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FAQs about Commercial & Custom Tanks for Marine Systems By Manufacturer/Brand: Eclipse, by Marineland

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Eclipse 3 hood lighting 3/5/10
Hello Wet Web Crew,
<Hello Jacob>
I have had a 29 Gallon Eclipse 3 system for about 3 months now. So far it has been a FOWLR system with about 25lbs of cured LR and a 2 inch sand bed.
<I'd reduce this an inch>
For Equipment I just run the mechanical/bio-wheel filter,
<probably not needed with the live rock you have in there>
the hood offers with an 802 POWERHEAD, and a marine land submersible heater.
I am planning on buying an in-tank skimmer due to the limiting hood I have.
<Try a hang-on-back, or see if you can put something in place instead of the bio-wheel>
To get to the point my main question is on the lighting. I have standard lighting that came with the hood, I believe two T8's. Although I do not know much about lighting requirements I know in order for me to have macroalgae I will probably have to upgrade.
<It probably will grow, albeit slowly. You would be better off with some T5 or CF's here>
Now I noticed that at the LFS they sell individual lights. Is there a possible way to just swap the lights out in the hood with lights that will allow for macroalgae growth?
<This is difficult for me to say really, since I have not seen this particular model. Yes, with many of these plastic all-in-one hoods you can take the lights out and replace, but this requires a bit of DIY on your part, removing the T8's & ballast, maybe cutting some holes in the back and fixing in the correct fasteners to hold the bulbs in. Cable tying the ballast on the back of the hood is a possibility. It is unlikely that you will find parts that just 'swap out'. This is not the biggest DIY project you can do though so I give you good odds that with a little handiwork this can be done>.
What ones?
<Either Compact Fluorescent or T5 will work here. Measure up your hood and buy what fits in there the easiest. You want at least two bulbs, more if you can get them in>.
Thanks a ton!
<It's a pleasure Jacob>

Eclipse 3 and Protein skimmers -- 3/3/10
Hello WWM,
<Hi there>
About 3 months ago I purchased the Marineland Instant Ocean 29 Gallon setup that comes with an Eclipse 3 hood, as well as filtration. The tank cycled fine after adding live rock and sand. I have two questions:
1) Because of my limiting hood, and very low filtration would an in-tank skimmer be suffice?
<Better than zip>
Would something like the Red Sea Berlin Airlift Internal Protein Skimmer fit ?
<Can be made to. May have to cut the top summat... Likely with a Dremel tool or such>
2) And the Bio-Wheel that comes with the hood, should I remove it?
<I wouldn't. Likely of more positive use than detrimental>
I have heard it eventually becomes a main source for nitrates. If I take it out should I keep the standard carbon filter pad it comes with?
<I'd leave both in>
As of now I have:
Eclipse 3 hood on a 29 Gallon aquarium
802 POWERHEAD (that's all it says on it, got it from a friend)
Marineland submersible heater
30 lbs of LR
15 lbs of so called "live sand"
1 Ocellaris Clown
1 Green Chromis
<A social species, but there's no room for a group here>
1 Sixline Wrasse
1 Orange Spotted Diamond Goby
As you can tell my main concerns are with the filtration of the system, as of now water parameters are good
any help would be much appreciated :)
<Keep reading re small systems
(http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/setup/marsetupindex1.htm) enjoying the process and your system! Bob Fenner>

Re: Eclipse 3 and Protein skimmers 3/3/10
Would you personally recommend any skimmers that are good for a smaller system?
<Mmm, yes... am partial to the AquaC Nano... But please do read here:
and as w/ all "equipment" recommendations, query the various bb's re. There are a few "Small Marine System" groups. BobF>

Marineland Eclipse 3 Hood Lamp Starter/Lighting/Repair 10/16/09 
<Hello Philip>
I am trying to find a miniature starter for a dual 18 watt florescent aquarium light fixture and having little luck. One light works fine the starter on the other however is burned out. It is a miniature can and tiny light bulb
<A neon lamp.>
soldered in the wire running from the power supply to one end of the tube. I hate to have to spend $80 plus to replace the entire unit when all it needs is this one tiny inexpensive part. Can you advise me on this. The can has no part # or identification markings I can see but I do have images of it.
<No part number is printed because the starter was assembled with separate components, a very unprofessional looking assembly in my opinion. Likely done to save a few cents per fixture.>
I went to Marineland's website and searched their parts list but all they seem to offer is the entire assembly for $77 and some odd cents plus shipping.
<A starter is basically a time delayed closed contact, no rocket science here. If you are electrically literate and have soldering skills, you can replace this by soldering the wires to a standard fluorescent starter. A 15/20 watt
starter, part number BP45FS2 , is all that is needed. Your local electrical supply house will have these along with heat shrink tubing which I would advise using to insulate the starter from possible electrical shock. Do not do this
if you are uncomfortable with the idea as we are not responsible for the results. I then suggest to contact Marineland by email as to this problem and express your feelings as you have here.
Go here.
James (Salty Dog)>
Philip Beyer Wood

Re Marineland Eclipse 3 Hood Lamp Starter/Lighting/Repair 10/17/09
Thanks for the response.
<You're welcome.>
I am old and disabled at this point but worked as a maintenance tech in the photo finishing business for 30 plus years. I took a two year course in industrial electronics from CIE in 1970 so the procedure you suggest is no problem.
There is no room in the housing for a regular starter but I popped one open and removed the contents which works fine.
<Good to hear, and glad I saved you a few bucks.>
As for Marineland I already expressed my feelings to them and the response I received
suggest either I return the unit (2 year warranty) for repair (at my shipping expense) or buy a new one. The reason being they can't be responsible if I might electrocute myself if they sell me the need part (which they have and could) what Bull!
<Yep, just want to cover their butt.>
I can buy parts for every
electric appliance in the house from the refrigerator, to the TV & vacuum cleaner and not once be turned down for such a ridiculous reason.
Once again I thank you!
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Berlin Skimmer That Fits In Eclipse 37 Gallon Hood 2/13/09 Hello, <Hi Dennis.> I have no question for you, just a posting to help Eclipse tank owners who want to add a skimmer. These two photos show a Berlin 60 skimmer that fits into my 37 gallon Eclipse tank. This tank is about 10 years old so the hood design may not be the same now. The skimmer barely fits into the back right corner of the hood with no cutting or retro-fitting of any kind. The skimmer costs about 35 dollars and I remove an inch of skimmate every 3 days or so. The fish load is 2 Ocellaris Clowns, one Blue Damsel and one Royal Gramma. There are several snails and small hermit crabs. I clean the skimmer every few months and replace the airstone every 4 months. Thank you, <And thank you for sharing, Dennis. Will post on the Daily FAQ's. James (Salty Dog)> Dennis in Iowa

Fish tank advice 7/10/08 Hey bob! <Aimster> Howzit going? =) <Fine thanks> I wanted to pick your brains a bit about what features to look for in a fish tank. Is there a particular brand I should look for or avoid, or cleaning systems that are good, etc? <Mmm, yes... some brands, makes, models better/worse than others... For what application may I ask?> I was looking on the PetSmart website & they mention a skimmer box- what is that? <Mmm, much to relate... Please take a read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marineSetUp.htm for starters...> Also what does the "eclipse 3" system do? <Mmm, this is a combo tank, hood, filter, lighting product by Marineland... for the not very serious... for saltwater... but workable for many freshwater applications> We have a spot in our hallway that would work for a tank, and I think we were sort of looking for something low enough that the cats could freak out over the fish, but also tall enough that Kirk could also see it. Is there a limitation on how tall a tank can be? <Mmm, yes... the practical limitation of height is a function of thickness of the material/s mainly... more expensive (and harder to work on/in) the taller> also, are there any advantages to a bowfront tank? <Looks mainly> Also, how much more of a pain in the rumpus is tropical vs. coldwater fish? <Really cold systems require a chiller... power to run, some noise, waste heat...> I don't think I want to muck around with saltwater, but I might deal with tropical if it isn't too big a pain in the ass. Thoughts? =) <Definitely start with a simple freshwater... much more forgiving> PS: I hear we're going to be in Kona at the same time, at least at the end of your visit. figures that we would run into each other on another land mass.... ;) <Hope so. I'll be in Kona from 7/15-8/19. See you there. A hu'i hou! BobF>

Marineland Eclipse Lighting Retrofit - 1/31/08 Hi Bob, <James> A while back I recall a couple of queries regarding upgrading lighting in the Eclipse Hood. SmartPaq now has a retrofit kit for such. It includes a SmartPaq (10K/460nm Actinic) bulb, reflector, remote ballast assembly with on/off switch, end caps, installation hardware, and instructions. These etail for around $55.00 for the Eclipse 1 and 2 (32 watt lamp), and $70.00 for the Eclipse 3 (65 watt lamp). Both are PC square pin base lamps. Thought you might want to put this in the FAQ's. Jim
<Will do so. Thanks, B>

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