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FAQs about the Hawkfish Systems

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Get along in most adequate sized settings.

New Fish Problems Hi Bob! <Steven Pro this afternoon.> Long time! Hope all is well! Recently, I purchased a new Flame Hawkfish. The problem is the other fish that are in the aquarium. There are 2 clownfish, and a Eiblii Angelfish that like to hang together a lot. Well, these guys are not letting the Hawkfish have any room around the live rocks at all, they chase him back up to the top where he sits on top of a pump all the time, pretty much out of sight. I'm not liking this at all, and I'm sure the Hawkfish likes it even less! How long would you think this would last? I have tried changing a few of the rocks around to try to confuse the bullies, but that didn't work. The new fish has been in the aquarium for almost a week. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Pat Marren <Without knowing how big your tank is or what kind of clownfish you have, it is hard to say. Moving the decorations around and buying more are good ideas. Usually these things work themselves out over a few weeks as long as the level of aggressiveness is similar and the tank large enough. Hawkfish like to "perch" up high anyway. -Steven Pro>

Long nosed hawkfish temp requirements Hello I have a 70 gallon fish - only  temperate marine aquarium.  I live in England and the tank stays at 70 -72 ' F . I have a couple of native Blennies and 2 small native wrasse.   I  have recently added a 2" Picasso trigger which seems to have adjusted to the cooler water without any ill effects. (just as the guys at LFS said).   <Picasso Triggerfish are very adaptive to semitropical water temperatures, as their natural environment ranges south to the South African coast.> However,  they could not tell me if the Long nosed Hawkfish would be happy at the lower temp, just that it is a very hardy fish. <Although restricted to tropical areas, i.e.: the Indo-Pacific Ocean/Red Sea (with a lower temperature limit of 75 degrees F), with careful acclimation and a feeding regime mindful of the animal's slower metabolism in the cooler water, it should be fine, as long as the temperature remains in the 70's F> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Matt <Best, Chris>

Flame Hawkfish... I am interested in purchasing a flame Hawkfish. I see it is primarily a bottom dweller. I do not have a top on my 90 gal tank. Will this fish jump out? Thanks <This fish could possibly jump out of the aquarium... it is better to be safe than sorry so please purchase a top for your aquarium before you get this or any fish (fish are jumpers!!), Good luck with this interesting specimen, IanB>

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