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FAQs about Sea Cucumber Identification 2  

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Re: Sea Cucumber... Yes... and the Red Sea, biota, human experience generally    7/25/07 Hello Mich, <Hello again Tineke.> Thank you for answering my question. <Welcome!> I know it is very difficult to determinate an animal from a photo. <Sometime yes, sometimes no.> I'm not a biologic educated but I managed with books and the Internet to find the names. <I am biologically educated, and rely on books, and the Internet as well. And am still at a loss sometimes.> Most is done now but the sea cucumbers are difficult. <Yes, they can be. Some creatures more so than others.> As you can see by the pictures.. I still don't know if they are right. <Me neither.> Are you specialised in cucumbers? <Oh, no. Not by a long shot! I am merely a hobbyist with a science background, who enjoys helping out others and answering ID questions. I am certainly not a cucumber expert by any means, but I do have cucumber viscera still stuck on my dive gloves that I can't seem to remove... Guess that's what I get for molesting the wildlife.> It is hard to find a site that is specialised in Red Sea creatures. <I can imagine. Bob does have quite a few articles on WWM that are specific to different geographic regions.> Great that you coming to the Red Sea! <I hope! "Nothing is done, until it's done" so said a wise man to me.> It is almost the best place to be underwater. <I do hope to see it for myself, someday soon!> I have seen many different places underwater but I'm still in love with the Red Sea. <I hope to! But as of yet, my experiences are still quite limited. It is wonderful to hear your passion.> The night dives are great and you have to make them! <Will try! Have only done one night dive thus far... a fruitless, manta ray dive in Hawaii... wound up with a couple of different types of urchin spine in my thigh! Ouch! Just removed a little piece this week that's been there since January!> Really. If you want to know something about the Red sea, no problems, you can ask me. <Cool! Don't know what to ask at this point, but I thank you for your most kind offer and will keep your email on hand. Greetings,
<Cheers, Mich>
Euapta godeffroyi or Synaptamaculata Holothuria hilla
Bohadschia tenuissima Holothuria (Lessonothuria) pardalis or Stichopus variegatus
Holothurie gigante (Thelenota anax)
Odd Invert With Eight Tree Branch Shaped Tentacles! Holothuroid   8/21/07 Hello Crew, <Hi Sean, Mich here.> I have scoured the net trying to identify the invertebrate in the attached picture. Since I've been able to successfully identify several of my other LR hitchhikers on your site I thought I'd ask the experts. While the photo does not show it well the tentacles are very dark near the base then become the white with reddish bands further out. This particular invert appears to have eight tentacles similar to tree branches that are constantly curling back into itself like it is bringing food into its mouth. Only one tentacle at a time appears to move towards the "mouth" area. If there is a significant movement near it it will pull all the tentacles back into the small hole in the live rock. Each tentacle shown here is about 1.5 - 2 inches long and they emanate from a hole that is approximately the circumference of a thin, adult pinkie finger. Any ideas on what type of invert this may be or something else that behaves similarly? <Is a Sea Cucumber, we just recently had another query like this with a very similar picture. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/cukeidfaqs.htm Fellow crewmember, Lynn did and excellent job describing the needs, care, and provided links to relevant reference information. Please refer to the query titled: Anemone Id? Nope, It's A Cuke! 8/10/07 > Best regards, Sean <Cheers, Mich>
Sea cucumber... Yes  8/23/07 Dear reader, <Hello Tineke, Mich with you tonight.> Maybe you can help me with this cucumber. <Will try.> It is found in the Red sea and only at night dives. <I hope to visit there next year! Are you certain this animal is from the Red Sea? Looks like a Tiger tail sea cucumber (Holothuria thomasi) to me. But these originate from the Caribbean. There is a Pacific Tiger tail cucumber (Holothuria hilla), which is also quite similar.> It pulls himself back as soon as you put your lamp on the animal. <Perhaps it is a Synapta maculata, which are typically nocturnal and found in the Red Sea.> Have you any idea in which direction I have to look? <Mmm, I'm not finding much of a database for these creatures. You can find more here and related links in blue: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seacukes.htm> Is it a Holothuria? <Is a Holothurid, but not certain if it is a Holothuria.> Or from another family? <Perhaps Synaptidae.> And are this two the same? <The pics look the same, but...> It would be great if you can help me. <I wish I could be more helpful.> Thank you in advance, <Welcome.> Tineke Smit
<Michelle Lemech>
Ede, Holland.

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