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FAQs about the Hawkfishes 2

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Cirrhitus pinnulatus off  the Big Island of Hawaii by Mike Kaechele

Good morning....flame Hawkfish has a lump just before his tail what could this be?      6/17/18
<Mmm; a cyst, tumor... bacterial, cancerous? Do you have a good pic of a few hundred Kbyte size?
Bob Fenner>

Feeding a Hawkfish, using WWM Hi guys, I 'm new to the site and would love some info about my long nose hawk fish.  I've had him just a week or so in my 125 gallon.  I have only 5 other fish in there, and no one seems to be picking on him, but he's just sitting on the rock all day and doesn't seem to eat. Any suggestions as to what I should feed him? Thanks, Therese <Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/hawkfish.htm and the linked Related FAQs... Bob Fenner>

Injured Hawkfish (4/18/05) Dear Crew,  <Hi. Steve Allen with you tonight.> I came home today to find that my spotted hawkfish's tail and part of his top fin were eaten, and he is looking a little yellow at spots.  <So sorry to hear.>  He was living peacefully for several weeks in a tank with a coral beauty angel, 2 Perculas, an orchid Dottyback (most likely suspect)  <bingo> and a Huma Huma trigger (second suspect). <Much less likely IMO> He couldn't swim, so I took him out and put him into a makeshift quarantine tank.  <Good. Make sure you have some heat & filtration.>  Is there anything I can do to help him live besides wait?  <Excellent water quality and excellent nutrition. You might want to try some Stress Coat Marine. If any suspicion of infection, treat with broad-spectrum antibiotic.>  In his condition, do you think he will survive this?  <Hard to say. Many fish have survived worse, and they can re-grow their fins. Try the above and hope--he may just be OK, but you'll just have to wait and see.>  What might be the cause of this sudden attack?  <I have to really doubt that the Huma Huma (Picasso) Trigger did this. Pseudochromids have been known to eviscerate fish larger than themselves. How big is your tank? Unless it's really big (100+ gallons), I'd suggest you consider capturing it and selling it back to the LFS (most will give you a fish credit of 1/2 of retail price of the returned fish.) How about a Royal Gramma instead? A great fish.>  Thanks, Mike  <You're welcome. I hope your hawk makes it. Let us know.> 

Hawkfish Succumbed (4/19/05) Hey Steve,  <Hello again> Thanks for the response, but the Hawkfish died last night. Mike  <So sorry to hear. Consider removing the Pseudochromis before adding other fish. I suspect you have a particularly aggressive one on you hands.> 

Hawkfishes and breeding Dottybacks Hi, < Hi there. > Are flame Hawkfishes tame fish and considered to be the best amongst its species?  < Best?  Well they are great fish and loved by many aquarists.  I think lots of Hawkfishes are wonderful tank fish, and flame hawks seem great. >  Are pellets a good source of food to keep its red colour?  < Maybe, but I think the general rule of varied diet is best.  I think Cyclop-eeze is probably good for color, but a mix is best for good health. >  Is there any method to encourage orchid Dottybacks to breed?  < Wow that is a switch in questions.  There are some tricks, but basically a pair of them in a 10 gal tank is it.  I think I'd search the web for some more info on this.  Also, I wouldn't recommend you try to breed them at this time.  That is a very time consuming and in depth project to tackle. >  I am planning to get a tank, as a reef aquarium would a 72 bowfront work better, or would a 110 gallon rectangle tank work better? ( I know the more room the better for a fish, but 110 gallons seems awfully huge.)  < The 110 is much better.  One reason is that most people have trouble getting lights to fit over a 72 gal bowfront.  The 110 gal gives you lots of lighting options and will be a much better tank. > <  Blundell  >

Flame Hawkfish Hi, I was just curious if the flame Hawkfish consumes ( bristle worms, fire worms, and mantis shrimps)?  <No, but they are apt to go after other shrimps and crusties. James (Salty Dog)> 

Flame Hawkfish losing color 3/1/05 I have a 125 FOWLR with 130lbs of rock and ample skimming and circulation. About 4 weeks ago, I added a flame Hawkfish to the tank. He was bold red, active and eating well, basically an excellent specimen. Since joining my tank he has continued to be active and eats well. Tank gets a variety of foods (saltwater multipack--4 different foods, plus Mysis shrimp, zooplankton, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and flake, making a diet of 9 foods in addition to whatever is on the rocks). <do emphasize crustaceans in this fishes diet... principal prey and also color enhancing. Add some Cyclop-eeze based foods too for value and color> The other occupants: Yellow tang Juvenile blue angel Foxface Royal Gramma Sixline wrasse Chalk bass Ladder glider goby Purple Firefish Green Chromis Percula clown The hawk has always appeared to get along with everyone, and I have not noticed any obvious stress. For the past few days, his color has been fading. He is still eating, but he spends more time on the bottom rather than hopping among the powerheads and rocks. He just doesn't look healthy. Any ideas why he is fading? What should I do? <it could be impending illness... do look for symptoms. It could also be light that is too bright or substrates that are too light. 4 weeks is not long enough for diet to be the reason, though. Do examine the previous suggestions. Kindly, Anthony>

Forget Harry, it's "dirty" Hawkfish Hello all, I have been to your site frequently. The WWM crew are responsible for saving my choc. star and my Hawkfish. <Actually, pardon the interruption, you are responsible... we only blindly assist> Once again I'm in over my head... I have a 29 gal tank up since June 04. it has a TetraTec filter with built in heater, Penguin 1140 powerhead, crushed coral substrate, 6 lbs live rock. my amm, and no2 are 0 but I have been battling my pH and nitrates. pH seems to fall rapidly from 8.3 to 8.0 and sometimes 7.8 with no apparent reason. <IS apparent, you lack sufficient alkaline buffering capacity... Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/alkalinity.htm > I correct with marine buffer by SeaChem. my nitrates are between 20 and 40 depending on how close it is to water change time. Should I do large water change to get nitrates down? <Not at these levels, the livestock you list> I use RO water from my LFS for water changes. I change 6 gal a week. I always vacuum the gravel when I do a water change. I think this water problem is directly related to my hawkfish's problem. He eats great but his "bands" (he is a banded Hawkfish) are being obscured by what I can only describe as "dirt", He's turning grey. Should I remove him to QT and medicate him? <Mmm, not so fast> I also have a choc chip sea star and a clownfish in the tank. The star is thriving. The clown has only been there for 4 or 5 days and has her own problems... namely the Hawkfish doesn't like her and chases her.  <Typical> I'm considering moving her if they don't resolve the problem soon. BTW clown was QT'd for 4 weeks and FW dipped before going to main tank. She was fine at that time.  I'm not sure how long hawk has been turning grey, it just dawned on me today he was half grey..  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks, Beth <The Hawk is likely "changing color/markings" due to the presence, interaction with your Clownfish... I would separate these two with a partition, perhaps just a floating plastic colander... for a week. Bob Fenner> 

Goby x Pinos Hello, <Hi there> Great website! I got just one question: I have, in my reef, an Amblycirrhites pinos. Recently (three days ago), I've acquired a neon goby. The goby is hiding almost all the time, and I think that's because the pinos is pursuing him. <Likely so> If that is true, is there any chance that the pinos will settle down and stop harassing him with time? or should I just remove the pinos while there is still time? <Likely will keep after till it catches, consumes the goby> Thanks man!! Sorry about the bad English :P Rodrigo Urquiza <Your English is perfect. Bob Fenner>

OH NO! PLEASE TELL ME MY ANEMONE DID NOT EAT THIS $150 FISH! I just purchased an absolutely beautiful geometric pygmy Hawkfish. As you know, it is a rare fish and commands big bucks. I watched it laying under the rockwork yesterday after acclimation, and after a while it slowly started to move underneath all of the rocks. The next day (today), I didn't see it under any of the rocks. I fed the other fish hoping the smell might draw it's attention. It didn't show. Then, to my horror, my rose bulb anemone starting egesting something reddish/brown in color. It was kind of stringy, but had a leather look. Kind of what a fish looks like after you skin them to cook them. Problem is, I haven't fed my anemone in over a week. I was under the impression that Entacmaea quadricolor ate shrimp, and didn't care for fish. <Umm> Could it have eaten my Hawkfish that might have mistakenly jumped into the anemone? <Yes> Or are Hawkfish aware enough of an anemone to know to avoid it? <Not all species, individuals... Let's hope yours is still hiding somewhere... not consumed, jumped out... Bob Fenner> Thanks!
I just have to ask one more thing I should have asked before: would the anemone egest fish skin, or consume the whole fish? <Will egest whatever is not edible... including skin, skeleton...> The book I read that mentioned bulb anemones liking krill over fish also mentioned that the only things egested are parts that are unusable, like chitin. I wouldn't even be worried if I hadn't seen the anemone egesting. Is it possible that it could have been something else, or would it have to have been a food item? I know I'm stretching here, but I just can't believe it. I just thought the fish would know to avoid the anemone, but I fear the worst. Man, I feel stupid... <Happens. Bob Fenner>

Hawkfish, worm food hi guys, <Alan> When your section on Hawkfish said that they would eat worms, which worms are you referring to, and I recently bought a flame Hawkfish. <Mostly Polychaetes (bristle, fire-worms...), but most any others that fit in their mouths> However, it doesn't care about the one hermit crab in the tank so that's pretty good.... Also, today I saw my orchid Dottyback with sliver like things on his mouth, could he of just demolished a bristle worm, <Yes> and is there anything encouraging a purple tangs to eat brine shrimp, and a flame hawk to eat quicker or does it just like to look things over. <... please read over re these fishes husbandry... on www.WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

Sick Hawkfish <Beth, I'm sooo very sorry for the delay, I just got this today.  Hope we aren't too late. MacL>I have had a banded Hawkfish since 9-16. The store had him for 4 weeks and I put him in qt for 2 weeks. He has always been a great eater. I feed him flakes and fresh shrimp. About 3-5 days ago he spit out his shrimp and hasn't eaten since. He seems to have raw areas around his mouth and part of his lip is swollen and red. <That doesn't sound so good> I don't know if I'm imagining it but he seems to have white patches around his gills...maybe just natural markings I don't know if I'm paranoid or not. <Could be or it might be some type of fungus. Very possibly might be where he's knocked into something.> He also has small white dots all over his nose and above his eyes...again maybe just natural markings. <Those probably are natural.>  The only med I have is rid-ich and I live in a rural area and must travel to get anything else. I have moved him to the qt. I tried a freshwater dip but he went into shock so I put him in the qt without it. <Lots of times when they are being freshwater dipped they will lay on the bottom and look pathetic but that's actually typical of fish in the dip.> He is still active and "plump". I put in a dose of rid-ich as it says it will kill fungal and parasitic infections.  It will be Saturday night before I can get anything else. I had allowed the main tank to get away from me and amm and no2 was 0 but no3 was between 40 and 80. the qt is stabilized and amm and no2 is 0 and no3 is 15. ph stays a constant 8.2 and temp is 78 in both tanks. s.g. is 1.024 he is the only fish in the tank aside from a choc chip sea star who is thriving...surprising considering the no3. <You definitely need to do water changes to get that more stable. I have had excellent success with MelaFix in my saltwater tanks for this type of problem. Please write me back and let me know what's going on with him? Good luck, MacL> any help, please Beth    

Hawkfish On The Mend! Thanks for getting back. I know you all get a lot of mail. <Scott F. following up tonight!> "Spike" is still in the qt. He just finished a round of Spectrogram. There was definitely white patches on his side that was obscuring his stripes. Same with the raw patches around his face. The Spectrogram has worked great.  the blister below his lip is going away. it is now just a red spot on his lip about 3/16 in. long. He ate some fresh shrimp yesterday and is once again swimming very well. The Spectrogram apparently killed my biofilter in the qt, so I am doing daily 2 gal water changes. <A good help in this situation. You may even want to limp the biofilter along with a "bacteria in a bottle" product for a while...> I still have a few questions... do I wait another day and do another round of Spectrogram as the package suggests, or run carbon for a day or two and try a different antibiotic. <I'd stick with just one medication, especially if it is working. Always follow manufacturer's suggestions concerning dosage and duration, unless you are noticing very negative reactions. Just keep monitoring water quality and begin using carbon and water changes when the next round of medication is complete.> I do have Melafix, but was told it is not effective. <Perhaps it is on some conditions...I'm not a big fan of it. And again, I would not mix medications at this point.> And now that he is eating, should I go back to his regular every other day schedule or daily to help him get stronger. <I'd go for daily, with attention to water quality, of course.> I usually give him a few flakes and about 4 small bite sized pieces of shrimp. <Try some really nutritious items, like Mysis Shrimp, which can really help provide the nutrition that he needs to get stronger...> Thanks again for all your help, Beth <Sounds like you're doing a great job, Beth! Keep it up! Regards, Scott F>  

Pairing a flame hawk I was thinking of adding another flame hawk to pair it up with the one I have. my current one doesn't eat my shrimps. the one I saw at the LFS passed every test I did to make sure he would work. these are the tests I did. 1) placed a ghost shrimp in, he didn't eat it. placed in pellet food, ate it. healthy looking also. <... may learn to eat shrimp...> 2) placed a smaller flame hawk in with him. no aggressive action towards it. 3) has a timid behavior, was together with a dog faced puffer and was kind of terrified being near him. this one seems to fit the same peaceful personality as the flame hawk I have now. I did the first test with the 1st flame hawk and that's how he is not eating my blood and cleaner shrimp. I added a neon goby, which was also risky because I was afraid my hawk would have him for lunch. but luckily, his friendly personality accepted him and let him clean him also. sweet!!! got lucky. this is definitely a risk to take trying to pair them, but this seems to be a good educated guess. everything seems to fit together. if this works out, this will be AWESOME!!!!! I will post a ton of pics for you folks to see if they pair up. If this doesn't work out, I'm going to have a hard time getting the 2nd one out. from what I've read, they can change sex to become a pair. need any comments on opinions on this. this is a guy on reef central that had success with pairing Hawkfish. this is what I want to achieve. <Can be done... have seen this and other cirrhitid species in "pairs" in the wild, captivity. Bob Fenner>

Flame Hawkfish I have 29 gal tank with a maroon gold stripe clown fish, purple Dottyback, eibli angel, and a flame Hawkfish. I had recently used MelaFix to fix to the tail of the clown who looked like he had been picked at. But this made the water kind of filmy looking so I put activated carbon in the media tray of my emperor 280 to try and clear the water and this seems to have worked wonderfully. Except that my Flame Hawkfish is now hiding in the rocks, and is always on his side. He just sits there when the other fish come over and poke at him and really doesn't seem to be eating. <Doesn't sound good. Just sitting there is no big deal... but the other behavior...> He used to sit on the powerhead in an upright position all the time, but now will only stay crammed up in the rocks on his side. Aside from the charcoal to clear the water there have been no changes and the other fish seem much happier since the charcoal went in. Is this normal for a Hawkfish or should I be concerned. <I would be concerned. I would execute a large water change (25%) and try a bit of live food... best, some live Glass Shrimp... perhaps soaked in an appetite/vitamin enhancement product like Selcon. Bob Fenner> Thanks for any help you can give me, Jim  
Re: Flame Hawkfish
Bob, <Jim> Thanks for your advice, but he still died today. When I first bought him it was about 4 weeks ago and he didn't seem all that active in the tank at the store. <... sounds like cumulative stress, damage from collection, shipping...> And against my better judgment I let the store worker talk me into getting him because they said his colors looked good and I had read that they were supposed to be a very hardy fish, but it turns out I may have gotten damaged goods since my other three fish, which I bought from different pet stores, are all doing well. <Think so. Bob F> Thank you for your help, Jim Kinney
Re: Flame Hawkfish
Bob, Here is my last question of you on this. I'm not going to get anything to replace him for at least a couple of weeks, <And hopefully he will reciprocate> but I wanted to keep the number of fish at 4. And I wanted to know if a flame Hawkfish is actually a good fit with the fish I currently have. Because this one had labored breathing from the day I brought him home and I wanted to know if that was their way or again just the built up stress? Thanks for all your help, Jim <Uh, Jim... what are the other specimens? Only time can/will tell whether this Hawkfish rallies. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hawkfish ID Hi again, I will try again to send a few pics - Thanks << The starfish is too difficult to identify.  Someone else may be of help, but I really can't be sure.  The Hawkfish is also difficult.  My first guess is Paracirrhites forsteri.  You may want to search for that, or check FishBase.org and see what you can find there for pictures.  I hope this link works http://filaman.uni-kiel.de/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname=Paracirrhites&speciesname=forsteri  Best of luck, Adam B.  >>

Hawkfish Compatibility (5/8/04) Good Morning; <It was thanks!! Good evening to you...Leslie here.> Checked out your info on the web but still have a question. < Sure no problem> We have a 210 gal. one resident being a Falco's Hawkfish.  In your info you stated only one hawk to a tank.  Is this regardless tank size <Yes, afraid so> or can a larger tank have more than one hawk? < One Hawkfish per tank is recommended regardless of the tank size unless you are able to acquire a pair.> I was thinking of adding a Lyretail Hawk if size was a factor but wanted to check before buying the Lyretail.  I like to keep my livestock well and happy. < Me too!> There are enough things that happen by accident, no need to make a problem. Boy is that the truth.> Thanks for your advise and time. Ceil Wagaman < Sure, no problem, thanks for checking in first. Leslie>

Hawkfish and Yellow Tang Question Hi, I have a 55 gallon tank I'm trying to make into a reef tank. I also have a new 125 gallon tank that I want to do as a fish only tank. In my 55 I have a freckled Hawkfish, and a yellow tang. The two have lived together for 5 or 6 months now and the hawk I've had for over a year. Within the last couple of weeks my yellow tang started losing some color and breathing heavily and you could see some veins of blood in his snout. He wasn't eating and I was told this was a water problem. Which was probably true because my LFS was out of salt for that period of time. I've since changed the water about 20% and then added Quick Cure for 3 days and did another partial water change. My tang seems to be looking a little better, but he now hides all the time and he never did that as much before. He never comes to the top to eat like my hawk does and I fear that he's not getting enough food. I have been adding some seaweed sheets to some rocks, but my hawk has been eating that too (as well as my snails)! Should I add the yellow tang to my 125 gallon tank to get him away from all of this? (I'm wanting to add a Volitans Lionfish, a Harlequin Tusk, probably a clown trigger and some other "bully" fish to the 125) so would it be a good idea to add this peaceful little yellow tang to that crowd?<No it would not be smart...I would leave the tang in the 55gal...and allow him time to become used to the aquarium setup again> And what about the Hawkfish, would he survive in the 125 gallon tank (I really want to make the 55 a reef only, but I can keep the hawk in there if I have to, because I love my hawk he has great personality, I just think he might get bored in there alone in a reef tank). Thank You!<I would keep the hawk in the reef as long as you do not add any ornamental shrimp/crabs. Good luck, IanB>

Hawkfishes 5/3/04 Hi Guys, hope all is well <with hope for you in kind :) > I have a quick question that I would appreciate some advice on. I have a very cool Scarlet Hawkfish , who has been in my tank for nearly two years. Recently I have been thinking of getting a Long nose Hawkfish but not too sure on how well they would get on. <some chance of fighting at least> The guys in my LFS have said I should not have any problems, they know of many fish keepers who keep hawks together, the only problems they have is when you mix the same species. <not true... easily and often between other species, and simply other like feeding fishes that compete with them> Just would like your opinion before I go ahead and rely on their advice again. <as long as you run the fish through QT first, and have that tank for fall back on if it does not work (separation), then I say its a reasonable chance to take> The tank is 4ft with loads of LR and places for them explore together!! <the space is tiny compared to their territories in the wild... if there is going to be aggression, an eight foot long tank will not help> or separately as is more likely!. Any advice greatly appreciated as always!!, by the way how long before the next book?! <we are hoping to have it finished by years end... sooner rather than later <G>> Cheers  Rob <ciao, Anthony>

Longnose Not Doing Well >Hi, I am hoping someone can help. >>Hello. >I have a Longnose Hawkfish.  I noticed he was not eating as well as he does normally.  I also noticed he was perching a little crooked on the rocks.  Now I have noticed his left eye is bulging out.  Do you think he got hurt, or could it be some sort of disease.   >>One eye tends to be from injury, if it were disease it would present equally and bilaterally.   >Should I quarantine him?  Any advice would be helpful.  Thanks Debbie >>You may wish to figure out who/what is causing him injury.  In the meantime, it may certainly be the case that, until you get it sorted, q/t is best.  Marina

Longnose Not Doing Well - Follow up >Thanks for your prompt reply.  I don't know who would be bothering him.  I only have a 35 gallon tank, with 5 fish.  I have had him since October, and have seen on bullying from other fish.  I guess I will try QT him, maybe he will recover faster, if he does not have to fight for food.  Debbie >>Ahh.. this is telling.  Longnose hawks, as you may very well be aware, are known jumpers.  I am guessing that in such a small tank he may have hurt *himself*.  In which case, there's likely no need to move him, but you might wish to consider future digs for him, especially if this occurs again.  Marina

Shrimp, The Tasty Hawkfish Treat (3/15/04) Hi,   I have a 40 gallon with a Sixline wrasse, Firefish, and Randall's shrimp goby.  I also have a banded coral shrimp and would like to get a Longnose Hawkfish, but am a bit concerned, as I have the shrimp.  Since this shrimp is larger than most other species, would it be advisable to place a Longnose Hawkfish in with my shrimp?  Thanks!! A.  <You'd be surprised what this Hawkfish can swallow with that "little mouth." If it can't take it in one bite, it will break it up. It may take a year or even longer, but the Long-nosed Hawkfish will eventually eat the shrimp. I'd suggest you chose something else. Steve Allen.>

Hawkfish compatibility Bob, I have  92g corner bow. It has lots of live rock and a deep sand bed. I have a Comet, a pair of percula clowns, a sunrise dotty back, a cowfish, a lawnmower blenny, a fu Manchu lion, a blue/green Chromis and a yellow watchman goby in it. I would like to put the following Hawkfish in it;  A Cyprinocirrhites polyactis and a Cirrhitops fasciatus. Do you see any problems here? I do not know if they are compatible. thanks, Tim

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