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FAQs about the Flame Angel Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Flame Angel Feeding,   04/04/09
Hello Fantastic Crew!
I have a flame angelfish in my 30 gallon QT, who was on schedule to go into my display in the next week. The tank has been setup with fish living in it since I started stocking in December. I have only used hyposalinity and PraziPro in the tank. The flame angel was treated with PraziPro twice, once the day after arrival, and once this morning. Over the past week or so he has lost interest in food. He watches it, thinks about it, and then passes on everything I have tried, including mysis, Nori, enriched brine,
fresh clams, NLS pellets and Ocean Nutrition pygmy angel formula. When first in the QT tank, he ate really well, even on his first day. Now he is eating nothing at all. He was being chased by a chocolate tang, but there is now a divider in the tank.
<A good lesson to only QT one fish at a time to avoid issues like this.>
The SG is 1.009, but I have just started raising it for him to be moved to the display. It is currently 1.012, but again on the way up. The fish is obviously thin now, and he has me worried.
<Probably reasonable.>
So here is the question. Should I still move him, and if so, where should he go?
<I would not move him at this point, perhaps the hyposalinity conditions are effecting him, see how he does once you get back to normal levels.>
In the display, or in my refugium? The fuge is small, about 10 gallons worth, but he would be alone with some various algae and pods.
<The cramped quarters may be too much for him, how much actual swimming room is there in the refugium?>
I am worried about him getting harassed in the DT (as I have a rather feisty Fiji Blue Devil), but I thought he might have a better chance of eating.
<A weakened fish is going to be a target, may make your situation worse.>
What would you do?
<I would see how he does in the QT once hypo is done, that alone may induce feeding. Otherwise some live brine may do the trick if you have not already tried it.>
Could there still be internal parasites that have caused him to stop eating?
<Can't rule it out entirely but I would think unlikely.>
Or would he just be getting thinner but still eating if that were the problem?
<More likely.>
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much,
<Hypo is not always as benign as stated by some, this may be a side effect happening here. A food additive like Selcon may help induce feeding, or some garlic extract, which I have seen increase feeding response in my own fish. Putting this fish into the main with the damsel may make your situation worse as the damsel may not even give him a chance to eat whether he wants to or not.>
Re Flame Angel Feeding, 4/6/09
Thanks for the prompt reply Chris.
I have tried using the Kent garlic extract on the Nori, but I will try it on the other foods too.
<Hopefully this will do the trick.>
I have had success with it in the past, as it seems to make some fish go crazy for the food.
I think I also have a live brine kit somewhere around here. I will give that a go as well.
<Almost irresistible to most fish.>
I also put a net in my sump where one of the returns empties, in an attempt to catch some pods. If successful I will give those to the angel as well.
<Good idea.>
Thanks again,

Flame Angel/Acclimation 1/29/08 I have recently acquired a Flame Angel and have him in a quarantine tank. My problem is that being a wild caught fish, he is extremely shy when it comes to feeding. I tried to feed him a prepared frozen food but it just fell to the bottom and he did not even show any interest. I than put a piece of live rock in the tank knowing that he will eat the algae which he has been doing somewhat. I tried some live Brine Shrimp and at first he was very shy with them, I assume because they are not a natural food for him. But he did eventually take to them. My problem is that my main tank is fairly new and I do not have an abundance of algae on my live rock in my main tank that I can shift over to the QT. Is there an alternative source such as a plant or some sort of vegetable leaf that the Angel may feed on until I get him accustomed to taking frozen food. <The Spirulina loaded Brine Shrimp by Hikari may help here, I prefer this brand as it is the cleanest I've come across. The Ocean Nutrition or another brand of freeze dried algae sheets is a good source of algae nutrition also. Cut in narrow strips and use a "Veggie Clip". Read here and related articles on this fish. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/centropyge/loricula.htm> Thanking you in advance, <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Shawn

Flame Angel eating problems  - 1/24/08 Hi Bob and gang, <Joe> I'm concerned about a Flame Angel that I purchased about a month ago. I checked some of the articles on the web site, but I couldn't find one that fit my exact situation. I have a 135 G Reef tank (other fish, all in the tank over a year, 3 Percula Clowns, Yellow Tang, Hippo Tang, Gramma & Coral Beauty) with about 100 lbs of live rock. When the Flame was introduced about a month ago he adapted quickly, almost immediately grazing the rocks and showing no outward signs of stress. There also was no real aggressive behavior from the other tank mates (including the Coral Beauty). With in a week the Flame was starting to eat some of the frozen brine shrimp (I usually add Vita-chem. and garlic) and Spirulina flake food. A week later he was aggressively going after food I put in the tank. It was all good. Unfortunately, I've noticed some recent changes. The Flame has stopped grazing the rock and appears to have what can only be described as swollen lips. <Mmmm, not good> He also seems to have his mouth constantly open. <Very bad> The odd thing is that he still aggressively comes to the surface for food (like the frozen brine shrimp), but I noticed he'll then swim off and spit it all out? Any clue as to why this would be happening? Is it a sign of a certain disease? I'll admit, the Flame Angel is one of my favorite fish, but did you ever have that one fish that you never seem to have much success with? For me that's been the Flame Angel. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe <This Loricula was very likely damaged in collection, holding, shipping... not uncommon with ones from the Marshalls... Its prognosis is dim. Don't know much else to state that is pertinent, useful... Maybe contact your dealer so they can in turn notify folks (not likely) "up the line"... Not likely "something catching" here... Bob Fenner>
Re: Flame Angel eating problems - 1/24/08
Thanks Bob. That's kind of what I suspected, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. <Am sorry to not be able to offer more... compassion, reason/input to save this animal... I wish there was a simple/r means of making known what little I have experienced re this species... Suffice it to state that I have collected it myself in a few countries... and know of its history in our interest quite well... BobF>

Flame Angel Feeding, reading...   9/23/07 Hi! <Hello there> Looks like i cant progress further without the help from you guys! I did a lot of reading before i mailed you <Not on WWM...> but could not find the exact answer. I bought a 3" flame angel from the LFS 5 days ago. The first day was spent hiding behind a particular rock. <... What size tank? Tankmates? How set up, when?> As the days progressed he started moving freely and is very much used to the tank. I have some LR which are almost a year old. I have a fish only setup. I see this guy pecking around all the time at the rocks. <Good> I know the rocks don't have anything growing on them other than the diatoms. <Need to have more...> Since i have a BB tank the diatoms are also growing on the bottom glass and i have seen him peck at it too, so overall it looks like he's hitting on the diatoms itself. I have tried to feed him pellets, flakes, Nori & Coriander. All in vain. Just a day before he happened to take one pellet in and i was really happy but yesterday he did not touch any. They way he wanders around when food is put it looks like either its dumb or blind. He does not seem to come directly for the food. The other day too when he ate the first (and the only) pellet was when the pellet was really close to him. There are other fish in the tank who don't bother him so being scared or anything does not seem to be a problem. Please help me. I don't want to kill him out of starvation. I also read a FAQ which said that his flame angel had not eaten prepared food for 2 yrs but was healthy and putting on weight. But I am sure his tank had a lot of stuff on the LR to graze upon. Please help me on the same. Rather I want you to help the flame angel more than me. Regards <... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/flameangfdgfaqs.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Flame and Coral Beauty Angel Barely Eating  9/10/07 Hi, <Greg> Just a quick question (sorry if there are a? bunch of question marks in the text, not sure why).? <Me neither... but wish they weren't!> I have a flame angel and coral beauty that have been in quarantine for about a week (2 separate 10g tanks!).? The flame is a replacement for one that I misdiagnosed copper effects as a parasite and then tried a formalin bath with a bad outcome.? It was a shame because the flame was large with great coloration and eating very well and my daughter had grown attached to "pumpkin".? The tanks are fully cycled with a small in-tank bio-filter with the following parameters.? NH3/NO2 are both zero.? Ph stable at 8.3.? Sg at 1.022 <I'd raise and keep this near natural seawater strength> Temp. 78 They will be going into separate tanks for my kids if they make it through quarantine successfully, but will be cared for by me.? Problem is they are only eating a small amount each day in quarantine.? The flame will eat about 4 - 5 good size flakes of Prime Reef and the Coral Beauty will eat about 3 - 4 Mysis shrimp.? They both then stop eating no matter what is offered, but continue pecking around and spitting out everything they sample.? I've tried more foods than the cost of the fish! (pygmy angel formula, plankton, brine, etc...).? I'm not sure I will have the time and patience to continue limping along through quarantine like this.? Can they even survive four weeks with this kind of feeding?? <Perhaps not> I've had a flame before that ate till it was full visibly (described above).? Expected the same from the new one, but it is not happening.? Can this same feeding behavior be expected in the main tank?? I? have live rock in the main tank, but is relatively new with little algae growth. <I would add LR to the QT... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dwfangfdgfaqs.htm> Lastly, can you comment on the pros/cons of ordering fish on-line versus from a LFS.? <In older ed.s of The Conscientious Marine Aquarist you can see my entire opinion re this issue... But such sourcing is worthwhile in cases where this is the only viable option... I like to do a "blend" of ordering through a LFS... you're friendly with... paying them slightly less then "in stock" specimens... with the express understanding that you will be accepting ordered stock carte blanche> I've tried both, but am beginning to think LFS is the way to go.? I can make SURE the fish is healthy and eating well at LFS, whereas on-line ordering is somewhat of a gamble.? <Yes... the same gamble the LFS takes> The main problem I'm having with on-line ordering is the fish don't eat near as strongly as ones I can verify at the LFS.? How do they get fish to eat strongly at an LFS?? <Careful acclimation... leaving the livestock alone...> Is it just luck of the draw or is there something else going on that I am not replicating.? What makes a fish eat well quickly once in captivity versus a finicky eater?? <Chemical differences, stability, likely the influence of other feeding life...> I must admit I feel confident in caring for marine fish in all aspects except feeding.? Seems to be totally hit or miss with no predictability.? I am thinking about donating these current fish to an LFS and picking out some that are eating well.? Is this a bad idea? Thanks, Greg <Not a bad idea... but do try adding the newer LR... you will likely see a quick change in behavior. Bob Fenner>

Tempting A Flame Angel... fdg.  7/5/07 Hello.. <Hey there! Scott F. in tonight> Just wondering. <I was wondering myself today how come Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream has so darned many calories in it (yeah, I at two scoops!). That stuff rocks!> I just purchased a Flame Angel about a week ago. My LFS got it for me on order. I bought it in the bag it was shipped in. It seems to be very active and very nice colours. Its nibbling off of the piece of live rock I have in the quarantine tank, although there is really nothing for it to be nibbling on. <I commend you heartily for quarantining the fish! Excellent procedure that will pay huge dividends down the line!> I offer it frozen brine, flake, pellet, and green marine algae that I bought from my LFS. The fish will only take a few nibbles from everything. It just doesn't seem to eat good at all. It seems to be VERY picky. I was just wondering if someone could help me out. Is this common ? Thank you Jason k <Well, Jason, I'm a huge fan of Centropyge angelfish, so I can relate to what you're experiencing with your fish. The fact that he is actively picking at the rock, searching for food is a good thing. I'm also encouraged that the fish is at least nibbling at stuff. I've had several Centropyge that never appeared to take prepared foods; rather, they simply picked at what they could find on the rocks, substrate, etc. They always looked colorful and fat, but they didn't seem to take anything that I offered them. I have a C. multicolor right now that behaves just like this, and has not appeared to take prepared food in over two years...He's very fat, colorful, and active. In the end, your best option is to continue to tempt the fish with whatever you can find- various frozen foods, algae-encrusted pieces of rock, etc. Given time and continued effort on your part, the fish should eventually find something that it likes in your "menu", so keep on trying. As long s the fish continues to appear healthy and happy, I would not be overly concerned. I like the idea of providing live rock and other substrates upon which the fish can forage naturally. If the fish appears to be in great trouble, doesn't eat, and is losing weight, I'd think about adding some liquid vitamins (such as "Vita Chem") to the water. Fishes drink, and they may ingest enough of the vitamins in the water to sustain them until they begin eating. Regardless, do keep trying. Regards, Scott F.>

Flame Angel...Feeding/Health   9/16/06 Hi there!!! <Hi.> I have a quick question that I need to ask...Been looking through WWM and can't find anything that will help me.  I just purchased a Flame Angel not too long ago and I have been feeding it only meaty food like Mysis, brine, and blood worms.  He loves this stuff so much to the point where he won't eat any greens I toss in.  Will this all meaty diet affect my flame angel's health? <Should be fine.  He will get some algae supplement from picking at rock. Might want to try some Ocean Nutrition Algae Formula and add a vitamin supplement such as Selcon to the diet.>   Thank you for your help!!! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Flame angel stopped feeding    4/8/06 Hi WWM Crew, <Kan> Good evening (GMT +8) :) I searched your FAQs looking for answers but found none and hope you can help. My flame angel, acquired for almost 6 months, suddenly refused food. No sign of white spots or Oodinium. <Does happen... food strikes in Centropyge are quite common> He kept swimming towards the food but somehow cannot locate the food in the beginning but it has progressed to total refusal of food now. He stays at the bottom of the tank, not swimming around the whole time and seem to be pecking at the algae on my bare bottom tank. I fed him food that he was eating before like Mysis, tetra flake, ocean nutrition pellets and he shows no interest at all. The fish have been behaving like this for 2 weeks and he is not going to make it if he continues to refuse food. Please help Thanks Kan Tun-Yee Singapore <Mmm, if you don't have another established system to move this fish to, changing good quantities of water (25%), adding some new/fresh live rock (for filtration as well as food stuffs), and vitamin/supplementation to the water (Selcon, Microvit et al.) is recommended. Bob Fenner>

Flame Angel Reluctant Eater 01/28/06 I bought a flame angel 10 days ago, and put it in my 20L QT, with a small (1.5') domino damsel who was already there and is just waiting to be traded back to the LFS.  The dealer said he had the flame for about a week, and that it was eating prepared foods. <<Did you see the fish eat? Always witness eating before purchasing a fish.>> I have not been able to get the fish to eat any prepared foods yet, and I am becoming a little concerned, considering what Dr. Fenner says in CMA, 'Rarely does a healthy specimen refuse food.' (p. 254) This fish constantly and incessantly picks at the sides and floor of the tank, making little clean spots each time. <<A good sign.>> I took a rock with algae from my display and put it in the QT for a food source as well, and it picks at this along with the tank. I have offered (and continue to offer, rotating through these) the following foods: frozen brine, Mysis (Hikari, Scott Michael's, San Francisco Bay), Formula One, Pygmy Angel Formula, Emerald Entree, Marine Cuisine, New Life Thera-A pellets, New Life garlic flakes, Omega One veggie rounds & kelp flakes.  I have left in some Seaweed Selects dried algae every day, rotating between the red, green, and brown. I have soaked foods in garlic, Zoe, and Zoecon. So far, I have seen it two pellets of Thera-A, and nothing else prepared. It does, however, very much like to eat the damsel's feces, which it consistently consumes the instant it is available. The fish appears clean and healthy, and is making poop, which I have siphoned from the tank bottom with water changes. I read other posts from others asking about these fish not eating at first, and I know it could take a while to settle in, but it seems comfortable with the tank and is very active. My questions are: 1) Should I be concerned about the health of the fish; i.e. -- could it's not eating any prepared foods be an indicator of poor health?<<Not likely since it is picking on the rock, etc.>>  Are the facts that it is making poop and doesn't appear pinched sufficient to conclude it is eating enough? <<Continue to observe and the attempts to get it to eat.>> 2) Should I expect to see it eat prepared foods before moving to my display tank? otherwise planned after 3 weeks of QT; display is 135g, plenty of live rock to pick at)<<I would not transfer the fish until you are convinced he is actively eating. Standard QT period is 4 weeks. Be patient. If the angel is diseased you risk introducing the disease to your display tank.>> 3) Should I talk to the dealer about trading it for one that I actually see eat from the water column in his store?  I am reluctant to do this, since this one seems to be free of external parasites, etc.<<At this point (10+ days) I would not return this fish unless the fish is losing weight or otherwise sick. Next time be sure to observe the fish eating first.>> 4) Any other suggestions to get it to eat other foods, other than live brine and a cracked open shellfish (both of which are next.) Sorry for a long message and if I'm jumping the gun.  $50 is a substantial amount of money to me, and I want to ensure this fish is going to last a while (beyond the general concern for the animal itself). Thanks for such an incredible site. Is purchasing from Amazon the only way to support the site financially?<<See "donations" on this link (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/sponsinput2.htm)>> Scott Hardin <<You're welcome and good luck - Ted>>

Angel In Distress? (Flame Angel Not Eating) 7/27/05 Hi Mr. Bob <Scott F. here today> I just bought a Flame Angel 5 days ago (2.5 inches), and until now he does not want to eat at all- even nipping at the live rock. (note: I have an established 100 gallon tank with 1 Regal Angelfish (juvenile 3 inches), 1 Centropyge Bicolor 2.5 inches, 4 others fishes (all juveniles about 2-3 inches) Butterflies, clown and Tang) with plenty of algae in the glass and coralline algae. <Not to pick...but that seems like a potentially very problematic mix, and the tank may not be of sufficient size to maintain this group for the long term. Do revisit this stocking scheme...> On day 1, my Bicolor and Regal has been chasing this Flame but it was not too aggressive (just only frighten him I guess). <Nonetheless, a predictable problem that can prove fatal if this continues...> My Flame was fine without any injuries, and the fins are all Ok and on the day 3 all of my fishes are OK without any sign of fight at all, and all of my fishes want to eat except this Flame. I just wonder why this fish doesn't want to eat? How many days does can the Flame survive if he does not want to eat at all? <Hard to see...Could be a week, could be three weeks...depends upon the individual. This is exactly why we recommend quarantine of all new fishes for at least 3 weeks. This not only serves as a time to observe the fish for possible diseases, but it gives the fish a chance to adjust to captive life and begin feeding before introduced into the display tank.> No sign of parasitic disease, and the appearance is OK, except he is a thin fish and he seems too weak. I tried to feed a brine shrimp, live and frozen Mysis shrimp and brain coral, pellets from Sera Granumarin, Kent Marine (reef herbivore) and still refuse to eat So what is happening to my flame is this because post traumatic shipping disorder problem? Best regards Ignatio <Well, Ignatio- it is certainly possible that stress from shipping could be the cause of his lack of appetite. It is also entirely possible that the fish was collected with chemicals, or subject to other collection trauma. I would personally remove this fish to a separate tank for further observation and intensive care. Provide some live rock and fresh macroalgae for him to forage on, and keep trying to tempt the fish with a variety of frozen and prepared foods. Hopefully, given time and a stable, calm environment, he'll come around and eat. Best of luck to you! Regards, Scott F.>

Picky Flame Angel 7/27/05 Hi Mr. Bob <Mr. Mike answering for Bob, he's quite a busy man> I just bought a flame angel 4 days ago (2.5 inches) <Wonderful fish.> and until now he does not want to eat at all even nipping at the live rock, (note: I have an established 100 gallon tank with 1 regal angelfish (juvenile 3 inches), 1 Centropyge bicolor 2.5 inches, 4 others fishes (all juveniles about 2-3 inches butterflies, clown and tang) <Sounds a tad overstocked to me> with plenty of algae in the glass. On day 1, my bicolor and regal has been chasing this flame but it was not too drastically (just only frighten him I guess), my flame was fine without any hurt and the fins are all Ok and on the day 3 all my fishes are OK without any sign of fight at all and peaceful and wants to eat except this flame. <Stress from being chased? Newly acclimated?> I just wonder why this fish doesn't want to eat? <It's quite early on in the game to worry yourself too much. Focus on other, more important factors such as what you're to do with your butterflies, tang, and possibly Regal once they grow out a bit more.> How many days it takes for the flame is still alive if he does not want to eat at all? <Could be 1, could be 100. Wait it out. Try to pinpoint the problem. Talk with your dealer. was the fish eating in his tank? If so, you may want to give the fish back and try again later on.> I tried to feed a brine shrimp, live Mysis shrimp and brain coral <You fed your fish a brain coral?> pellets from Sera Granumarin, Kent Marine (reef herbivore) and still refuse to eat <See above the above.> So what is happening to my flame is this because post traumatic shipping disorder problem? <There's such a thing? Again, wait it out, talk to your dealer, move forward from there.> Best regards <Same to you.> Ignatio <Mike G>

Feeding a Flame (Angel) Thanks for your reply Graham. I do plan to upgrade to over 150 gallons, I was thinking like 200 or in that area as my puffer will grow to 19 inches long. I have had my tank set up since the beginning of august now. I have only had 1 casualty and that was the Rock Beauty Angel which died for unknown reasons. That was into the third month my tank was set up. I will go and get my water tested today and if everything works out fine and well, then I will get the flame angel. One quick question though, do I need to feed this angel sponge foods, I had fed my old angel sponge foods as directed by my one local fish store then the other one said it was not necessary but I did it anyways just to be safe. So do I need it or not? Thanks <The flame angel will pick at algae and encrusting sponges growing on the rockwork. While this isn't its main diet, it will benefit the angel to continuously pick at these sources on the rockwork or aquarium glass. I wouldn't bother trying to specially feed the angel sponge based foods if you have liverock already in your system. I would although look into feeding your angel small pieces of squid, shrimp, blood worms, brine, krill, Mysid shrimp, and possibly any Nori based foods on a regular basis. Soaking the food in garlic may also benefit the angelfish.> Take Care, Graham Stephan

Feeding Centropyge loriculus - 2/17/04 Hi, can you tell me what I can feed my flame angel. He only seems to eat the flakes I put in the tank. I also have put in pellets, scallops, clams, seaweed, blood worms and none of these seem to work. I know he needs a varied diet and flakes is not a varied diet at all. I have heard that if he doesn't get a varied diet, then he will stop eating and die with in 6 months. What else should I try? <try reading here, my friend: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dwfangfdgfaqs.htm No need to re-invent the wheel. Hopefully you can find something that you haven't tried before. Thanks for your inquiry. ~Paul>                                                     Thanks

-Flame angel not eating- Dear Bob, <Kevin here in his stead> Bless your heart for your knowledge on marine livestock and inverts and making it available to novices like us :) <You're very welcome, will pass along!> I have a  question on my recently acquired flame...I'm trying to get him to eat (Mysis, brine, greens, etc) but all he does is pick at the live rocks... <My first instinct on this is to simply wait a bit and he'll start eating, since most of them do. In the event that he does not start eating offered foods (keeping in mind that they can sustain themselves for a long time on just rock nibblings) then I would suggest trying live brine shrimp to try and entice a feeding response. Since this fish was 'recently acquired' which could mean you got it yesterday, I wouldn't expect it to eat immediately, since they need some time to feel comfortable in their new surroundings after the stresses of fish store capture and transport.> (he is an absolutely beauty though). Any clue on how I can improve this condition? I have seen suggestions on angels prepared foods (ocean nutrition) but I thought they should be at least interested in greens? <The pygmy you have is not as interested in the sponge (the base for Ocean Nutrition's angel formula) as they are in marine greenery (the base for Ocean Nutrition's pygmy angel formula, ironically enough with a picture of a flame angel on the package). I would start by tying some dried seaweeds to the live rock in hopes that he will pick that way and start getting used to it.> This flame is housed in my 70 gal display tank along with a Copperband butterfly and a clown... <Go figure that the flame would have an eating problem and the Copperband doesn't! -Kevin> Thanks for your time in this... Steve Jen.

Carnivorous Flame Angel Good evening keepers of knowledge, <Well, not sure if I keep knowledge, I humbly just keep water as the old Japanese monks would say, the fish are just in the water I am keeping.> Just wondering if it's unusual for a flame angel to shy away from herbivore food (Nori, angelfish preparations) and prefer to eat just Mysis shrimp. I have one in quarantine now and she'll eat the meaty parts, but doesn't seem interested in anything else. Otherwise, she's the picture of perfect health as far as I can see. Is this an example of just her personality or is this a sign of something? Thanks for the info as always. Nick <No, Nick it is not unusual, angel fish are mostly an omnivorous group, preferring to eat a wide variety of foods.  I would try to wean it off the shrimps though and try a meatier food such as whitefish silversides or squid.  To ensure proper nutrition, I use a algae cube that is mixed greens and also has shrimp and squid scents on it and mixed in it that my angels and tangs in the past have loved.  It ensures they eat everything they need and also keeps them happy.  My personal was a marine cuisine mix of 4 cubes in one package.  I highly recommend some type of mix like that to try in q/t.  otherwise offer the shrimp in a seaweed or Nori covered cube.  that way the angel has to eat some greens to get the shrimp and should eventually associate the Nori or seaweeds as food as well.> <Justin (Jager)> Feeding Flames > I just received a very large livestock order from FFExpress and wanted > your input on the optimum diet for two of the new arrivals. One is a > Flame Dwarf Angel and the other is a Bicolor Parrot. Also, is the angel > really reef safe? (I know the Parrot isn't - he's in a large fish-only > tank). <The Flame (Centropyge loricula) will eat most any dried, frozen/defrosted, >freeze-dried, fresh food.... once it gets settled in... and really derives a >great deal of its nutrition from materials in/on your live rock.... > The Bicolor parrot (it is a juvenile of white, orange with black bordered >bars I take it) are not of my favorite "top three of ratings" group of >captive marines... it may consume some dried food, "algae stones" you can >make... but do provide live rock, and peaceful tankmates for this fish... >Bob Fenner I don't understand what you mean by 'algae stones.'>> These are "people made" rocks that have had a mash of foods applied and dried on them... sometimes peas et al... to get enough greens to herbivorous aquatics... Stephen Spotte and my books have details on making these. Bob Fenner

Flame Angel Dear Bob/Anthony  <Bob this moment> Thank you for your reply concerning Nitrates. I may consider a De-Nitrator unit for my tank (a further skimmer is a bit impractical, as I have an aqua medic Turboflotor 1000 in my sump). However Denitrators are expensive (165 pounds here in the UK and probably only a temporary solution). Will persevere with water changes for now.  <Make your own is my suggestion... Please read through the "Nitrate FAQs" and linked files on www.WetWebMedia.com here> I e-mailed you two days ago concerning my flame angel. He STILL will not take brine shrimp Mysis or formula 2 flake, even when its soaked in BIOVIT. He has been in the main display tank nearly 4 days now. He mouths it (does he take in what he wants when he does this?) <Maybe some> , but spits it out. I remember my Regal tang took nearly a week to begin accepting brine and Mysis. The flame readily picks at live rock and the Caulerpa I have. He is very active and shows no white spots or Oodinium velvet marks.  <Good signs... this specimen is likely nibbling bits of algae, live rock organisms... and worrying you> Could this just be part of the 'settling down process'? Has anyone else had similar experiences? Please e-mail me at XXXX if you have.  <Most everyone who has been in the marine hobby has experienced these trials. Keep trying my friend and try not to be overly concerned. Worrying will not change the future. Bob Fenner> Cheers Your friend from across the pond  Jim Griffin 
Re: Flame Angel
Dear Bob, <You got Steven Pro tonight as Bob has fallen victim to a plot hatched by Bill Gates.> Just a quick question concerning flame angels. I recently purchased one for my Mixed invert and fish system which is 120 US gallonage (72x24x18) and six and a half months old with various soft corals in it and plenty of live rock. The flame angel gladly picks at the live rock (diatom algae so I'm told), and as you state in your book its diet is made up from half algae. He mouths Brine Shrimp but does not take it in. <Very strange as appetite stimulation is one of the only good things about brine shrimp. All in all though, not a very nutritious food. Better to try Mysis shrimp and/or plankton soaked in Selcon and/or Vita-Chem.> Today I bought some Mexicana Caulerpa which he picks at too (a tactic to get him to feed more).  He has been in the tank about 36 hours now and just tonight began taking tetra min granules (A freshwater food I know, but I find it great for my marines). Will he eventually take to the brine shrimp? And should I be unduly worried if he has only been in the tank only 36 hours? Also he has about 5 white spots on him (stress I'm sure), but this doesn't worry me unduly.  <Keep a close eye on this.> Just wondered if you can enlighten me. Your book proves extremely useful to us guys here in the UK. Thanks for listening. -Jim Griffin  <Best of luck to you. -Steven Pro

- Flame Angel Quarantine -  Hi again,  Last question on the flame. She has been in the q tank for about 3 weeks w/no sign of infection for a week. She is still not eating. <Has the fish also not been eating for three weeks?> I was wondering if it would be ok to put her back in the main tank so she could feed off the live rock, I have tried all the normal food stuffs (Nori, Mysis, brine etc.) but she won't even look at it. <I would go ahead an place this fish - perhaps a ph-adjusted, freshwater dip before you make the move.> Any ideas would be great. <Hmm... if you can get your hands on the TMC Gamma frozen foods in your area, seek out their whole cockles in the shell. More often than not, one of these thawed out and cracked open is hard to resist for most any fish.> Thanks  <Cheers, J -- > 

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