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FAQs about Filtration Socks Marine Systems

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Filter socks      7/21/19
Hi team
How important are the filter socks?
Can we do without it
<... w/o?>
Currently am having a low bio load and am worried about the regular cleaning the socks require.
I currently use a mesh bag and am able to pick out some solids I. A weekly cleaning cycle.
<Mmm; a good idea to develop a routine... or at least two sets, better three... of rotating such socks... in use, soaking in bleach solution/washing, air drying... Based on water quality>
Heard that the socks (100 or even 200) micron ones) would overflow by that time and requires intense cleaning ( including bleaching)
<May be>
Please suggest if that ( sock) is immensely important for functioning of the reef tank
<Can be a part of effective mechanical filtration. Need to be watched; cleaned... if the water is rising in them, time to switch out. BobF>

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