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FAQs on Genus Labroides Cleaner Wrasses Systems

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Re: Cleaner Wrasse eating  Hi Folks,  <Hello there>  I am an avid reader of your site, and you have given me a lot of good advice in the past. I just read the thread from the guy who bought 2 cleaners, and that they are with 2 other fish. I wanted to share my experience with a common cleaner wrasse for the benefit of others. I've had this guy for over a year and a half! He's thinking of starting his own cleaning business! Knock on Plexiglas - I've never had an ick problem with him around. On the flip side, however, he is the only one in a 300 gallon tank, and he has a lot of friends to clean. In fact, he can be downright obnoxious about it. Size doesn't matter, either. He is fairly big, and he will even clean blennies. I've often thought that two cleaners is too many for any but the hugest tank. What do you think? Thanks for the airwaves! Dale M.  <Good points and data input. In the wild cleaning stations are often "manned" by pairs, sometimes a pair and a juvenile... but these territories are indeed huge. Congrats on yours health. Bob Fenner>

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