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FAQs on Hogfish Wrasses, Genera Bodianus, Lachnolaimus Compatibility

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Hogs generally get along with anything that gets along with them... and is too large to inhale. Holocentrus adscensionis (Osbeck 1765), Squirrelfish.

Wrasses, comp.      11/29/13
Would a Cuban Hogfish and a Corris Gainard get along in a 265gallon tank?
My Corris is about 5-6inches long. Just a guess but I expect if I ordered the Cuban it would be about 4inches.
<... one r in the genus Coris... likely would get along in this setting.
Bob Fenner>

Two spot/candy hogfish and Firefish compatibility    1/11/13
Added a candy hogfish to my 58-gallon mixed reef. After two days, Firefish dug a new hole and went into hiding.  Comes out briefly to eat. Never saw the hogfish chase or harass him. Am I going to have to get rid of one of these?  Thoughts?
<Not unlikely with the Firefish (which species; these are social animals... pairs/duos or groups depending on sp.... and need a good deal of bottom space, mixed substrate for burrowing... See WWM re Microdesmids)... that the Bodianus is either harassing the one, or that this is how it appears to it... Not a good mix in a small/ish volume... less than a hundred plus gallons>
Thanks. You guys are great.
Tim Silver
<Keep reading! Bob Fenner>
Re: Two spot/candy hogfish and Firefish compatibility    1/11/13

Okay, the hogfish goes to the LFS today--if I can trap him.
<Ahh! Two nets... good hunting. BobF>
Re: Two spot/candy hogfish and Firefish compatibility    1/11/13

Caught him with a homemade bottle trap.
 Took about 3 minutes and he was on his way to the LFS.  Do you think a citron goby would work with the Firefish who, by the way, was out of his hole before I got out of  the house with the hogfish.
<Mmm, yes; highly likely so. BobF>
Re: dogface with Firefish, now Bodianus    8/15/12

Thanks a lot. 50% is high. I went with a Cuban Hogfish instead.
<Can be a bruiser as well>
From what I could find it would be a safer option but your confirmation would be appreciated.
<Maybe 25-30 percent of them not getting along as the Bodianus grows.
Re: dogface with Firefish    8/15/12

Thanks a lot! You time and information is appreciated.
<Welcome. B>

Wrasse troubles...../Hogfish Compatibility 4/6/12
Good morning crew! I am having an issue with a brand new Spanish hogfish 3.25" and a Harlequin Tuskfish 4". Upon release of the Spanish hog on Wed, my Tusk will not let him out of the rock and when he does, he bull rushes him. He bit part of his tail off and some scales are missing but he eats well and comes out to swim without fail every time I feed. In the past 2 years my Tusk has never acted aggressive toward any fish unless provoked....strange this happens all of a sudden. Based upon your book, if my reading/research serves me correctly, they are a different enough genus to keep together in the same tank (I have a 90g fowlr). Will this stop after the Hog gets adjusted, or will this be a permanent ongoing battle?
Would like to hear your feedback.
<Generally the Hogfish is more aggressive than the Tuskfish. Both of these fish will get too large for your 90 gallon tank. The Hogfish is likely competing for territory. If this does not subside, I would remove one of the two from this system and plan on looking for larger quarters in the near future.>
Thanks and have a great Holiday!
Wrasse troubles...../Hogfish Compatibility 4/8/12

Thanks for replying.
<You're welcome.>
Nahhh, the tank isn't too small, 90g is plenty for a 3 and 4 inch Harli and Hog.
<Maybe for now.>
The growth rate of the Tusk is incredibly slow....I have pleeennty of time. And Bob's book states these fish don't go over 6" in captivity and even then the tank is still big enough for the two.
<I disagree.>
Have a nice Easter folks!
<Ditto. James (Salty Dog)>
Re Wrasse troubles...../Hogfish Compatibility 4/9/12
<<See WWM, Fishbase.org... both can grow much larger. RMF>>
Well-done James. B
Re: Wrasse troubles..... 4/9/12

Thank you Bob. The querior stated that "And Bob's book states these fish don't go over 6" in captivity and even then the tank is still big enough for the two."
<Yes my friend; saw this... and agree w/ your input, resp. BobF>
Re: Wrasse troubles..... 4/9/12

You contradict yourself often Bob.
<I don't find this to be the case... the fact of the matter is that these two species rarely grow to more than half a foot under "most" captive conditions... They are still not likely compatible in a ninety gallon volume>
I am surprised, you should fix that so it doesn't lead your viewers the wrong way. It is very misleading.
<I do find it hard to accurately AND succinctly state what is "necessary" and complete to relate at times... The intended "audience" is much too large, it takes too much time, space to make known what it feels like/needs to be made known. There are simply too many "if this", "then that" possibilities. Sorry for the lack of clarity. BobF>
Re: Wrasse troubles..... ongoing re comp. Bodianus and Tusk   4/9/12

I understand, but based upon what you just clarified in the last email leaves a very broad range of "rights" and "wrongs".  Therefore, there is much gray in the matter and that should be acknowledged before stating that our "situations" are wrong.  Its ok though, I think I have a good enough idea after 9 years being in the saltwater hobby.
Thanks again Bob :-)
<Welcome. B>
Re: Wrasse troubles..... James further input and LED Orphek product review   4/9/12
I whole heartedly agree with your statement Bob.  There are too many factors that come into play in this hobby.  What might work for one may not work for another.
<Ah yes>

Fish compatibility 12/6/11
Hi All
Chris K here with what I hope is a quick question. As always, I am so appreciative of the service you provide. It has proved to be invaluable to me over the years, and has resulted in what I would classify as my success in reef keeping! Heartfelt thanks, as I have successfully added corals and even a BTA over the years!
<Ahh, congrats!>
So now for the quick question, I am upgrading my aquarium AGAIN, a 6 FT 125 gallon, with over 100 pounds of live rock. My 90 gallon is now my sump and I have added a 40 gallon refugium.
What would be your advice on adding a candy hogfish, as I already have and indigo Dottyback?
<In a system this size, as long as the candy hog is at least the same size, I give you very good odds that they'll coexist here. Bob Fenner>

Hogfish With Wrasse 9/5/11
Hello again. I asked a question for the first time last week and found that you were very helpful (thanks!) I have one more: Do you think my Banana Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) at about 7" long would get along in the same tank with a 6" bright red Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus)?
<Mmm, likely better odds than not>
I have a 160 gallon, FWLR, established for several years now and lots of rock. I'm rebuilding this tank and only have a Raccoon Butterfly fish along with the wrasse. Both have been in there for about 2 months and are happy. David
<Just have a contingency plan should there be too much aggression here; but I think you'll likely be fine. Thalassoma wrasses can be aggressive, but Bodianus are tough customers. Bob Fenner>

Thalassoma and Coris <Bodianus> compatibility 3/27/11
Hey guys how are you?
<Ok, thanks>
I have a Jansen Wrasse (5") and a Spanish Hog (4") in a 20gal QT and the Jansen is always initiating a fight and is very aggressive toward him,
<I would move at least one of these, now>
will this stop in a 90gal?
<Likely so, yes... at least much less pronounced and frequent>
I thought it may have been because of "close quarters". If not, aren't they different enough of a wrasse regarding they genus and coloration to get along?
And if it does happen when I move them to the 90gal will it fade after a while or will they be in constant battle like African Cichlids?
Thanks so much
<Well met. Bob Fenner>
Re: re: Thalassoma and Coris compatibility 3/27/11
Wow Bob ....you never have a day off....EVEN Sunday!
<Ah yes; I work every day the sun comes up... and am glad to>
Lol, I am always getting you when I send emails over to you folks...I feel like a pest lol.
<Not a worry. Cheers, BobF>

Sonnier Banks Biotope - Spanish Hogfish, Bluehead Wrasse and Smaller Fish 2/18/11
Hey crew -
I am planning a new tank, likely to be 200 to 300 gallons and would like to feature a biotope instead of a particular fish or coral.
<Oooh, a fave presentation approach of mine>
I set my sights on Sonnier Banks because it is very close to where I live. I used the Reefs.org site to assemble a fish list. The top three fish that are hobby friendly are the Queen Angelfish, Spanish Hogfish and Bluehead (I slipped the other angels b/c I know they would not mix with the Queen Angel). My questions regard the Hogfish (Bodianus rufus) and Bluehead (Thalassoma bifasciatum).
First, will these two wrasses be compatible in a 200 gallon system?
<Yes... the latter should be kept in a small numbered shoal... w/ one definite alpha male, some females...>
Second, I know that I can not keep two Spanish Hogfish, but can I keep a Spanish Hogfish and a Cuban Hogfish?
<Mmm, either species and one individual would be better than both at adult sizes>
Third, if the Bluehead is compatible with the Hogfish, is there a chance I could get a mated pair of blueheads?
<There is no such thing... live in haremic conditions... see ref.s re, even just WWM>
I suppose I could start with juveniles, or maybe get one juvenile and one sub-adult, if this is doable in captivity.
<It is... are you going to collect your own? I can help you w/ technique here>
Finally, with either the hogfish or Bluehead or combinations thereof, would I be able to keep any of the smaller reef fish: Seaweed Blenny or Redlip Blenny, Neon Gobies, Colon Goby or other gulf substrate Gobies, Damselfish (Stegastes sp), Reef fish (Gulf Chromis), Flame fish, Cherub Angel or Wrasse Bass?
<Yes; certainly in this volume... w/ sufficient cover/decor>
If not, what would you recommend?
<To keep adding to your own want list... from reading, diving>
By the way, I do not plan on adding all of these, just naming all the possibilities.
Bonus question, would either a Doctorfish (rare in trade) or an Atlantic Blue Tang be appropriate for this tank, or is there too much aggression.
<Could do fine here>
What minimum length of tank would I need for either of these?
<The bigger the better... and wider rather than taller... at least two feet wide, six feet long>
I will end up with something between 5' and 7' in length.
Would either of these pair or shoal in captivity?
<Not in this size volume, not really>
Other information on the tank. The only inverts I plan to keep is to grow Millepora Fire Coral and various sponges from aqua-cultured live rock, and then maybe add a few other non-gulf corals to litter the aquascape since gulf corals can not be purchased. I don't plan on adding any mobile inverts. I do plan on adding the Queen Angelfish if I get a tank closer to 300 gallons, but will skip it if I am closer to the 200 gallon size.
<You are wise here>
New Orleans
<Please do send us periodic updates, images of your progress. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hey crew. & comp. Bodianus diana 1/14/11
Bob, this is what I found under "Triggerfishes of the Cook Islands" on WWM under Xanthichthys Balistids:
"There are two species of the genus Xanthichthys here as well, but these shy, oceanic species should really only be displayed in huge public aquarium systems. They languish in small (less than thousands of gallons) tanks.
Much the same can be said for the circum-tropical Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish found here. It rarely survives long in captivity."
<Oh... yes Jason... this is Xanthichthys mento...
Not sure if I am misreading this or if it was worded incorrectly. Well, I am glad to hear there is a good chance they he will thrive.
<Oh yes>
I also just purchased a 4" Diana's Hogfish and I am kind of concerned he is going to be too aggressive with my clarkii clown and 3" Heniochus. You state under the "Hogfish" page that you have never observed any agonistic behavior from any species of the genus. Yet in the Bio next to this particular fish, you state that beyond it's 10" size that it can become down right belligerent.
<I have never encountered a specimen in captivity more than about half this length.>
What are your thoughts on this fish's aggression level in a 90gal if put in last?
<Likely no worries>
He is actually my favorite so far. His swimming pattern is very majestic similar to a larger marine angel. I just have to let you know that I base my whole regime on your advice and opinions. I can't tell you one time that you led me the wrong way. I have been following your book and website since 2003. Thanks so much for your time and dedication to helping us "aquarists".....it is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
<Welcome my friend. BobF>

Stocking Advice Please. Bodianus In/comp. 10/18/10
Hi there,
<Tis, I mean Mindy>
I'm hoping you can help me make some stocking decisions. I have a 90 gallon (48x18x24") mixed reef. It has a EuroReef RS-180 skimmer, the tank is well maintained, and the corals are vigorous. It is predominantly SPS, but also LPS, photosynthetic gorgonians, a Palau Nepthea, a couple Rose Bubble Tip Anemones, a Maxima clam, and a Squamosa clam. The current fish are (in order of addition):
Pearly Jawfish
Sharknose Goby
Hector's Goby
Picasso Percula Clownfish
Platinum Percula Clownfish
McCosker's Fairy Wrasse
Candy Hogfish
Peppermint Hogfish (in sump)
<Best only one Bodianus sp., specimen per system>
Orchid Dottyback (in another tank, will be added in a couple months)
<This is hopefully a tank-bred specimen>
The Candy Hogfish has only been in the tank for a week, and has put the run on both Gobies, although not too severely. I may not be able to keep the Candy Hogfish in the tank, but I'm waiting to see how it all settles out.
<Do plan on this being the alpha organism here>
I didn't expect the Candy Hogfish to be quite as boisterous as it is! I always put new additions in the sump first to get them eating and acclimated before putting them into the reef where there is high flow and
fish competitors. The Peppermint Hogfish I bought two days after the Candy Hogfish, and is doing well in the sump, but I tried putting him in the display and the Candy Hogfish will have none of it! He is very aggressive towards the Peppermint. My understanding is these two fish should be able to coexist, am I under the wrong impression?
<You are wrong in this impression>
Do I have an unusually aggressive Candy? Should I try to re-home the Candy and try the Peppermint?
<Up to you... one or t'other>
Should I re-home both? Should I persist on housing both?
<... I would not>
I have considered catching the Candy out, and banning him to the sump while the Peppermint gets used to the display. Is this a wise approach?
<Not really>
I would like to add another 2-4 smallish fish (number depending if the Hogfish are staying or leaving). Eye-catching colors and personality are important to me, and I'm always interested in something a bit different.
Any suggestions?
<For you to consider reading, researching... perhaps a smaller Acanthurid here...>
Thanks for your help!
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Anampses femininus and Bodianus sp., comp. 9/22/09
Long time avid reader, first time sending in a question that I wasn't able to find the answer to elsewhere on your site.
I currently have a fantastic Anampses Femininus in my 75gal mixed reef aquarium. She is very healthy, active and peaceful, and gets along with her tank mates; a true percula and cherub angel. I've wanted to add a fourth and final fish to the tank and was wondering if it would be possible to add either a Bodianus Sepiacaudus or B. bimaculatus to the system.
<Should be fine here>
I've read that both species might quarrel with similarly shaped fishes, such as wrasses and Dottybacks, and would rather avoid conflict in my otherwise peaceful tank if there is a real threat.
If you think it unwise to add one of the aforementioned hogs, do you believe I could get away with adding a second Tamarin wrasse to the system?
<Mmm, yes>
My lone A. femininus is a female if that has any bearing on the answer (I've read only sketchy information about sexual behavioural differences within the genus).
<You are aware that the initial/female Tamarin will turn into a terminal/male individual?>
Thanks greatly for any input you can offer!
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Cuban Hogfish Compatibility -- 05/08/08 Hey crew, <<Hey Jason!>> I have a 125 long that currently houses a Cuban Hogfish that is about 5 in. long. <<A beautiful fish>> He is bold, but not aggressive with his little tank mates. <<Indeed'¦will get along with 'most' tankmates'¦as long as they aren't small enough to eat>> I'm considering adding a Lyretail Hog that is about 3 in. <<Mmm'¦maybe not such a good idea>> Will these two get along OK? <<Although these fishes are generally peaceful this behavior does not extend to conspecifics, and will likely spill over to interspecifics as well. Were the order of introduction reversed you 'might' be able to get away with this'¦but I fear the well established 5' Cuban Hog will not take kindly to the introduction of another Bodianus species>> Thank you my good fishy peeps, Jason <<Happy to share. EricR>>

Do Cuban hogfish eat medium sized hermit crabs (blue legged and red legged)? 10/2/07 Phil Hirschhorn, DDS <Oh yes. Bob Fenner>

Twinspot Hogfish question, comp. 8/18/07 Hi Crew! <Barbara> I am planning a 72g bowfront in the next few months, upgrading from my 30g saltwater tank. I recently fell in love with the Twinspot hogfish and was hoping to add one to that system when I am ready. I read that they may nibble on shrimp on occasion. <Yes> I did not see any mention of that on your site though. I have 1 skunk cleaner and 2 peppermint shrimp currently and would like to possibly add another cleaner when they go in the 72g. Have you heard of this Hogfish eating shrimp? <Yes... have seen this in the wild and captivity> I will be adding the shrimp and clowns to the tank first so they can settle in before more aggressive fish will be added. If it will help the other fish I am planning to stock are: 2 False Percula Clowns 1 Coral Beauty 1 Yellow Tang 1 Strawberry Dottyback and a few turbo snails as well as the shrimp. <Bodianus may consume these as well> Thank you so much for your help and for maintaining such a fantastic website! Barbara <Thank you for being part of it! Bob Fenner>

Perspective on a Hog. Comp. 8/7/07 Dear Crew, <Hey David> Thanks for being on board this evening for Hog question. <Ok> I would like to know more about the Twinspot Hog, Bodianus bimaculatus. I know that most other Hogs are risky with inverts; how about the Twinspot? <Is fine with all but the smallest of shrimp, snails, worms...> I have no plans to keep corals in the particular tank where it would reside other than mushrooms perhaps. I also keep some giant Tongan Nassarius and there is one larger Emerald Crab. Thanks again. David A. Bell <Should leave all this be. Bob Fenner>

Cuban hogfish introduction -- 07/03/07 We have a 75 gallon saltwater tank with fairly non aggressive batch of fishes. We just added a Cuban hogfish (medium) to the tank. It looks healthy, is eating, <Are you non-native speakers/writers? Am getting tired of inserting spaces here...> and is still li'l scared but better. The only problem is that we have a yellow Dottyback ie aggressive towards it. Our other fishes are coral beauty, clown, damsel, yellow tang, fairy wrasse. Do we take the yellow one out... as it is getting to a point that we feel we might lose our hog even though it is much bigger than the Dottyback. May be it is weak and can't fight back... which we were surprised to see a hog not do it( had a Spanish hog last yr which was a tough cookie thanks for the help <I would either remove or isolate the Pseudochromid (in a floating colander for a week); to see if this will knock it down a peg or two in this social dynamic. Bob Fenner> Rooster hogfish, Lachnolaimus, comp. 6/3/07 I currently have a 550 gallon marine aquarium with about 800lbs of live rock. The tank has been operating successfully for over two years with minimal issues. <Spaces twixt your sentences...> I presently have a 100 gallon sump, uv, c hiller, EuroReef skimmer, etc and I maintain excellent water quality at all times. (less than 20ppm nitrates). My present stocking list is as follows: 8" golden puffer 9"lunare wrasse 9" Naso tang 7" vlamingi tang 6" harlequin Tuskfish 5" maroon clownfish 7" Sailfin tang 6" clown trigger 6"pinktail trigger 5"niger trigger 6" magnificent Foxface I recently added a 8" rooster hogfish after quarantining and the harlequin Tuskfish is constantly harassing him if he moves from the corner. Will the rooster eventually be able to defend himself? <Maybe... this Atlantic species can be quite/too shy when small, placed with more aggressive fishes> Secondly I continue to have trouble with marine angelfish developing flukes after quarantining. I have tried the following species (annularis 5", scribbled 6",emperor 6") over the last year. The fish acclimate fine while in my quarantine tank but appear to develop flukes (scratching) <This symptom alone is not indicative...> after a week or so in the main aquarium. It only affects the angelfish because the other fish are not affected. Can you suggest an approach for adding an angelfish successfully? Is it possible to utilize Prazi-pro in a FOWLR to help with the flukes? Steve Boston, MA <Is possible... Bob Fenner>

Fish compatibility family Labridae 12/23/06 Crew, <Bryan> From what I have researched, I have found nothing negative about the compatibility of a Sixline Wrasse and a Twospot Hogfish. However if the hogfish is part of the wrasse family, could there be an issue here if the two were in the same tank? <These two specimens both of the family Labridae should be able to be housed in the same aquarium if not overcrowded.> I like both of the fish, but not sure if I can have them in the same tank. Any advice on keeping the two together? <Larger tank, smaller fish and introducing them at the same time would be the best recipe for success. Good luck!> Thanks, <Welcome! -Mich> Bryan

Mystery Wrasse and Masudes Hog... Incomp. of Pseudocheilinus and Bodianus spp. 4/8/06 I am getting a Mystery Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus ocellatus) tomorrow and want to know if I can add him to a 90 gallon reef tank. <This is a very gentle species, genus...> I have a 4" Bodianus masudai in a 90 gallon along with a few other fish. <In the same tank?... Might be a problem> The masudai has only been aggressive to one other fish (a Halichoeres chrysus that is no longer in the 90 gallon.) Otherwise he seems to leave everything else alone. I also have a 58 gallon reef tank that is only 2 months old and has two Tangerine Skunk Clowns (Amphiprion sandaracinos) and a Candy Hog (Bodianus bimaculatus). <The genus Bodianus, Hogfishes can be quite territorial...> I would really rather put the Mystery Wrasse in my 90, it is much more established, and in a more prominent area of the house, but I hate to take a chance with a $200 fish. What is your advice? Thanks, Bill Edgel <... To place this fish in yet another system... not with a Bodianus/alpha fish present... too similar in appearance, users of similar niche... Likely to be trouble in either tank here. Research before you buy... Bob Fenner>

Hogfish compatibility Hi, <Hello Tom> I have a 110G reef, 120lbs+ live rock reef. Currently have a Yellow Candy hogfish which was added after a Sixline wrasse. It took a couple of weeks for the Sixline to stop bothering the Hog, but now they all get along fine. My question is, I just found a very nice Peppermint hog at a LFS, would like to know if you think it will get along with the Yellow Candy Hog and others Current population: Percula clown 2 Sixline wrasse 1 Purple tang 1 Royal Gramma 1 Yellow watchman goby 1 Blue pacific tang 1 Yellow candy hogfish 1 Flame angel 1 Dwarf hermits 20-30 Black brittle star 1 Derasa clam 1 L. amboinensis 2 Various LPS, SPS, Xenia, Mushrooms Abalone 1 Nassarius 15 Thanks, Tom <Mmm, I would not add this fish to this mix... the tank is getting a bit crowded psychologically, and the mollusks would likely suffer from the addition. Bob Fenner>
Re: Hogfish compatibility
Hi again, <Howdy again> Agreed, just curious if there would likely be direct aggression between the two Bodianus species. If those two would tend to get along, I'd gladly trade the mollusks and maybe one or two of the other fish back to the LFS for credit on the Peppermint. The Yellow Candy hog has turned out to be one of the tank favorites, would love to add another small Bodianus if they'd get along. Thanks, Tom <Mmm, most small members of this genus do mix... okay... generally, given sufficient space... (and reciprocally, most larger ones do not)... especially if started small/er. If you have room to move one or the other if trouble breaks out... Bob Fenner>

Split-level Hogfish Hello Mr. Fenner! <Hello again> I've written to you several times, most recently regarding my husband throwing a dog bone through the side of our tank the night before our vacation (you may remember this one). Anyway, we have purchased a new 55 gallon tank, all of the fish have been moved in, and the tank is doing very well. <Yowsah, bowsah. Good to hear> Today's question revolves around a new purchase. This past weekend, I purchased a red spotted wrasse and a split-level hogfish. I was a bit nervous about the hogfish, since he was about 3 1/2 inches long, which is much longer than any of my other tank mates (1 blue damsel, 3 Firefish, 1 red pencil urchin). But, the gentleman at the store indicated to me that he was very docile, and that he would not get much bigger than his current size. <Hmm...> So, finding him a very pretty fish, I rolled the dice and took him home. Well, I've since read that he may grow to between 10 and 12 inches long! This could be a very bad thing, since my tank isn't quite big enough to support this. So, my question is, will his growth be limited by the size of my tank, or will he just keep growing and potentially causing problems for himself and his tankmates? <More of the latter than the former... perhaps this same store, person will let you trade in this duplex Bodianus if/when it's oversized?> If he is going to keep growing, I may be forced to take him back to the store for a smaller fish. It should be noted, I spent 5 hours observing his behavior within the tank last night, and he has not shown aggression towards any of the other fish. The wrasse, on the other hand, was a bit curious about my mini hermit crabs. <Yes, and if/when hungry... will likely consume them> Also, I've read that some hogfish eat crustaceans, etc. I had hopes of putting some shrimp in my tank at some point, and I currently have very tiny hermit crabs in there. Does this variety of hogfish pose a threat to crustaceans? <Yes, please see my Labrid/Wrasse, Bodianus coverage on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com> As always, any advice you could give would be welcomed! Thanks much! Deborah H. Colella <You're welcome. Bob Fenner>

Bodianus pulchellus (Cuban hogfish) and gastropod snacks Hi Crew. <Matt> I have a short simple question :-) I would like to add a Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus) to my tank (its a 180). My only concern is if he would assassinate my population of snails? <Too likely so in time. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=1066&genusname=Bodianus&speciesname=pulchellus Thanks,

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