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FAQs on Hogfish Wrasses, Genera Bodianus, Lachnolaimus Selection

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Pay attention to what else is in the tank... Fusigobius signipinnis Hoese & Obika 1988, the Signalfin Goby.

Medium size wrasse, sel.   11/16/07 Hi Crew, Just a general question if I may regarding the Mexican Lollipop Wrasse (T. lucasanum) and the Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus). Mexican Lollipop Wrasse (T. lucasanum)> I have done lots of Google searches for pics etc. If I buy a small(ish) specimen, over time will it develop into a terminal male, with full 'lollipop' colours? <Mmm, not so much... takes the presence of a shoal of females to generate this> I am led to believe this fish has the same general husbandry requirements as the Lunare Wrasse, but it is much less aggressive / destructive? <A bit less> Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus) My dealer doesn't get these fish in regularly (he deals more in 'reef' fish), hence I will need to order one. Are they all red with yellow tail and white stripe, or is that for large mature males only? <Please see here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/bodianus/index.htm> Lastly, of the two species, which would you say is more 'companionable'? Many thanks <The Bodianus. BobF> Matt

Bodianus bimaculatus/Twinspot wrasse has a higher mortality rate when not sold in mated pairs?  - 09/14/06 Hello Crew. <James> I was at a LFS when I got this tidbit from one of the employees I tend to have a great rapport with. Said employee mentioned that it is best to buy the B. bimaculatus in a mated pair and the store only sells them that way. <...? Have never seen this fish sold as such... and rarely encounter it, other members of the genus other than as "singles" in the wild...> Also mentioned was a customer whom purchased a pair whereas one died and less than 2 months later the other died also. Perhaps this is merely anecdotal, but it is curious information none the less. Has anyone heard similar accounts of this?   <Not I> When I have seen this fish for sale it has only been one in a tank and this point was not raised before. This seems a poor survival mechanism on a reef but perhaps the confines of being a pet is a far different set of life needs for these fish... Thank you. James Zimmer <I strongly suspect much this latter. Bob Fenner> Yellow Candy Hogfish or Scott's Fairy Wrasse (7-26-06) Hi WWM crew sorry for all the questions. <Hi there you have Leslie in for the crew this morning. No worries, that's what we are here for.> I have a Ocellaris Clownfish( Amphiprion ocellaris) and a Fridmani Pseudochromis( Pseudochromis fridmani) which do you think would be better with these fish '¦ a Yellow Candy Hogfish or a Scott's Fairy Wrasse? <I am not exactly which Hogfish you are referring to I am going to take a guess that it's the Bodianus bimaculatus'¦ Twinspot or Yellow Hogfish. Have a look here to be sure we are talking about the same fish http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/bodianus/index.htm It's the 4th fish listed. If they are not one in the same just be sure you have chosen a fish that is appropriately sized for your tank and tankmates. If they are on in the same I think either would be just fine, so go with whichever one suits your fancy. I personally really like the Scott's Fairy Wrasse.> Thanks for your fast reply and helping aquarists with their problems. <Your most welcome, Leslie>

Re: Yellow Candy Hogfish or Scott's Fairy Wrasse, cont. (7-26-06) Yep I was talking about the Bodianus bimaculatus <Good guess, I guess> thanks for your fast reply. <Your very welcome> I think I will get the Scott's Fairy Wrasse- Australia. <Great choice, I think you will be pleased. Best of luck to you and your new fish, Leslie.> Cuban hogfish question hello bob, allow me to shoot a few question on Cuban hog fish ok? 1. are Cuban hog origin brazil caught with any form of cyanide? <No, all collected in the tropical West Atlantic with hand and fence nets> ( almost all I saw here don't survive for 3 mth and had a thin back) <Hmm, sounds like a lack of feeding...> 2. what type of food are best for Cuban hog? <This info. is posted on the "Hog/Bodianus Wrasse" section on the WWM site> 3.can you say that Cuban and Spanish hog are extremely hardy? <Extremely? I give them my highest score out of three levels... out of ten, at least an "eight"... for captive survivability. Bob Fenner> your answer are much appreciate good day!

Bodianus bimaculatus (12/28/2003) Dear crew; <Steve Allen tonight> I have purchased a Bodianus bimaculatus <aka Twinspot Hogfish> and it seems to be a great fish. It has been in quarantine for 25 days with no ill effects. I have not found much aquarium info on this species.  it is intended to be housed in a 65gal FOWLR with a coral beauty and a Dascyllus damsel. Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Seems to be a very nice omnivore. <I checked Scott W. Michael's "Marine Fishes" book and found that this fish is generally peaceful and tops out at about 4" It is an omnivore that will do well with a variety of meaty foods. It is generally considered reef-safe. Like most Hogfish, it does get boisterous and may bully timid fish like Firefish & Dartfish. Consider buying the book--very useful.> Thanks a bunch, Stanley C. Krol <You're welcome.>

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