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FAQs about Fusiliers, Family Caesionidae

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Pterocaesio chrysozona -Double Lined fusilier... Sel./avail.  2/13/07 Hello Mr. Fenner,        I am emailing you to find out if you know how to buy the Double lined fusilier, and if they are available to the average hobbyist. <I wish... this whole family (or subfamily in older lit.) is entirely missing thus far from the hobbyist repertoire... Many are gorgeous... stay small-enough, are abundant in the wild... not hard to capture with standard gear, techniques...> i would be trying to order mine from Carib Fish, and Inverts in Pompano Florida. One thing that concerns me is that i would get the wrong kind of Fusilier rather than this one that I want to order. I want the double lined Fusilier for it's smaller adult size. Any information you might send my way about this would be helpful, and appreciated. Thank you. John Skorupski Sterling Heights, MI <Mmm, have your dealer contact Robert at Quality Marine... and they will "point out" the "Marine Atlas" ID... see if they can goose the folks up the line to trying these... Bob Fenner>  

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