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FAQs about the Hawkfish Stocking/Selection

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Hawkfish compatibility Question... sys./sel.  - 10/24/09
Hi crew,
Currently I have a 55 gallon tank with fish, small hermit crabs and soft coral polyps. I have 1 three and a half inch Yellow Tang from Hawaii and 1 Ocellaris clown fish.
I am thinking about purchasing either a Long Nosed Hawk fish or a Flame Hawk fish.
<Mmm, go with the Flame... this volume is too small ideally for an Oxycirrhites>
Are there any compatibility issues with either of these hawk fish with my existing fish?
<The system itself, rather than compatibility with the other fishes. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Purely Opinion, Cirrhitid Selection Wow, thank you very much. I'm very honored to have my question answered by you Mr. Fenner. I just have one last addition, are there any increased chances by changing it to a long nose hawk? <Sure... a little less risk, but still some> I've seen differing opinions about them. Some say their mouth is too small, others say that just means they break off smaller pieces. What would your opinion be then? <I've recently written an article on the species... Posted: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/longnosehawkfish.htm > Thanks again. I love the site, it's the only time I've ever been able to get a straight forward answer without worrying that maybe the guy at the LFS telling me that "It's totally okay to put a puffer in a 20 gallon tank, because they don't move around much." isn't really thinking about the best interest of the fish. You and everyone else in the crew has increased my knowledge ten-fold with your site. Nick <Glad that you have benefited. Bob Fenner> 

Thanks for the great info. (Hawkfish choices) Hello Bob, Just happened to come across your article on Reefs.org I was looking for Hawkfish info. Longnose and Flame to be exact I did a search and your article came up. great summary) <Thank you> I was wanted to get a Longnose or a Flame this weekend I read conflicting info all over some say the Flame does not do well some say very hardy. <I'm of the "more hardy" opinion> I've seen a couple different Flames one was quite an aggressive feeder and another Flame seemed a bit shy hiding under a rock. <Both traits of most individuals of this species> The Flame is my 1st choice but as I said no reliable info on it. The Longnose seemed in better spirits and I would rather a more spirited fish than one who is better looking but too shy. What's your opinion on these 2 fish? <The Flame is a far more consistent species in the trade... Oxycirrhites typus can be great to bunk... highly variable. Both are tough animals when started initially healthy> Can both be housed together in a 30 GAL? <Hmm, no... the Longnose especially needs larger quarters... like twice this size> I have a pair of common Clowns and a blue fin Damsel at the moment. There are 5 stores that specialize in marine fish within 3 miles of each other and 3 more stores within 5miles of each other here in Miami. <Wow, you're lucky> In your article you mentioned Miami is there a distribution site here? <Yes, a principal one in the U.S.> My next ? is how do I decide which shop to buy from? Healthy looking fish. Do I ask where the fish come from? Will I ten have a clue if the fish was poisoned? <A worthy question... Do ask the origin of collection... and try to avoid the Philippines and Indonesia... these fishes are collected elsewhere and are better from... Hawai'i, Marshalls, Christmas for the Longnose, Cooks, Fiji, Micronesia, Guam et al. for the Flame...> I would definitely buy from the Mom /Pop store if all the other essentials are there: products price and healthy fish practices and friendly knowledgeable help. <Don't be overly concerned about price... How much are specimens that will likely die soon worth?> I was looking on the net for books on the marine fish subject and came across "THE CONSCIENTIOUS MARINE AQUARIST" from reading the editorial review and the peoples review it's exactly what I've been looking for. <Oh, I know the author> Only one problem on this particular website it says your book has not yet been published it will be in 3/01 well it seems we are 4 months due <Hmm, really? It is about... can be ordered from the publisher: http://www.microcosm-books.com/> I'm referring to the hardcover edition, your paperback is fine. So they say for me to preorder and when available I will be notified. Do you know if the Hardcover is available as yet or is it that they are behind in updating their system? <It is available> The description lists the Hardcover contains less pages than the previous edition, are some things deleted, what new has been added? <What? I have the latest edition... and paperback... 430 pages each... only the cover is different I believe> What are the differences between the 2, should I just get the paperback version if the newer one doesn't become available soon? <The only common complaint about the softbound I recall is that it "falls apart" from use... Bob Fenner> Thanks Kam

Re: Thanks for the great info. (Hawkfishes) HI Bob Thanks for the response, I'll inquire about where the Flame and the Longnose came from before buying. <Ah, good> I had a Dwarf Lionfish for 2weeks before it died this week it ate Ok and even up to the day before it died. I noticed starting about a week ago it was breathing heavy gills moving rapidly and continuously opened I thought maybe this was a trait. <Hmm, not a good one> Come to find out the supplier I bought him from gets his stock from the P.I. and Indo. well there is my lesson. Should I give up on this D. Lion are they hard to take care of? <A hardy species usually. Take care not to overfeed> Or did I just have bad luck this time? <Likely> My water was fine no Amm. nitrite, I've had my tank up for 5weeks now. Is it established enough to take a chance with a $50 Flamehawk? <I would wait another three weeks or so> The damsel I have I just took out I noticed 1 of its Eye has gotten bigger than the other. will this disease spread to my other fish? <Depends on the cause... please read over the "Environmental Disease" areas on our site (www.WetWebMedia.com). Bob Fenner> Thanks Kam

Long nosed hawkfish Hi, <greetings, my friend> In my last letter -- which you brilliantly answered (thank you) --  <thank you for being so easily impressed> I inquired about the possibility of keeping a long nosed hawkfish in my 25 gallon reef tank. I have continued to hear mixed reviews on this fish's compatibility with the reef tank. <almost all attributed to confusion between the characteristic behavior of most (blunt nosed) hawkfish, against this uncommon (long-nosed) member of the family> I hear that it is not a nuisance to corals, <agreed> but "might" eat some or all of my shrimp, <difficult for this narrow snout species, but likely for most other hawkfish> or at the very least annoy them. <possibly. especially when larger> So, I'm a bit confused. <oh, ya... try living in my Adult ADD(H) child's head... hehe> While it's obviously not a rare fish in stores, it's still one of my favorites <very unique.. a favorite of mine too> and given the right circumstances I would definitely purchase one.  <in my mind...no more of a risk than a dwarf angel would be to some coral... a calculated risk> So, suffice to say I'm on the fence with this one. I really appreciate your input and have begun looking into Firefishes as your last message suggested. I am very intrigued with these fish, too.  <excellent...beautiful, hardy and long-lived if given the passive, peaceful tank that they need... but not so with clowns, damsels, tangs and the like> Thanks! Ari Klein
<Ciao, bub...Anthony>

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