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FAQs on Flasher Wrasses, Genus Paracheilinus Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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P. mccoskeri For a Small Reef? (Oh Yes!) - 03/02/07 Hello, <<Howdy>> I would like to know if my 40 breeder tank would work for a male Paracheilinus mccoskeri Wrasse? <<Very neat little fish...yes it would>> My total water volume is 65 gallons.  I have a 25 gallon sump/refugium.  The male I would like is only 2in. I know, of course, it will eventually grow. <<Mmm...but not much more in my experience (to about 3~31/2 inches)>> I will upgrade my system in the future.  Just wanted your thoughts on this. <<P. mccoskeri is an excellent little wrasse for reef systems.  Very peaceable (conspecifics aside), generally very hardy, and quite attractive too!>> I have a nice stable reef right now.  66 pounds of LR/ not all in the main display, but a good amount for hiding, DSB, BM150 skimmer, LPS, Refugium, closed-loop with a Sequence snapper. <<Sounds very nice>> I haven't been able to find someone that asked this question about this particular Wrasse.  Please let me know. <<I think I just did [grin]>> I currently have no other fish.  I'm looking to get some and this one looked great and sounded like it has great personality, plus it's Gorgeous. <<Indeed>> Thank you. Gina <<A pleasure to share.  EricR>>

Re: P. mccoskeri For a Small Reef? (Oh Yes!) - 03/03/07 Thank you for writing me back. <<Welcome>> Another quick question is would this wrasse not be good to mix in with a mandarin dragonet? <<Would be fine...in a larger, mature system supported by a plankton generating refugium capable of sustaining the mandarin for the long term>> I am breeding many copepods in my refugium and will not add him for another year. <<Ahh...very good...though I am still a bit skeptical re the size (40g) of the display tank...would prefer to see the mandarin in at least twice that volume.  These fishes browse/graze constantly and require a fair amount of real-estate>> The store I would order him from said if there was ever a problem and I ran out of pods, they would keep him and fatten him up, or just take him back.  So I have that option. <<Mmm, the issue here is that often by the time a problem is detected it is too late.  Much better to be sure you can provide for the mandarin's health yourself>> The owner did tell me that others have been able to wean them onto Mysis. <<Yes...can sometimes be done...and is an excellent supplement to the copepods/other biota the mandarin needs/finds among the live rock>> Well, I know the chances of that are slim, but I'd always have the option of taking him back to the store, which is what I'd do if there was ever a problem. <<And hopefully not before it was too late for the mandarin to recover>> I want to be a responsible fish/reef keeper. <<Then study our pages/the net re captive husbandry of this animal and do what is necessary to provide for its long-term health>> I know many would advise against it, but I do have cultures going right now and I would not add him for a long time.  So would this wrasse not work with the Mandarin?  Please let me know. <<Socially it should be fine...though the wrasse will compete with the mandarin for food among the live rock...something else to consider re the size of the system in which the mandarin will be placed>> Thank you so much for writing me back. <<Happy to provide my perspective.  Eric Russell>>

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