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DIY Protein Skimmers


Euro style skimmers

Anthony Calfo's kind offer of a prototypical DIY skimmer:

DIY Counter Current Skimmer

Advantages: inexpensive to build and operate, sturdy, produces excellent skimmate reliably, simple to construct and repair.

Disadvantages: learning curve of days to weeks for new aquarists to fine tune, aesthetically modest (simple PVC), slightly more maintenance to run.

* Air to be injected through tapped and threaded fitting (ideally) in narrow length of neck. Use air check valve inline from pump. Power with very strong air pump, injecting air through a rigid stem approximately half the length of the main body. Change lime wood/basswood airstones monthly for best results.

From the Book of Coral Propagation, Reef Gardening for Aquarists: Volume 1 by Anthony Calfo (2001) www.readingtrees.com

Illustration by Kevin Carroll

Pressure Rated Pump for DIY Skimmer  4/26/07 I am trying to find the right pump to use for a DIY skimmer that I built. <Neat.> The skimmer uses a ?" Kent Marine venturi at the inlet, and puts too much back pressure on the Mag 9.5 I bought for it, to produce good flow through. <A pressure rated pump is in order here.> I am thinking that I should go with an external pump that is pressure rated, <Bingo.> and am thinking of going with the Gen-x PCX-40 or PCX-55 as they seem to be the most economical. <In price yes, but not in noise or life...from my experience. I would prefer Iwaki.. My first question is, what exactly is the difference between the two pumps, as they are both "comparable to the Iwaki 55RLT"? <One is rated for more pressure/head than the other I believe.> My second question is, how noisy are these pumps? <At least the sound of a normal conversation, IME.>   I have read some reviews saying that they are quiet, and some that compare them to having a lawn mower in the room. <I'd say in-between those two, Adam J.>

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