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Holualoa Property 1

Holualoa Area, Property 2, 75-5377 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kona, Hawai'i 96725-9623



Some Pix of the house: Upstairs

House upstairs entrance

Outside toward drive down

View outside toward lanai

Down the driveway

Kitchen left

Kitchen right view

View of lanai out living room

Living room

Living room towards dining area (to be converted to another upstairs bedroom)

Dining room facing the kitchen

Hallway from dining past upstairs hallway bath to master bedroom

Master bedroom to bath

Master bathroom view




Anteroom (outside third bedroom, including downstairs outside door and staircase)

Another anteroom view, showing the door to the outside and stairs up

Dnstrs left bathroom

Downstairs left room inside

Downstairs left room outside

Downstairs left room to outside

Downstairs middle room

Downstairs right room entrance and bathroom from anteroom

Downstairs right bedroom

Some Pix of the dryside of the Big Island:

Alii Drive toward the King Kam

Fave bfast spot!





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Holualoa House Hi Jim, Bob Fenner wants the transaction to close before the 24th, so they can keep the locked rate. I will get something in writing, but will not be able to get the Seller's signature on it before April 1st. What a fluke that you didn't get the closing extension addendum and locked them early. Otherwise they would have been stuck with a higher interest rate. Mahalo, Dawn

change of closing date  >Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:19:27 -1000  >Hi Bob and Diana,  >I am just waiting for the sellers to come back from vacation to figure out how to address the closing date. They might be able to move by the 24th, but I want to find out before we change the closing date in writing. If they don't think they can be out by the 24th, then we will want to instruct escrow to withhold funds for cleaning and any repairs that are not completed by closing.  >That's where we are at. Have a good Monday. Talk to you soon. aloha, Dawn  <Any closing date before our lock expires is fine. And the present owners are welcome to stay till about mid-May... when we hope to be over "setting up house". Bob Fenner> >Dawn R. Ladera Real Estate Broker, GRI Phone (808)938-6777  >Clark Realty Corporation Office (808) 329-5255 ext 5320  >75-5722 Kuakini Hwy, Suite 103 Fax: (808)329-3336  >Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 mail to: dawn@konacoast.com  >Company website: www.clarkhawaii.com  >Agent web site: www.homesinwesthawaii.com 

Re: Upcoming dive/adventure trip in May, June 03 Bob I think the one that I have is a 3 by 5 feet. Will double check and let you know. Just met up with Tommy from Froggies who was in town recently. Still a lot of European and American divers in Froggies at the moment. Things are peaceful there. <Ah good to hear.> So what is your new place going to be like? Is it just a holiday home or are you guys gonna move lock stock and barrel from San Diego? <At this point just holiday. Want to have a few more places here and there for investment, living, traveling to/from, having friends/visitors to. Bob F> Perry

Subject: contractors

Hi Peter,

Here are some names of contractors you can talk to before you get here. I don't think we will be able to get them into the house before closing as Sharon tells me that Mrs. Auhoy is having a hard time emotionally selling this house. I don't think it would be a good idea to upset her by having contractors going in and looking at changing things that her son built.

Alcain construction

Roger Alcain (808) 936-5690

Lawrence Johnson Construction

Larry Johnson (808) 325-7088

Bennett Builders

George Bennett

(808) 325-7532

Fred Guidice (judashay)

(808) 938-2589

Calvin Anderson

(808) 329-4557

(808) 938-5598

Keep in mind that everybody is really busy right now, so don't be surprised if you have to try a few times to get responses. Aloha, Dawn

re the Holualoa house Jack, Pete, we need to get together funds, ourselves for the COE of the HI property. Am I still overall managing this? If so let's decide on a bank locally, get all three of our names on the signature for the account, make the initial deposit... in anticipation of the 24th close. Di has mentioned that some of Jacks friends, family want to use the house in upcoming months. We need to settle on a price to charge folks for the use... and whoever wants to use it (still depending on how we demise the thing), and have all interested parties contact me (first come, first reserved basis) re when they'd like to be there. Please make it known if you have input re the above... ASAP! Bob Hawaii contact info Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 10:24:28 -0700 Hi Bob, <Hey Rob!> I am just taking a break from my packing to check Email, and got a message from Paul saying that your Emails to me had bounced.  <Yes. Will check, amend with the addr. you've used here> I was wondering how you had been doing, and wanted to let you know that I am on my way to Hawaii (new contact info below) as of Monday.  <Yes, congrats. Had heard of your going over. BTW, we have bought a house on the Big Island... kind of near where Dana Riddle lives... and so can offer space to you to visit, hopefully get out and dive together> I hear that you've closed on a piece of property over in Kona, so hopefully you'll pause on Oahu on your way by from time-to-time ;) <Oh, yes. Sounds good> Well, I should get back to the rest of my messages so that I can finish packing! I'll probably be in-and-out of touch for a while during the move until we find a house over there and get settled in, but my new contact info is below... Best regards to you & Di! Rob <Thank you my friend. See you soon. Bob F> ----------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Robert J. Toonen Section of Evolution & Ecology 2310 Storer Hall, 1 Shields Ave, University of California, Davis, CA 95616 Phone: (530) 752-2937 Fax: (530) 752-1449 <rjtoonen@ucdavis.edu> ----------------------------------------------------------- Please note: as of May 12, 2003 I am moving to: Assistant Research Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, The Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology Coconut Island, P.O. Box 1346 Kane'ohe, Hawai'i 96744 Phone: (808) 236-7401 Fax: (808) 236-7443 Web: <http://www.hawaii.edu/HIMB/> Email: <toonen@hawaii.edu>

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