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FAQs on the Hydrozoan Reproduction

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Reproductive method of the Physalia physalis (Portuguese man-o-war) 5/20/03 Hi WetWebMedia, <cheers, Alex> I am a year 12 student currently doing a biology assignment and I have to compare the reproductive methods of the human to another organism. <one similarity is that we are both dioecious (separate sexes)> I decided to research the Physalia physalis and I can't seem to find anything that covers its lifecycle in enough depth. I know this organism reproduces asexually but I need to know exactly how it reproduces. <do a google.com search with the genus name only and the rider "reproduction" and permutations of that word. I came across this link on the first page of hits: http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/accounts/physalia/p._physalis$narrative.html It would be much appreciated if you could answer this question for me. How does the Physalia Physalis reproduce? Thank-you Alex Brett
<best of luck, Anthony>

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