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FAQs on Coryphopterus Gobies

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identification   6/9/11
Dear Wet Web Media
Please can you help to identify this goby?
<Mmm... is a Coryphopterus sp... maybe Coryphopterus urospilus, Ginsburg 1938, the Redlight Goby. >
I have live plants in my tropical aquarium and there are some algae growing on it. How can I remove it or prevent it?
<? Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/algcontags.htm
and the linked files above>
Thank you
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Fish id Hi do you know what this one is its a little blurry I caught him in the gulf I take it non of them will eat my coral since where they where caught at was a estuary. I qt them so I thought they'd look nice in my tank this one is 2" an has the two pectoral on belly that usually blennies and gobies have is it either? thanks JM <Looks like a goby of some sort to me. About where was this collected geographically? Bob Fenner>

Goby id do you know what fish this is he is about 2" right now I got him from the gulf of Mexico looks like some type of goby is he reef safe? he doesn't swim but hops around thanks JM <Looks like a Bridled Goby, Coryphopterus glaucofraenum.  Should be fine in your reef system. Grows to a maximum of three inches in length. Bob Fenner>

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