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FAQs about DAS, Dutch Aquarium Systems Protein Skimmers

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Coral Help, adding Cnid.s to an established, complex sys.    12/2/09
Hello Crew! I've written you guys several times in the past and have received a wealth of information from your website. Thanks for being so dedicated to helping hobbyist like myself get the answers and advice we need to make our aquariums the best they can be. I'm writing to get some general advice and suggestions on my reef tank. Its a 90 gallon glass tank (48x18x24) with dual overflows, 20 gallon sump, Das Bx-2 skimmer,
<Mmm, what do you think of this unit?>
<<Re: Coral Help   12/2/09
Thanks Mr. Fenner on the fast response and recommendations for my tank. As far as the skimmer, it was given to me for free from a friend getting out of the hobby. I was shocked to see the retail price on it and figured it
would do more than enough on my 90 gallon tank. It pulls about 3/4" of dark skimmate each day. That seemed to be a lot to me considering how big the collection cup is. Does that sound ok to you? Please, let me know what you
<Considering your (apparent!) success, I think this unit is fine here. My experience has been that the Dutch Aquarium System skimmers were feeble. Perhaps their designs have improved. Thank you for this input. BobF>>>
Mag 7 return, Hydor Koralia 3 for circulation, Maxijet 1200 pump behind the live rock, and a Current 6x54 watt t5 lighting system. Inside the tank I have 107 lbs. of live rock, 40 lbs. of live sand, Clove Polyps, Frogspawn, Hammer coral, Xenia, Finger Leather, Kenya Tree, 2 Open Brains, 2 Polyp rocks, 1 Conch Shell covered in Green Star Polyps, Red Flower Pot coral (has spread and is doing great), Derasa Clam, Cleaner Shrimp, Long Tentacle Anemone, Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, Blue Throat Trigger, and 3 Green Chromis. I don't add anything to the tank other than Zooplex 3 times a week and do a 15 gallon water change once a week. My question is, what other corals can I add that wont be affected by all the chemical warfare that I'm sure is going on inside my tank?
<Mmm, actually, likely none. You might be able to "accommodate" other Cnidarians by careful quarantine and mixing water twixt the systems several times over weeks periods...>
If this were your tank, what would you add?
<Maybe some Zoanthids, Corallimorphs in the foreground... perhaps a Fungiid there as well...>
I would like to get in to some more exotic corals if possible ie. SPS.
<Mmm, better for you to try these in another system, really>
Again, just looking for some neat ideas and maybe something I haven't thought of.
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 5ppm
Calcium 430
Salinity 1.025
<A bit re the "Boris Karloffing" issue in your reading here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner> 

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