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FAQs on Hogfish Wrasses, Genera Bodianus, Lachnolaimus Systems

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Plan on room for growth.

Re: 10/03/10 Still confused.... Quarantine tanks... Parasites... Now Hogfish size, sys.   3/12/10
Hey Simon,
<Hey Jason>
How big in captivity does the Cuban Hogfish get?
<Quite big>
Says 11" overall, apprx. how large in captivity?
<You should plan for it to reach this size, or at least provide the space for it to do so should it be able. Simon>

Keeping a  Bodianus bimaculatus, sys.   5/23/07 Hey WWM, I officially have no fish in my tank when I wasn't able to nurture by clown goby back to health, he was an extremely difficult fish to feed and I had no Acropora present. He had a sunken stomach and eventually passed away. <A very/too common fate with Gobiodon in captivity> So my tank  has been established for a little more than 6 months now and was looking to get about 2-3 fish for my system which is going to be reef. I was considering   Bodianus bimaculatus , figuring it is one of the best hogs for a reef. I don't  know much about them though, what do they feed and will my 36g be large enough  for it? Thanks Joe <Not IMO. Too small a volume. Bob Fenner>

Re: Using WWM   5/23/07 Thanks for the reply, I didn't know much on the Candy hog, had a hard time looking up  information. I am considering getting A cardinal ( banner, the black and white  one), a firefish, and a Flasher wrasse. How would a flasher wrasse do in my  system? Typically the reef safe smaller ones, if all of them are not. Again my tank is 36 gallons with 45 pounds of live rock. <Again... See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/. RMF> Joe

Cuban hogfish <hlth., sys.> and other questions... Refugium algae...   1/31/07 Hello Crew, thanks for this great outlet of information.  I have a Cuban hogfish around 3 inches I have had for about a month.  I initially had him in a 10 gal quarantine tank but a week ago I put him in my 29 gal reef refugium (5" DSB) to give him more room.  Almost the whole time I have had him he has hidden behind whatever available structure that was in the tank.  He has eaten little since his arrival. <Not atypical, or to be unexpected...> I feed him live ghost shrimp, scallops, and dried anchovies.  He snubs any pellet/ flake food offered thus far. <Time, patience...> For day upon a time he will just hide and not come out when the food is offered. <Also reasonable behavior> If I take out his hiding place he will swim around and explore but as soon as the structure is replaced back to the hole he goes. What can I do, if anything to speed up his acclimation to aquarium life? <Mmm, little... this species needs much more room... and time> He is the only fish in the tank including the (46 gal) reef tank.  Do you think putting a saltwater acclimated molly in the tank would stimulate him from his hiding spot? <Mmm, maybe> Also do these fish have a broom like fins, like the broom-tailed Wrasse?   <Not really> I'm wondering because his fins look uniformly ratty.   <Likely resultant/shipping damage... will repair in time of its own accord> I have one other unrelated question. Would I be better off buying more algae for a mud/algae (mud less at this time) sump to lower nitrates or building a coil denitrator? <Either perhaps... maybe both> This is for a 120 gal reef tank with a full bio load.  I currently have a 27 gal sump with two types of algae in it. The lights in the sump are on 24/7. <... Depending on the species... Really only Caulerpaceans can be illuminated continuously... other algae require a/the dark period...> Thanks again for this site. Chad <Thank you for your letter. Bob Fenner>

Re: Cuban hogfish and other questions... HLLE issues    1/31/07 Thanks for the reply. Do you think I should go ahead and place the hogfish in the 46 gal reef tank? He was placed in the 29 gal so I could keep a close eye on him. Eventually after he becomes more boisterous I will transfer him into the 120 gal reef tank. <I would do this straight-away... You are aware of the possibility of a Bodianus species consuming crustaceans et al. I take it> The fish's lateral line seems slightly exposed from about the middle of his body the base of his tail. Should I be worried? <Mmm, no... you should be aware, pro-active... could very well be neuromast destruction/HLLE beginnings> I have a Passer Angle <Angel> fish that developed hole in the head (which is now healing fine) it seemed like a day after I placed him in this 46 gal tank. He was in there to fortify before going into the 120. <Good plan> Does the erosion take place that fast <Can> or do you think it could have taken place in the quarantine tank and just went unnoticed? Thanks again and it is truly an honor to hear from you. Chad <Mmm, and you. Bob Fenner> Cuban hogfish Hello  <<And hello to you.>> I just bought a Cuban Hogfish for my 120 gallon fish only aquarium. He is only about 2in. big. I was wondering how fast he would grow and to what size? <<Speed of growth will depend on how much you feed. Size... fishbase.org has the Bodianus pulchellus at 28.5 cm max - that's over 11" - you can read up on the hogfish here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/bodianus/index.htm >> Thank you for all your help. <<You are quite welcome. Cheers, J -- >>

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