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FAQs on Basslets/Grammas Reproduction

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Gravid Royal Gramma? I have had a Royal Gramma fish for about 3-4 months. Her stomach is very large-swollen, and is continuing to get larger. She is still eating, color ok, expect a little faded in stomach area. Could she be full of eggs, or is she sick?  <tough to say... but this fish does spawn in captivity. Try adding 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt per five gallons to the tank (split dose over two days and add dissolved in aquarium water). This may help if she has blockage instead. If she is simply gravid, try adding a large shell like a conch to inspire the spawning event> She has been more secretive than usual, and a couple of times she has not come out to eat. I see her busy in back of the live rock, I cannot see what she is doing. None of my other fish have these symptoms. Please do not tell me she is sick..... Thanks, Nikki <best regards, Anthony>

Re: Gravid Royal Gramma? Epsom Salt safety It is ok to add the Epsom salt to the tank with corals, other fish and an anemone?  <yes... very safe. It is a common salt in sea mixes and is an ingredient in many fish foods. Juts be sure to dissolve it fully in seawater first, split dose in two or more parts over a period of ours or a couple days, and add to a strong stream of water in the tank> Will I know immediately if it is blockage by use of the Epsom salt, or will it gradual and I should wait a while to see results?  <3-5 days> Can I add dissolved Epsom to sump, or do I need to add directly to the tank?  <the sump would be better> Will this impact any other water parameters? <it increases water hardness> If it is not blockage, in order to attempt to inspire the spawning to take place should the conch shell be placed in a favorable spot for her? <anywhere is likely fine... she will take to it naturally. They commonly spawn in such shells in the wild> Thanks, Nikki <best regards, Anthony>


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