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Holualoa Property 2

Holualoa Area, Property 1, 75-5377 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kona, Hawai'i


Kona Hotel in Holualoa Town... $25 a night, communal bathrooms. Even pinker in real life.

Paul's Place in town... 2.2 miles makai (downhill) from the house... good for sundries, the paper (when Komo's up the hill barely (mauka) is closed... no regular hours, but not open for sure on Sundays).

Some plants took a beating from the termite tenting. Trying to  recover by simply keeping watered.

Others not so mal-affected further from the event. View from the house, driveway.

The house... still there, and much improved with added furniture, housewares. Spa still being repaired...

New/used rattan living room set! Oh, and fab cheapy Costco picnic table on lanai!

Thank you, Lost interest but inspired again  9/9/05 Lost interest but inspired again by you and your friend  Anthony Calfo.   Started in 1985 read every book could put my hands  on.  Learning curve like everyone else and laid it down around 1995 i.e. 10  years.  I've been a creative project engineer for WDI division of  Disney and developed 3D virtual theaters like Muppet Vision, IMAX and even  strange challenges like medical brain surgery projects.  What a wild career ride it's been, but now in 2005, 20 years later so much marine information has  been discovered.  I've spent months reading your work and others and really  excited to give it a try again. <I see> My wife Barbara and I so much love the mystery of ocean and both dive when   go each year to the big island of Hawaii.  We be came very close friends of  a wonderful family of Danny Akaka.  I don't know if you know him but  his home is most likely near your place in Kona. <Mmm, up the hill, mauka of Kailua... about halfway down the Mamalahoa Hwy to town... just past the K. Komo market...> Barbara and I are coming for about 2 weeks September 13th and would very   much like to meet you if your in town, please advise. <I'm scheduled to be there toward the end of Sept. through Oct. the house phone is 808-331-XXXX if you'd call, leave info. on how to reach you>   Anyway, thank you so  much for your efforts and contributions to the marine environment and greater   understanding.  Funny thing, I'll bet the old saying that we know less  about the worlds ocean than the moon is still true.   <I suspect so... though I know exceedingly little re both. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Very best regards, Bob Fabian       Holualoa property visit by Paul.M Bobster and friends, Well, we are back.... R-Day plus one. What can I say but, "WOW!" I can't thank you enough. I was very content just meeting someone such as yourself. Your vast knowledge and experience offered for the taking. Then, to develop a friendship of sorts was over the top. I mean, the Bob Fenner! World renowned author. Considered the "THE" in the pet fish biz! He let's me into his home and then, get this, .....his Hawaii property?!! Come on! <Well, it's actually "the bank's". They let us stay there while paying them the next few decades... Paul, you're welcome> Bob, what a gift to give someone. First you offer so freely your knowledge and experience but, you have given more than that to me.....your home! I, my wife, and my brother, really appreciate the use of your beautiful Hawaiian paradise. It was fantastic! Magical even. What a location! 15 minutes or so door to door from the airport. Just up the mountain (coffee plantations all around) in some lush foliage and easy driving. What a view!!! Overlooking Kailua-Kuna and the beautiful Pacific. Sunsets to drop a load on. Fantastic. So much room you could spend five days and never sleep in the same place twice. More than enough bathrooms as well. Could do your business in a different......well, you get the idea. =) <I hope we all (collectively and not) get to use the house, dive and travel about the island over and over again> So easy to get around the island as well. Your house is close to all the major roads and necessities. We saw everything we could in the short time we were there with little time spent "lost". The books you left for guests were extremely helpful to us. (Mochas gracias) We were able to identify the important areas to hit with little time spent in unimportant tourist traps thanks to those books. Lots of advise and knowledge in those little gems. I dove three days with Jack's Dive Locker. Wonderful business these guys have going. Ask me about my surface interval in the water with a huge pod (40 or so) of pilot whales and of course....to come fast after.....two adult Oceanic white tip sharks looking for trouble. Had to kick them off our fins. Every dive had its fill with rare (so they say) Japanese Angelfish, Flame Angels, and Potters angels, turtles, and white tip reef sharks. the coral was in full bloom. It was everywhere and healthy looking to me. Will have to relate orally the dives when we meet or talk on the phone. I do have film of my last dive day (pilot whale and sharks). <Neat! The area is blessed with many and good/cooperating dive service businesses> Volcanoes National Park had lots of lava and we were right there. My wife was able to manage some great photos and we stayed until sunset. AMAZING!!! I have some 350 digital photos from all over the island. Unfortunately, no underwater stuff except for the film we have from a friend. <Next times> Again, I can't thank you enough. We so appreciate your allowing us to stay. A few notes on the house: The first thing is the screen. It was pulled off the family room by an animal, there were prints found and the screen is torn on the lower side closest to the deck. (we talked about this with you on the first day when we called) We took our garbage to the refuge station but we dumped some charcoal (days old) into the brown can which was fairly full. We could not fit that can into convertible. We left that one for pick up. We called the service for pick up, but I guess he doesn't work the weekends as there was no answer. Please accept our apology for not emptying that can. We will pay for the pick up. During some heavy rains while we were there, there is a small leak over the counter opposite the sink (stare out the window at the kitchen sink then turn around and look at the counter. That is where the drops hit) Nothing crazy but, under heavy rain, there are some drops that make it through. Also, there is a crack in one of the windows in the hallway (I believe it is the window by the half bath in the upstairs hallway) Did you know this??? <Yep. Thanks> Lastly, we tried to do as much laundry as we could before we left. There are four towels in a basket downstairs. These are all that was left of the dirty stuff. (from our showers that evening before take off) All towels on the hanging bars are clean they just weren't completely dry when we took them out of the dryer. All sheets are washed, the house is vacuumed and the dishes are done. We bought some Tupperware for the house and two Sony alarm clocks.  <Thanks> I never did find the computer for the house and we looked everywhere. <Bizarre... s/b in a box (cardboard) either in the kitchen... or the upstairs bedroom... will have to look for> There was a microwave in a box downstairs in the large bedroom. We moved it to the adjacent room in the closet. (thought it would be safer there) Didn't buy a monitor as we didn't see a computer in the house. Would love to buy something nice for the house, though. We just didn't know what. Let me know if you can think of anything. Thanks again. I am indebted to you. Sincerely, Paul and Harmina Mansur <Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable time. Bob>

Car for HI <Thank you for the follow-up. We're still "up in the air" re what we might purchase. Pete is thinking of looking for used, and I don't still have a firm idea of how much time we might be there. Will contact you as our plans solidify. Bob Fenner> Do you want to respond?  Di  From: mlee@servco.dealerspace.com  To: dilagg@hotmail.com  Subject: Just want to check back  Just want to check back  Date :  Wed, 25 Jun 2003 01:01:17 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)  Hi Diana, I just want to check back with you, to see if you folks are still interested in our Toyota Tacoma truck. Please let me know if I could assist you in any other way, or I should check back with you some other time. Please advise. Best regards, Manson Lee (Sales Executive) ServcoAutoCenter, Servco Pacific Inc. Servco Mapunapuna Plaza 2850 Pukoloa St., Suite 203, Honolulu, HI 96819 Direct: (808) 564-2353,  Cellular: (808) 781-5287 Fax: (808) 564-2815 Toll free: 1-877-811-5138 Email: mlee@servco.dealerspace.com or mansonl@servco.com Website: www.servcoautocenter.com

Holualoa House, Dana's Book Aloha Bob, <Thank goodness! There you are> Is anyone in your house on Mamalahoa?? The front door is wide open, and there are no signs of cars - noticed this as I drove by yesterday. <No super-obvious sign/s... the "fish tail palms" are pretty indicative, but hard to make the house entrance coming up from the south... there is a new mailbox... black plastic with the numbers on it: 75-5377... and the approach from the north (if you want to risk running off the road!) has big numbers on the (white two-story) house... and a sign "Keopuiki" over the garage...> Sorry we didn't get together while you were here. I'd still like to discuss the possibility of getting that book in print. In any case, let me know about your house. <Me too on all counts. I will be back March 30- April 29... have a new truck to pick up otherwise I'd be begging you for a ride... But let's get together (am going to be there solo as usual for the first three weeks....) and CHAT to a conclusion re the book... before the info. gets "old".>> Dana
<Mahalo, Bob F>

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