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FAQs on Hogfish Wrasses, Genera Bodianus, Lachnolaimus Reproduction

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Not done yet... maybe you'll be the one to culture these fishes in captivity.

Pairing up the Hogs  10/10/11
Hey Bob, quick question for you - do you still have Forest Young's "Artificial propagation of Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus,)." from FAMA (1993)?
<Mmm, am pretty sure I have all issues>
I'm curious to know if rearing through settlement was successful, and more importantly, can you tell how the broodstock was housed and spawned in captivity? (If you didn't already figure out, I'm thinking a pair of Cubans in my 300 gallon sump might just be worth trying...if there's precedent of course).
Thanks for any info you're able to dig up!
<Do you want me to scan and send? I'd just write Forrest at Dynasty Marine; which he still owns, manages... Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Pairing up the Hogs

Thanks Bob, I'll try the sales@dynastymarine.net  email and see where that gets me! ;)
<Real good Matt. Do make your efforts known please. Cheers, BobF>
Re: Pairing up the Hogs
Oh Bob, you know I never hide anything in the long run - I'm all about "open source" breeding. Foureye broodstock is really doing well, Greenblotch Parrotfish are really proving their worth while showing the pitfalls in captivity (jumpers!).
I have MANY irons in the fire. BTW - paired up my Rock Beauties (future article on that specific project will be going to Jim Adelberg...I owe them one..it's been too long) -
<Thank you for sharing Matt. BobF>

Hogfish sex??... Good Morning Wise Wet Ones- <Hey Andy> I recently got a 4" Cuban Hogfish for my 180 FOWLR, which also includes an adult Imperator angel,  clown, royal Gramma, hippo tang and 3 small damsels. After a few days of harassment from the angel, everyone has now settled down.  In CMA. Bob mentions to keep only one supermale per tank.  I checked your site and FishBase.org for help, but haven't been able find out how to tell the difference.  I would like to get another and haven't a clue how to tell the sexes apart.  Any ideas?  Do you think it would be too crowded if I added one more?  Thanks! Andy <Hard to discern the sexes in hogfish wrasse species... Males are decidedly larger, and do develop something in the way of a nuchal hump on their heads. Best to house just one of a given genus in all but the most humungous of systems (several hundred to thousands of gallons), unless all are small (a few inches)... or (risky) one very much smaller than another. Bob Fenner>  

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