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Indonesian Fusiliers, Family Caesionidae

Bob Fenner

Caesio teres, Fiji

Genus Caesio:

Caesio caerulaurea Lacepede 1801, the Blue and Gold Fusilier. Indo-West Pacific; Red Sea, eastern Africa to Japan and New Caledonia. To fourteen inches in length. These off of Pulau Redang, Malaysia. 

Caesio cuning (Bloch 1791), the Red-Bellied Fusilier. Indo-West Pacific. To about ten inches maximum length. One in Australian waters, another in S. Sulawesi.

Caesio lunaris Cuvier 1830, the Lunar Fusilier. Indo-West Pacific; Red Sea, eastern Africa to the Solomon Islands. To sixteen inches maximum length. This one in the Maldives.

Caesio teres Seale 1906, the Goldband Fusilier. To sixteen inches in length. Indo-west Pacific; Africa to Line Islands, excluding the Red Sea. Fiji and N. Sulawesi image of a juvenile, adults above in title table. 

Genus Pterocaesio:

Pterocaesio chrysozona (Cuvier 1830), the Double-Lined Fusilier. Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to eastern Australia. To 21 cm. in length.


Pterocaesio digramma (Bleeker 1865), the Double-Lined Fusilier. Western Pacific; Indonesia to western Australia. To one foot in length.

Pterocaesio tile (Cuvier, 1830), the Dark-banded Fusilier. Western Pacific to East Africa; Mauritius to the Australs. To one foot in length. N. Sulawesi pix.

Pterocaesio trilineata Richardson 1987, the Three-Lined Fusilier. Western Indian Ocean to Western Pacific. To eight inches in length. Photographed in Redang, Malaysia.

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