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FAQs about the Koran Angel Health/Disease

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Young Koran angel....brown spots on face.      6/18/18
Is this Ick or something else? What should I do?
<.... 7.5 megs.... Read... on WWM; re Pomacanthus semicirculatus, health, HLLE, nutrition...
Bob Fenner>

Koran angle; hlth.       6/15/15
Hi , I have a medium size Koran Angel , it is just changing its colours over the last few months to adult colourings. Anyway a couple of days ago I notice a white lump about were the anus would be , it is on both sides of the body , so don't think its a wound it is light grey in colour and looks like , well if it was a spot on your arm you would squeeze it , if you understand me.
<I do>
I cant find out what it is and don't want to treat with the wrong medication.
It is also breathing faster than normal and is eating very little.
Any ideas
<Likely a "prolapsed colon" (insert these two words on WWM, the search tool on every page. Second guess would be some sort of parasitic worm involvement. Send a well-resolved pic if you can. Bob Fenner>

new Koran issue    3/22/14
Hey Bob,
Got this Koran Angel from a buddy of mine. Have him in this 22 gallon quarantine tank. He came looking like this from his tank, and it appears to have the same blotchiness/faded brown coloration, that my later Koran angel had.
<... no photo, image file attached>
Any idea what this could be? Hopefully this better photo will make it easier to see than the other ones I had sent you from the other Koran.
So far, only a freshwater dip before I placed him in quarantine. Nothing that my eyes could see fell off.
Thanks, Bob 
Koran-Picture this time    3/22/14

Just stress

Koran update. USE WWM     3/27/14
<Am out diving... look up what you need to know. B>
Hey Bob,
After continuous reading, and some more development on fish, I believe it is Lymphocystis.(sp?) In the past few days some Styrofoam looking, (white, ssimilar texture) piece have appeared on body.
All other fish seem fine, so I am going to put him in DT. From my understanding, nothing ado about Lympho other than time, nutrition, and water parameters.

RE: Koran angel... hlth....       2/9/14
Good afternoon, Bob. I certainly did do some research on WWM, and did not find anything that matched up to mine. I found something similar, in a brown patch, that you indicated could be normal coloring, but the picture only showed one spot along the fish.
Upon doing some Google research, I came across a lot of "velvet" articles, and said copper was in order. I understand angelfish do not respond to it, so I am really unsure what to do.
<I'd do nothing... given what you've described thus far. B>

The fish has stopped eating PE Mysis, and strictly eats a lot of Nori, and Spectrum pellets. The colors have been the same for a week, meaning it has not gotten more of the brown, or less. No signs of heavy breathing as of yet. I am trying to get a picture, but the closer I get to the fish, the more he runs off to the rock work.
Thank you
RE: Koran angel      2/10/14

Thank you, Bob.
Where would you personally draw the line between normal coloration, and velvet? I will not use copper, but I certainly do not want the fish mates in tank to catch it as well.
<Not velvet... your fishes would be dead. But the pic shows signs of "something off"... chemically (blue-green alg. poisoning?), socially. AGAIN and hopefully for the last time; READ re this fish, HLLE on WWM. Stat! B>
For now, I am thinking, to power feed with Spectrum pellets. He eats about 20 of them in a single feeding before I stop putting them in. I am thinking now to keep dropping the pellets in there until he shows he doesn't want to eat them.

RE: Koran angel     2/10/14
Will do. Thank you, Bob
<Ah, welcome>

Koran angel update... WWM NOT a bb/chatroom   2/14/14
Good afternoon, Bob. I wish to update you on my Koran Angel fish. I have scoured the WWM site, and found both symptoms I am seeing, but not occurring at the same time.
A week ago I sent you a picture of a juv. Koran Angel. It had brown patches across its body, and you narrowed it down to either water conditions, or color maturation. <Or harassment> He is still feeding strongly, and it appeared after two water changes the brown patches faded a bit.
<... read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/korandisfaqs.htm
and the linked files above>
However, yesterday I also noticed is right eye, seemed to be inflamed (larger than usual) and cloudy. It is not both eyes, just the one, so I am thinking the scratching against the overflow box, and sand, may have given him this secondary infection.
At this point, would you continue to just monitor and feed well, or would you treat for eye symptom?
<Look up: "One eye damage" on WWM>
I have done two 10 percent water changes since last Friday,  and I have also bought a new Reef Octopus skimmer, which is still breaking in. I believe in time that should definitely help out with water quality, for my other MTC skimmer was not doing the job.
Thanks a bunch, Bob
RE: Koran angel update   2/14/14

Mr. Fenner-
Yup read that. It should clear up on its own, with nutrition and better water quality, which I am hoping the new skimmer will help with. Just to be sure I fully understand it, it is an injury, from scratching perhaps, that lets bacteria in. And it becomes inflamed, but no need for "treatment", let good food and water fix it.

An update for Bob; SW, hlth...      2/24/14
Good afternoon, Bob. I asked a series of questions roughly 2-3 weeks ago, regarding my tank. I know you have a lot of emails to read thru, but it was involving lethargic fish, as well as a Juvenile Koran Angel, who had a brown blotchy appearance to it. He also later developed a foggy, cloudy eye.
<I recall>
I feel inclined to update you on how the tank is progressing, for I believe that someone who helps as much as you, deserves some feedback, and just a ask question and run.
My tank today, is the best it has ever looked. There is not a single dormant fish in the tank, (knock on wood) and even the brown patches cleared up to where they are just barely noticeable at the moment. Even my marbled cat shark, comes out and eats when there is food in the water. The only time I stick feed him is when I put a piece of Mazuri vitamin in the food.
I waited, just like you said, and did not add any fish. I also got my new Reef Octopus skimmer in there, and it is pulling a cup a day. My old skimmer pulled a cup every two weeks. The only other "equipment" changes I did to the tank was I replaced my UV bulb (25 watt) and cleaned the quartz, and added a VorTech mp40 wavemaker (powerhead?)
All fish are eating, active, and the water is crystal clear, and my sand now has zero debris on it. (thanks to the wave maker).
My parameters are, 1.022 SG, 76 degrees F, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 15-20 nitrates.
My tank had a bit of a haze to it about a week ago, but once my skimmer finally broke in, and I changed the UV bulb, within 12 hours, the tank looked brand new.
Again, just an update, no questions and on my part, perhaps more importantly, a simple thank you.
<Ah, welcome. B>

Koran angel passed; more blather sans searching       3/7/14
Hey bob. I am sorry to confirm that my Juv. Koran Angelfish passed away yesterday. Before he died, I tried to give him a fresh water (RO)
<... no oxygen...>

 dip to see if I can provide some relief.
At that point, he had already been swimming upside down, and looked disoriented. As I dipped him, I could see little white objects pop off him, must have been about 20 or so.  They appeared to the naked eye as small, eye contact lenses.
This to me seemed like flukes, can not recall the name of them, but the larger, more common version.
The only other fish in there who has symptoms is my miniatus grouper, who had a "PopEye". So I dismantled the rock in my tank, took him out, freshwater dipped him for about 4-5 minutes, and he too had these little white capsule pop off of him.
I have him in a quarantine tank with heater and filter, for if I have to dip him again, it will be easier than undoing the rock again.
Since he is the only fish with abnormal symptoms, since I have him in quarantine, and knowing these are most likely flukes, should I use and treatment on him, or just watch and continue freshwater dips?
<Read on!>
The other fish in the tank seem fine, however I know there probably still is the parasite in there looking for a host. Would Prazi pro be safe to run in there? I have zero corals or inverts.

Salt water angel foggy eye       10/29/13
My 6year old Koran angel developed a foggy eye.
<Yeah... unilateral... mechanical injury...>

It started last Wednesday.
I started treating him with microbe lift actives both the Herbtana
<... of no use>
 and the artemiss but it does not seem to help.  He is still eating well but a little less active than usual. It seems his eye is getting worst for I was able to see his pupil before but now there is a redness to it as well and I can not see the pupil anymore. I have attached pictures. Please help
Carlo- Electric Eel
<....? Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mardisindex.htm
scroll down to eye issues. Bob Fenner>

Re: Salt water angel foggy eye       10/29/13
Hi Mr. Fenner
Should I be putting him in a hospital tank and treating him with maracyn 
Carlo- Electric Eel
<You should be reading. BobF>
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye       10/29/13

I read up in the FAQ and what I gather is that with good nutrition and good water quality it should go away on its <own>
<Ah yes>

 but should I put something in the water to protect my angel against bacteria infection?
<If you're going the treatment per se route, better to get "whatever this is antimicrobial wise" into the fish... via feeding; best by injection (intraperitoneal- or intramuscular-ly. B>
Carlo- Electric Eel
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye       10/29/13

Do you have something to suggest I use ?
<Chloramphenicol Succinate... of course. B>
Carlo- Electric Eel
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye       10/29/13

Thank you. I will research to see where I can get it. Thank you for your help
Carlo- Electric Eel

Re: Salt water angel foggy eye   11/1/13
Hi Bob
Our angel has stopped eating. Could it be something else?
<... what is "it"? Likely the injury alone could/does acct. for a loss of appetite>
Carlo- Electric Eel
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye   11/1/13

The it is just still his eye being swollen and reddish. He hadn't eaten today so I was wondering if the swollen red eye could be a symptom of something else
<Keep reading
Carlo- Electric Eel

Re: Salt water angel foggy eye     11/12/13
Hi Bob
It's been a couple of weeks now and the angels eye swelling went down but is still red. I noticed he is starting to get a couple of red spots of the side of his body. He is also breathing a little heavier than usual. Could he have a parasite of a bacterial infection. ?
<... sure; how can/could you tell for sure? Sampling, 'scoping. B>

Please help. I really trying to get him better. I have been feeding food with garlic and keeping the water quality good but he doesn't seem to be getting better. All the other fish seem fine.
Thank you
Carlo- Electric Eel
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye     11/12/13

What do you meaning ...sampling scooping ?
<.... 'scoping; as in microscoping...>
 Can I do something to help ?
Carlo- Electric Eel
<Re-read re eye issues of marine fishes on WWM. Just good care is all I'd do here... HUFAs, comm. soak of foods; optimized water qual. READ! These "eye issues" take time>

Re: Salt water angel foggy eye    11/17/13
My angel really isn't doing well. He is pretty much at the bottom of the tank leaning against a rock just breathing.
 It seems like there is something else going on cause his fins look like they are shedding.
<Very bad>
 I included another picture . At this point is there something I can do to save him?
<Just hope at this point. I would turn the light/s off on the system>
If I put him in a qt tank will I just make it worst ?
<I would not move this fish>
 I live in Canada and I don't have access to many meds like the one bob had suggested.
<No sense treating this fish at this point. Bob Fenner>
Carlo- Electric Eel

Re: Salt water angel foggy eye   11/18/13
I don't get it though ? How did it get to this point ? I mean initially it was that he had just scraped himself right ? Did he
catch something else ? I have been soaking his food and keeping quality levels up . I do t get it
Carlo- Electric Eel
<... damage, stress; perhaps a bacterial infection. B>
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye   11/18/13

Ok so I closed the lights and he started swimming around a little.
Should I prep a qt tank just incase ? I have a 10 gallon that I use for my smaller fish but my angel is pretty big. What size should I buy as a good qt if the answer is yes ?
Carlo- Electric Eel
Re: Salt water angel foggy eye   11/18/13

Forget my last email. He is still breathing but upside down so I don't think he will live thru the night
Carlo- Electric Eel

hole in Koran angel's back fin??   2/3/13
Hello,  we have a Koran angel in a 135 gallon tank.  Over the last couple of months he has started to change color, something we just attributed to his maturing.  We have had him around 3 years so the time seemed right to us.  Unfortunately, his color is not evening out and his fins are starting to look ragged. 
<Bad signs>
We’ve checked the levels in the tank
 and everything seems okay, he eats every day and otherwise acts fine but recently we have noticed a hole developing in his back fin.
<Mmm, perhaps a deficiency... in nutrition.>
 Tonight I noticed it was a completely open hole about the size of a pencil eraser.
<Too big>
  Some of the other fish are exhibiting some signs of ragged fins as well but we don’t know what would be causing this! We have treated the food with fin restoring medicine but it doesn’t seem to be helping.  Any suggestions on what may be causing this and what we can do to fix it?   Thanks for any input you may have!
Nicole Smith
<What foods do you offer? Do you supplement w/ vitamins/HUFAs? Need to know re your system, maintenance program... I would introduce Spectrum pelleted food as a staple here, now. Bob Fenner>

Blue Koran white swollen eyes... reading      8/23/12
Hi Guys. We have a Blue Koran Angel who was doing fine just two days ago.
Yesterday his eyes seemed a little swollen but he was still eating and doing quite well. This morning his eyes are swollen and white. Almost as though its a bubble covering them. He also did not eat breakfast or dinner.
Our water parameters are all good.
<... need values>
Temp is good. He is in a temporary 100 gallon while his big tank is cycling and warming. I will attach a picture.
<I see this in your following email>
 The filtration on the tank he's in is a Fluval 406 and a Fluval 205.
Plenty of live rock..over 30 lbs. We had thought there was Ich in the tank so we treated the tank once with non copper meds.
<... what specifically and how administered?>
 In the tank is also a Domino,
<Dascyllus trimaculatus? Very mean... see WWM re>
 Saddleback, Damsel, Yellow Tang, 2 Crommies and 2 Fire Clowns oh and a Wrasse. Please help. We got this guy from a bad store and didn't know much about him. So we learned about him and bought a bigger tank. Thanks!
<Mmm, well... there are a few probable causes for what is shown, described... chemical challenges, small air bubbles, physical trauma... and a few possible avenues for treatment. Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Blue Koran white swollen eyes - 8/23/12
Thanks for the email. Overnight unfortunately the Koran died. We went to our LFS and they didn't seem to know what was wrong other then possible stress.
Thanks for your help. I always refer to your site with questions.
<Thank you for this follow-up. I encourage you to still read through the aforementioned links. BobF>

Koran angel intestinal parasite?    3/28/12
I have a Koran Angel in QT right now for about 2 weeks.  Yesterday I noticed he has a lot of white stringy waste sticking out.  I'm guessing this is the first sign of an intestinal parasite.
<Mmm, not necessarily; no. Same sorts of "causes" as humans...>
 Is there any medication that can be used for this?  What are the chances he'll make it?
<Try the search tool on WWM w/ the descriptors you list above>
  Second question is about my new 180 gallon DT.  It is up and running with plenty of live rock.  I added snails and small crabs,
<Mmm, why?>
 the last of which about 4 weeks ago.  I am letting it run fallow to make sure any disease or parasites that came in with the LR and inverts die off before adding fish.  Is 4 weeks long enough or should I wait longer?
<Could wait longer... again, use the search... Bob Fenner>
 Thanks in advance!

Please help with sick Koran Angelfish!   3/2/12
Hi Crew,
I am new to the hobby and I have learned SO much from your site! THANK YOU for taking the time to answer countless questions for hobbyists and making them available for everyone to read and learn from!  You have and continue to contribute so much to making this hobby better for everyone!  Not only on this site, but also on countless other websites, I have read about dropsy and bloat... I feel like this is what my Juvenile Koran Angel (approx 3.5-4") has but there is a little more to it and I'm not sure how to proceed... I'm hoping you can help...
<Let's see>
On Dec 24, we were given an established 70 gal tank
<Too small for a Koran>

by some friends that had to move to Japan. There were only 2 fish and some inverts in it at the time.
We really didn't know anything about SW and didn't research ahead of time b/c acquiring the tank was an unplanned surprise. Since then, though, I have literally spent EVERY spare second (HOURS every day!!!) reading and learning. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of issues since the beginning and have lost several fish...
<No fun>
It all started with my husband buying a powder blue tang.

Even though I did really want one, I had read about them and decided that we needed to wait on getting it until we had a QT setup. My husband called me from the LFS and told me they had one there for $50 and I told him NOT TO get it. The owner of the store convinced him that it would be fine and even swindled him into spending more money on a product called Voogle that they claimed would boost the fish's immune system and everything would, for sure, be fine. It was only a couple days before we started noticing the white spots. We tried a "reef safe" Ich treatment called Kick Ick by Ruby Reef
<Both worthless>
 (another waste of money recommended by the LFS) and after a couple of weeks, the PBT was looking TERRIBLE. I knew if we didn't do something fast we were going to lose our beloved fish. In the meantime we had acquired a 50gal tank to use as a HT for all the fish and so we caught all of them, put them in the  50g, and dosed with copper. The next morning the PBT was dead and the royal Dottyback was laying on it's side but still alive. I put the Dottyback into a 5g QT thinking it was hrs away from dying and I didn't want an ammonia spike to affect the other fish if I wasn't home to get it out immediately.
It lasted over a week in the 5g before it died, but I don't think it ate anything the entire time. The next fish we lost was a coral beauty angel.
Can't be sure, but it was doing totally fine until we couldn't find it the next day. When my husband got home from work that night, he found it (presumably because he had a hunch of where to look) and he admitted that he had moved some rocks around in that area trying to make more swimming room for them and, although he thought he had checked really well and was careful, he may have smooshed the coral beauty. :( Ever since then, the remaining fish had been doing great. There are 2 Ocellaris Clowns, 2 Azure Damsels, 1 Lawnmower Blenny, 1 One Spot Foxface, and 1 Koran Angel. All but the blue damsels and the lawnmower had shown signs of Ich infection prior to copper treatment and are all Ich free now. They have all (including the lawnmower and blue damsels) been in HT for 4.5 weeks and I just put in a Polyfilter last weekend to take out the copper. I plan on leaving them in there for at least a couple more weeks just to make sure they are all good.
Sorry for the long background but I thought it was important for you to understand the whole situation.
<No worries>
Now for my reason for writing you... The Koran Angel has had Lymphocystis since about the 2nd week of Jan or so (soon after we got him).
<Brought on by "stress">

 At first we thought it was Ich, too, but as it grew we learned it was lymph. It has seemed bothered by it off and on, occasionally flashing on rocks and visiting the cleaner shrimp A LOT before going into QT, but otherwise seemed happy, fine, and always an aggressive eater. The past few days, though, he is not eating much, if any food. I noticed that he has some white furry looking growths on his bottom lip. It looks like some pics I've seen of fish with Lymph on their mouth. I figured that it was bothering him and making it hard for him to eat or causing him not to want to. Out of the past several days, I have tried to watch him closely during feeding time to see if he eats at all. I feed twice a day and out of several days, maybe about 5?, I have seen him eat a little something twice. I have been very concerned that he is not eating and trying to decide if I should try to catch him and manually remove the lymph growths, hopefully causing him to be able to eat again, or wondering if the stress of that would potentially cause him more problems. Last night I noticed that he had a string of poop hanging from him that was white and sort of stringy with a little clear in it (not thin like a hair though), and today he looks very bloated. He stays in "his cave" in the rocks most of the time. It seems like he tilts sideways sometimes when he is hovering in his cave but I'm not sure it is something concerning or just what he is doing on purpose. I have read on another person's post where you had told them to use Maracyn 2 for dropsy/bloat, but I'm not sure if it would still be the best treatment for my Koran with all the other stuff going on with him (just finishing copper treatment and getting over Ich infection, also suffering from lymph, being in a QT smaller than ideal for this fish, etc). I know that stress can cause so many problems and make problems worse. I just don't want to do anything wrong and cause anymore problems.
<You are wise here. The "bloat" is likely related to the copper exposure... Not feeding... I'd add a few pounds of fresh/cured live rock>
A couple other possibly relevant points:
I have noticed for at least 2 weeks that the lawnmower's belly is VERY bloated but it isn't always like that throughout the day. I had read that it can be from them eating a diet too rich in protein, which I thought might be the case because the copper killed all the algae on the LR for him to graze on. (I know you aren't supposed to use LR in QT or with meds, but I didn't know this until it was too late and I was told by the LFS that it was best to put LR & LS from established aquarium into a non cycled tank for emergency QT since there was no existing biological filter. I know... more BAD advice from the LFS... I won't be going to them for help ANYMORE for sure!) I do supplement with dried seaweed on clips daily, but the lawnmower doesn't swim up to that.
<Place it down on the bottom>
 Now I have some good algae growth in there and for a while I have had diatoms on the glass which he eats.
All my water param.s are good. PH 8.3, 0 amm, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates. I have also read that adding magnesium can sometimes help. Do you think this would help in my case?
<Needs to be proportional (about 3:1) w/ Calcium concentration... both have to be tested for>
I have also read that some people have had success with Epsom salt baths.
Do you think this is something I should try?
<I would not at this point>
If so, what guidelines should I follow and how much salt to water should I use?
<Posted on WWM, IF you go this route>
 Would I start with regular R/O water or start with saltwater like I would normally use for a water change? How long would I leave him in? Etc.
<IF you add Epsom, I would place it in the main tank... not a bath/dip>
If I get him out to do a Epsom bath, would you recommend trying to scrape of the lymph growths?
<I would not>

If you don't recommend the bath, would you still recommend getting him out and scraping off the growths?
I know that bloat is often caused by internal bacterial infection, thus the antibiotic treatment. I know I have some erythromycin that came with everything our friends gave us with the tank. If you do recommend antibiotic treatment for him, would what I have be ok to use? If so, what guidelines should I follow on dosage? I'm just not sure that it is a bacterial thing with him since he has all this other stuff going on. Could the bloat be caused by him not eating???
<I would not add medicines of any sort to the system>
Lastly, since I still have all the fish in the 50g tank to watch them a couple more weeks ensuring that everything is fine before returning them to the DT, I only have a 5gal tank that I could use for antibiotic treatment unless I bought yet another tank. (we currently have 8 tanks set up in our house! :/ SW: 70gal DT, 12gal NanoCube w/ corals, 50gal HT, 5gal QT; 3 FW tanks, and 1 turtle tank). I don't know where we would put another! The 5gal would be way too small for my 3-4" Koran even temporarily, though, wouldn't it?
Again, I apologize for the long winded email, but I am desperate for some help from someone who I believe is knowledgeable and isn't going to give me VERY wrong information.  I have made the mistake of listening to a lot of people who thought they knew the right answers but didn't.  As you know, there is soooo much to know in this hobby and it takes so much time to learn!  Although I know I have so much more to learn, as I think this is a hobby that you can never learn everything about, I have learned soooo much in just the past 2 months and I know I won't be making so many dumb mistakes due to ignorance in the future.  My husband thinks he has lost his wife to saltwater because I literally spend EVERY spare second that I have reading about it, or working on something with the tanks! LOL
Thank you so much in advance for your time and help!!!
<Happy to assist your efforts, understanding. Bob Fenner>
Re: Please help with sick Koran Angelfish! 3/2/12

Mr. Fenner,
Thank you so much for your help and such a quick response!
Just to clarify, are you saying you wouldn't medicate with any antibiotic even if I had a tank sufficiently sized for the Koran?
"<I would not add medicines of any sort to the system>"
 What would be sufficient for a fish this size?
<... read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/pomacanthus/koran.htm
and the linked files above...>
Many people have told me that a 10 gal tank is fine for a QT.

 It seems too small to me, but when I have said this to my husband, he points out that the fish are being housed in tanks no bigger than that at the LFS.  I guess to state my question more plainly & specifically, what size QT do you think is needed?
<.... read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mardisindex.htm
 I know stress can cause so many problems.  I don't want a fish to be stressed due to being stuck in a QT that's too small & end up actually getting sick because of doing what I thought was right to keep the fish from getting sick.
Also, because he has been hiding in his cave most of the time, I have not gotten a good look at his mouth besides just being able top see his profile in the shadows & I could see that he had something growing on his bottom lip & thought it was just more lymphs.  Tonight he came out from the cave some & was up against the glass where I could see his mouth really well. 
It is actually really nasty looking, very red, & looks almost like it is rotting.  The stuff on his mouth is cotton-like or fibrous looking.  Do you think it could be Columnaris?  If so, should I do anything different than what I'm already doing?  I feel like it actually has more than one thing going on at the same time. I noticed tonight when I got a good look at it's mouth that it also has a lot of areas in its skin that are pale in color compared to what it should be.  I immediately thought if HLLE but I feed a good diet (including frozen angelfish food by Ocean Nutrition) & other than the copper in the water for the ich treatment, water param.s have been good so I don't understand why it would get HLLE.  Also, up can't find anything expressing any relationship between any of hours outward symptoms & the bloat/swim bladder problem he is having, so it makes me think he actually has 2 different things going on at the same time, but that seems so strange to me.  Your thoughts? 
<Keep reading>
He is my husband's favorite fish &  I don't want to see him die but I do want your honesty if you think he undoubtedly will.  Do you think there is any hope of the Koran surviving or is this just a waiting game until he dies?
<There is always hope>
Thank you so much again for your help,

Re: Sick Koran angelfish and ocellaris clownfish 1/18/12
I'm sorry, I forgot to attach some pictures. First is the Koran angel. It is kind of difficult to see, but the spikes are somewhat visible towards the back of the fish on the left side of the picture.
<I see... something. But I don't see where someone was responding to your message from yesterday. I will resp. to it as well here>
The second picture is the ocellaris clown.
Thanks Again!
Ashton Nietzke
Sick Koran angelfish and ocellaris clownfish 1/18/12

Hi WWM Crew,
I would like to point out that I read your website daily and find it to be an amazing source of information. However, my saltwater tank seems to be cursed. I finally managed to get everything perfect in the tank, a 187 gallon (60" long x 24" wide x 30" tall), after over a year with only a flame angelfish (Centropyge loricula), a single cinnamon clownfish (Amphiprion melanopus) and an ocellaris clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) pair. So two days after Christmas I decided to go pick out my next fish for the tank. I went to the store, and picked out a beautiful Koran angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) and super-male yellow-flanked fairy wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis). After deciding that they were too large for my 20 gallon quarantine, I decided to give them both a 3 minute freshwater dip and a 30 second Methylene blue dip. I then added them to the main display aquarium. It was quite a mistake. Two days later the Koran angelfish was covered in velvet, and the next day so was the flame angel. I immediately pulled all the fish from the display and added them to the quarantine, treating them with Cupramine.
<Mmm, Angels don't "like" Copper exposure...>
After about 5 days, no velvet symptoms reappeared. After the two week mark, I performed a large water change to remove as much copper from the system as possible without upsetting the biological filter. About a week afterwards, the Koran angelfish appeared to have little white spikes appearing on its fins.
I thought all was well, and after talking with several people, I had come to the consensus that it was Lymphocystis.
<Doesn't look like this to me... Might be just mucus, bent fin spines>
Then, they spread to the body. I continued to watch the Koran and nothing seemed to be changing, so I figured I would just keep an eye on it in the quarantine with the other fish while the display tank sits fallow for 6 weeks. As of 3 days ago my male ocellaris clownfish seems to have gotten the white spikes emerging from his body and fins, and his eyes have swollen dramatically (almost 3 times their normal size).
<Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm
and the linked files above>
He also seems to have lost a considerable amount of girth in those same 3 days. He was being slightly picked on by the female ocellaris (who he has laid eggs with before), but nothing else was bothering him in the quarantine (in fact I actually separated the cinnamon clownfish off from the other fish in the tank with an egg crate box just so that it wouldn't pick on them in the smaller tank). His breathing seems to be getting more and more rapid, and he swims listlessly in the same spot for hours. I am really afraid for not just the sick Koran and ocellaris, but for all the fish in the tank. Any suggestions?
<... I'd likely take the risk of reintroducing these fishes back to the main/display tank... the root cause/s of the troubles here... are too likely environmental; borne of the too small volume>
P.S. Here are the test results for the water quality in the quarantine:
Nitrate: ~5
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: 0
pH: 8.3
Calcium: 420
Specific Gravity: 1.0224
Copper: No longer detectable
Thanks in advance,
Ashton Nietzke
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sick Koran angelfish and ocellaris clownfish 1/18/12
I would like to thank you so much again, but I do have some more questions as well. Reading throughout WWM, I thought that the tank needed to sit fallow for 8 weeks to be pretty confident that the velvet was gone.
<The longer the better>
If so, should I just do some tank swapping? I have a 75 gallon tank with a juvenile Flowerhorn and a juvenile red devil (both around 3 inches) that I could move to a spare kiddy pool (around 50 gallons) I have to put my turtle in during the summer, so that I could fill the 75 gallon with clean saltwater and add some pvc pipe and some biological bacteria in a bottle.
Would this work to reduce the stress of the small tank, while still allowing for an 8 week fallow period?
<An excellent idea! BobF>
Thanks again!
Ashton Nietzke
Re: Sick Koran angelfish and ocellaris clownfish 1/20/12

Once again I would like to thank you for the great advice! The fish look 100% better in the larger tank, all of them are swimming around and eating fantastically, and the spikes have completely disappeared, as well as the swelling in the Clownfish's eyes. From now on, every purchase will receive a 6 week quarantine in the 75 gallon. Thank you again!
Ashton Nietzke
<Ahh! Thank you for sharing this upbeat update Ashton. BobF>

Koran Angel Fat Lip?? 4/26/10
Dear Crew
Below is the setup of my Tank
<Really too small for this species>
Plus 80L Refugium plumbed in on One side and a 100L Seahorse Tank plumbed in on the other. (total Water Capacity 650L) Sump with 5kg Matrix and 1 reef block ( supposed to filter 1000L on its own), Polyfilter pad and filter wool.
Reef Octopus hurricane skimmer rated to 1000L with Ozone connected
2 x 4000LPH Tunze 6045 Power heads plus 2 x 1000LPH Aqua One power heads.
3500lph return pump on sump
150w 14000k MH x 2 plus 4 x PC Actinic Blue 60Kg Live rock in tank
3 Hammer corals, 1 Gorgonian fan, 3 Green tree coral and approx 15 mushrooms corals, 3 stalks of Xenia, a good clump of star polyps assorted Tank mates
4 x blue green Chromis
2 x blue tangs ( 2 inches)
2 x 1 Inch long yellow twin spot wrasse
1 x Yellow tang
1 x Sail fin Tang (3 inches)
2 orange Nemos
1 x Koran Angel ( 4 inches)
1 x Foxface (2 inches)
Ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate <10PPM
SG 1.024
Ph 8.3
KH 250
Calcium 480
Temp 25 Degrees C (Chiller installed)
Tonight when we came home I noticed My Koran Angel had a lump on his bottom lip (Pic Attached)
<I see this in your excellent photograph>
This was definitely not there at 2pm this afternoon and we got home by 8pm.
I fed the tank and he is eating fine and shows no signs of any stress.
Would you please take a minute and have a look at the Pic and see if you can diagnose the problem and suggest any treatment. The best I can find might be Mouth Fungus but it could also be an injury.
Any advice would be appreciated.
<I do think/concur that this is an injury... due to the rapid onset, not likely viral... Perhaps this semicirculatus chewed on one of the Cnidarians you list. Naught to do here really but be patient, keep up with regular maintenance, and hope. Bob Fenner>

Koran Sick or Maturing? HLLE -- 02/14/10
I am hoping that I am jumping the gun on this one, but wanted to ask about my Koran Angel. To me this one is a head scratcher. I read several articles you all had about Ich and velvet, but cannot for the life of me find out what is happening with my Koran.
<Is the beginning of an environmental/nutritional corrosive condition ofttimes called Head and Lateral Line Erosion... disease. HLLE>
I got him about two weeks ago. I have had him in my QT tank since day one.
He is about 4 to 5 inches. When I got him, he was fine. There were no discolorations or anything wrong with him. ( Thank you on your selection of fish notes since it taught me to watch the fish eat in the LFS before purchasing. )
I also want to thank you for your articles on the purpose of a QT as well as setup. I am living proof of the over zealous type. This lead to a tank crash. I am living proof of the necessity of a QT. Very expensive and heartbreaking lesson to learn.
Long story short, I have him in the QT tank that is currently being treated with Copper.
<Don't do this. Won't cure this... will hurt further>
Over the past week, he has developed a brown patch. This is located just above his eyes and not quite to his dorsal fin. I am concerned since this appears to be spreading.
Since the Methylene Blue is non toxic and treats fungus and bacterial infections ( to my understanding) I added the Meth Blue to the QT tank along with the copper when I noticed this patch appearing.
After reading many articles on WWM, I cannot find anything that is describing what this could be. The only thing that I can assume at this point is the article you wrote on angels and how they are delicate in regards to organics. ( I have a hang on the back filter, heater, some rock for hiding, and a lid on the 26 gallon QT tank.). I am also wondering if it could be his maturity colors beginning to come in. ( It does appear to be the same color as the photo you have of a mature Koran )
As far as the organics, I am wondering if I should take the UV sterilizer out of my main and put it into the QT?
As far as behavior, there is nothing out of the norm. He is curious, comes to the front of the glass, hangs out in the middle of the tank, swims, non clamped fins, and is not shy about eating what so ever.
I did attach a couple of pictures of him to hopefully shed some light on this situation.
Any help you can get is greatly appreciated.
Thank you guys so much for all you do. Especially on posting threads with accurate information oppose to the other guys. (not to sling mud :)
<You may be slinging mud. Please read here:
and the linked files above.. Oh, and here:
Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel/Health 4/14/09
Hello, thanks for your website.
<You're welcome.>
I have skimmed through related questions on Korans and cannot find a similar question. I have a 135 gallon tank and have enjoyed a Koran Angel in it for about 7 months. It has grown quite rapidly to about six inches.
It is the biggest fish in the tank and has no competitors. The last few days it has simply stopped eating. It has always been the best eater in the tank and will even eat out of your fingers if you hold them still. It
Loves romaine lettuce and algae clips. I have looked at it closely for any changes in its body. Its' color is great and looks very healthy. The water is not great (nitrates at 20ppm) but has been at this before and it has ate fine.
<Mmm, water quality is catching up with the fish.>
The tanks is not overstocked - would actually like to get some more fish.
It is still swimming around some, maybe not as much as usual but maybe I am just paranoid.
<Not paranoid, the fish is telling you something, respond.>
This is the most striking fish in our tank and hate to lose it. Any help would be appreciated. Also, it has not changed color yet and for a Koran of its size, many have already began to change color. A guy at the LFS
says that it could be an age thing more than size.
<Dan, a protein skimmer is a must for keeping angels, they do require excellent water quality and good nutrition.
I would suggest you do a 20% water change and see if the fish responds, if so, bingo on the water quality issue.
James (Salty Dog)>
Dan Hammonds
Re Koran Angel/Health 4/14/09
Did a 25 gallon water change and the fish started swimming around a little more. After a few hours, I fed and it ate for the first time in a few days. May try to do another partial water change tomorrow to get nitrates
back down some more.
<Excellent idea, and do seriously consider getting a good protein skimmer, will be well worth the investment.>
I would be curious to hear about the changing into an adult and your thoughts.
<In captive systems, angels grow but some never change into their full adult look due to cramped quarters and poor nutrition.
Your 135 is not to be considered a large tank for a Koran.>
It is a big size not to have changed any. Honestly, it is one of the few species that is better looking as a juvenile than an adult. I am not out of the clear yet but I feel a lot better after seeing it eat.
<Dan, do read here and related articles/FAQ's.
James (Salty Dog)>
Re Koran Angel/Health 4/15/09
Thank you for the help.
<You're welcome, Dan.>
I do have a skimmer running and it gets a good deal of wastes.
I plan to change 20% today again and see if it can help drop the nitrates even more. The angel was much more active last night and hopefully it will begin to recoop. This is the highest my nitrates have been since I have had the tank. I don't know why they have shot up so high but it could be to overfeeding.
<One of the leading causes.>
I have a Copperband that I have been trying to get to eat frozen food and it might be the cause. This is the only difference I could think of. I am sad to hear that 135 isn't large enough for the angel to fully grow.
<Not quite what I meant. Do read the original thread again.>
I don't want to have a tank with animals too big for it. I would love to get a bigger tank but the setup I got was free from a brother who got tired of fooling with it. I feed well but probably too well but I love the
vibrant color of a healthy fish.
<Fish aren't like us, they cannot eat two double cheeseburgers, no pickles and a large onion fry. They do not require large amounts of food, but rather small amounts fed more often and of a nutritional nature. Have you tried New Life Spectrum Pellets? Very nutritional for a dried food source, is one of the foods I use. See here. http://nlsfishfood.com/
And do read here for help on controlling excess nutrients in your tank.
Again, thanks for the help and hopefully all will go well.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Young Koran Angel, hlth. 8/24/08 Hi! <Hello> Firstly, this is a truly fabulous site and so is the book by Mr. Fenner, that has become a bible for us. Brilliant! <Sarah, I wish we were having a Guinness> I have as suggested, read the web site and searched the Internet. for advice to help my young Koran. I am scared we are losing him and don't know how to what to do! Purchased 6 weeks ago, he was eventually introduced to the tank (100gls) 3 weeks ago. He was vibrant with colour, active to the point of rowdy, came readily for food and was at ease with his tank mates. Today, after 2 days of deterioration, he is blotchy, lethargic, hiding and not eating. He appears to be arching his back with all spinal fins extended, he also keeps falling over. When I first approached the tank this morning, he was lying on his side under a rock. He rallied himself upright but has remained mostly hidden. He seems to have moments when he appears to spasm, then is still again. He has 'fallen over' several times but each time manages to get upright again. I am very worried. <Me too... some "laying down" by this species does happen when they're young/small... but...> Our water is spot on, with all the parameters exactly where they should be. Apart from the blotching, there are no other obvious signs of illness. Please, how can I help him? Sarah ps. Sorry I can not get a decent photo, its too dark in his hiding-hole) <Do you have another up and going system you can move this fish to? I suspect some sort of external (Flukes, gill...) and/or internal (lumenal) parasite issue at root here... but by the time this/these can be addressed, it may be too late here now... Do you want to try a pH adjusted freshwater bath (with or w/o some Formalin), moving this fish immediately afterwards to a tank with reduced spg? Bob Fenner>

Re: Young Koran Angel -- 09/07/08 Hello again Mr. Fenner, Sadly, during the night of my original message, we lost the little Koran. It was very distressing especially as he was so small and almost knowing that he would be gone in the morning. We didn't get to try the dip you suggested as time had passed but at least have that knowledge logged, for future reference. <Ahh> Thank you for taking the time to respond so quickly and informatively. Its a good thing we have electronic mail, your post bag would need a truck to deliver! <And to think of the trees, pollution in making the paperwork, the portion of incidental postal worker jokes...> Thank you for all the work that goes into this site, it's totally invaluable and definitely worth a Guinness! Sarah x <Now you're talkin'! Thank you for this follow-up Sarah. BobF>

Koran angel with white small pimples in the mouth.........on the lips..... 07/28/2008 I've had my Koran for about 3 months now and I noticed his lips being swollen (he's 2 inches). After inspection, it seems to look like his lips have chapped off in a few places and look a bit swollen (maybe an exaggeration). <Have seen such before> He seems to eat when fed and does not display any sick behavior habits (ick, etc) Is this typical for a juvenile to show? Any ideas???? Thank you Adam <Perhaps some collateral damage from a trauma, collection? Maybe idiopathic, tumorous... I'd be reading re water quality, nutrition... A photo next time... Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel, sick or changing colour 2/26/08 Hello, I must thank you guys for providing such a helpful site, but I cannot seem to find the answer to my problem. I have this Koran angel who is currently in a 10gal quarantine tank. <Mmm, I would be moving this fish> He was in a 75gal with a 2 inch panther grouper, and a Picasso trigger. <Mmm... not very compatible...> Since then his colour has changed from blue to some sort of bleached, white colour. <I see this> We have been feeding him marine flakes, brine shrimp, shrimp, mysids shrimp, squid and mussels. The nitrite is 0.25ppm. <I'd be moving to where this is zero> Could you please help me with this problem? <Environmental... this fish's world is sick, unsuitable. Needs to be in better circumstances... spelled out on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Re: Need help with lesions on emperor angel 3-5-09 Hello, Crew: <Steve> I am still battling with my emperor angel's HLLE (I wrote to you about 10 days ago with all the details), but I am trying to do all the appropriate things. I am replying to this because my tank setup and specifics are in a prior email that you answered some questions on for me. My question now is actually on a different matter: Would there be anything wrong with getting some macro algae and placing it in a location of the sump tank with a light down there? <No... nothing wrong with this... many thing "right"> As opposed to putting on an actual refugium? <Better to have in both, but... the tank placement is of benefit alone> I mean, isn't this a refugium of sorts? <The entire planet is by some views> My LFS guy (whom I trust pretty well) tells me that there is not any room for a refugium under my tank stand. <Perhaps one can be placed above? Or hanging on the side... or can be easily remoted elsewhere... tied together with plumbing...> But why can't I just add some macro algae with a light. This is about 750 total gallons (including the sump), so it may be impossible to put enough algae there to make any difference. <Try it and see> And what type of algae would you recommend (if it would be possible) and also what type/power of lighting for under the tank cabinet? <... Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugalgfaqs.htm and here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugltgfaqs.htm> Another question is: you mentioned in a prior email to me about trying to grow red algae. Do you mean coralline algae? <Mmm, not necessarily... there are more useful non-coralline types> I do have that growing on my live rock. But I have just a small amount of what looks to be BGA starting in little spots on the live rock. I have redirected the flow in this fish only tank and scrubbed it off. I just wanted to make sure I didn't scrub away some sort of good red algae that I am not familiar with. It behaves like BGA when handling it, etc, so I am pretty sure that is what it is. I think the culprit has been my leaving the lights off too much to try to reduce some of the "hair" type green algae that was collecting on the rock over time. I would just scrub that off too, but I thought leaving the lights off would help. I will start leaving them on 10-12 hours each day (they are actinics and VHO fluorescents) and try feeding a little less (currently feed 2x/day-but will make each amount a little smaller). I also had been adding Vit C and Selcon to foods as well as feeding frozen cubes of the angel formula and life line foods (which I have read on your site that additives and gelatin based foods can contribute to BGA). So I will reduce that as well. And I have been trying to search for info on your site about stunted growth in porcupine puffers as well as blue cheek triggers. I can't seem to find the info. Can you direct me? Steve <Mmm, there may not be such information specifically... But I would try the terms in the search tool here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/question_page.htm to be able to see/use the cached views more readily. Bob Fenner>

Koran angel fungus? 12/24/07 Hey crew merry Christmas to you and yours <Peace, good will...> Need help ASAP. I have gotten <How long ago?> a Koran angel from a LFS he is eating very well, alert and curious. However, He seems to have this white colored film growing on him. Looks like a fungus. <Mmmm... would be exceedingly rare if this were a true fungus...> It has eroded some of the edges on his pectoral fins and given them a pale white translucent color as opposed to the normal clear transparent color. this does not seem to be ich as it is not raised protrusions this is more a film or a better example would be when you do a fungal assay the white subtly fuzzy film of certain fungi that appears. I realize this could also very well be a bacterial infection. either case this fish is quarantined (of course) in a 55 gallon aquarium with a 30 gallon sump water <Ah, very good> is reef quality 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, < 10 ppm nitrate, calcium 400 ppm, ph 8.3. I have removed carbon and turned off protein skimmer. I have dosed for the last 48 hours in malachite green. I have not seen any real improvement. now I have realize that if it is in fact a fungus that I would probably need to use a sulfur type medication. <Likely you mean Sulfa...> do you have any recommendations? <Yes... just simple observation for now> also if it is bacterial which regimen of antibiotics should I use. <Best not to...> Don't be afraid of giving a complicated answer I am a veterinary technician pursuing a bachelors in marine biology I have access to all chemicals and medications. please be as specific as possible. thank you all so much for what you do. its people like you who helped me to see my goals in this field to fruition. God bless you Regards Daniel Bock <IF you were a wholesale/intermediate facility I would have done a prophylactic dip/bath (see WWM re) going in/out of stages/systems here... IF you think it will help (sans any sensitivity testing) I MIGHT utilize a Furan cpd. (perhaps Nitrofuranace) at 250 mg./ten gallons... as an antimicrobial... If your employer will allow it, I would do a simple "mucus swipe" look/see here (see Ed Noga, "Fish Disease, Diagnosis and Treatment"... Again, I am very dubious that this situation is mycelious... and it is highly likely that actual "treatment" of this Pomacanthus may do more harm than good. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angelfish melting like the wicked-witch 1/13/07 Hello: <Hi Beth, Graham T. with you tonight> I have about a 2.5 years old Koran Angelfish that over the past year has slowly been been losing it's color and fins. It has lost most of its fins but is still able to swim around and eats well. <Sad story so far...> I have had the water checked and is fine. <Mmmm... fine. I read that a lot here on WWM. Usually closely followed by, "Fine is a relative term. Can you be more specific?" You need to include some numbers here, and invest in some kits for more accurate/frequent testing.> It is a 55 gallon tank with only a Clownfish in with it. What could be causing this and is it treatable? Attached is a picture. <Oh my GOD! That poor fish... what a shame. A whole year he has been rotting away like that? Let me start with what I see in the background, and speculate with what I don't see. Plastic plants and the large shell are actually poor choices for decor in a mini-reef. (Big shells are known to cause more problems than their attractiveness is worth.) Was this setup based on a freshwater-to-saltwater conversion? If so, you may not know that there are many freshwater substrates and decorations that are totally unsuitable for marine use, due to saltwater's corrosive nature. To maintain a successful marine aquarium, you need to have some basic test-kits to allow for frequent and reliable testing of water quality, mainly ammonia, nitrite, nitrate Ph and specific gravity. Many are discouraged from the hobby by the impression that you need a doctorate in chemistry to achieve this success. While the degree certainly gives you a clean grasp of the fundamentals (and more) of what's going on in you tank, the basics are all you need to know. Remember where these animals come from: clear pure waters. Please reply with any specifics you are able to provide about your system including filtration, skimming, presence/amount of liverock/live sand, frequency and composition of water changes, and ANY test results you have, including but not limited to salinity (specific gravity), ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and Ph for starters. I want you to get the fastest turn-around on your replies from WWM, so I grabbed this email as soon as I saw it. *BUT* I am not the best qualified crewer to answer questions about treatment of pathogens, so I may hand this off on it's return if I suspect something other than environmental by your reply. I apologize for my shocked response to your poor angel, but it seems that a year of this wasting away is just bit long and, frankly, awful. -Graham T.>

Koran Angel Hi, I recently had written to you about the Koran angelfish. I finally bought one that was in prime condition. (He's a changeling, he has a yellow strip on him now.) The problem is his right eye has clouded up a bit and his left one is normal. What's going on? The water is good and he's eating really well. (I feed him 6 small servings a day, each serving is finished in under 2 minutes). What could be wrong??? Any insights would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. David. >> If it's only the one eye, the cause of the cloudiness is likely some sort of mechanical injury... like a brush with a rough net when the fish was moved... And it will self-cure... That is, you need only do your best to optimize and stabilize the animal's environment. If the cloudiness were on both sides, there might well be a real issue of poor water quality or infection... Be patient, the opacity may take a few weeks to heal completely. Bob Fenner

Koran Angel thanks, Now that you mention mechanical injury, I think he might have bumped really hard into a rock when I turned on the lights when I thought I heard a mantis shrimp in my tank. Thanks for the reassurance. David. >> Ah, I suspected as much... take it easy always on the sudden lighting issue... turn the "house lights" on and wait a good ten minutes before turning on any/some of the tank ones... a big deal, yes. Bob Fenner, glad to render reassurance.

Koran Angel Now there is a bigger problem, His eye is swollen now too, and looks as though it may explode. You can't see it's pupil anymore. All you can see is he out side of the eye and looks damaged. David. >> And a tough call... if the eye is totally damaged to the point of loss... this may happen... if it is intermediate... it may warrant a swab of antiseptic (much the same as humans)... if it is only slightly damaged (not possible to assess at this point), it isn't worth the further trauma of netting, handling the animal... The long and short of the situation: I would wait a few days to see what transpires (not surprisingly Latin for "looking through" or across) Bob Fenner

Koran Angel Umm, have you seen a condition where the eye looks as though it's swelling out of the socket? It's taking the eye cover with it. So it may be grim right? Thanks for all our advice. David. >> Not necessarily... hang in there... the eyes of fishes like ourselves are highly vascularized... lots of blood vessels... and subject to similar edema/swelling with physical trauma.... give the animal time. Bob Fenner

Koran Angel This is David again, Recent developments in my fish are: Both eyes are now cloudy, I suspect that he is really skittish and might have bumped into another rock. His eyes haven't exploded yet. There is skin like material coming of his eyes. (I'm suspecting a type of fungus.) Any ideas? David. >> Hmm, well, I would at least consider moving the distressed animal to a quarantine/hospital tank... if you have one... and keep the lights low... If the problem continues to progress/worsen... I would further consider applying an antiseptic to the fish's eyes (with a "q-tip")... and if it looks even worse... and persistent, consider mixing in antibiotics into its foods... the eye discoloration is not fungal... maybe bacterial... Bob Fenner

Koran Angle I have a Koran Angle it is about 11/2 in size. I have had it for over 1 year it has started to lose its color on its face how should I treat it >> Really? A Koran (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) that you've had for more than a year... and it's only one and a half inch long?... The color loss is due to either poor water quality, or more likely in your case, to a lack of nutrition... Make sure the fish is getting its share of food, twice daily... and soak/treat the food with a commercial vitamin/iodine prep.... Bob Fenner

Three weeks ago we purchased a Koran angel from a chain pet store, and noticed that this gorgeous fish was in a 20 gallon tank with four other fish, so we wanted to save it from these horrible conditions. The Koran's juvenile colors were dull, and we assumed that maybe he was beginning to change to his adult colors. But after two days in our tank (65 gallon), his colors became vibrant and he was eating very well. For the past couple of days, the Koran has stopped eating, his colors have become dull once again, he has developed some corrosion around his fins, and his eyes are so glazed they look white. All the levels in the tank seem to be normal, we did just add a sea anemone and two clownfish, but all of them seemed to be coexisting fine. We do not want to lose the Koran, so if you could provide us with any solutions or ideas to what is ailing him it would be appreciated! We do have two invertebrates in the tank, but they can be moved to another tank if necessary (The Koran cannot be moved because of his size in proportion to the other tank). Please respond immediately, we don't want to lose him. >> Unusual... and maybe related to the presence of the anemone... but, if it were me, and especially if I had no other place to move the animal I would leave the Koran in the tank it is now and hope for the best... this species (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) often does seemingly miraculous turn-arounds... Subdue the lighting for the next few days, add a biological cleaner organism if you can (my fave, a Lysmata amboinensis Shrimp) and try to be patient. Bob Fenner, who's article on this favorite Indo-Pacific Angelfish can be found archived at the URL: www.wetwebmedia.com

Hello, first of all thanks for the help. I have another question. My Koran Angel doesn't seem to be getting better, maybe it is, maybe its not. Its in a treatment w/ copper since it has ich. It also has another ectoparasite like bumps. what could it be. thanks. >> Either a type of external parasitic/infectious agent, its effects/response by your Angel, or possibly just a reaction of the fish to something disagreeable in your water. You might consider scraping a bit of this material off and looking through a simple microscope... the QVX Intel/Mattel unit that hooks up to your PC works great for this and is cheap... 100X should do... To reveal whether there is a critter involved or no... And in any case, do check what you can re your water quality... and do the default water change/gravel vacuuming, cleaning your skimmer, adding a unit of activated carbon in the filter flow path... To see if this has a discernible effect. If the specimen is eating otherwise, perhaps time just has to go by.... Lastly, if the copper treatment has run its/a two week course, do discontinue it... this may be harming the animal more than helping as well. Bob Fenner

Koran angels Greetings again Robert, I'll cut to the chase, i can't keep Korans for toffee, I've bought three young adults in the last two years all healthy and feeding when purchased but all dying in less than six weeks . <Time to look for a new source... or your system for something wrong. Pomacanthus semicirculatus is one of the toughest angel species> I've noticed they do seem susceptible to a cylindrical eye and body parasite that is only killed by a fresh water bath but then so are most of the Angels i keep' I currently own, Queen, Blue Queen, French ,Black, Blueface, Majestic, Six-Bar, Chrysurus, Asfur, Passer, Maculosus and Cortez Angels and apart from the two Cortez's and one of the Six-Bars I've owned them all for six months and more ,in fact some for nearly three years so why can't i keep Korans ? <Look into buying them from Marine Center... someplace else than where you've been getting them> could it be that it is one of the industry standards like Powder Blues that despite being common in the hobby really do not do that well or knowing that they are hardy am i subconsciously not keeping them as well as i should ,anyway i hope you could shed some light on my plight...Thanks Graham.H <Read and heed: http://wetwebmedia.com/korana.htm Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel Hello Bob, First I would like to thank you for putting up this great site, it has helped me so much. My question is that I noticed that one of the gill spine on my Koran is missing, Will the gill spine grow back? I think that the missing spine was caused by rough netting. Thanks again Peter >> <Thank you for your encouraging words, and allow me to reciprocate: It is likely that the opercular spine of your Koran will indeed grow back... and you are correct (at least we're in agreement) that this defensive mechanism is often broken, damaged by handling. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel Bob, Thank you so much for answering all the questions that come your way. You are a valuable resource to the hobby. I have read your CMA book (many times) and browsed the site (many times). <Mmm, maybe more than me> My question is regarding a new 2.5" Koran angel that I added to my 40gal tank <You know this tank is too small, and is becoming smaller...> about one week ago. He spent two weeks in quarantine following a dip with Methylene blue, problem free. He has been eating and socializing well with his other tankmates, which consist of a 3" Bennetti puffer, 1" percula, 3" yellow tang, 3" cowfish, cleaner shrimp (not bothered at all by puffer - weird). <It will be consumed in time> Tank parameters are all ideal, nitrates are at 20, nitrites and ammonia at 0, pH at 8.2, temp at 80, salinity at 1.023. Have an eclipse hood with a Remora pro skimmer & 25lbs. of live rock. The tank has been up and running for about 9 months. Just this afternoon, I noticed four or five spots about the size of a pencil eraser or smaller on the side of the angel that are pale, like they have been erased a little. I am a bit concerned because I had a majestic that started off with this problem after several days in quarantine. It progressed and looked as if the scales were sticking out of the fish instead of laying flat, no eating, hiding, and death. I know now that this fish was not a great choice, and an now trying my luck with the Koran. My guess is that water quality may need to be improved (I change 5 gal every two weeks now), vitamins added to food, and time. Is this OK or am I way off target? <Other than the small size of the system, no real worries... The markings are not unusual for this species... more of a "mood" thing than absolute health> Any input is greatly appreciated as I love the large angels, but am becoming discouraged quickly. <Come on a dive trip with us... And/or get a much larger system... Bob Fenner>

Koran -what is it? Hi Bob, I have a quick question, I have one fish only in a new (one month) old 90g tank seeded with 15 lbs of gravel from a 5 year old reef tank. It has 50-60 lbs live rock and 50 lbs reef rock that was in the reef tanks sump 1/2 for a week and 1/2 for three weeks. Water parameters all within spec. My only fish a Koran Angel has been in for about two weeks after two week quarantine. He eats well, everything looks fine except for some "stuff" on him that I will call brown algae or slim/velvet. (I hate to use the "V" word) This may be normal coloration except I'm sure it wasn't there in the quarantine tank. It is not getting worse but I want your opinion on if I need to take any action. <Mmm, no... not as in a chemical/medication treatment. I have seen similar "transition" coloring/markings in small specimens... these almost invariably "cycle out" with time/growth. Do your usual best to care for this animal... good water quality, varied feeding... and this will work itself out> I have enclosed a picture, you can see the brown interrupts one of the blue lines just above the fin. Any ideas? Thanks Larry. BTW this site/email has been very quick and responsive to my questions...you are excellent, I would pay for this service! <Thank you my friend. Your success, involvement is what we desire. Bob Fenner>

Marine Fish Questions Dear Bob: Thank you so much for answering my questions - I do greatly appreciate it. <You're welcome> I am having some trouble. My tank used to have a 9 inch clown trigger who beat up my 8 inch Koran Angel for awhile - I realized the combo was not going to work, so I finally got rid of the clown trigger. The Koran got nipped up a bit and I thought he had a bacterial infection. I have read your section on parasites, but I am still confused about what I might be up against. If you would can you see the link: http://www.ringing.com/sickangel.jpg <I see... an abraded area behind the Koran's right pectoral, cloudy eye.> He started the rubbing and scratching against the bottom of the tank, his eyes are cloudy and swollen, and now this patch on each side (looks somewhat bloody inside). Any info would be appreciated. <Likely just the/a continuing action from the Trigger abuse. I would not specifically treat the system, move this specimen. Do augment its foods (HUFA's, Vitamins) and do your usual best to keep water quality optimized and stable> Also, will this pass to my leopard shark? Yellow Tang? Or Green Moray Eel? <Not likely, but the presence of the Shark, its movements and wastes are likely a contributing cause as well. Bob Fenner> Thanks A Ton, Alex

Koran Angel Hi Anthony, one quick question with my 90G FOWLR. My Koran angel gets what I will call smudges on his pectoral fins. This makes the fins look cloudy without and detail such as a Cryptocaryon pin spot. In a day or two they disappear. sometimes they are gone for two weeks, other times they come back two days later. <sounds like mucous from irritation. Could be parasitic... I'm wondering if you don't have 3+ F degree temperature swings between day and night. Do check> Today, this "bacterial infection" (guess??) is back but just on one side. Any idea what this is? <very unlikely bacterial> Should I worry? Thanks Larry P.S. I've attached a picture, but I don't think it will help.....I need to capture just the correct angle, or else the fin looks fine. <if the fish will eat try medicated food for a spell but do keep a close eye in case QT is necessary. Angels are so prone to full blown parasite infections that we cannot take this lightly. Anthony>
Re: Koran Angel Thanks for the quick response. I will start feeding medicated food. This fin problem has been ongoing for more than two months. I should have told you that my Purple Tang has never shown any signs of this (but his pectoral fins are yellow not clear)... <no matter... every fish has indeed different immunities/sensitivities to various pathogens by species and per individual... just like people> however my Coris Gaimard did show the exact same fin clouding (only pectoral fin, not on any other fin that I can detect) with it disappearing in a day or two. I don't think it comes back as often as the Angel, maybe because the Coris swims so fast it's harder to see? I will check the water parameters as well as I don't test this tank as closely as my 125g. However the water changes are up to date so I don't expect any surprises. The temperature is very constant at 82 degrees, <excellent> it may dip to 81 when I open the window on cool nights. <surprising the open window only affords a one degree dip> I have a Mag 12 return in sump on the 90g... something I would not due in the future as it put too much heat in the water. Thanks Larry <not too much heat if the temp is steady. 82F is quite fine. Best regards my friend, Anthony>
Re: Koran Angel Thanks Anthony, your reassurance with temperature is removing some of my frustration with the what I would call high temperature (82). My 125 is constant at 77-78 so my 90 at 82 I thought was high. <higher temps (82-86) are not very dangerous in tanks with good aeration and if the temp is steadily high. However, a jump from 78-82 is just plain dangerous if that is occurring. Anything over 3F between day and night is scary> I will see if a few cooler nights will lower the temp more than 1 degree, but so far it's been so hot, the air conditioning has been running for the last week or so again. BTW my 125 within hours it seems of putting the air on drops its' PH (or it refuses to rise) <heehee... yep, the subject of much debate every summer. Pressurization in the house and lingering CO2> I just read the PH in my 125 reef and it is 7.9 at this time of day. With the air off and the windows open it would be at 8.3 by now. Pursing a window open doesn't seem to help, I need a full blown air exchange for almost a day before it returns to normal. <wow... bummer> Oh yes I did have a question, ...My Coris Gaimard disappears for three to four days about once per 6 weeks or so. <yep... I've seen him in Vegas playing Poker. You should see him, he's quite good> This is the second time this has happened...he is just gone. Just when I think he is dead, out he comes and is swimming with the other fish...and looking at me for food. Is this normal for them to (I assume) bury them selves and reappear a few days later? <Yep... very wrasse-like> Thanks Larry <best regards, Anthony>

Koran Angel question Hi, we have a Koran angel fish that is about 2 years old and is trying to reach its intermediate color phase of life, However, he's not doing so well, his face has turned a whitish color, he has a slightly high breathing rate (approx 108/min), and some whitish stripes are near his tail fin and streak inwards on his body. These whitish streaks on his body and face are not bumps or leaches. Also, he's not eating and tends to just stay in his rocky cove where he sleeps. Any ideas what might be the problem and/or cure? <Mmm, sounds much like the beginnings of HLLE, likely triggered by poor water quality and/or nutrition.> Thanks, we have really grown fond of our Koran Angel and want to see him obtain his adult colors someday. <Please read through the HLLE FAQs here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hllefaqs.htm and re the species on our site: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/pomacanthus/koran.htm and the related FAQs (in blue, at top) and check your water quality for nutrient accumulation aspects, spiff up your skimmer, consider augmenting your fish's diet with vitamins, iodide. Bob Fenner>

Koran In Trauma! Hi guys I have a question on my 2 inch Koran angel that is not eating and has a hole in his body that has a red ring around it any information on this disease would be greatly appreciated thanks! <Well, hard to say without a good picture, but it almost sounds like you are dealing with some form of parasite, or even an infection brought about by some trauma (injury, bite, etc). In the absence of other obvious disease symptoms, I'd remove this fish to a separate aquarium for observation and/or treatment. You should keep water quality in the treatment tank absolutely pristine, to prevent potential greater infection. If there does indeed to be some form of parasite, I'd use some freshwater dips, followed by a broad spectrum antibiotic, such as Maracyn, to prevent even greater infection during the healing process...Do refer to the disease FAQs on the wetwebmedia.com site, and confirm what it may be that you're dealing with here! Let me know if we can be of any further help! Good luck! Scott F>

Re: Koran Angel Problem Hi, Thanks for your reply! I checked out that website and it was really interesting. It didn't say much about disease though, do you have any idea to what his problem might be or what I can do to help. The people at the petstore suggested he might have a throat tumor but I can't find anything about fish getting them online so I wanted to see if it was possible that it was anything treatable. Could this behavior be associated with the color changing? To answer your questions: Yes it is a tank full of live rock, I have two millennium 3000 filters one on each side, I have a protein skimmer and a power head. The salinity is at 1.022, temp is at 81F. The tank mates are: a small Chromis, two chalk Basslets, a small target goby, two cleaner shrimp, a green abalone, a pencil urchin. a maroon clown, and a bulb anemone. Thanks! ~Neosha~ <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/MarInd3of6.htm skip on down to the marine disease area, and read starting from the top articles, FAQs. Bob Fenner>
Re: Koran Angel Problem
Hi Mr. Fenner, I checked out the FAQ and I did gain a lot of valuable information from it but I did not find anyone with a similar situation to mine. All of the other fish that wouldn't eat had problems but my fish has no white spots, no cloudy eyes, no gill flaring, nothing I saw on the site. So what I really want to know is...have you heard of any problem that might make a fish not be able to physically eat even though the have the appetite for it? <Yes... there are several cases like this noted on WWM> Do you recommend a freshwater dip for the fish? <No, won't help here.> Many thanks, Neosha PS I just noticed you are the author of "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" which I just bought a few weeks ago, well done, great book! <Thank you, Bob Fenner>

Help! blotchy faced Koran Angelfish Hi, I am hoping you can give me some advice. I have a Koran Angelfish that looks like he is experiencing early male pattern baldness. His color was solid all over when I bought him. He picked up ich about 2 weeks after I brought him home, but freshwater baths and the addition of a scarlet cleaner shrimp did the trick. A few weeks later after he was all cleared up the color on his face area started to look blotchy and turned white in a very evenly matched pattern on his face. He was about 3 1/2 inches when I first bought him and now he's almost double that so he's starting to go through the change of life to adulthood coloration. I have had him for over 6 months now. Water is great, he's happy and eats a balanced diet. He's the master of his own tank (no one is terrorizing him and stressing him out). Any advice as to what this is and what I can do to even out his skin color again? Thanks for your expertise. Jen <Very often, well often enough, the blotchiness you mention in this species is indication of the beginning of HLLE: Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hllefaqs.htm I would look into augmenting this fish's diet with iodide and vitamins A and D... there are products sold pre-made for this in the pet-fish interest. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel with white patches G'day guys. <Good day Stu> I have a 3-4 inch Koran Angelfish in my reef tank. He is a lovely looking fish and is a big eater. In the last few weeks I have noticed that he has been getting white faded patches on his body and fins. Not everywhere but just small circular patches. Can you advise what this is as I don't think is has to do with the maturity process. Also how can rid it off the fish if necessary. Any medication or treatment in a reef tank?? Also are UV sterilizers a worth while purchase as they do get rid of the pathogens and algae. But doesn't the algae help sustain the environment and help feed the corals, fish and inverts and therefore use of the nitrates. Stu <The "blanching" you describe might be indicative of sliding water quality or some other sort of stress (even simply psychological), otherwise maybe just the fish reacting to your presence. Unless you see other symptoms of infectious or parasitic disease I would not treat or move this fish. UV's can help in promoting overall health by improving water quality and reducing populations of water-borne microbes. They will not eliminate the possibility or absolutely cure biological disease. Bob Fenner>

Sick Koran Angel (4/28/04) My Koran Angel has been with me for many years. <How many? IS it just getting old?> Recently he has gone off eating and his eyes are very puffy. They look like they have been blown up. One of the eyes seems to have a raised bubble on it. I do not have a hospital tank. Any suggestions? <This sounds like a bacterial infection. If you want to save this fish, you need to set up a hospital tank. This can be a Rubbermaid container with a sponge filter and a heater. I'd suggest treating with an antibiotic such as Maracyn. Read the FAQs on Popeye & bacterial infections. Hope this helps. Steve Allen.>

Sick Koran Angel 10/11/05 Wet Web Crew: We have a 55 gallon tank with a Koran Angel and a Puffer fish in it. The Koran is about 3-4" long and the puffer is about 3-4" long. They get along very well. The tank has some live rock in it and also some decorative rock. About two days ago we noticed that both fish had white spots all over their fins and bodies. We thought it was Ich and treated them for it. It did clear up, but when we read about the symptoms of Ich, it did not sound like that is what they actually had. The Koran Angel now has cloudy eyes, a swollen pink mouth and white blotches over his body. He has been stressed over the last few days due to tank changes to treat the ich a fresh water dip for only a few seconds, and a lack of appetite. The tank he was in when we thought he had ich was dirty due to overfeeding, something I did not know could be so harmful and the water had a bit of a high nitrate level, but not too bad. We did a water change, cleaned all the equipment and put the puffer and angel back in. Today, one day after being returned to the tank, the angel developed these symptoms. I had noticed him swimming on his side sometimes over the last few weeks, but he was eating and acting healthy. Do you have any idea what this disease could be and what would cure it? I'm afraid that if we don't know something for sure soon, the angel won't make it. We would appreciate any help. Thank you. By the way, we view your site a lot and find it very helpful. <David and Heather, I cringe when I read queries such as yours. A picture comes into my mind of very poor diet, poor water parameters, and poor maintenance which includes weekly 10% water changes and add to the fact that your 55 is too small for keeping these types of fish as they do grow quite large. I'm seeing a rise in ammonia due to excess waste and a biofiltering system too small to recover. All this leads to severe stress of the animals in question making them highly susceptible to disease. I can suggest that both fish should be separated for the time being either in separate Quarantine tanks or using a tank divider if QT's are not available. Then you need to get a product such as SeaCure Copper Treatment along with a FasTest Copper test kit and maintain a dose of 0.015-0.020 for a minimum of 21 days. The test kit is necessary especially if you are going to treat in the main tank. Hopefully you can save the fish. You didn't mention what you initially treated the fish with and for how long. In the future do more research on the fish you are buying so you know its requirements/needs. James (Salty Dog)>
Re: Sick Koran Angel 10/12/05 Actually, our biofiltering system is larger than what we need for the tank and when these fish outgrow the tank they are in we are transferring them to an 80 gallon tank. <Good news. The Koran alone would require a 70 gallon tank when it is full grown and this is borderline, preferably a six foot long tank.> I appreciate your advice and assure that we take good care of our tanks. <Great> We have three of them. something just went wrong in this one. We did a 25-30% water change before putting the fish back in the tank and the nitrate level was never high. We checked it very regularly. At this time, they are both small and the tank seems big enough for the two of them. <Agreed, now it is but won't be for long.> Can you tell me if this is true? Do they need a bigger tank now, even though the puffer and angel are not full grown? <A rule of thumb I use is one cubic (not length) inch of fish per five gallons.> It sounds like you are not positive we can save the fish - which would break my heart. <I'm always on the positive side. Problem is if treatment is delayed the fish only gets worse and then to the point where the copper treatment even adds further stress.> The puffer is lethargic this morning and I don't know if he was sleeping or whether he is not developing symptoms as well - can the disease be spread? <Most definitely. Do you employ a quarantine tank to put new arrivals in? Read here. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/QuarMarFishes.htm> I really am sorry about all this. Our other two tanks are fine. <Great> One is a reef tank and we have lost nothing from that tank in months. We did introduce a Petco baby tank <baby tank or tang?> into the tank with the puffer and angel - it died in two days. Could this possibly have been the start of these diseases. <Yes, tanks/tangs are ich magnets and should definitely be quarantined.> If I treat the angel with copper, does it have a better chance of living? I have read that angel fish are extremely sensitive to copper treatments. <Correct, that is why it is a must to use a copper test kit to insure copper is at a safe and effective level.> I'm sorry that the tank was not better cared for, <You don't have to be sorry to me, but it sure sounds like you are a caring person that will do whatever it takes to keep your stock healthy. Please read more on the WWM. FAQ's allow you to learn from other peoples mistakes. Again, research a fish you are interested in, especially care level, compatibility and size of tank required. www.liveaquaria.com has a chart for every fish indicating the above.> but I assure you that we did test the water and because of the filtering system on the tank, everything always seemed fine. However, our test kit cannot test for calcium and some of the more advanced water test items. <Wouldn't be too concerned with calcium in a fish only tank, although too low a level can cause the ph to drop somewhat. Do test for dKH, 8-12dkh is recommended.> I honestly thought I was doing the right thing and would hate to lose these fish over my lack of knowledge. <All the knowledge you need can be had for free on the WWM.> Any additional advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. I know I asked a lot of questions in this e-mail and hope you will be kind enough to answer them. <We are here to help. Most if not all of the questions you ask can easily be found on the Wet Web by just typing in the keyword.> The angel does seem a bit better today and I got both fish to eat some Krill last night. Their diet is now more varied than it was, and I hope it is not too late. Losing these fish would break my heart because it would be my own fault for lack of knowledge. <Again, Heather, definitely read about what you are getting. Korans are not that difficult to care for. They do require clean water, low nitrates, 10% weekly water changes and a good and varied diet. Read again here. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/ - Good luck, James (Salty Dog)>

Koran Angel health concern 8/1/05 Hi, <Hello there> I have been referring to this fantabulous site for various kinds of information and I have never failed to find the same, this is the first time 'am asking an question. <Welcome, you are a stranger here but once> The other day I bought myself a Koran Angel...the Angel is doing great and it is quite active and eats quite well but I have noticed some white patches on its body and it seems to rub itself surfaces. Ich is ruled out because it does not look like ich as in there are not dots or spots on the body just a general discolouration i.e. white patches. Any help will help. Regards Rajeev Menon <This medium sized species of angelfish is prone to such behavior, displays when new or stressed... I would not panic, treat the water with chemicals. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel I've done a thorough search and can't find any article about the symptoms similar to that of my Koran Angelfish. Everyone talks about white spots or fuzzy cotton spots. What about red bumps? My angel is in a 55 gal and was doing fine the first week in his new home. He then developed red bumps, irregular in shape, looking similar to a mole, on both sides of his body directly behind his fins. One grew quite large and the other side of his body looked as if it was going to clear up. No such luck. While the bump on one side isn't as big, it is larger in diameter, flat, and almost a little bloody looking. The only other fish in the tank is my little "Nemo" Clown, yellow Tang, and 2 green Chromis. I have moved him to a quarantine tank of 10 gallons. I should mention that his appetite is hearty as ever. I really hope you can help with this. I am quite attached to this particular fish as he is very sweet and tame to the point of being friendly when my hand goes in the tank and even lets me touch him. Help!! Thanking you in advance for your consideration, Bobbi <Bobbi, without seeing it, I'm thinking these spots are ulcers. I would start be treating with saltwater Maracyn. Water quality is of the utmost importance for these fish. Weekly water changes of 10% is highly recommended. I would also add an iodine supplement to the aquarium. James (Salty Dog)>

Koran Angel eye problem, needing to read WWM I have searched your site for days and haven't found a solid answer to my question. I have Koran angel, when bought he had a cloudy eye. I was told it was like a black eye and it would get better, which it started to. After 2 weeks it was slowly getting better. Today I checked and both eyes are cloudy. They are not bulging, just cloudy. The other fish in the tank are fine, and my water quality is great........What is going on??? Please give me some advice <Trouble... please read on WWM re Angelfish disease... you will find many references to your situation, proposed and actual cures. Bob Fenner>

Cloudy crystal ball, Pomacanthus semicirculatus eyes My Koran Angel's eye's are both cloudy. He/she is in a quarantine tank and have been adding Maracyn 2, for 3 days now. How long until I can see some results?? <Perhaps weeks, maybe never. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel, Bacterial? 8/4/06 Good Morning Everyone, <Dave> I have a Juvenile Koran Angel that I have had for about 6 weeks. He was in apparent perfect health when I bought him. I quarantined him for 30 days, and everything looked good so I introduced him to the main tank, a 110 gal FOWLR. Within 24 hours, his left eye had developed a cloudy and torn appearance. I decided that he must have scraped on something (but I could be wrong so I'm including this little tidbit), left him alone, and it healed on it's own. <Good... did likely rub on a/the net, perhaps something else> After a few days in the DT, I noticed that his body had lightened somewhat. His behavior seemed completely normal otherwise, eating, grazing, etc, and the eye was healing, so again, I just waited. Eventually, a white sore appeared near his dorsal fin. <Might be related to the same incident> This spot seemed more like a lesion, and was coupled by the rapid, severe fraying of his right pectoral fin, so I double checked my water parameters and found out that I had been using the wrong reagent to test and my nitrates were sky high... near 50-60. <Yikes... too high> I suspect that a heavy cleaning of the sand bed a week earlier disturbed algae that had grown on the top, causing it to die and DOCs to spike. <Too likely> A series of (3) 30% water changes over the next 4 days brought nitrates down to 0.75. <Wow!> I have observed no physical aggression towards this fish on behalf of his tankmates. 48 hours after the water changes were completed (last Thursday), I noticed that this large white lesion appeared behind the frayed right pectoral fin, along with the tissue joint between the pectoral fin and body becoming discolored as well. After many repeated attempts to get the little bugger to hold still long enough for my slow camera to get a picture, I got one of the spot. It's attached, sorry it's not a better quality photo. I am worried that this is a bacterial infection spreading to the body from fin rot of the right fin. <Maybe> I have isolated this fish into a QT and have been medicating the QT with both Maracyn and Maracyn-II since Sunday evening. I have not seen any progression of the problem, although I have seen no improvement either. <Takes time... weeks> I am feeding the angel nightly with Ocean Nutrition Angel Formula, giving him 30 minutes to eat and siphoning the waste/leftovers from the bottom, topping off, and re-medicating. Again, even in the QT, his behavior is completely normal. My questions are: Do you believe I have diagnosed this correctly? <Good guesses> Am I performing what you believe to be the correct treatment? <Mmm, maybe... I might have left the fish in the main display, might replace it there, "for what it's worth"> How long with these products until I can expect to see a visual result? <Weeks> I can treat for up to 10 days according to the directions... Should I be doing any other treatments? <I would not> Can any of these other treatments be done concurrent to the Maracyn/Maracyn-II treatments, or should I stop these treatments? <I would run out their course and then stop> If you've provided alternate suggestions, how long before I can expect to see a visual result? Thanks in advance, Dave <Same time frame. Again... likely physical trauma and poor environment are at principal cause here... Improving the second, avoiding the first is about what this fish needs. Bob Fenner>

Koran Angel/Health - 05/22/2006 Hello Bob, <James with you today, Bob is probably charging his tanks in HI as we speak.> <<Not quite yet today. RMF>> I always read the post and questions people have on WetWeb. quite helpful. <It is.> I bought a Koran Angel yesterday and he looked well, ate well and I have been watching him at LFS for a week now. I got him home and he seemed to adjust well, in with my Porc. puffer. this morning I woke and found him to have a blotchy appearance. he is eating well. I have no ammonia, nitrites or nitrates ( very low 5ppm). my pH is 8.2 sg. 1.01 , temp 79 he is eating well and swimming around even bullying my puffer a little. Is this a mood thing with them? Very normal behavior.> Also sometimes swims kinda leaning a bit/ should I be concerned?? <A normal trait.> I am! <Lori, sounds to me like a water quality issue to me. Do read here. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/pomacanthus/koran.htm thanks, <Lori, in future queries, do cap all "i"s and beginnings of sentences. Saves us much time if we do not have to edit/correct. James (Salty Dog)> Lori
Re: Koran Angel/Health - 05/22/2006
Thank you James for answering my email so quickly. Sorry about the "I" . I did notice on my mail that I said my Sg. was 1.01. It's 1.019-1.020. I have a protein skimmer going, a hang-on power filter and a canisters filter that is for 150 gallon tank, Mine is 75 gallons. If I'm testing for ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and they are not really detectable then what would be wrong with my water quality? Is there something else I should be testing in a fish only system? <Excess organics in the water is one thing to look at. With the use of a canister filter and a hang-on power filter, you need to ensure that the pads/sponges be changed or cleaned on a weekly basis. Not doing so creates nutrient traps which lead to increased organics in the water, something the Koran Angel does not like. You do not mention the model of skimmer you are using. A good, efficient skimmer is quite necessary here.> I did notice yesterday after I wrote to you that as the day progressed his blotchy appearance seemed to have gotten less noticeable. I did look on the WetWeb info about Koran it makes me nervous because it says blotchy can lead to bacterial and or parasite infection. I also have a UV sterilizer going in that tank. Sorry to pester you but I am looking for any other advice you can offer. <A good healthy diet is very important to keep this angel thriving. Ocean Nutrition has a frozen food called Angel Formula which is excellent for this family of fish. It does contain the items these fish forage on in the wild. Do read the FAQ's on feeding. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/feeding.htm> Thanks in advance. <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Lori
Re: Koran Angel/Health 5/23/06
Hello James, <Hello Lori> Well I have a SeaClone 150 skimmer, the canister is new it's a Cascade 1200 and I rinse the sponge in the power filter in the water that I siphoned out while doing water change. Is this correct? <Is fine.> I have that Angel Formula and believe it or not he likes flake food better. Loves flake food so I soak it in Zoe. <Good, keep offering the angel formula. Try soaking that in Zoe, might trigger a response.> Back to the filter. Can you ruin the good bacteria in the sponge by touching it with your hands? <No. When replying, always reply with original message(s). We get many queries here and I cannot remember who is who with what.> Thanks <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Lori

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