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FAQs about Subgenus Euxiphipops Angelfish Health/Disease

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Re: Saddleback Butterfly diagnosis/ Blue face diagnosis       10/22/19
Follow-Up on Saddleback
Good morning,
Life got in the way and I was called out of town on work for a week and I was unable to separate the saddleback from the display. I finally did so. No other fish are affected, yet.
<This observation leads me to think that the situation is NOT Uronema, not pathogenic at all (otherwise it would have likely spread), but perhaps "just" trauma of some sort>
The lesions on the saddleback have not worsened and the fish is feeding aggressively.
<These too>
I elected to do a formalin dip and observe in quarantine. So far lesions on the saddleback are still present/ maybe improved but fish is eating/ acting well. I think the fish has Lymphocystis already, but I am thinking that the pathogen is not really acting like a Uronema infection/ infestation.
<Ahh, I as well. As usual, I am only comfortable w/ pathogen diagnoses that include microscopic examination>
On another note, ( and from the same system as the saddleback ) over the past month I have noticed a couple of lesions on a blue face angel as pictured.
These are very slow growing. This beautiful fish is fat and acts happy.
The fish was quarantined for 2 months initially dipped in formalin solution > Cupramine x 2 weeks > dewormed with metronidazole / Nitrofurantoin. It was in the same system as the saddleback . Any thoughts, looks like Lymphocystis under the scale.
<Could be "simple stress" here; perhaps viral/Lymphocystis involved. SEE, as in read on WWM re avenues to address (nutrition, improved water quality...) Bob Fenner>
Thank you Jimmy

Patches on majestic angel      6/24/19
I have currently the following in the tank
1. 1 Yellow tang 2.4 inch
2. 1 Purple tang 2.5 inch
3. 1 Sailfin tang 3.5 inch
4. 1 Regal tang 1.25 inch
5. 1 Percula clown small (1 inch)
6. 1 Fox face 2.5 inch
7. 1 Pink Anthias small (1.5 inch)
8. 1 Banana wrasse 2 inch

<Wow; small starters>
9. 1 Star fish
10. 3 hermit crabs small (1-1.6 inch)
11. 1 Tomato Clown 1.25 inch
12. 1 Fire Clown

13. 1. Majestic angel ( picture enclosed)
Tank size 4 ft x 2 ft x 2ft.
<Mmm; will need a larger system...>

Water parameters are all ok . Ammonia 0 , Nitrite 0 , Nitrate between 0-4 ppm , PH between 7.8-8.0
<Should be a bit higher....>
Background : I noticed ick on my regal tang on 14th June 2019. I raised the tank temp from 28 deg cent slowly between 30-31 deg cent for 10 days. Now regal tank is without any ick and eating well. My Majestic angel has now spots near its mouth . I see that its not ick but slightly large white patches. I am worried as it is not eating. I suspect following :-
1. Ph is slightly low due to high temp.
2. High temperature is giving discomfort and stress.
3. Lastly it is infected with some other crypt.
Please advise. You have been extremely supporting always.
Bodh Raj,
<Well; could be (simply) body mucus due to stress as you hint at; might be later expression of trematodes (see WWM re, determination, treatment)... I want to state that Navarchus/Majestic Angels are not in general good/hardy aquarium specimens.
IF it were my fish, I'd do some sampling of the "gunk", look under a microscope... Maybe try a pH adjusted freshwater bath, or series of them, day/s apart... Moving this fish to another established system after if you have one. Bob Fenner>

Majestic angel possible infection. BAD Infestation     1/30/18
I'm hoping you can help me determine if my fish is diseased.
<It is>
I have a 7" majestic angel that is looking and acting like he has an infection.
<Actually an infestation, protozoan; likely Cryptocaryon or Amyloodinium...
You need to act NOW>

He swims around like something is irritating him and occasionally breathes rapidly.
<This fish will be dead within a day or two if you don't act>
Other times he's fairly normal. He is eating as well. Based on his symptoms and from what I've read this seems closest to marine velvet.
<Could be>
Please see photos attached. Is this most likely velvet?
<Need to be sampled and looked at under a 'scope to be sure>
He has been showing outward signs for about two weeks now, but till now I thought this was a water quality issue since I was using poorly filtered water. That has been corrected and water changed, but his condition remained. I have a large sailfin tang and a few other smaller fish. None of them show any signs, just the angel.
<ALL need to be treated, NOW>
Any insight is appreciated.
<READ on WWM NOW re these single celled parasites. I'd do pH adjusted freshwater baths, move this fish elsewhere, get a look at a sample through a microscope... STAT! Bob Fenner>

White Patches on Majestic Angel       5/3/15
Hi again gang. Need your help please. Just got a majestic angel
<... not usually aq. hardy... the ones from Bali a little bit better>
from a local fish store several weeks ago and just today noticed it has developed white patches on its head and body.
<... bad>
This is not ich, or at least I don't believe it is, as it is not a peppery covering. Please see the attached picture and advise your thoughts?
<Reading and quick... What sorts of preventative measures have you taken? Dips, baths, isolation...?>
Fish is currently swimming and eating normally
<Oh; good>
and other fish in tank or behaving and look normal as well. Possibly Brooklynella?
<Can only distinguish Protozoans, other single celled life via sampling and microscopic examination... SEE/READ on WWM re Euxiphipops species en toto... this is an environmental issue>
I am personally stumped and unsure how to treat. Thanks!
<Bob Fenner>

Some BGA influence now!

Re: White Patches on Majestic Angel          5/7/15
Thanks, appreciate the info. Sending this as a follow up on the current conditions of the fish.
<Ah, good>
Did more reading and research after receiving your response. Found some information on "blanching" of marine Angels as it relates to their overall level of stress and comfort in their environment.
<Yes... and yours... the BGA... toxified....>

In due process saw a posting mentioning an example with the water being too warm from a faulty heater. Having already checked the water parameters in my tank and verified that they were within ideal parameters, I opened my cabinet to find the thermometer showing 83 degrees. My tank always runs in the 75-76 degree range so I knew my heater was malfunctioning. That said, I unplugged and removed and have monitored the fish closely ever since. It has continued to swim and behave normally, including eating anything and everything I offer....dried Nori, frozen angelfish food and also mysis shrimp (both soaked in vita chem for several minutes prior to feeding).
Good news is now, 3 days later, the fish continues to behave and eat normally AND all of his color is seemingly returning to normal. Good signs and I will continue to feed and monitor closely.
<So far, so good... DO read at least on WWM re reversing the Cyanobacteria situation. THIS is likely a major contributor to the environmental stress, blanching here. Bob Fenner>

Majestic Angel   7/27/14
I hope you can advise me before I lose my Majestic Angel. I have him over 5 years and he was doing very well until I introduced a new tank mate to the aquarium (100 gal- no other inhabitants)
<Mmm; this is too small a volume for a Majestic>

I selected a bicolor fox face and the two had some adjustment problems but after 4 months I thought they were getting along. Recently I noticed my angel was off his food . I thought he was being picky and was not overly concerned until he stopped eating entirely. The only symptoms I can see are rapid breathing.
<... got poked maybe>

Today, in desperation, I purchase live brine shrimp and he went for it! Immediately after he dashed about the tank and hid in the corner. This made me think he might have gill problems.
After doing much research on your web site I found an article on gill flukes with Prazi Pro as a treatment. Do you think this might be his problem?
<Unlikely... Siganids don't share much worm parasite fauna w/ Pomacanthids... again; a possibility though>
I do not want to medicate for the wrong reason. I also read a great article from Bob Fenner that introducing new inhabitants to an established tank might cause problems.
<Ah yes>
I regret buying the fox face as I had no trouble before then. (The Majestic’s only other tank mate was a Dwarf Lion. I had him 6 years before he died. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
<Well; the simple first choice (serendipity) is the first route I'd go: Remove the Rabbitfish. Bob Fenner>

Blueface with some type of parasite    3/4/12
Hi Crew, Jim again. My tank has been going great everybody is eating, and happy. I been noticing My Blueface Angel on his high fin has got some type of parasite on him. I don't know what it is caused from, but want to make sure its not life threating and how to treat it. It is getting bigger. I sent some pictures. He eats, Mysis, spectrum pellets, angel formula, and
green algae. Temp is 77, Nitrate 0, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, ph 8.24. SG 1.027. Gravity is high and I am lowering now. I just got a R.O. Unit and still trying to get it lined out. I do a 20% water change weekly and add in another 30 gallons from the water evaporating. Thanks, Jim
<Can't make out in your pix... looks like a viral issue, Lymphocystis... mostly environmentally, stress/socially mediated. Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/virdisidf.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Blueface angel, disease?    12/13/11
Hi crew Jims back again. I have a 7" blueface angels. About a week ago I noticed it got a spot on each side of his cheeks.
<I can barely make this out in your pix>
 It look like he got pinned in between a couple of rocks.
<A possibility>
 He does have a scratch on top of his head. I tried to take pictures, but he would not hold still. I just wanted to make sure it was not a disease.
He gets fed Mysis, spectrum pellets, and green algae. I soak the algae and Mysis in garlic and Selcon. All the water parameters are good. Thanks, Jim
<Mmm, can't tell you anything w/ the info. presented... Need history, make-up of the system, water quality test results... Might be "nothing" here, could be the beginnings of HLLE (common w/ this species, sub-genus), due to carbon issues, other chemical filtrants... DO please read here:
and get back w/ us/me re the above data and any further questions you have.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Blueface angel, damaged? And now Crypt, including Cowfish    12/13/11
Hi Bob, Good to here from you again! He is in a 180. S.G. 1.025, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia is Zero.
<Mmm, how is NO3 rendered thus?>
Temp stays at 80. I use Marineland carbon. I usually add new carbon every month or so. I do a 10 to 15 gallon water change every week, and a 40 gallon water change once a month. I do add Microbe-lift all in one supplement every water change. I still have mushrooms, and purple gorgonian. I add four cap fulls once a week after a water change. I use Kordon Amquel Plus a water conditioner when I am  mixing salt. O am hoping to purchase a ro-di unit after Christmas. The tank is 3.5 years old. It was a reef, but my blueface changed that. It is now a fowlr. The wounds are healing there getting smaller everyday. I am still in the process of trying to buy a 265, but the guy wants $4500 for it!
I am hoping he will drop the price soon. The Emperor is doing a lot better.
He in my 55 quarantine tank. I gave him a couple prozac's and a couple sessions with Daisy (my cowfish, she lives in the 55) the Psychologist and the depression went away! lol Thanks, Jim
<I'd go w/ these being physical wounds... and get that bovine out of the 55! BobF>
Re: Blueface angel   12/13/11
Hi Bob, The cowfish is got a few more weeks in quarantine and then she will go to my main tank. Unfortunately my lfs seemed to offer a free bonus when you buy there fish. Yep you guessed it, Ick!
I buy most of my fish from Live aquaria. My Mother is starting a salt tank so she wanted to go to all the lfs. The cowfish was cute I could not say no. I do realize they get be about a foot. Thanks again Bob! Jim
<Do take care w/ that Crypt... hard to cure on both the Cowfish and Angel once it gets advanced. BobF>
Re: Blueface angel   12/13/11
Hi Bob, I am doing hyposalinity right now. Can the cow fish handle copper
if it comes to that? Jim
<... not for Ostraciids... see WWM re... the use of Quinine cpd.s>
Re: Blueface angel   12/14/11

Hi Bob, As of right now the cow fish has no ick. I am going to wait out the full thirty day cycle before I remove him from quarantine. So far hypo- salinity is doing the trick. I will keep you updated. Once again, Thanks
for always being there for all of us! Jim
<Life to you! BobF>

Re: Blueface angel    12/25/11
Mr. Fenner, I think my Angel does have Hlle. I noticed his wounds were getting smaller, and then a couple of days ago they got bigger. I put some fresh charcoal in,
<Mmmm, I'd not use this at this time... linked as a cause and will remove some of the molecules of use, as cure here>
and I am now giving him angel formula on top of everything else I am feeding him every other day. Any suggestions?
<Oh yes. Posted... read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/HLLESWCure.htm
and the linked files above>
Have Merry Christmas, Jim
<And you, BobF>
Re: Blueface angel, dis. f', HLLE  12/26/11

Mr. Fenner, Thanks for the quick reply on Christmas. You work to hard. So I pulled out the charcoal today. I have been checking my Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia. One thing I have not been checking is my ph since I converted it from a reef to a fowlr tank. It was at 7.2, now it is at 8.3.
<?! I would NOT change pH this fast... are you familiar w/ our/WWM's search tool?>
Do you think that had something to do with it?
<Of a certainty, yes>

 So here's my plan. I feed new life spectrum pellets once a day, every day.
Every other day I feed Angel formula, and every other day I feed Mysis. I always soak them in Selcon and garlic Do you think that will do the trick, Plus keeping superior water quality?
<Only time can/will tell>
 How long should I remove the charcoal for?
<... see WWM re carbon use>
  Anybody reading this and thinking of putting a Blue Face Angel in a reef DONT DO IT! My angel nipped at lps, soft, sps and mushrooms corals.
<Thank you for this... also posted on WWM>

The only one thing he never ate is Lavender Mushrooms, and that is because my two clown fish live in it like a anemone and protect it from the Angel, Me and anything else that gets near it. lol I know a guy that has a 600 gallon reef and had Blue face Angel in there for a couple of years and he had to be pulled out because he started eating everything. Live Aquaria says, they are reef safe with caution. There <they're> full of it! I wanted to give you a update on the Cowfish, Emperor, and the 265 tank. I took the cowfish back to my lfs store. The cowfish was to <too> slow of <an> eater to make it in my tank. I was hand feeding him, but it just seemed like he never was getting enough food, and I think he would of starved to death. I went and looked at 265 tank for $4500. It was a mess. Lots of plywood, spray paint, homemade horrible stand, pvc pipe scattered in three different rooms coming off of it. My wife was with me when I looked at it. She said, there's no way we are putting this in our house!
<Heeee! Great that she went along>
 Of course she said it right in front of the guy selling it. She lets me do pretty much what I want when it comes to my aquarium, but that tells you what a mess it was. lol So I took the Emperor to my lfs too. I don't know now when I am going to get a bigger tank since they are in between. and cant afford $10000 to set one up brand new.  I know The Emperor would of rather lived in my 55, then in my 180 getting bullied by Blue Face. So I think It made a good choice. I just hope that the lfs does sell him to somebody and they put him in 20 gallon tank. I seen that crap on you tube very sad! Thanks, Jim
<And you, B>
Re: Blueface angel 12/27/11

Thanks for the quick response Mr. Fenner!
<Welcome Mr. Ivy!>
 I am sorry to share my drama about Murphy, (blue face angel) but I thought maybe I might be able to save at least one reef tank from disaster. It was great that my Wife went, but she could care less about my tank.
<... perhaps in time>
 Its my hobby and She knows how expensive it is because we share a Banking account. BOO! I will look the ph and charcoal up on WWM. I will keep you updated. If you here of any tanks for sale up in the North West send me there number. ; ) Have a great New Year, Jim
<Thank you Jim. B>

Regarding Blue Face Angelfish 12/20/10
Hi Bob,
<James for Bob today.>
My friend brought a Blue Face Angelfish for his 125G tank 6" size. The fish was doing well for some time and suddenly its face skin began to peel and marked in the photo. He said the fish developed the disease in less a week time and the peeling off began to spread. ( but the fish was eating like a pig and was so active) I got the fish to my house and added in my 200G aquarium. now the peeling stopped and the fish is so active and eating very well. Now my question is whether the skin in its forehead regenerate? does the fish gets back its colour on its face?
After I took him to my house I feed him with red marine algae and Nori. also I feed him other colour enhancing food from Kent Marine, and chopped prawns , clams and cuttle fish. He is feeding great.
How long will take for him to get cured. If HLLE how I know he is cured?
<Try sending a pic without photoshopping it. How are we to know what it actually looks like.>
<<RMF is referring you to our/WWM's archived mat.s on the matter. Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/HLLESWCauseF.htm
and the linked files above>>
Thank you .
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Divine intervention ?? Hurt Blue Face Angel   11/26/09
Hi Crew,
<Howsit Jamie?>
I know everyone starts out by saying this, but I really want to thank you for your efforts in helping people like me. I have found hundreds of answers on your site for questions I have had. This time I am in a real bind and I might say I am shattered at what has happened.
<Let's see>
First the details of my system.
120 US Gal Reef setup.
Running 18 months.
Trickle filter with 1 reef block (supposed to filter 1000Ltrs per block)
5kg Matrix
Filter wool.
Reef Octopus hurricane skimmer (rated to 1000 Litres)
10000lph worth of Tunze power heads
System looks great, all corals full open, anemone with clowns doing great.
Metal Halide 14000K x 2 with 4 power compacts. (Aqua One MH-1200)
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 0
Nitrite 0
S/g 1.024
Calcium 400ppm
KH 112
PH 8.3
Temp 25 Deg Celsius
Occupants, 2 x Blue Tang, 4 x Blue Chromis, 4x small Nemos in the anemone, 1 x small fox face, 1 x Blue Faced angel (4 inches)
<Will need more room>
1 x half circle angel (3 inches), 4 hermit crabs, 2 cleaner shrimp and a partridge in a pear tree.
(just kidding)
<On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me... a bier!>
What has happened, This afternoon when I got home from work I noticed my blue face was not in sight, I checked his usual caves and hidey holes to no avail. I finally found him stuck behind a piece of live rock up against the glass at the back of the tank. He was wedged in tight.
I have no idea whether this was deliberate or the rock shifted on him.
<Large marine angel species do sometimes work themselves into such situations>
I moved the rock as I wasn't sure if he was stuck or hiding and he kind of floated out. He has rubbed a wound the size of a 5 cent piece in his head and has marks under his chin which are red raw. He also has marks all up and down his sides.
He is trying to swim and has his normal colour and is not breathing quickly.
I have put him in a floating net about 15cm x 15 cm where he is floating on his side on the surface, but trying to get down.
<I would let this fish out... better to reduce stress here>
His belly is a little big but he is a pig of an eater and it is not an unusual size. He is my favourite fish and I am trying to do anything to help him. I have treated the tank with easy life
"...w/ over thirty activities..." Quack!>
as it claims to heal stress ??? is there anything else I can do,
<Keep an eye on the fish really is all there is>
I don't really want to move him to the quarantine as I don't want to stress him more
<I agree>
or would I be better to do that. I am also wondering if I should turn the lights off or leave them on their normal cycles.
<The latter>
It is times like this I question my ability to run a marine tank, but I am determined not to give up. I guess I am asking for divine intervention but if there is any suggestions they would be much appreciated.
Many thanks from Sydney Australia
<Welcomes in kind, number from sunny southern Cal.. Bob Fenner>
Re: Divine intervention ??   12/7/09

Hi again Bob,
<Hello Jamie>
Just wanted to thank you once again for you insight. The poor angel was on the road to recovery, wounds healing etc but still very weak. He had just started to swim around the tank again and managed to get himself straight
into the middle of my rather large Magnifica anemone,
well it took me all of a minute to get him out of it but he had been stung all over. Died about 15min later.
Once again, thanks for your help. Love the site, If you are ever in  Sydney, look me up. I am a Scuba Instructor.
I will take you out and show you some really amazing sea creatures. Love the site. It has very few peers.
<Thank you for your offer, and you MAY WELL find me knocking... a friend in the HHH lives just S. of Brisbane (the "Coast") and I'm way past due for visiting him there, and will be out and about this coming early summer for
the Intl. HHH in Kuching... Heeee! Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

Majestic/Blue Girdled Angelfish/Acclimation 2/17/09 Greetings Crew, <Hello April> what a fantastic treasure trove of information here, thank you all so much. <You're welcome.> I have read Bob's insight/opinions regarding the Majestic Angel's chances of adaptability & survivability in home aquariums in his book, and here, in related articles. Fan-freakin-tastic! I've learned from Bob that if one is properly caught, transported and acclimated, it will thrive. After an honest look at my aquarium environment, I feel I can house one of these beauties. I have a 300 gallon FOWLR set up on a 42" stand with plans to get a few mushrooms. Also in there are: 9" Naso 2 Dwarf Angels, a Bi-Color and a Coral Beauty 2 Butterflies, a Raccoon and a Pearl scale 6 damsels 2 cleaner shrimp 2 sea urchins, a pencil and a tuxedo A local taco shop here has a 100 gallon reef set up, housing a Majestic Angel and a Blue Hippo. The Majestic is 8", been in there for a year now. He is fat but in too small of a home. I tracked down the tank's owner who says he is a certified marine biologist. After requesting to buy his established Majestic, he says he could get me a juvie Majestic at a cheaper price than this 8" one in the taco shop. I told him I wanted his 8" one for the sole reason that it is already established on aquarium foods, and I could skip the worry of malnutrition with a juvie. He's thinking it over. I am running to you real quick to ask if I do get to buy this one, if I should still quarantine it like a new one from the sea? My QT is only a 10 gallon, seems too small and stressful for an 8" Majestic. Or just f/w & Formalin dip it for possible parasites, then add it to my display right away? Thanks to you and the Crew for any and all suggestions! So what say ye? <I'm thinking if this guy is a marine biologist, he must be doing things right. If it were me, I would just make the transfer with proper acclimation. I would ask what he has been feeding the fish and continue feeding him the same. After he becomes acclimated in your system, you may want to slowly change his diet depending on what foods he has been feeding the fish. I'm going to guess the fish has been fed nutritional foods that include sponge and Spirulina algae. This fish is also known as the Blue Girdled Angelfish. James (Salty Dog)> April.

Purchasing an Established Majestic Angel/Also...... -- 02/16/09 I neglected to mention that my tank has been up and running for 2 years now'¦ Never a disease or outbreak of parasites so far. Thanks, April. <<Ah!'¦we'll be keeping those fingers and toes crossed'¦[grin]>> ***************************************************** Greetings Crew, what a fantastic treasure trove of information here, thank you all so much. <<We're pleased that you are pleased'¦>> I have read Bob's insight/opinions regarding the Majestic Angel's chances of adaptability and survivability in home aquariums in his book, and here, in related articles. Fan freakin-tastic! <<Indeed'¦ One of the fish stores here in Columbia has had one in a large display for several years now>> I've learned from Bob that if one is properly caught, transported and acclimated, it will thrive. <<Indeed'¦ Getting them to eat New Life Spectrum pellets goes far toward improving/keeping their health, as well>> After an honest look at my aquarium environment, I feel I can house one of these beauties. <<I see'¦>> I have a 300 gallon FOWLR set up on a 42" stand with plans to get a few mushrooms. Also in there are: 9" Naso 2 Dwarf Angels, a Bi-Color and a Coral Beauty 2 Butterflies, a Raccoon and a Pearlscale 6 damsels 2 cleaner shrimp 2 sea urchins, a pencil and a tuxedo <<Sounds very nice>> A local taco shop here has a 100 gallon reef set up, housing a Majestic Angel and a Blue Hippo. <<Mmm'¦much too much fish flesh for such a tank>> The Majestic is 8", <<Yowza>> been in there for a year now. He is fat but in too small of a home. <<Yes>> I tracked down the tank's owner who says he is a certified marine biologist. <<Hmm'¦I guess that was to give credence to his keeping of these two fishes in a much too small display tank?>> After requesting to buy his established Majestic, he says he could get me a juvie Majestic at a cheaper price than this 8" one in the taco shop. <<No doubt>> I told him I wanted his 8" one for the sole reason that it is already established on aquarium foods, and I could skip the worry of malnutrition with a juvie. He's thinking it over. I am running to you real quick to ask if I do get to buy this one, if I should still quarantine it like a new one from the sea? <<If you have the facility for such, yes>> My QT is only a 10 gallon, seems too small and stressful for an 8" Majestic. <<Yes>> Or just f/w & Formalin dip it for possible parasites, then add it to my display right away? <<This would be the better approach here>> Thanks to you and the Crew for any and all suggestions! So what say ye? <<You have my thoughts>> April. <<Good luck'¦let me know how it goes. Eric Russell>>

Sick Majestic Angel Fish--Emergency... poisoned, starved... fdg. f'  -- 02/07/08 Dear Sir or Madam, <Anant> I have a sick Marine Majestic Angel Fish. The fish is 7 years old and I am very attached to it. In early December, when I fed it, one fine day, it stopped eating. Before this, it used to feed vigorously. I used to feed it flake food with an occasional spinach leaf (boiled). <Mmm, there are some troubles with this...> When it stopped eating, it would still go after food and a couple of times, it would suck the flake in and spit it out. The flake food I fed it is formula 1 by ocean nutrition. It's been pretty much starving since early December to now and is getting noticeably thinner. There is nothing exterior to report like noticeable ick or fin rot or an of these things. Since then, I have tried feeding mysis shrimp, san Francisco brands spinach mix, brine shrimp mix, squid mix, garlic guard (soak for flakes), algae sheets. I've also tried to treat with Methylene blue, malachite green, formalin, Metronidazole and tetracycline. <...> No effect on the appetite. <Poisoning...> Could you please let me know what is going on? I hate seeing a magnificent creature starve to death. It would be fine if it ate. Structurally, the fish looks fine. Please help me. I would appreciate it. Anant Kamath <This fish must have been deriving its nutrition from other sources... live rock? Am very surprised a subgenus Euxiphipops angel would live a month given this feeding... The Formalin, Flagyl exposure... You might try Spectrum pelleted food... Please read here re: http://wetwebmedia.com/foodsppt1.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sick Majestic Angel Fish--Emergency   2/8/08 Hi Bob, <Anant> We do have some live rock in the tank but most of that is old also and how live it is I don't know. The fact is I used to see it turn vertical and peck at the gravel and rock when healthy. Now it is lethargic but every once in a while gets some vigor and swims around. It is strange because there is nothing I can spot externally. I guess I can attach a photo next time. Thank you for the help. Take care. Anant <Large marine angels do often suffer from nutritional deficiencies in captivity. I strongly suggest the addition of some new/er live rock, and the switching to Spectrum food. Bob Fenner>

Possible Break Out...   1/26/08 Hey Crew, <Tom> I received this Blue Girdled Angel for Christmas. He was a sunrise <?> based on advise to a family member by a LFS. <... the angels of the subgenus Euxiphipops are not easily kept...> I know this is not an easy fish to keep but it was a gift and I must try my best. I have had it in a quarantine tank for four weeks. Last night I went in to check his tank and feed him and noticed white spots on his head and his eyes are fogged. Thank goodness I read Bobs book and the site and quarantine for six weeks and not two or three as other publication claim as acceptable. <Am glad for this as well> The tank is forty gallons and I did a fifteen gallon water change this morning to be safe. I felt last night that this spotting may be diet related and spent a few hours looking on your web site for anything I could find. After reading I think the eyes are an environment problem. <Mmm, but the other spots, markings...> I did a water change and will test the waters chemical levels after it turns over for a while. The spots today are worse and I am thinking it is Crypt. <I agree> I am sending you some photos and was hoping you could look at them. I wanted a second opinion before going to purchase some Copper Safe and treat him. <Perhaps too late for this approach. I would make/use a formalin dip and institute a Quinine series STAT!> If he or she makes it and I can clear this up I am going to extend the quarantine for another six week to be safe. I have never had a disease or parasite before. I guess everyone's luck runs out eventually. I want to thank you in advance for any help. Tom <Read on WWM re the species, genus, Crypt and MOVE! Get/use the formalin today. Bob Fenner>

Blue Face Angel/Health 1/22/08 Hi all <Hello> I have a question about a Blue Face Angel I bought last week. <Not one of the easiest angels to keep.> The fish had head rot this was remedied by the fish store. Will the colors on his face return and is there anything I can do to help this along? He is in a 110g tank with 2 hermit crabs and a violation <Volitans> lion 10", and 50lbs of coral. Water quality is good within all limits. <I'm thinking this fish has HLLE (head and lateral line erosion. There is really no cure for it other than an excellent diet and pristine water quality. Some have reversed this process with Miracle Mud equipped refugiums. Read here. http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-06/sp/index.php> Thanks for any help you can give. <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

New Blue-Face Angel with eating woes and ich  3/1/07 Hi Guys, <Hello.> great site. <Thanks.> I added my "center piece" fish last week. <Cool.>   He is a 6 inch adult Blue Face Angel. <Still a little guy.> He is in 125 FOWLR with 100lbs of live <Adequate space for a year or so.> rock.  This system is 1 year old.  His tank mates include 2) 3inch regal tangs, 1) 3inch purple tang, 1) 3inch coral beauty angel, 1) 4inch changing imperator angel, <Mmm...would not have put both these angels in such a confined space.> 1) long nose Hawkfish, 1) Perc clown 1) purple Firefish and 1) black cap Basslet. <Tis a lot of animals for a tank fo this size.>   I also have small cleaner crew that consists of 20 hermits 12 Mexican turbo snails and a two cleaner shrimp.  I did not QT the blue face because of his size (I only had a 10g QT Tank). <Yes, that would not have been pretty.> He was eating Mysis at the LFS and had been there 3 weeks.  He looked perfect.  He hid as expected and did not come out during feedings (3 cubes of Mysis, 1 cube Angel Formula with sponge and a piece of frozen Krill). <I would not begin to worry yet.>   I also clip in a sheet of Green Seaweed.  On day three I saw him eating the krill from the bottom but other than that I have not observed him eating.   <Again too soon to be concerned, and the above behavior is promising.> I have been putting in the food with a baster and leaving right away in the hopes that he is eating when not observed.  The sheet is gone every night and the big pieces of krill are gone within an hour.  He looked good until day Seven (today) when I noticed he had ick or velvet. <Likely ich if not dead yet, velvet is a quick killer, and if he has so does everyone else.> He is actually out in the open a lot today but he clearly has the effects of the parasites on his body.   First, what do you recommend to treat him.  I won't to leave him in the tank because of his size.  I don't want to use copper because I'd rather leave the inverts and rock in place. <Read here and subsequent links, (also check reefkeeping online mag. for Steven Pro ich/crypt article: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ichartmar.htm.>   Second, do you have some better feeding recommendations. <What you are feeding is good, but a larger variety would not hurt, Ocean nutrition makes an angel formula and Selcon wouldn't be a bad vitamin supp.> Thanks in advance and please advise. <Welcome.> Francisco J <Adam J.>

Majestic Angel Getting "Thin in the Head" - 01/28/07 Hi Crew, <<Hello Jeff>> Love your site and all the wonderful information!! <<Good to know>> I have a beautiful majestic angel that is getting a little thin just above the eyes. <<Likely a nutritional deficiency>> He seems to be very healthy otherwise and eats well.  The aquarium is a 210-gallon FOWLR and (with the exception of a little hair algae), is very healthy.  I have been enjoying this hobby since the early 80's and to help finance it I worked part time at the LFS for several years.  While working at the store I remember the manager always telling us to avoid fish that were "thin in the head" so now I am getting a little worried. <<Indeed>> I have been feeding this fish with a number of foods including frozen angel formula, Nori, mysis shrimp, plankton, and herbivore pellets. <<A good mix of offerings, but...>> He seems to enjoy just about everything I feed him.  Can you tell me what causes this problem and offer some suggestions? <<These type maladies can sometimes be secondary to environmental issues (e.g. - poisoning/less than optimum water conditions...you may want to consider adding some Poly-Filter to your filter flow-path) but this is almost assuredly a case of malnutrition.  Even though the fish eats well, there is something (vitamins/essential fatty acids) deficient in its diet.  I would continue feeding what you have, but I would make the addition of New Life Spectrum pellets soaked in Selcon to its diet.  I can't tell you what it is, but there has been anecdotal proof of the Spectrum pellets allowing some advanced aquarists a measure of success with difficult even impossible to feed (nutritionally) specimens such as Zanclus cornutus.  I would also get a vitamin supplement (Boyd's Vita-Chem) and alternate this with the Selcon...the vitamins can also be simply added to the system water and will be taken up as the fish "drinks" its environment>> Thanks, Jeff Jones <<Happy to assist, Eric Russell>>

White blotches on mid size Blue Face Angel   3/23/06 Love the site, and looked over it many times before submitting this inquiry. <Good> I have a 210 gallon with the double sump wet dry, protein skimmer, grounding probe, and UV going. The water quality is as such as I just measured it today: salinity is 1.019, <Too low...> ammonia is 0.0, nitrate is 10, nitrite is 0, and ph is 8.2 according to the 'Aquarium Pharmaceutical' kit I use. Fish roster includes: Australian Harlequin Tusk, green bird wrasse, 2 lookdowns (small), crosshatch trigger, blue face angel, zebra moray, squirrelfish, and powder blue tang. <Yikes... you need a much larger system...> They all eat a daily mixed diet of mysis, green and red lifeline, krill, angel formula, lancefish, mussel, romaine, <I'd skip the terrestrial greens... almost no food value, and trouble with pollution> cockle, and formula one. all soaked in Selcon daily except for the romaine. Attached are 2 pics of our 3.5-4 in Blue Face Angel which we've had for 3.5 months. As I read over your site, it looks like this could be HLLE (of just the head for right now) or a metamorphosis to becoming an adult. The LFS says it's most likely the latter b/c the fish is eating like a pig. It seems to be getting worse too and his skin on his face looks to be deteriorating. <Does look like HLLE... water quality issue here mainly... Though what you can/do read/seem okay...> Prior to this he was having those random white patches that would come and go on his body (literally within hours - it was a different picture. <Agreed... likely behavioral reaction... more neuronal, less hormonal... now switched> think it was that spook factor mentioned in your other write ups). What do you think this really is? <Is an erosive condition. I would raise your spg, do what you can with modifying the wet-dries (switching to refugium/s... or adding, tying a live sump in somewhere... Consider "live mud", macroalgal culture... and purposely add the Selcon to whatever foods this fish is taking> Thanks in advance for your time. Sincerely, Jason Chamberlain <Thank you for writing so thoroughly, clearly, with clear graphics, sharing. Bob Fenner>

White Feces Thanks for a terrific website ! I have been searching for information to help me diagnose what might be wrong with my Majestic Angel. After 5 months of doing splendidly, he suddenly stopped eating and is not his usual happy self (lethargic)  His only other symptom is white 'string-like' feces. I purchased Cephalexin (antibiotic) because it said on the box to use for stringy feces) <... no...> and my plan was to put him in QT but yesterday I tried to give him some live black worms, and he ate some! I hesitate to put him in QT due to the stress and I am not even sure if I have the right medicine. Any advice as to what I might be dealing with and how to treat is greatly appreciated ! Many thanks, Carol <Could be a latent parasitic problem, but much more likely just a transitory "psychological" adjustment... Possibly water quality related (do check, change water, possibly add a bit of live rock, macroalgae...)  I would not add antibiotics, other medications... other than vitamins to the fish's foods. I do agree with your position on transferring this fish. I would leave it where it is. Bob Fenner>

What Are These Bumps on My Navarchus? >Hi, >>Greetings, Marina here. >I bought a 3" Navarchus Angel from TMC around 6 months ago.  Around a month ago, I noticed a small white bump under his mouth.  At first, I thought it was an infection from him possibly getting an abrasion from darting in/out of the rockwork.  He was still eating fine and otherwise behaving normally, so I thought that by keeping the tank conditions optimal the injury would heal itself.   >>I would do the same. >Well, it's been over a month later and now the original white "bump" is bigger and now there are even two more "bumps"!  Now I'm worrying that it may be some kind of disease that may require more hands-on treatment.  I've attached two photos of the fish for you to look at. >>Excellent that you've presented the pics.  If I am not way off base here, I'd wager that it might be Lymphocystis, though I'd like to get another opinion on that. >I really struggled with the decision to put the fish in the main tank early, but because he was not eating in the quarantine tank, and on the recommendation of TMC, and since he was the only fish in the tank, I moved him to the main tank after only one week of qt. >>For the LIFE of me I cannot fathom why anyone would recommend shortening/eliminating quarantine.  Well, it is what it is at this point.  Unfortunately, I've discovered that Bob's "article" on Lymphocystis is non-existent, so I'm linking you to the Lympho-faq page.  Should it be Lymphocystis, I can tell you it is a viral infection that, in my own experience, has never been fatal.  I liken it to warts, it's ugly, we don't want it, but it won't kill us.   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/lymphfaqs.htm  This is the link to the FAQ, and try a Google on the subject for more information.  Typical presentation is on the fins, though the body is not unheard of by any means.  To the best of my knowledge this is not something that readily spreads or is highly infectious, and because there is no treatment we find that it, just as mysteriously as it began, corrects itself with time. >The only fish in the tank are the angel and a Royal Gramma.  The tank is mostly LPS and a few mushrooms.  It's a 90 gal tank, with 30 gal sump, Aqua-C EV120 skimmer, 3" sand bed, ~125lbs live rock.  Water parameters are within the normal accepted ranges.  Any advice will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. >>I've attached your pics so the powers that be may have a look as well, but it really looks to be Lympho to me.  I do hope this helps in that it's something, but not a terribly bad something, which is a good thing since it's something you really can't do something about.  Best of luck!  (And don't skip q/t anymore!  30 days, mate.)  Marina

- Majestic Angel Questions - Hello Crew! First off, I would like to say that I have been a devoted fan and student of your web site since finding it almost a year ago. Like most all of your readers, I have found your site to always be an invaluable source of information for whatever topic I may be looking for. However, I could not find a definitive answer in the archives for my questions so I decided to write you. I have a 4" Majestic Angel (Euxiphipops Navarchus) that has changed to his adult colors and about 98% in to the adult pattern with the exception of the lighter blue outline near the tail fin that eventually breaks up into more of a dotted line. <Nice.> I acquired this fish from my LFS a week and a half ago. He / she is eating and adjusting quite nicely in my 30 gal. quarantine tank and is destined for my 200 gallon tank in about another 3 - 4 weeks which has been running for close to 9 months now and is stocked with over 200lbs. of Fiji live rock and around 25lbs. of Tonga branch live rock. <I would introduce this fish sooner rather than later if all signs look good. Water quality is a must with these fish to do well.> I have planned from the outset that I wanted to have a FOWLR although a few soft corals that came on the rock have flourished with no predators. The current residents in the 200 gal. tank are: 1 - Christmas ( Ornate ) Wrasse 1 - Coral Beauty 1 - Royal Gramma 1 - Lawnmower Blenny 1 - Azure Damsel 2 - Fire / Blood Shrimp My Navarchus was a resident at one of the LFS for nearly 5 months and was eating from day 1 of arrival. This store usually receives larger size specimens almost weekly and I suppose the 6 - 8" are more attractive to the average person looking for this species thus the reason he stayed so long. I must admit, that over the last couple months, I have had 2 larger Majestics on hold at different stores that perished within two weeks due to not eating, stress, etc. and I was beginning to wonder if this fish would be a good decision to add to my tank. I read on WWM that a good size is usually 3 - 5" specimens, so I decided to go with him seeing that he was eating and didn't have the typical Navarchus characteristic of  being the shyest fish in the tank. I am currently offering: Ocean Nutrition Formula 2, Angel Formula, Pygmy Angel Formula, Brine Shrimp Plus, Formula 1 flake, & Life Line Mysis shrimp soaked in Selcon which he gobbles up enthusiastically. Finally, to my questions. The other day I noticed that on one side, he exhibited a lighter area on the scales right behind his gill cover. Upon moving in closer, I observed that the soft tissue making up the outer most edge of the gill cover was in fact gone. I realized the lighter area was just not covered by the gill cover tissue that was missing most likely from damage incurred by bumping into live rock he is housed with. It's only been a few days, but will this part of the gill cover grow back? <Yes, in time.> Also, the light blue edging on the tail fin is interrupted in a few tiny spots which may have been from past tank mates nipping at him or just not filled in due to his sub-adult stage. Will this blue lining eventually fill in with time and maturity? <All of the above... could also be a genetic difference... something to enjoy for its uniqueness, if only temporary. Seems a bit large to still be displaying juvenile colors.> Thank you in advance for your time and wisdom. Regards, Joel <Cheers, J -- >

Angel In Distress? Hello, I have been struggling with a new majestic angelfish.  I added it directly to my main tank (there were only a few damsels and 2 small clown fish in there, so I didn't feel I was risking too much) <I understand your thinking, but try to explain that to the damsels! Seriously, quarantine is good for the new fish, too- so do try this technique in the future.> The fish seemed okay at first, although the fish store guy didn't know what he was doing, and got the fish caught in the net.  I first thought it was velvet, but now I'm not sure.  I couldn't tell if it had little white dots at first, or just a skin irritation, so I treated with Greenex to be on the safe side.  The fish was eating fine for about a week, then after treatment, the skin looked worse, like it had fungus on it and the eyes got cloudy. <This stuff can become pretty nasty on the fish; you have to administer it carefully> I used Melafix, (after removing the Greenex) and the fish looks better, but now it wont eat. <Yikes! Successive medications when you are dealing with a fish that is in peril is not a great idea...Sometimes it's better to hold off on another round of aggressive medication and simply observe for a while.> Two of my damsels died.  (skin slime, fin degeneration, like the angel) Two small clownfish went on a hunger strike for a day, but are eating again.  What could it be??? <Hard to say if this is a disease, or "collateral damage" from the medication. You may very well have been dealing with a parasitic illness and a secondary infection, but it's hard to tell from here. At this point, if the angel is not declining further, I'd opt for a few water changes, good circulation, and a few days of observation. After a few days, if the fish does not show signs of improvement, or even declines, then do take your best guess at what you are treating after reading up on diseases on the WWM site. Hopefully, the cloudiness will have disappeared at that point, and you can ascertain precisely what you're dealing with. If this is, indeed, a parasitic illness, I'd be inclined to try copper sulphate. Yes, copper can be tough on some fishes, but in my personal experience, the larger angels can handle it if administered and monitored carefully. Hang in there! Regards, Scott F.>

Injured Navarchus Beauty >Can you please help me identify what this is (see pic's)?  >>Hello, I certainly will try (GORGEOUS fish, by the way!). >I've had him about 3 months. I was not looking to purchase a Navarchus, the bonehead at LFS sold him to me as a Coral Beauty (I'm a bonehead as well).  >>You bonehead! I happen to think this is a much prettier fish than the Coral Beauty, and yours is fat and QUITE healthy looking, except for that little nick in its side. >He shows no signs of discomfort or duress, eating well, hiding a bit since being alone in the 65 gal QT three days ago. I would like to treat but trying to identify problem first so I can treat properly.  >>Very smart move. >He was the 65 gal w/Naso tang, bird nose wrasse, Fiji blue dot puffer, flame hawk and Cuban hog. Moved them all (slowly after cycling) to new 150 gal about a week ago. I noticed the white marks on his side before moving him to the 150 so I decided to leave him in the 65 and use as a hospital tank until he has healed. Fresh water dip on Monday and Tuesday didn't seem to change anything. Do you think this is Lymphocystis? >>No, Lymphocystis isn't normally seen on the body of the fish, and this displays none of the usual nodular form. Freshwater dips will do nothing for Lymphocystis. In the photos you sent (excellent shots) it doesn't appear white, but pink, like flesh. To me it really looks like an injury, and since it appeared within a week of a move, that would be my first guess. If he's not scratching, breathing hard, otherwise behaving normally as you say, then again, my lean is towards injury. At that point you have some choices. First, ALWAYS go with providing best possible nutrition, which not only means great variety, but enriching with a good supplement, my favorite is Selcon. They can't heal if they haven't got the "tools". Second, by the looks of this fish I'd surmise that you're providing fantastic water conditions, keep this up. Now, the choice comes in whether or not you'll treat prophylactically. This would generally be antibiotics. I am of the general opinion (not always) that, if the fish is otherwise in best condition, and his environment is providing excellent conditions, he can heal on his own. However, I WOULD have on hand some antibiotic just in case you see secondary infection setting in. My favorite is usually Spectrogram, Maracyn is another good one. Have enough on hand to treat for one week. If you don't use it, at least you have it. Hope this helps! Marina 

Injured Navarchus Beauty II >Thanks so much for your quick response.  >>You're welcome. >Please continue your opinion on the antibiotic treatment.  >>There's not much else to say beyond what I outlined previously. I prefer Spectrogram because the applications where it's worked amazingly well (including stopping degradation in starfishes), and it's a good, relatively inexpensive antibiotic. >I picked up some "Aquatronics Paragon" last night in case I need to go that route. Do you know this product?  >>Yes, I do, and there is nothing at this time that indicates the need to use something this strong. Please go to the Aquatronics site and read the uses for *both* Spectrogram and Paragon. Paragon *might* be indicated for some parasitic infections, with antibiotics for the usually associated secondary bacterial infections. However, there is nothing in your situation that shows a need for this. Again, I strongly recommend Spectrogram. http://www.aquatronicsonline.com/  >Is there something else you might suggest? >>Not at this time. >I will add the Selcon to his food today. I have been using Vita-Chem with his diet of various frozen foods, Angel formula, flake, pellet and Seaweed Selects daily. I have the patience and time to treat him but I know he wants to be back in the main tank as he can see it and tends to stay on the side of the QT closest to the main. >>I'm sure he does.  >He and the Blondie Tang are buddies and even share the same sleeping areas. Thanks again. >>Remember, this appears to be an injury, don't simply treat to treat, wait it out, a few days to a week should be fine, and if he's doing well, carefully place him back in the display. I strongly suggest you do this as early in the day as possible so he avoids bumping himself. Hopefully no one will have established territories such that he has to stand up for his own turf. Marina 

Sick Blueface I have a blue faced angel that has been sick for about 7 weeks now, I have him in a sick tank, the first symptoms showed up as not eating and staying in one area of the tank. 2-3 days later, one of his eyes started to pop and I immediately took him out and put him in the 10 gallon sick tank. The first week, I used maracyn-2 on him, and then did a water change and added vita-chem vitamins. I have been changing the water every 5-7 days and re-vitamin-izing the water since then, trying to feed him live brine, frozen fresh, "seaweed" and flake foods, he still hasn't eaten any (at least that I've seen). His second eye started puffing about 4 weeks ago, but is about normal now, the other eye is down to about 50% of it's biggest size, but he has been that way for about 2 weeks now. My Q is whether there is anything else that I should be doing to help him out, should I try to re-medicate, or just let nature take it's course and see how he does. He seems pretty strong still considering he hasn't eaten in a long time now, and he doesn't appear stressed, and has no other outward signs of sickness other than the eyes and no eating. Thanks! Gil  >> Gil, thank you for writing. It is a shame but the three gorgeous large marine Angels of the Subgenus Euxiphipops (the Navarchus or Majestic, and Six Stripe, in addition to the Blue Face), do so poorly in captivity. Kudos to you for having a sick tank and acting so quickly and intelligently. As the fish has shown considerable improvement, I would continue with your regimen (feeding, water changes), leaving it in the sick tank. As to presenting more antimicrobials to the water itself, I would not. Instead, I would encourage you to either make or buy pre-made anti-biotic and anti-protozoal foods (these are made by some of the big name dry-foods manufacturers like Tetra/Secondnature), and alternate their feeding (with live/frozen at the latter part of the day) for a good three weeks. For more on making your own medicated foods and disease treatment in general, you are welcome to search through my ongoing efforts to place articles, upcoming manuscripts at wetwebmedia.com Good luck. Bob Fenner Thanks for your quick reply! I will continue with that I am doing and try to get him to eat medicated food, I have some from my last order from pet warehouse. FWIW, the other fish in the tank never did show any symptoms and are eating heartily, and are still doing real well, just this one angelfish got sick. I'll let you know how it turns out, as it seems that this is a difficult sickness to cure, I am surprised he has lasted this long without my seeing him eat at all. I'll be checking out your webpage too to see what I can find about treatments. Thanks again for the quick reply! Gil  >> I'm not too surprised re the apparent non-infectiousness from the Blue Face. Likely the "problem" is internal (infectious, parasitic, or systemic), and it does sound like you've reacted "in the nick of time", though the remaining eye swelling may take months (or forever) to return to normal. Bob Fenner

Cloudy eyes on angel Hmm, I would say this is an all-too-typical "stress syndrome" problem with  this problematic species (actually all three species in the subgenus  Euxiphipops)... rather than a "bacterial infection" per se... So, what would I do if it were up to me? Whatever that could be done to  incrementally improve the fish's environment... varying the food more? More  live rock, a new biological cleaner organism... cleaning the skimmer,  replacing your activated carbon... This is "just" a high stress species that exhibits this sort of  appearance to those who are sharp of eye and quick in action... Most die  "mysteriously"... Bob Fenner Thanks for the rapid reply. I've had him for over a year. The only big change would be the addition of an overly active 2" Longnose hawk. He never stops swimming. I need to get a bigger tank (180g) but the rising interest rates are killing my homeowner chances. I'm afraid to have one in an apartment.  Right now I am arguably overcrowded in the 75. 4" hispidus puffer, 4" green bird (male), 3" melanurus wrasse, 4" BF angel (adult), 2.5" maroon clown, 2" royal Gramma & the Longnose. I'm only running an internal wet-dry. My carbon bag definitely needs replacing and I will do so today. My U.S. Aquarium skimmer has its problems. It just stops skimming at times. The pump sometimes gets jammed. The ozonizer is running through it at a fairly low level.  I feed a rotating assortment of formulas 1 and 2, angel formula, brine, Mysis, plankton, prime reef (cubes and flakes), bloodworms and seaweed. Unfortunately, the puffer eats 90% of the seaweed (amazing!) until he is stuffed and sick like a human. I think that the angel needs more greens, but not sure how to get it to him.  Do you think that it would be worthwhile to add an external filter to the tank. Maybe an Eheim 2217 which I can get cheap ($50) from a closing dealer? I'd prefer to save my $$ for the big one when it comes. >> Ahh, well am I answered, and I understand... Yes to the added stress from crowding, lots of waste treatment, and too-busy Cirrhitid... And definitely yes to the bargain, earlier model Eheim... you can use or sell this canister filter for this sum many years hence...  Bob Fenner

Blueface Bob, Had a quick question about the blue face, the film has spread to both eyes, he is not eating, and there does appear to be embedded white stuff in the sides of the fish, his fins look real ragged, like fin rot, while he is in a tank with much larger fish, I don't think they pick on him. As a last ditch effort, I dipped him in dip-away, hoping that this might help. All other fish (up till now seem unaffected), but I believe my copper level is very low (per our previous discussion), I STILL don't have the test, are there any other suggestions you have?  <Maybe to pull the fish, treat it in a separate, hospital tank... run it through a Nitrofuran bath (25mg per gallon), ten minutes in dilute seawater (about 1.010) on the way there> One other thing, I definitely want to put a plenum in this tank (160), but it would be almost impossible to remove all the fish as they are rather large. Do you see anything bad about slowly adding the new substrate, or will it be too much for the fish? Thanks, Tom >> <No problem with adding the new substrate in the established system... even systematically pushing existing gravel over to place plates/plenum... A mess, and take your time... lower that water level... Bob Fenner

Trouble Your Majesty? Hi guys, Recently acquired a small Majestic Angel. Once I got the fish home from the LFS, I noticed that he had some ich. No problem, placed him in a quarantine tank, and decided to wait it out. After feeding him some vitamin enriched Mysis shrimp, and dried seaweed for a few weeks I noticed that the ich was not getting any better. So I decided to treat lightly with some Malachite Green medication. That did the trick. So with the little bugger on the road to recovery and eating very well, it was this morning that I noticed that his eyes are a little cloudy and one of them was covered with some kind of bubble/blister. I'm almost positive that both eyes were cloudy, but he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good look at the eyeball with no blister. So it may very well be just the one eye, that is afflicted. Also it looked as if the blister on his bad eye might have ruptured. I've never really seen or heard of this before, so I'm not really sure what to do. Any ideas what this malady might be? My water quality is very good, at least according to Ammonia (zero), Nitrite very nearly zero)/Nitrate(10 ppm) testing. <Since the Angel no longer has Ich, I would go ahead and perform a water change and add some carbon first. He may have some sort of reaction to the medication. Also, the is the first thing I do if a fish is sick at all. It ensures the best water quality possible and stimulates their immunity. After the change is completed, add 1 Tablespoon per 5 gallons of Epson salt. This will help relieve fluid buildup behind the eye. If you do not see a response in 5 days, write back.> Thanks in advance, Michael <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Touchy Majestic Angel I come to you in need of assistance. Any advice that you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I have recently inherited, from a friend, a Majestic Angelfish (Euxiphipops Navarchus). I promptly placed him in a 30 gallon refuge tank where he seemed to be doing quite well. He ate a combination of Mysis shrimp and Angel Formula frozen food. In fact he ate this at least 2 times per day. He was in the tank from Tuesday March 5 to March 11. It was then that I decided to transfer him to my 75 gallon main tank. Currently he is the only fish in the tank. And he absolutely refuses to take any food. He is roughly 3.5 inches long, and looks like he just obtained his adult coloration. He is very healthy looking. He is filled out, and does not look emaciated at all; also the fins are very clear, as are the eyes. Water conditions in both tanks are very good: zero ammonia, nearly zero nitrites, ten parts per million nitrates, specific gravity is constant at 1.021. The PH is slightly on the low side being around 7.0-7.1. <I sincerely hope this is a typo and you really mean 8.0-8.1. Otherwise, I am surprised he is alive at all.> This is due to the fact that I have to buy bottled water to do water changes. My well water is far too mineral rich, and has a nasty habit of killing even the heartiest of fish. <Bottled water is not always a good choice. Reverse osmosis or deionized would be much better. Mineral rich water should be fine, but avoid using any water that has a significant amount of dissolved organics or metals.> I am reluctant to use chemicals to bring the PH up any more, for fear of their overall effect upon the tank. <A good quality buffer solution is fine to use. I like Seachem Reef Builder and Marine Buffer and Aquarium Systems SeaBuffer.> It is here that I pose to you my question. Is there any way to coax this little bugger to eat? <Live brine shrimp are a good appetite stimulant, but poor nutritionally. Get your fish to eat then wean back on to frozen Mysis shrimp by mixing them together.> I am willing to try just about anything within reason. And maybe even a few things that are outside the voice of reason. He is an absolute stunner of a fish, and I would hate to loose him as a result of malnutrition. I realize that it has only been a few days, and the shock of being transferred to the new tank may have thrown off his appetite; <This is probably the reason behind his personality change.> however, it has been my experience that once a fish starts down the bad road, it seldom makes a full recovery. <I do not think he has started down the bad road just yet.> I am at wits end, and am desperately seeking sound counsel. A friend in need, Michael Mariani <Good luck, Steven Pro>

Intestinal problem on blue face angelfish  Dear Bob, How are you? I've been a reader of your web page and had went through all the topics inside. They are very knowledgeable. In Feb this year, I have set up a 60 gallon tank for marine fish only. It now has three angelfish. One 7" blue face, one 4" blue ring and a small 2" bi-color. <wow... this tank is tragically small for even one of the larger two angels. The will most assuredly die prematurely here if they do not get into a larger tank soon. The adult size of the three angels collectively is over 24" in total inches of fish!!! You need a 200gall+ tank my friend for the long run> I feed my fishes three times a day,  <very good and necessary for angels> one in the afternoon and two times in the evening. The 7" blue fish is aggressive and go to the feeding spot for food every time. No matter how much he eats, his stomach (area along the pectoral fin/pelvic fin area) still shrinks seriously inward. His stomach looks like hasn't eat anything for weeks. But the dorsal area remains fat. <good... fishes store their fat down the base of the dorsal... a sign of good health. The stomach means little> Do you think this blue face has a intestinal parasites? I try to find some worms or eggs from his waste but with no luck. <stringy white feces is an indication if seen> What do you think that cause the shrinking in stomach? <perhaps a lack of bulk filler (algae). Try feeding Nori (dried seaweed) for loner grazing periods> If you also think it is s intestinal parasites, can you recommend a good medication for me? <Metronidazole if necessary. Else Piperazine or Levamisol.> Your advise is appreciated. Thanks, Alexcych <best regards, Anthony>

Navarchus Angel I e-mailed you about possible care for a Navarchus angel taken in as a adoption project for an unprepared friend (kinda). Your help was excellent and you even added in that there was a good chance that a healthy curious specimen was good (which he is), but I was still not over the hump. Good advice because the hump hit. The little guy got the white spot one morning and by the end of the day the spots are quickly taking over (still curious and picking at my rock and algae clip).  <yes, not at all uncommon> I thought about the quarantine tank but wasn't sure if the fragile of a angel would handle the move or even the copper very well, maybe more of a hindrance to his health. But I am needing help ASAP.  <Quarantine is ALWAYS recommended and does not have to have anything to do with copper. Isolation, subdued lighting, easy catching for freshwater dips, medication that doesn't get absorbed into display gravel, etc. Many benefits. QT ASAP... my advice is FW dips daily for almost a week. Actually... 8 straight days may effect a cure without needing any meds. Do medicate from go or by day three if stabilization or improvement is not obvious. I recommend Formalin for copper sensitive fishes. Do read FAQs very well on proper FW dip protocol. For this species... 5 minute minimum, and perhaps 10 minute max. And yes... it won't look happy in the dip... but rest assured that a proper dip won't be any worse than any other treatment option. It is actually shorter and better (less stress in big picture). A fish that dies in a properly conducted FW dip was not going to make it anyway> I was told about a product called Melafix. Good/Bad?  <just plain ugly...a homeopathic so-called medicant that is marginally effective at best and more of a preventative (a real stretch) than a cure for infections that have set in> I have already discontinued carbon and with your final say possibly the skimming to medicate in the tank because I have other fish that are in there that would make it imposable to render the tank fallow without losing some live stock. What do you say?  <cannot medicate the display under any circumstance IMO> Upon notice of the spots I did tests to find my tanks PH had dropped to close to 7.5 while I was gone (my tank had been being cared for by a friend while on vacation, and I took in the Navarchus when I returned home).  <7.5!!! By day?!?!?!?! That means it was close to 7.0 by right when the tank respired!!! If even remotely accurate readings you are lucky not to come home to a graveyard> The friend was suppose to be running these tests which obviously he didn't. Could this low of a PH have been the culprit for bringing on the parasite?  <Ahh...yes> All other states are perfect: Little to none Ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite, 0ppm Nitrate, copper zero also.  <raise pH very slowly... .1 daily Small amounts of baking soda will be fine> I keep my tank around 80 degrees at night to possibly 81 during the day (I wish it could be lower but I live in Kansas and 110 degree days are the norm and a high electric bill is hard to deal with but I manage. <the temps are fine... even warm is Ok if stable like yours. more than 3 degrees swing between night and day is an invitation for Ich. Just make sure that you always have very good aeration> What could the culprit be? John<as above... FW dips and perhaps formalin my friend. Best regards, Anthony>

White mark on Majestic Angel? I  recently got a beautiful Majestic Angel (adult--4" long).  I kept it in my Q tank for 2 weeks and watched it very carefully for any signs of problems/disease.  I put the fish in my tank and all was well until 2 days after.  The fish has some whitish markings near its left eye.  I thought it was ich at first, but no other tell-tale signs of ich are present.  The closer I look, the less like ich or velvet it appears.  It looks like discoloration.  The fish is eating well and is the dominant animal in my tank (150g--scooter blenny, yellow tang, two false percula, yellow leather coral, blue carpet anemone and a ghost moray) I've been feeding Tetra Anti-parasite mixed with Tetra Anti-Bacteria food for a week.  Is this something I should worry about?  Water conditions are optimal, UV sterilizer, the fish is eating great, it isn't bullied, it has lots of live rock caves to hide in.  I can't figure out what's going on. Any insight would be appreciated.  Thank you. Vicki <I think you are on-track Vicki. It's not unusual to run into something or suffer some slight damage while transferring into display, getting accustomed to new surroundings, inhabitants, stress, etc. I would keep an eye on it, it should get better shortly.  He might have met your anemone or bumped into a piece of rock.  If not the food will take care of it. No worries!  Craig>

-Spot on Majestic - Guys <Evening... JasonC here...> I have had my Majestic Angel in a QT tank for about 10 days and he has developed a white spot on the underside of his belly. It appears larger than Ich but is not cottony looking. I did a freshwater dip but there has been no change. I have attached a picture. <I'm not exactly sure - the picture you sent through was oddly solarized, as if perhaps not enough colors in the picture, but I can make out a white spot...> can you help me identify it and recommend a cure Thanks Joe <Joe, I would just go ahead and place this fish in the main tank - likely the spot will remedy itself, but if you've dipped the fish and it's still with you, go ahead and place it. Will be better off by far in the larger tank. Cheers, J -- >

- Majestic Angel Question - Hi crew of WWM, <Hello, JasonC here...> I only have one question today concerning my majestic (blue girdle) angel.  Lately I've notice that it's eyes are hazy, cloudy looking. Is this it's natural look? <No.> Or is there possibly something wrong with it? <A possibility, yes.> What could of happened? Water problem? <A possibility.> Over feeding? <Another possibility.> Stress? <Yet another possibility.> Disease? <Or perhaps all of the above.> If you can help me out, I would appreciate it very much.  Thank you. <Well, you didn't reveal much about what you do to care for this fish, or how long you've had it. More information from you might help me better answer your question. Cheers, J -- >

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