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Goatfishes in Indonesia, Family Mullidae



Bob Fenner


Genus Mulloidichthys:

Mulloidichthys flavolineatus (Lacepede 1801), the Yellowstripe Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea over to the Hawaiian Islands. To a maximum of seventeen inches in length. The first one in Maui, small pair in the Cooks.

Mulloidichthys vanicolensis (Valenciennes 1831), the Yellowfin Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea to Hawai'i. To fifteen inches in length. The first one in the upper Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, a second in the Cooks, and a third showing their "pink" color in Hawai'i. 

Genus Parupeneus

Parupeneus barberinoides (Bleeker 1852), the Bicolor Goatfish. Western Pacific. To one foot in length. A handsome species of considerable use in the aquarium interest. Here is one in a commercial aquarium set-up, and one "on the reef" in Fiji.

Parupeneus barberinus (Lacepede 1801), the Dash and Dot Goatfish. Indo-Pacific to the Tuamotus, but not the Red Sea. To two feet in length. Not a misprint. Shown during the day and night in Fiji.

Parupeneus bifasciatus (Lacepede 1801), the Double-Bar Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, including Hawai'i. To fourteen inches in length. Pulau Redang, Malaysia, N. Sulawesi, and Hawai'i photos.
Parupeneus ciliatus (Lacepede 1802), the Whitesaddle Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, to the Tuamotus, but not Hawai'i or the Red Sea. To fifteen inches in length. An occasional import into the pet-fish trade. Image taken in Fiji.

Parupeneus cyclostomus (Lacepede 1801), the Goldsaddle Goatfish. Indo-Pacific out to Hawai'i, including the Red Sea. To twenty inches in length. Yellow form not found in Hawai'i. Pictured, a group in the Red Sea, and a yellow individual in captivity.

Parupeneus heptacanthus (Lacepede 1802), the Small-spot Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, East Africa to the Micronesia. Indo-Pacific, including Hawai'i. To fourteen inches in length. These ones in N. Sulawesi.

Parupeneus multifasciatus (Quoy & Gaimard 1824), the Manybar Goatfish. Indo-Pacific, including Hawai'i. To a foot in length. A good looker. Here are specimens from Fiji and Hawai'i during the day and at night.
Parupeneus pleurostigma (Bennett 1830), the Sidespot Goatfish. Dark spot on body at rear of first dorsal fin; white one at base of second. Indo-Pacific. To thirteen inches in length. This one off of Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i. 

Pseudupeneus maculatus (Bloch 1793), the Spotted Goatfish. Tropical west Atlantic, including the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. To about a foot in length. An occasional catch/import for the aquarium interest. Some out during the day in the Bahamas, and one at night in Bonaire.

Genus Upeneus

Upeneus tragula Richardson 1846, the Freckled Goatfish. Indo-West Pacific. To a foot in length. One off of Man Chatnik, Pulau Redang, Malaysia, another down in N. Sulawesi. 

Upeneus vittatus (Forsskal 1775), the Striped Goatfish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, East Africa over to Hawai'i. To ten inches in length. N. Sulawesi pic. 


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