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Pet-Fishing in the Fiji Islands

Bob Fenner

Bula! Welcome in Fijian

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Located in the Southwestern Pacific, Fiji is a nation of some 333 islands and 880,000 people. The nation and Garden Isle, Taveuni are shown on maps.

How are you going to get there? About twice the time, distance from LAX as Hawai'i... most folks fly. Air Pacific's 747 are my favorite carrier, model of jet.

Accommodations are modern, clean, beautiful, and run the gamut of extra-luxury to simple. Here's a very nice place on Taveuni, the aptly named Garden Isle Resort.

There's much to do in Fiji... though snorkeling, scuba-diving rank high, there are numerous trails, botanizing, bird-watching, kayaking, shopping... and simply laying about leisurely.

Fiji underwater is the main attraction for most visitors... Especially pet-fish types. The area is most famous for its numerous colorful soft corals (alcyoniids and nephtheids principally), but there are many fish species (about 800 cataloged), sponges, anemones, sea fans...

And all but three families of stony corals represented here.


Chlorodesmis fastigiata, Turtle Weed. Found widely in the South Pacific and marine aquariums. Prefers brisk water movement and bright light. Can be a pest if too prevalent, otherwise useful for nutrient uptake/consolidation, food for some tangs and angelfishes. Considered by some as host/food for the nudibranch Cyerce nigricans. Fiji image.

Halimeda species are crusty, calcified algae that look like a bunch of small platelets strung together in a chain. They are good choices if you have a lot of grazers, as it is tough to chew. Pictured: the genus in fifty feet of water in Fiji.


Stylotella aurantium (Halicohondrida, Halichondriidae), and an unidentified red encrusting sponge colony collection, Fiji.

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