to work OK the first day, but the Coral Beauty started not eating as much, pre-occupied with other fish. So, I moved the other fish to a second 10g QT (starting to look like a fish display in my study!). <Nothing wrong with that! :) > Well, the other fish is doing great (surprisingly, a Lemonpeel Angel), but the Coral Beauty is still not eating as much, but it's only been 2 days since the shuffle. Did this shuffle stress the fish out enough for a terminal decline or will he return to normal eating habits?? <Well, if the transfer was carried out carefully (and I have very faith in you that it was!), I can't see why the fish won't make a full recovery. Give it some time to re-adjust to its new surroundings.> One thing I have noticed is the growth of brown algae in the original QT, it's growing quite a bit, but the Coral Beauty has started eating the diatoms constantly. <Good- a very natural behavior> He can clear a brown layer off the bottom of the tank in a few hours, looks like a cow mowing down a pasture. I know this because with the divider in the tank, one half of the bottom was spotless clean while the other half was covered in diatoms. <Do you hear that, all you WWM readers with diatom issues...? Centropyge angelfish do eat them!> Does this stuff have any nutritional value whatsoever and could it be affecting his appetite for Nori or mysis? <Diatoms are a natural part of the fish' diet, and it can provide a strong supplement to the fish's diet. In fact, I have had a Coral Beauty that never ate prepared food. He (she) just ate the algae and diatoms it could find in its aquarium. This fish lived for almost 10 years.> I will be adding protein skimmers to the QT's to help with nutrient control. I'm trying not to go overboard here, so I went with the Taam Rio Nano skimmer. Price was about $30 and the reviews seemed OK. Any thoughts/advice on this skimmer? Thanks, Greg <I'm not familiar with this brand of skimmer, but I certainly like the idea of skimming in a quarantine aquarium. Anything that helps maintain the water quality in your aquarium is a benefit! Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.>

Flame and Coral Beauty Angel Barely Eating  9/10/07 Hi, <Greg> Just a quick question (sorry if there are a? bunch of question marks in the text, not sure why).? <Me neither... but wish they weren't!> I have a flame angel and coral beauty that have been in quarantine for about a week (2 separate 10g tanks!).? The flame is a replacement for one that I misdiagnosed copper effects as a parasite and then tried a formalin bath with a bad outcome.? It was a shame because the flame was large with great coloration and eating very well and my daughter had grown attached to "pumpkin".? The tanks are fully cycled with a small in-tank bio-filter with the following parameters.? NH3/NO2 are both zero.? Ph stable at 8.3.? Sg at 1.022 <I'd raise and keep this near natural seawater strength> Temp. 78 They will be going into separate tanks for my kids if they make it through quarantine successfully, but will be cared for by me.? Problem is they are only eating a small amount each day in quarantine.? The flame will eat about 4 - 5 good size flakes of Prime Reef and the Coral Beauty will eat about 3 - 4 Mysis shrimp.? They both then stop eating no matter what is offered, but continue pecking around and spitting out everything they sample.? I've tried more foods than the cost of the fish! (pygmy angel formula, plankton, brine, etc...).? I'm not sure I will have the time and patience to continue limping along through quarantine like this.? Can they even survive four weeks with this kind of feeding?? <Perhaps not> I've had a flame before that ate till it was full visibly (described above).? Expected the same from the new one, but it is not happening.? Can this same feeding behavior be expected in the main tank?? I? have live rock in the main tank, but is relatively new with little algae growth. <I would add LR to the QT... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dwfangfdgfaqs.htm> Lastly, can you comment on the pros/cons of ordering fish on-line versus from a LFS.? <In older ed.s of The Conscientious Marine Aquarist you can see my entire opinion re this issue... But such sourcing is worthwhile in cases where this is the only viable option... I like to do a "blend" of ordering through a LFS... you're friendly with... paying them slightly less then "in stock" specimens... with the express understanding that you will be accepting ordered stock carte blanche> I've tried both, but am beginning to think LFS is the way to go.? I can make SURE the fish is healthy and eating well at LFS, whereas on-line ordering is somewhat of a gamble.? <Yes... the same gamble the LFS takes> The main problem I'm having with on-line ordering is the fish don't eat near as strongly as ones I can verify at the LFS.? How do they get fish to eat strongly at an LFS?? <Careful acclimation... leaving the livestock alone...> Is it just luck of the draw or is there something else going on that I am not replicating.? What makes a fish eat well quickly once in captivity versus a finicky eater?? <Chemical differences, stability, likely the influence of other feeding life...> I must admit I feel confident in caring for marine fish in all aspects except feeding.? Seems to be totally hit or miss with no predictability.? I am thinking about donating these current fish to an LFS and picking out some that are eating well.? Is this a bad idea? Thanks, Greg <Not a bad idea... but do try adding the newer LR... you will likely see a quick change in behavior. Bob Fenner>
Re: Coral Beauty and Flame Angelfish Eating   9/12/07
Hi again, <Hi Greg, Mich here.> Wish I could figure out how to get rid of the question marks, but so far no luck. <Not sure, but have seen it a couple of times now...> The coral beauty and flame are eating better now, particularly the flame. <Glad to hear!> I tried dried seaweed (Nori) with the coral beauty and it seems to like it. <Good!> It constantly nibbles at it, <Excellent!> but there are a lot of loose pieces in the water so I'm not sure if it's actually eating or just tearing it apart. Any guesses as to which? <Likely both eating and tearing apart. But presumably is eating at least some of it.> Also, will the loose Nori pollute the water if it's left in the QT for several hours (don't have time to clean constantly). <It can, I hope you're running a good protein skimmer. Are you using a grid feeding clip, veggie clip or rubber banding the Nori to a shell? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/NavResults.cfm?N=2004+112972 One of these methods may help reduce the amount of Nori that gets blown around as a result of your angels' behavior.> Lastly, will the combination of Nori and a few Mysid shrimp a day keep this fish healthy in quarantine. <Likely so, but I would soak these foods in a vitamin supplement like Selcon.> Thanks, <Welcome! Mich> Greg

Coral Beauty in QT'¦ Feeding Options, LR in QT   9/2/07 Hi Crew!! <Hi Jennifer! Mich here.> Quick question...I read over the FAQs and didn't see an answer. Here goes. I have a beautiful, healthy coral beauty in a quarantine tank. She's (assumption) <Heehee!> been in there 5 days now and has hardly eaten. I've offered her Mysis shrimp and she'll eat 1 shrimp and that's it. I see her nipping at the glass, like she's trying to eat algae off of it. <Is Possible.> I know the rule about not putting live rock in the QT but would that be ok? <If your not treating with copper or anything, would be fine.> What else could I offer her? <Spirulina, dried algae sheets, any variety of foods... is often trail and error.... though I have heard many wonderful things about Spectrum foods, you may want to give them a try.> Thanks crew!! Jennifer <Welcome! Mich>

Re: Coral Beauty in QT? Feeding Options, LR in QT  9/2/07 Thank you, Mich for the great info! <You're welcome as always Jennifer!> I put a piece of LR in there. she's apprehensive of it at the moment. <Give her time.> In the meantime I'm off to look for your suggestions...thank you again!! Jennifer <Great! Good luck! I hope she's nibbling away at something other than our corals soon! Mich>

Re: Feeding Coral Beauty, James chimes in   9/2/07 Bob, was reading the post below and I'd like to offer my suggestion which has worked for a few Coral Beauties I and other acquaintances have. The Hikari Brine Shrimp gut filled with Spirulina algae has always gotten ours to eat. The food comes in frozen cubes and I might add, very clean of waste unlike other brands selling this product. I am acclimating one at present that refused to eat, so out came the Brine Shrimp/Spirulina (spelling? No time for dictionary now) and the Coral Beauty ate the food with gusto. He now accepts Mysis and Ocean Nutrition flake. James <Thanks much James... will accumulate. BobF>

Re: Coral Beauty in QT? Feeding Options, LR in QT   9/4/07 Hi Mich! <Hi Jennifer!> I peaked in on her last night and she was nibbling away on the rock. <Yay!> I guess since it was a new introduction to the tank she was afraid of it...not anymore. <Double yay!> The only coral I have in my tank is xenia...what's the likelihood she'll pick that clean? <Always a possibility with these angels, but hopefully you will find other foods to offer her that she will prefer to your desirable (???... Always a question when it comes to xenia) corals. Good luck! Hope she's not a coral nibbler as well as a LR nibbler! Cheers, Mich> Jennifer

Re: Coral Beauty in QT -- 09/10/07 Wow! RN... Very impressive!! <Nah, just fortunate enough to be given the opportunity.> I know that took a ton of work!! <Actually my easiest degree thus far... I have a BS and a MS as well in related fields... no PhD... yet... ;) > I'll send Scott an email about the beauty. No changes in her as of yet. <Excellent!> Thanks again Mich <You are very welcome Jennifer.> and best of luck!!! <And to you my friend! Mich> Jennifer

Finicky Coral Beauty - 08/07/06 Hi, <<Hello!>> I recently purchased a Coral Beauty to add to the tank.  It's a 240, with assorted Chromis, two Damsels, a Bicolor Pseudochromis, two Neon Gobies, two Maroon Clowns, and one Neon Dottyback.  He is by far, at two or so inches, the largest fish in the tank. <<Okay>> I do not have any live rock in the tank. <<...?  Is this a "fish only" setup?  Even so, a few pieces of live rock can be very beneficial (bio-filtration/diversity/foodstuffs>> It has had fish in it for a couple of months, and has ugly brown diatom algae all over the rocks. <<A new system?  Likely algal succession>> I'm hoping this will lead into some green algae eventually, although the two little Queen Conchs love this diatom, and can strip a rock in a day or so. <<Indeed>> In the meantime, this poor fish does not like the diatom algae covered rocks. <<No>> He also doesn't like the dried seaweed I put in the tank with a clip.  He doesn't like flake food, freeze dried, or most frozen kinds, although he likes a product called Zooplankton. <<Then I would keep feeding this along with trying some frozen glass worms (mosquito larvae) and some New Life Spectrum pelleted food>> I was hoping that feeding with this pack of voracious fish would give him the same idea, but no luck. <<Sometimes works...sometimes not...>> Should I buy a couple of algae covered rocks just to give him something to graze on? <<A few pieces of live rock would be my suggestion. the algae will come>> Also, I've been reading everywhere that lettuce and spinach won't do them any good, but I recently saw a frozen marine fish food which listed spinach as one of the ingredients. <<Mmm, yes...depends on the type lettuce...and lettuce and spinach in their "raw" state is difficult for the fish to digest/draw nutrition from due to the cellulose they contain.  Though blanching or freezing them will break down the cellulose, making them more digestible...okay as a supplement/partial ingredient, but better to stick with marine base vegetation in my opinion>> What can I offer this fish so he will have some variety to eat? <<Give my previous suggestions a try, if you haven't already...and add some "live" rock to the display (replacing existing rock if necessary)>> I hate to buy live brine shrimp, because of possible disease, but will do if that will start him feeding well. <<Mmm...little chance for disease in my experience...but even less chance for any real nutritive value unless you can "gut load" them before feeding to your fish>> Regards, Terri <<Good luck, EricR>>
Re: Finicky Coral Beauty - 08/07/06
Hi Eric, <<Hello Terri>> Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. <<My pleasure>> For the last day or so, the angel has been coming out to feed with the rest of the fish, although he spits out almost everything but the Zooplankton. <<This species of Centropyge can be quite finicky/often difficult to get feeding>> Doesn't say much for the fish food manufactures does it? <<Ha!  But not their fault really...some good products out there>> To answer your question, this is a fish only, although I have two Conks and a couple of electric blue crabs which I purchased to take care of the food that falls to the bottom.  The little Conks do a fabulous job of cleaning the diatoms, although with this tank, I could use a dozen more of them.  The crabs are lazy and prefer to be fed silversides. <<Mmm, yes...might I suggest that if you have adequate hiding places for them, brittle stars make "superb" detritivores...>> I will buy some live rock this week, and the foods you suggested also. <<Ah, very good my friend.  I find the glass worms to be a very good enticement for finicky eaters, and the New Life Spectrum pellets are a high quality highly nutritious and rounded diet that will benefit all your fish ...and the simple addition of some live rock brings many benefits to your system>> Thanks again, Terri <<Regards, EricR>>

Coral Beauty not feeding I have a question on the newest member of my reef tank. It is a 3 inch Coral Beauty. I have had him in my Berlin system for about 5 days. When I offer food (frozen or flake) he doesn't seem to go for it. He is not being bothered by any of the other fish, he just swims around exploring his new home. a 125 gal tank. He picks at the live rock and the sand but he just wont go for the food I offer. I always feed a good mixture of different food for them. Is there anything I can do to get him to eat. <Offer live rock, try different live, frozen/defrosted and fresh foods and wait> What is the major food for the coral beauty? <Algae, sponges, ascidians...see this and related Centropyge species gut contents notes on fishbase.org.> I feed mixed clams, shrimp ,algae , marine supreme from PRO SALT. flake food from TETRA. I don't want him to starve to death, that's cruel. Can you help me? <You have helped yourself, now only you can aid this specimen. Bob Fenner>

Coral Beauty Chow...? Hey guys, <Scott F. da guy tonight!> I was wondering what to feed my coral beauty. He picks off the rocks all day and gobbles up brine but won't touch the frozen pygmy angel formula I bought for him. I know angels require a special diet and I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to what to try? Thanks, Rob <Well, Rob- like most Centropyge angels, the Coral Beauty derives a good percentage of its nutrition from algae material. As you have observed, the fish will spend a good part of its day picking detritus and algae from the live rock in your system. You may want to try a variety of foods, such as Mysis shrimp, finely chopped seafoods (squid, clams, etc), and an algae based frozen food, such as Ocean Nutrition's Formula II, or perhaps Nori sheets or other macroalgae, such as Gracilaria. Another thing that you can do is place some small live rocks in a brightly lit aquarium, where you can encourage green algae growth. Then, place the rocks in your tank for the fish to pick at. If you keep trying a variety of foods, you should have no problems keeping this fish in prime condition. Good luck!  Scott F.>

Coral Beauty Angel, not eating & gulping???? Hey guys I just found your site last week and I LOVE it. So much info... I just started my tank about 6 weeks ago & everything is great. I've been working with my local fish shop (found it hard to find 1 I could trust) and my water etc is perfect.... I test almost every day.....Anyway, we have had a yellow tail blue damsel for about 3 weeks and he is great. We recently purchased a coral beauty (doing fine) and a mated pair of gold stripe maroon clowns and their host anemone. The female is clown is excellent and they are both using the anemone but our little boy hasn't eaten all week (since we bought him home). he swims around a little but seems to like to stay in the one area behind or under the anemone. She seems to bite at him often but he isn't scared away. She is bossy but otherwise friendly. He seems to be gulping?? quickly (hard to describe) and has a small scrape on his side but still seems healthy. I'm worried about the not eating and the gulping. <Me too...> Iv offered heaps of different foods but not interested. None of the other fish are having prob.s and I'd hate to lose my little Nemo (blame the kids). Sorry so long but hope you don't mind. Id give specifics on tank size etc but I'm in Australia and haven't figured out how to convert litres, kilos etc into gallons and pounds for you.......xxx Roxi <Have you read our archived FAQs on Dwarf Angel Disease, Feeding, Coral Beauties? Please see here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/centropyge/index.htm and the linked FAQs, Articles (in blue, at top). Bob Fenner>

Centropyge Feeding Issues...and Defiance or Maybe ...   3/29/06 Hi, <Hey Joe, Adam J with you tonight.> I have had a coral beauty for about two weeks now, and it has not eaten anything. <Not uncommon with new specimens.>   I saw it feed vigorously in the fish store.   <A good sign'¦it is at least willing to eat captive fair.> It tries to eat mysis shrimp that I throw in the tank, but for some reason spits it out after a few seconds. <Look at the positive though'¦..it is showing interest, maybe offer a better variety, try some krill, squid, fresh clam/scallop meat, ocean nutrition Centropyge (pygmy-angel) formula'¦.and consider soaking any of this fair in a nutritional supplement such as Selcon.> Other then his lack of appetite, he behaves  completely normally and has no visible ailments (except a pinched stomach).   <Is this specimen in quarantine or in the display competing with other livestock for food?> I have also tried feeding him dried algae and Caulerpa, which he shows no interest in.  All other fish are well and eating.  He is behavior clearly tells me he is not being intimidated by any other fish.   <Ahhh, I have my answer'¦no quarantine.> Any ideas?? <I would continue to offer food, different foods'¦.and just wait for the time being'¦..since s/he is in display I surmise there is some live rock as well for the animal to graze upon, no?> Thanks Much, <Anytime.>
Joe Marano
<Adam Jackson>

Angelfishes for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care
New eBook on Amazon: Available here
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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