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Royal Gramma scale issue       10/24/15
Hello, I have owned my Royal Gramma for about 2 years now. About 6 months ago I noticed some of it's scales have turned opaque in color. These opaque scales are scattered randomly across about 15% of it's body, with a couple of larger patches on it's under-belly. There are also areas of skin, around the eyes, nostrils and mouth that are also opaque. Initially I thought it
was from it wedging itself into the crevasses of the live rock too aggressively at night, and that it would heal on it's own, but it has not.
The severity of this condition came about quickly and has neither improved nor gotten worst. I have also noticed that when it damages one of it's scales, it doesn't seem to grow back. However, if one of it's fins gets torn, it does heal normally. Non of my other fish are exhibiting this condition and the Gramma is eating, breathing, swimming and otherwise acting completely normal. All water parameters in my tank are at proper levels and I do 10% water changes, religiously, every week with RO water.
I feed frozen mysis and brine shrimp along with veggie flakes daily. Also, being that this fish rules my tank, I know that it's problem is not caused by another fish bullying it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Art.
<Is this tank large enough, is there sufficient habitat to accommodate another couple of Gramma loreto? This is a social species.... Am thinking you're likely correct in that the opacity, missing scales are due to physical trauma. This fish would feel more "at home" amongst more members of its own species. Bob Fenner>
Re: Royal Gramma scale issue     10/25/15

Thank you for replying Mr. Fenner. It's in a 40 gallon breeder, so I don't think that it would be big enough for 2.
<Ah yes; I agree>
I was always under the impression that you shouldn't keep 2 fish like Gramma loreto together unless you had a large enough tank for each of them to establish their own territory.
<Tis so>
My Gramma's attitude towards my other fish would lead me to believe that there would be definite conflict between it and a new Gramma " invader ".
<Welcome Art. BobF>

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