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FAQs about the Lemonpeel Dwarf Angels

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Lemonpeel and Anemone... comp.; not?      4/6/17
Hi Crew! Thanks for all that you do...
<Welcome Cheri>
I recently bought a Lemonpeel Angel. I did so with the understanding that there was quite a good chance it may pick at some corals, but, I was willing to risk it. However, I was not thinking that he would take such a liking to my anemones. I have some really nice rock anemones, and Mr. Nibbles (as the Lemonpeel is affectionately known) has decided to nip each one as he makes his rounds through the tank. The question is, do you think this behavior will eventually aggravate the anemone to death?
<It's possible; yes. I would cover the anemone with an inverted "strawberry" basket or such... >
Right now, it is just an occasional nip, but I certainly do not want to lose the anemones. He has shown zero aggression to the other fish, as a matter of fact, it's almost as if he doesn't even notice them. He goes
about his day picking at the rocks, and is very beautiful and entertaining to watch, other than the anemone nips!
Again, thanks for all your help,
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Lemon Peel Angel Treatment 11/10/12
Hello WetWebMedia Team!
I have a question concerning my Lemon Peel Angel. It has been in quarantine for a few weeks now. I had noticed that around its eyes they were getting very dark and appeared to be pushing out from it's head.
<Mmm, not good>
Usually you could see the beautiful blue around its eye, but the black was appearing to be pushing its eye out. I also noticed that its mouth had turned white, rather than its yellow color. It almost appeared like its mouth had worn away or was deteriorating.
<This too>
It didn't appear to be any growth on its mouth. I didn't know if it had hurt itself from bumping into the glass, because it does bump the glass very often.
<Am wondering, why?>
My LFS said it sounded like it may be a bacteria so they suggested I soak its food in Metronidazole.
<I wouldn't do this... better by far to seek out or just do what you can to "solve" probable water quality issues, perhaps nutritional deficiency>
They suggested its food be soaked in a "measure" or small scoop for 5 days.
I have noticed that the eyes are looking much better and its mouth is looking much better. Its mouth is actually turning yellow again. Do you feel the 5 days is good enough to treat this?
<Yes I do. Metronidazole is quite toxic in successive exposure>
I also was not sure where to go from here? How much longer should I keep it in quarantine?
<I would move this fish post haste to the main/display>
It looks great besides this issue. Once it is ready to transfer to the main tank, how long of a bath should I give it?
<A few minutes>
Should it just be a freshwater/ph/temp adjusted bath or should I do another type of bath?
<The former>
When I do the bath, if I was to see parasites in the water, should I feel safe to continue the transfer or should that signal I should put it back into quarantine?
<For flukes, back into quarantine, for treatment>
I'm getting a little confused on the key things to pay attention to when giving a good dip/bath. I wanting to make sure I am paying attention to the key signals along the way that tell me to stop and turn back. I appreciate your insight. You have helped so many times. We are learning so much.
Brent Wells
<Ah, good. Bob Fenner> 
Re: Urgent DT Exposed to Internal parasites, Lemon peel...    11/11/12

I called LiveAquaria where we got the fish. They seem to agree it sounds like internal parasites. They seem to think that since the Lemon Peel Angel has been in the tank since late last night that the DT has been exploded,
<Exposed? To what? To what that might affect other livestock...?>
 so to remove the Lemon Peel Angel doesn't seem to make sense. They recommend we should treat all of the tank mates with the Metronidazole for a week and then monitor very carefully for 8 weeks. They recommend a daily 20% water change.  It is my understanding that WWM recommends this is too long to treat with this medicine.
<Usually, yes>
Is this the best treatment? Should treat the whole tank?
<I wouldn't treat this fish, system period... IF I believed there were "some sort of internal parasite" issue here, I might feed the one fish (in a treatment system) w/ foods laced w/ this anti-Protozoal AND an anthelminthic>
 How long should I treat at this point. Should they all stay together since they have been exposed?
<... internal parasites of fishes tend to be species, genera specific...>
If they must be quarantined, I can only image how tough these guys are going to be to catch, so I'm concerned with the stress created by this effort. My DT has been a very calm happy tank for the most part, so I can only hope their immune systems are good.
They also suggested I could go with a PraziPro treatment. I am also not sure how this will impact my biological filtration.
<It won't; but will mal-affect to kill most worm/groups>
 I don't want to totally screw up the hard work up to this point. How do I protect the biological?
<... best not to treat in the main/display tank>
 I have a Fluval 400 with BioMax, BioFoam, Water Polishing Filters, and Carbon. I'm really stressed right now.
<I sense this>
I always say, "you don't know, what you don't know." Which means I don't even know if I should be asking some different questions? I'll stop rambling. You urgent help is needed. Thanks as always.
Brent Wells
<When, where in doubt, do nothing. BobF>
Urgent: Lemon Peel Angel Fish with Tubeworm?    11/11/12

Hello. I need your urgent help. Last night I finally introduced my Lemon Peel Angel to my DT. We did a quick freshwater/ph and temp adjusted dip. It is a 55 gallon tank
<I wish folks would keep the larger Centropyge species in bigger volumes... really too stressful to be in a four foot wide, 13" wide space>

 with one pair of orange clownfish, one pair of black/white clownfish, green wrasse, Banggai Cardinal fish, Golden Head Goby, and a Yellow Watchman Goby, and two turbo snails. I noticed today a long string of white poo. I assume a worm. Not sure how I should treat the fish and not sure how to treat the other tank mates. I'm so concerned. Your help is really needed. Thanks.
Brent Wells
<... I would do nothing treatment-wise here... the "poo" is not necessarily indicative of a pathogenic disease... Treatment is very likely more damaging. BobF>
Re: Thank you & Stocking & Setup Questions, C. flavissimus sys. KevinK    11/12/12
Hello WetWebMedia Crew,
I have a comment and then some questions about stocking and tank setup. If you have time, I would really appreciate it. First off, thanks so much for the information about the Lemonpeel Angelfish (Centropyge flavissima). You recommended, "<I wish folks would keep the larger Centropyge species in bigger volumes... really too stressful to be in a four foot wide, 13" wide space>". I feel bad. We are so new to this and feel like we do some research into making sure we stock with fish that will be compatible and happy. We speak with our LFS and with what we know to be a respectable online fish supply store about our set up and stocking plans. The online site says the Lemonpeel Angelfish (Centropyge flavissima) is good for a 30 gallon tank,
<... no my friend. This is way too small a space for this species, any of its similar-sized congeners>
so we felt we were doing good with a 55 gallon tank. Here's the link:
<Well, their site, link is down temporarily; but this is likely one of the (albeit few) differences I have w/ this division of Dr.s Foster & Smiths... Am BCC'ing the mgr. (and friend) Kevin Kohen here for his input. This company is excellent generally; and was a long-time sponsor of WWM in its early years>

.  It is evident every new aquarist needs to first identify and locate trusted information resources, especially some that aren't motivated by selling you something to help balance out all the other often inconsistent information found on other sites. The new aquarist then needs to have a clear understanding that when they read the forums
<These, the bb's, I am decidedly NOT a fan of... though WWM has its own (I don't participate); too much "noise" w/o reason>
 and individual tank setups, they must take into account the many variables. Often you aren't comparing apples to apples. It is more likely you are comparing oranges to apples.
<... both are fruits eh?>
Just because someone was successful at having a certain species of fish in their setup, doesn't mean it was right or that you can emulate it and get the same results.
<Ah yes>
 Once that is clear in your head, then do your research on what type of fish you want to have then build the tank set up around them. I feel this would have saved me so many stressful moments.
We have also run into an issue with what to do with our Kauderni Cardinal.
We purchased one, but you had suggested they were social and really needed another one. It is frustrating for a new aquarist to know where to find good information about stocking questions and information about the individual species.
<Books by and large are far better (more accurate, significant, meaningful information) than "net" experiences. Sites that will offer the reasoning behind their opinions are worthy>
 I just ordered your book in hopes that it may provide some much needed insight into this. Unfortunately, we found out about you and your site too late. My goal is not to kill or make an unhappy tank inhabitant. We want to get another Cardinal but are in a dilemma with how to go about this without creating a bigger mess.
<A much smaller specimen... an inch length or so; should get along>
 Since we don't know if the Cardinal we have is a male or female.
<Easy enough to sex at size>
 If I would have known I would have bought a bonded pair. Now, if I buy a bonded pair, what will that mean for the one we have?
<Perhaps antagonism in the four foot tank. It may be better for you to just stick to the one here>
If it is a male, then he is likely going to have a fight to the death. If I'm lucky enough to possibly get a female Cardinal then I may have a chance for a happy tank inhabitant. Or, I do nothing and the one I have is lonely. I'm open to suggested solutions. What would you do and what are some sources you would recommend?
<See above... wait till the one is sex-able, or just keep it singly>
We are also considering some cleaner shrimp to help set up a cleaning station for our other inhabitants: two pairs of clowns (black/white and orange/white), green wrasse, Kauderni Cardinal, Yellow Watchman Goby, Sleeper Gold Head Goby, and two Turbo Snails. Our plan was to have the Lemon Peel Angel, and a Carpenter Flasher Wrasse, a One Spot Foxface,
<Mmm, this too, Siganids period, need more room>
  and a Flame Angel, and possibly two Firefish Nemateleotris magnifier. Seeing this Motley Crew -LOL- are there some cleaner shrimp better for this group?
<A (solitary) shrimp of the genus Lysmata is about all I would place here (in a 55)>
Right now, I honestly couldn't ask for a better community of fish presently in the system. They all get along with each other and even seem to really enjoy hanging with each other. I hope it stays this way.  
Re: Thank you & Stocking & Setup Questions- From Kevin Kohen LiveAquaria (Centropyge flavissimus sys. f')     11/12/12

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, as it appears we missed an entire category on our site! 
As you probably know, Scott W. Michael's A Pocket Expert Guide- "Marine Fishes", along with his more recent publication "Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes" recommends and lists a 30-gallon minimum tank size for ALL Centropyge spp. angelfish.
<Fine for the dwarf-dwarf species as a bare minimum... C. argi, C. flavicauda et al...>
 We initially prepared LiveAquaria.com's recommendations from Scott's book as well as from a few other resources many years ago.
<I see... Well, ScottM and I's minimum size requirements for species do vary quite a bit; particularly for sharks, rays, eels...>
I have spent quite a bit of time over the last year re-evaluating and adjusting each species minimum tank sizes based on my experience rather than what is listed in a book. Most have doubled from what was listed previously. 
As you know, I have the utmost respect for Scott Michael and consider him a great friend, but his minimum tank size recommendations are far too small on almost every single fish I look at in his publications in my personal opinion.
<I see; and agree>
 I am wondering if Scott was thinking "if this is the only fish in the tank and there is not much rockwork then ________ would be the minimum recommended aquarium size????  Obviously that would exclude 98% of the hobbyists out there, as its rare to maintain a species specific display. 
(I guess I should ask Scott someday eh?) 
I agree with you Bob, as most Centropyge spp. (excluding the Fisheri/Argi complex fishes) need a 48" x 18" space in order to thrive for many years to come and live a long and happy life in the confines of any aquarium.  I have changed ALL of our larger Centropyge spp. today to a 70 gallon minimum tank size (48" x 18" footprint), and also increased the minimum tank size of the Fisheri/Argi complex fishes to 55 gallon (48" x 13" footprint).
Just like you, I really want to see hobbyists be successful for many years to come as that is what it's all about.
<Ah yes>
  I would rather consumers pass up fish that may be borderline appropriate for their specific tank size or environment and loose a sale before seeing someone try something that doesn't work and they fail attempting to make it work.  
Please pass this along if you wish <doing so> and thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. 
Kevin Kohen
Director of LiveAquaria
Drs. Foster and Smith
<Thank you for your up-front, first-hand input Kevin. Be seeing you about.
Bob Fenner>
Re: Thank you & Stocking & Setup Questions- From Kevin Kohen LiveAquaria, Centropyge, C. flav. sys.  – 11/13/12

Hello Bob,
Thanks for passing the recent communication along between you and Kevin. I hope I didn't cause any issue.
<No; quite the opposite: This is exactly how such issues are rectified,  improved. KevinK, ScottM and I are long-time friends and professionals in the trade... Our goals are confluent if not identical: to provide accurate, significant, meaningful information in a timely manner; to help others be successful in the hobby>
I am happy to hear Kevin's desire to do the right thing based on your recommendations. I had felt they were a credible source, so I'm happy to hear of the changes. I also appreciate your efforts in being an instrument of change for these beautiful creatures that so often fall prey to those of us who are not so aware. Unfortunately, it was too late for my situation.
I appreciate all you do.
Best wishes,
<Cheers, BobF>

Lemonpeel Angel Bloating  11/17/10
Hi guys and thanks for the amazing resource you provide
<You're welcome...Misty here>.
Let me get right to it.
I have a Lemonpeel Angel that I'm thinking is going to die. He has a severely bloated stomach that has been growing for a couple months I think. I assumed he was just getting fat as he was eating, healthy and actually pretty mean. A few days ago he stopped eating. Last night he started swimming upside down and
sideways. He also has a lateral cut towards his tail that didn't used to be there. He has been in the tank for 3-4 years. Tankmates: Annularis Angelfish(big, 7+ years in tank), Harlequin Tusk, Blue throat trigger,
purple queen Anthias, snowflake eel, 3 long spine urchins (tusk eats everything else cleanup crew-wise). Tank is a 155 bow ~5years old >200lbs LR + sump, TurboFlotor 1000 skimmer, phosphate reactor and Kalk top off system.
Here's when I think my problem started: I have 2 pumps in my sump that I recently replaced cause one died and the other got noisy. When I did this, there was a TON of filth at the bottom of the sump that got sucked into the tank when I fired the new pumps up.
<Does this timing correlate with the Lemonpeels suspected illness? Just trying to get a gauge on timing here. Asking questions more for the fish experts, as I've not personally experienced this illness but wanted to start a dialogue with you for the team>.
Now my Nitrates and Phosphates are off the charts and I'm assuming this is why my fish is in such bad shape.
<Doesn't necessarily explain the lateral cut towards the tail...could be an injury from a tank mate/rock/etc.>.
I can't say that my levels were good before as I wasn't testing. I know, I know but it won't help to lie, right? Since then, I've been doing twice weekly water changes to get the levels down
<How long have you been doing these water changes? Two months? What percentage of water? And WHAT are your levels now? If you haven't been testing, now is certainly the time to get some accurate readings. No real way to help here without some numbers>.
I'm wary of doing too much too fast as this is where I've always run into trouble
<Test the water that you get before you change it. A 25% water change twice a week should be that major unless the parameters between the two are off. Heck, I had to have two 40% water changes within a week and it helped me avoid a major crash...but I tested the pH/salinity/temp before doing so>.
I have added a phosphate reactor this week and am considering using AZNo3 <I'm not familiar with this product, can't speak to it's effectiveness just because I've never had to use it>
to get the levels down in the short term. I adjusted my TurboFlotor skimmer and it seems to be doing a better job now
<did you do a thorough cleaning of it? I also run a TurboFlotor and find and a major vinegar soak
with scrubbing the whole think inside and out (tubes, air intake, etc.) makes a world of difference>. I guess the thing is I'm very concerned that the rest of my fish are going to suffer the same fate as the
<again, post your CURRENT water parameters here, do some aggressive water changes after checking the water in your tank and the "new" water parameters as mentioned above>.
They actually all look pretty good, except for the tusk who seems lazier than usual. I guess the main question is how aggressive should I be to get the nitrates and phosphates down? Just trying to not do more harm than good.
<Good luck...please post your current water parameters so more crew members can evaluate the situation. I'm not a sick fish expert because I've not had that many issues. But something is definitely out of whack. Would also help to post your system size, equipment that's not been mentioned, additives, supplements, etc.>
Thanks for any pointers
Gary NYC
Re: Lemonpeel Bloating   11/18/10

Thanks for the reply Misty. As feared, my Lemonpeel didn't make it <sorry to hear this :( >. I am keeping a close eye on the other fish. The lazier tusk is actually behaving more regularly now. Maybe the improving water?
Maybe the sick fish removed? Let me try and address the questions you have from my email. Tank is a 155 bow with ~30 gallon sump. No refugium, no DSB.
Simple system LR, skimmer, auto top off that I add Kalk to. Sg 1.022 <I prefer 1.024-ish, especially if you have inverts, see here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/spg_salinity.htm> ph 8.0 <ph also a bit low, 8.2-8.4 is ideal...but no sudden changes...gradually adjust! See here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marphalk.htm > ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates >160 higher than measurable on my kit ditto for phosphates not sure how those numbers go but way high.
Yes, after the sump foulness got pushed into the tank is when I noticed a gradual loss of color, etc in the fish. Still active, eating. I started doing 2 20g water changes a week about a month ago. I'm afraid to do more because I don't trust my water <assuming you don't have a nearby fish store or grocery store that sells RO/DI water?>. Ro/di system coming any day <good!>. I added a phosphate reactor with Phosban this week to combat those bad levels. I haven't cleaned my skimmer thoroughly ever. I will do that this weekend and see if I can get better results <you'll probably be shocked! Might take a couple of days to break in again, but I've found that hooking up an air pump to push air into it help produce better
skimmate faster>. Hopefully I can get this under control before the remaining fish are too badly effected. I did notice a scuff on the Sailfin tang's cheek that looks white, no color that's new, but the Annularis has always hated him and delivers the occasional beating so I don't think that's related. Will of course keep an eye on this. Thank you for responding. It is very appreciated. <You're welcome, and hope the tank is on the way to a recovery to ideal! Cheers, Misty>
re: Lemonpeel Bloating   11/18/10

Air pump on the Turboflotor? Hmmmm... I need to restrict the air with a little valve or the cup fills in an hour <I should have noted that I modified my Turboflotor to be a single pass skimmer and have been much happier with it. Found the modification a few years ago, so wouldn't even know where to look for it! So, for my Turboflotor, connecting an air pump
to the air intake tube helps quite a bit>. I am also feeding the intake with a power head in addition to the OceanRunner pump <wow, haven't seen that before>. I have the water pretty high in my sump. How do you get the skimmer to take all the bubbles w/o overflowing the collection cup? <Making it a single pass skimmer helped a lot! It's a VERY easy modification.
Involves some marine putty to plug the "hole" at the bottom and that's it.
Good luck!> 

Lemon Peel Angel eating decorative shrimp 5/28/2009
Good afternoon WWM crew,
<Josh here.>
I was wondering if it was unusual for a lemon peel angel to kill a cleaner shrimp?
<Not necessarily normal behavior, but not unbelievable either. Each fish has it's own personality.>
My wife and I had just observed one of our cleaner shrimp with a clutch of eggs when our recently added lemon peel attacked it by eating its' eyes off, then returning later nonchalantly and eating the eggs. It was very disappointing watching this as we were happy to see our cleaners were doing so good. The lemon peel has been vigorously grazing on all the LR algae growth in the last three days since he was introduced and has ignored the daily feedings of frozen mysis and copepods.
<This fish likely should have been acclimated to prepared food prior to addition to the display tank. He is likely hungry and more comfortable with a live shrimp than with prepared foods. Give him time, and patiently offer him prepared foods.>
We are afraid he's going to do the same to the remaining cleaner which is in hiding right now as it has just molted.
<Quite possible, or even likely based on the behavior you just observed.>
Was this killing done to feed on the eggs only?
<It is possible, I hope so.>
Please help,
<Good Luck Tom.
Josh Solomon>

Lemonpeel Angelfish/Health 5/15/09
Hi there I
<Please cap all "i's" and proper nouns such as names of fish in future queries.>
have recently got back into the marine hobby and have had my tank running for a good few months now, it is a little over 105g and has plenty of rock work I have a pair of zebra Dartfish, five yellow tail damsels, pink
spot goby, small spot squirrel fish ( I know this will outgrow my set up eventually) and my Lemonpeel angelfish. They have all been doing great until about three days ago when my angel started showing signs of small abrasions on the skin, to be honest I thought he had just rubbed on the rock when swimming about, however this a.m. when I came down I couldn't see him anywhere and he is always first out, I put the first feed in and he came out as normal then as he approached the food his head began to rapidly twitch as if he was having some sort of fit he also looked slightly paler than usual.
<I've observed this behavior/appearance in these fish in early morning hours.>
I feed the fish a mixed frozen diet of brine, squid, cockle, mysis, and a marine mix soaked in Kent Zoa« and Zoecon, I also feed them pellets and flake that are rich in vitamins and vegetable matter and finally I occasionally put in green seaweed (dried) they get a wide diet that I ensure is giving them what they need I always check my parameters at least once a week and do my regular 30% water change every two weeks. I know this problem is due to the fish normally lacking in diet but he has always scoffed like a pig and remained nice and plump. please help as I'm not
sure what to do with him and would rather not have a casualty as I originally packed in after losing my blue face angel. Would you advise quarantine as I have a 3ft set up that I always house my fish in for around 3-4 weeks
before putting them in the main tank.
<I would closely observe and leave the fish in the main system for now. Do observe for parasitical infections as these fish are also susceptible to "Clownfish Disease" (Brooklynella hostilis).
You may want to read here.
I do suggest you add a vitamin supplement (Selcon, VitaChem, etc.) to the food once per day, will improve the fishes immune system.>
Many thanks
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Red blotches on Lemonpeel angelfish... more data and/or reading aplenty    4/22/09
I have had a Lemonpeel angelfish for 2-3 months and have had no problems so far. He eats well and is very active. My nitrates are a bit high (about 20 ppm -and I can't seem to get them lower).
<... Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/nitratesmar.htm
and the linked files above...>
Today I noticed he has small red blotches on his body (mostly across the top of his spine).
<A bad sign... usually environmental in origin... again, all gone over and over, archived on WWM>
He is still swimming normally and did not eat quite like he normally does but is still pretty active. It look like he is bleeding beneath the scales. Do you know what this is and how I should treat it?
<Not w/o more information... Please learn to/use the search tool on WWM...
or take the long perusal/read here:
Bob Fenner>

Ask the WWM Crew a Question, Centropyge flavissima 10/27/08 I have a question about my new Lemonpeel Angel . After I got this fish I read he is very hard to care for. <Not terribly difficult if a health specimen is found, although these seem to be rarer than they use to be.> When I bought him he was fat & ate quite well. <What was he eating?> I have had him for one week . He looks just as fat as when I bought him . The thing is this. He only eats lettuce. <Terrestrial foods like this are not good for marine species. Try switching to Nori/ seaweed sheets.> He will not eat frozen shrimp or any flake or frozen food. <Sometimes this takes some work, have you tried the New Life Spectrum pellets? I have seen even very difficult feeders take these.> He does eat lettuce quite vigorously but won't touch anything else. <They are mostly vegetarians.> Should I be trying to feed him other foods? <Variety is the key.> Does he need protein in his diet? <Some yes.> I have him in a 55 gallon aquarium with three green Chromis . Should I be trying to feed him other foods? <Yes> Also not to jinx him but I would like to get a fifth fish , what else can I put in the aquarium that will keep everything peaceful & fairly clean . He seems semi aggressive . <Lots of choices here, something that stays fairly small, and a different body type than what you have. One of the gobies or blennies may work here, but there are also many other choices as well. Take a look through the WetWeb articles and see if you get any ideas. See these links for more on your angel http://www.wetwebmedia.com/c_flavissimus.htm http://www.centropyge.net/ > <Chris>
Re: Ask the WWM Crew a Question, Centropyge flavissima 10/28/08
Funny when I bought my Lemon peel I didn't think to ask what he was being fed. <Whenever possible ask to actually see them eat.> I just saw he was fat & asked what should I feed him . They gave me the New Life Spectrum pellets you recommended & some frozen Mysis shrimp.  He will not eat either. <Kind of surprising, both tend to be quite attractive to most fish. Try soaking the Mysid in either Selcon or garlic extract to see if that adds some added enticement. Otherwise many fish go crazy for Cyclopeeze, would be worth a try.> How long should I leave the pellets & shrimp in the aquarium ? I have been sucking them out with a turkey baster when I get home from work ( 8 hours ). <Ideally no more than a few minutes, chances are if they have not eaten it initially they will not later.> I have also tried a frozen food formula a couple of times & that hasn't worked either. <A picky eater for sure.> On the good side he eats the dried green algae sheets but I have heard you shouldn't put in the aquarium more than 3 times a week. <As long as you do not leave them there to decompose you can add them more often. The key is to remove them before they start falling apart.> With these fish being grazers I'd imagine some food should be in the aquarium daily right? <Ideally yes.> A follow up to that, when should a remove the clip? <When it starts disintegrating.> The algae goes all over the aquarium & naturally I'm concerned about the health of the water. <As you should be.> As I also stated he LOVES lettuce & eats broccoli which you said I should quit feeding. <Marine fish just are not equipped digestively to handle terrestrial foods.> I guess what I need to know is what is my next step. <Cyclopeeze and Selcon would be what I try.> I really want to do everything in my power to give this fish the best home possible. <Good> It is his aquarium. Thank you for your insight Chris . It is very much appreciated . <Welcome> <Chris>
Re: Ask the WWM Crew a Question, Centropyge flavissima 11/6/08
Hey , Chris it has been over a week & I can't get my Lemon peel Angel to eat anything but the green algae sheets. <At least it is eating.> He eats the strips aggressively & does nip at rocks, the heater , and the strip holder as well. <Good> I have tried feeding him Cyclopeeze like you have suggested with no luck. I have also tried the new life spectrum pellets, as well as a frozen formula food that a local fish store suggested , and mysis shrimp. <A picky eater for sure.> I am racking up quite a food bill & having no luck. <Sounds like it.> I have quit feeding lettuce & broccoli at your advice. <Good> I can't find the Selcon you suggested at two close by fish shops. <I would try on-line, the big shops (Marine Depot, Dr. Fosters & Smith) should have this.> Will try again over the weekend . Should I be trying anything else? <Occasionally keep trying to offer some alterative foods, but otherwise as long as he keeps the weight on I would not worry too much.> Also yesterday he started rubbing the right side of his face or gills on the rocks . This has gone on today as well . He hasn't been doing this to much & is still eating the green algae strips I put on the clip.  Should I do anything or just monitor? <Just watch him.> He doesn't have any markings or spots in the area it looks like he is trying to scratch. Once again thanks for the advice . It is very appreciated. <Welcome> <Chris>
Re: Ask the WWM Crew a Question, Centropyge flavissima 11/11/08
Well , I hope I am not running out of my number of allotted questions. <No worries.> My lemon peel is still eating the seaweed sheets & looks fine . He hasn't been rubbing his face on the rocks anymore but of one of his eyes is cloudy.  The eye doesn't appear to be growing out. <Could be from physical trauma as opposed to a disease. Either way check your water parameters.> It just has a glossy film . I'm not sure how long it has been like this.  If he didn't come right up to me I might have never noticed . Usually when I approach the aquarium he scurries away . Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks. <Take a look here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/popeyefaqs.htm and in related FAQs, could be nothing more than a bit of a scratch, but see if something in the FAQs seems similar. For now keep it eating and the water quality high.> <Chris>

lemon peel question, hlth.    9/28/08 Hello, I've quite a bit of searching for this answer and haven't found anything sufficient to rule out a disease. I have a lemon peel angel, it is sitting in a quarantine tank right now, that has like small swath of black behind it's eyes. It's looks like somebody who took a brush with black paint and brushed it behind the eyes, in front of the gills. Is this something for which I should be concerned? <Mmm, no, or at least, not likely> It is eating fine, water changes are once a week. Last I checked, all levels tested fine: NH3, N02, N03. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, -Brent <I would summarily dip/bath and move this fish... Most Centropyge species, specimens are best not quarantined for any real length of time... Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FishInd3.htm sort through the first tray... Bob Fenner>

Coral, Xenia  & Lemonpeel  8/26/08 <Hi G. Mich here today> I would like to have a coral that will grow (quickly, if possible) over my rocks. I was hoping a Xenia would do the trick <Likely would.> but my Lemonpeel Dwarf Angelfish ate it in 2 days. <Or maybe not...> So I was wondering if there is a coral out there that would cover my rocks and not be eaten by the Lemonpeel; <I'm wondering if there is a particular reason why your rocks covered with coral as opposed to Coralline Algae.> perhaps it would have toxic traits that would deter him. <There are many noxious corals.> I have a Star Polyp that he does not touch. <Green Star Polyp was one of the first that comes to mind. GSP are highly noxious.> It doubled in size and attached to the rock <And can be hard to rid of as well.> but seems to have halted its growth. <Interesting... GPS are often the allelopathic winners.> I also have a torch coral that he nips on sometimes but won't eat; <Another highly allelopathic coral.> this specimen however doesn't seem to grow or multiply. <I'm wondering the size of you tank, if you're running carbon, what other corals you have in the tank? A little reading here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/chemFiltrMar.htm > Most of my live rocks are vertical and it's quite difficult to get a coral to stay on them. <There are ways... if this is desired...> I would prefer a species to attach itself naturally and grow over the rocks yet the Lemonpeel is making it difficult. <Xenia can be prolific, but too tasty for your Lemonpeel. Anthelia is in the same order and may be worth trying. GSP comes to mind but can be a nuisance and can be rather toxic, so I would be cautious with this coral. Zoanthids might be a nice addition but may not do well with the GSP and the Euphyllia, but may be the best option. More reading here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/xeniidarts.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/caryophyllids.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zoanthid.htm > Thanks, G. <Welcome,

Fine Spotted Fairy Wrasse Lemon Aid? (Dealing with Lemonpeel Angel Aggression) 03/19/2008 Good morning- <Hi there! Scott F. in today!> C. punctatus I believe is the correct name. <No, it's SCOTT F> Heheh, just kidding...Think your reference to a wrasse got cut off?> I have a 55 and the current inhabitants are 1 Lemon Peel, 1 False Perc, 1 Firefish goby and 2 Yellow tail Damsels. The Lemon Peel rules the tank and probably chased the smaller Perc to his carpet surfing death. <That sounds about right, given the typical personality of this species.> I would like to add another Perc and at the same time add a flame hawk and 1 or 2 C. punctatus. Can I add 2 to my 55 if they are not a pair but just 2 individuals or do I need to find a pair or just add a single? <I would limit my fish additions in this aquarium. Maybe the "replacement" Perc and the Hawkfish. The Hawkfish, may be able to better stand up to the nastiness of the Lemonpeel than the Wrasses. Really, adding any new fish to a relatively modest sized aquarium with a known "alpha fish" is a dice roll. Be prepared for possible issues and the need to rescue someone if things get out of hand. You could try the old trick of shuffling the rockwork around to create "new" territories for everyone, but this still may not work. Be forewarned!> I would like to have 2 fairy wrasses so the male will display and stay more comfortable. I want to add them all to the main tank at the same time to spread out the aggression from the Lemon Peel. I would Qt the new arrivals for a month. I would put the LP in the fuge for a week or so until the new fish have been in the main tank and settled down. Thanks again! Walt <Well, Walt, the idea of the "timeout" for the Lemonpeel is a good one! I'm still a bit hesitant to give you the thumbs up for the two Fairy Wrasses. I think that one more fish is really all the system could handle from a bioload perspective, as well as a social one. I can't imagine the Lemonpeel getting any more sociable, but he will ultimately accept (or kill) the other fishes in "his" aquarium. Sounds rather brutal, but this is the reality of stocking dynamics. Proceed with caution! Regards, Scott F.>

Re: Fine Spotted Fairy Wrasse Lemon-Aid (Dealing With Lemonpeel Angelfish Aggression-Pt. 2)  3/19/08 Scott- Thanks for the response. <Glad to help!> I have been waffling for a month now on what I can add to my tank that will work. I would good rid of the LP but it is my wife's favorite fish. A stunning fish but I missed how aggressive these can be until after I added him a year ago to replace my mellow Rusty, who had a bad encounter with a power head. <They are among my favorite of the Centropyge, but they are some of the nastiest of the bunch!> I really like the activity of the Fairy Wrasses but might not be tough enough to stand up to the Lemon Peel, so I kind of narrowed it down to Hawks, dwarf fuzzy lion or a Toby. <The Hawks or the Toby would be a far better choice. Keep in mind that the Toby could possibly become a behavioral problem in a modest-sized aquarium, and they have the dental equipment to do some damage to corals and tankmates!> I heard the fine spots were pretty tough for fairies and small enough for a pair in my tank. What about a male Scott's Fairy standing up to the LP after his time out? <Well, it's a fairly tough fish, but do remember-they will jump if threatened!> I have a few Xenia, Shrooms, zoos and buttons along with the hermits and snails so I ruled out the Toby, and the lion would probably eat the smaller fish, so I think a Hawk might have the best chance. <I agree...A Flame Hawk would be a nice choice!> I know any fish is a risk with small fish and snails but I would like a bit more activity and most people love their Flame Hawks. <I loved mine, even though it decimated my snail population! What a character!> Thanks again, Walt <My pleasure, Walt! Best of luck to you! Regards, Scott F.>

Lemon Peel Harem, texting...   12/18/07 Hello there.? The usual.... you guys are great etc. etc. :)? Now for my question.? I want to set up a harem of lemon peel angels.? I have read in your FAQ area and in other sources that it can be done, but not a whole lot on anyone actually doing it.? I have a very nice 120 FOWLR tank that is very well stocked with everything from a barber shop goby to a blue face angel.? <... needs more room than this> I would like to start a new tank for the lemon peels and maybe have just the harem and perhaps Anthias to go with them.? What would you consider the ideal size of tank for this project.? <Of stock sizes, either of the 240 gallons> How many Lemon Peels should I go with to start the harem?? <Maybe five> I was thinking five. I think a tank with that many lemon peels and a school of Anthias would look incredible!! Let me know what you think you ideal set up would be for this. <See WWM re Centropyge period> Cheers, Francisco J. <Bob Fenner, out of time>

Centropyge Eating Coral ...You've Got To Move It, Move It! 11/22/2007 To the WWM Crew <Hello Flavio, Mich with you today.> I just finished, one month ago, the process of joining two 450 l tanks sharing the same 120 l sump. One of the tanks is about 7 years old /established, so I simple add more 450 l of natural salt water, new and very fine sand and "dry" rock and connected all the system. The new animals are a yellow and a veliferum tangs, a loriculus, a bispinosus and a flavissima Centropyge, two tank raised Ocellaris and a Gramma loreto. Also there I put a Trachyphyllia, a hammer (Euphyllia) and a small Sarcophyton. All the fishes and coral are in good condition. The only problem is that the Trachyphyllia is being eaten by the Lemon peel. At this moment about 10% of its tissue is damaged. Removing the coral to the other tank is a good thing to do <Absolutely!> or is the coral lost considering the amount of the injury and the coral species? <If removed from the antagonist the Trachyphyllia will likely recover. I would not give up hope on this coral.> The coral is lying from the first day on the sand bottom and today is not fully expanded. <Likely because of the continued presence of the Lemon Peel.> Thanks is advance for your advice and for your fantastic website. <On behalf of Bob and the crew you're welcome! Mich> Flavio

Lemon peel angle  9/20/07 Hello, <Hi there> I have a lemon peel angel that for about 2 weeks is showing bulged eyes (bubbled up ). I never used any chemicals before and now I starting using the "purple up". To grow some purple algae in my tank. <I and some others here are not fans of this product...> Could be the purple up affecting the fish? <Could be, yes> I have a blue damsel,2 clown fish and a spotted hawk fish, they are find except the lemon peel? What is causing this bulginess or puffiness on the eyes of the lemon peel? Thanx for your help. <It is bilateral... both sides? Could be a physical trauma that happened to both... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/popeyefaqs.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Lemon Peel not eating   2/13/07 Dear Crew: <Tom> I have a 40 gallon saltwater tank with a variety of fish who are all healthy.  My problem is that I purchased a lemon peel angel <Needs more room than this... and lots of stable, healthy live rock and what it provides there as well> who has not  eaten a thing yet and just hides behind rocks all day long.   <Natural behavior> Occasionally  he comes out but it's not for very long.  He looks thin but he is certainly  not emaciated.   Visually, the only problem I can discern is that his lips  appear "pursed" as if he's trying to kiss.  Is this a sign of  disease? <Possibly> I would appreciate any helpful comments. Thanks, Tom <Have you read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/angels/centropyge/index.htm and the linked files above? Bob Fenner>

Lemonpeel Angel and veggie clip  12/28/06 Hello, <Hello> will a Lemonpeel angel eat from a veggie clip or will it only eat off of live rocks? Thanks much <Depends on the individual, but with time and comfort with its surroundings most likely will eat off the clip.> <Chris>

Centropyge Rubble & How Many Crannies, Granny? >Crew:  Current setup: 55gal FOWLR w/inverts (snails and hermits), 39lbs. LR, 4-6" DSB, 800gph flow, 10gal QT. I am interested in two Centropyge Angels: loricula and flavissima.  I have formed the opinion that they could both work in my aquarium (feel free to insert rebuttal here).   >>Be certain to add the lemon peel first.  I'll be honest, though, and tell you that you should expect interspecies aggression.  Be prepared. >On your Centropyge pages it is written: "Habitat: Consists of coral and rock rubble, with lots of caves and crannies."  I would like to add some rubble to benefit these fish (if not for the sheer joy of saying "rubble" every time I show someone my tank ;D).   >>LOL!! >Should I: a) buy it packaged?  b) "hammer" out my own from live or base rock?  c) use crushed coral that I already have?  d) don't bother, it's a waste of time/nothing but trouble? e) none of the above? >>By coral and rock rubble, I believe Bob means that you should have good amounts of live rock that has lots of "hidey-holes", not necessarily bits of rubble on the tank floor.  Use a minimum of 1lb./gal, up to 3lbs./gal as a start. >Also, what is a good "rule of thumb" (not that again!) for number of "caves and crannies" for my aquatic animals?  Is 1 or 2 hiding places per fish good enough?  Thanks a million, Rich. >>No, one or two per fish isn't going to cut it.  Use the amount of live rock I outlined above, then arrange it so that there are not only the hidey-holes, but lots of openings for the fishes to swim through.  This will help the hapless avoid aggression (though this *is* your job to ensure they don't have to work hard to avoid aggression) and give them lots of exploring places.  This is good for them mentally.  Good luck!  Marina

Lemon Peel In The Mix? Good morning Scott, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was short!!! Scott, I would like to buy a Lemonpeel! <Awesome, my favorite Centropyge Angelfish (ok- except C. hotumatua, but don't start me on that one...LOL)! A great fish!> What do you think about this fish HEALTH WISE?? Are they a little better then a flame? <Well, flames are seemingly more abundant in the hobby, and generally do well. Lemonpeels have a slightly less sterling reputation. A lot of it depends on where the fish was collected from. Try to avoid any Centropyge from the Philippines, IMO. Marshal Island, Australian, etc are better choices. If you get a healthy specimen to begin with, quarantine and handle it well, including providing lots of good food, you'll have a real prize fish!> I've been reading some of the articles and it seems that the flame comes out with a lot of ich! Do you think a lemon would be a better pick for my 45g??? <Well, the Lemonpeel is one of the largest of the Centropyge species, topping out at around 5 inches, so it may actually be a bit too large for your tank, IMO. They can be a bit feisty, too. The Flame might be a better choice, or still better yet- the C. argi or C. fisheri. Not quite as "sexy" as either the Flame or the Lemonpeel, but better suited for a tank of your size in the long run, IMO!> Thank you so much!!! <You're quite welcome! I love dwarf angels- great fish! Just select well and care for them appropriately! You'll be fin! Regards, Scott F.>

The perfect Centropyge angel? Good day to you. <And the same to you.> I was wondering if there is a dwarf angel that is more reef safe than others. <Two words: crap shoot. It's usually 50/50 although every Lemonpeel or golden pygmy angel I've run into has been a nibbler, that's not to say that there are many people which have these fish in their tanks behaving themselves. I've had pretty good luck with flame angels at the shop, and I have one at home who hasn't nibbled for 3+ years. Good luck, and I hope you nab the right one! -Kevin>

When Life Gives You Lemonpeels.. Hello, I recently purchased a 2 inch lemon peel angel, a medium size powder blue tang & an arch eye Hawkfish. I put them all in my 20 gallon long QT. <Great procedure!> All three fish began eating well after about 2 days, especially the tang. I noticed the lemon peel rubbing itself on the bottom of the tank, but I didn't see any signs of spots on any of the fish, so I disregarded it until it continued for a couple of days. There were still no spots, but fearing ich (at the encouragement of my local supplier) I treated the tank with copper, SeaCure to be specific. <Well, if it is ich, it was not a bad move...but may have been premature> Almost immediately the lemon peel stopped eating. The very next night I read an article about lemon peel angels being hyper sensitive to copper. <Centropyge angels do tend to be sensitive to copper treatment. You should monitor copper levels very carefully when using this treatment with any fish, of course> I didn't do anything initially thinking it might be ok, but the angels eyes became hazed over. I immediately did approximately 35% water change and put in a poly filter to try and draw out the copper. I added the copper on Saturday, did the water change on Monday & by Tuesday his eyes were back to normal, but today is Wednesday and I haven't seen him eat since Saturday and he seems to stay in the top corner of the tank near the heater all the time. He looks fine and is not even rubbing any longer, but I wonder how long he can last without eating. I've tried Spirulina pellets, marine supreme, flakes for angels, even brine shrimp. The other 2 fish are eating fine, however I did notice the tang rubbing on the bottom today. I guess what I'm asking is what would you do concerning the angel not eating and treating for ich and for how long. They've been in QT for 10 days and no visible spots. I was thinking of using formalin, but how long should I wait because of the copper. I also now know I should have never tried to introduce 3 fish  at one time !!!! Thank You, Gary <Well- Gary- you're sure learning a lot from this! At this point, I'd continue to execute regular (2 or 3 times a week) small water changes in the QT tank. Keep trying to get this guy to eat. It may take a while. You also might want to introduce a vitamin supplement, such as Vita Chem, into the QT tank. Since marine fishes do drink, this may provide some nutritional "encouragement" for the angel, until he comes around and start seating. I'd hold off on any further medication unless the need arises. Keep a very close eye on things, and I'm sure that the fish can recover. Best Regards, Scott F>

Lemon peel beh. Is it common for these fish to lay on their sides. Mine keeps going between the live rock and lays down on it's side. At first I thought it was cute now I'm concerned. Thanks <I've kept dwarf angels before and have found that some of them "rest" leaning on live rock.  But never for long, they are mostly active.  Is yours breathing heavily?  Is it eating/what are you feeding it?  What else is in the tank?  The Lemon peel Angel needs a tank with established live rock.  As they like to graze it looking for food.  If it's laying flat on its side I take this to be a sign of distress and would test the water to see if everything is really in order.  Hope this helps!  Phil>

Clams and Dwarf angels 3/14/03 I would like to know if my maxima clam can live with my lemon peel angel and flame angel can you give me a rate where 1 is the lowest & 10 is the highest on the safety of my clam and/or 2 angels. Thank you <I would rank the lemon peel as a 3/4 (rather risky) and the flame as a 7/8 (rather reef-safe). The lemon peel with other reef invertebrates like coral however is even more dangerous. Some behave, but most are nibblers. They are one of the first dwarf angels to rule out of a reef tank when considering the genus. Best regards, Anthony>

Lemon peel angel >Hi Bob, >>Hello, Renee?  No!  It's the ubiquitous WillC!  Marina (a.k.a. "Seamaiden") here. >I am writing you in regard to my lemon peel angel. I have the true lemon peel with the blue markings.  Anyway, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I got mine at my local fish store for $20. >>Great deal!  And how's he doing?  Read on... >I brought him home 4 mo.s ago and he has been a riot ever since. He eats like a pig, but only if I hand feed him. If I toss the food in he just ignores it, but as soon as I grab the food he's right there eating it from my hand. >>Cheeky bugger. >He isn't aggressive, as I have an eiblii angel in with him. He schools with my green Chromis, and even does the goby routine with my pistol shrimp! >>I think you sent a picture in, yeah?  Or you posted it on RDO.. it wasn't very clear, we'd all love to see it, though. >I love this fish and I was just wanting to enlighten you with a successful story of this fish. If you ever need behavior info or some pics let me know I would be happy to share. >>Thank you, more information is ALWAYS of great help. >I was also wondering how big these guys get? I have read up to 6" I'm hoping this is true as mine is already 4 - 4 1/2" and I would hate to think he's at the end of his rope. >>IIRC, 6" is about the max. >Also I was wondering if the 2 pic's were the different species or if that was the difference between male and female? >>I'd have to see the pics, Will, but it should be easy enough to look up "sexual dimorphism in Centropyge flavissimus", yeah? >I noticed in the pic it looked like the anal fins were different, mine looks more like the first pic either way. Thanks for your help. BTW I got your name and website from Seamaiden. I'm not sure her real name but that's here "handle" on reefs.org. >>It's my nick on WetWeb (Sea Maiden there), too. as a matter of fact, I'm Seamaiden everywhere I go.  So, IIRC you *just* got that C. eiblii, right?  I will suggest you slow down, mostly because I'm concerned that three Centropyge species may be problematic.  The Flame angel is my biggest concern here, they can really get pugnacious and quarrelsome.  Also, I'm assuming that *everyone* is going through q/t as well, so just be ready with introductions.  They may get along just fine being so differently colored, but I'm really wary of the Flame.  Good luck!  Marina.  (See you on RDO!)
Re: lemon peel angel
>not to worry my flame is in my 90 reef not my 125 fish. I might get a half black angel to put in with these guys as I have read a lot on how they interbreed. I'm not to positive yet. I still wont be getting any new fish for at least a month as I want to let the tank settle in more. >>Ah!  Well then, it sounds as though you're on the golden track, so to speak.  A month between additions is generally a fair amount of time to wait, this allows the normal q/t period as well as allowing the tank to adjust.   >>I would expect the eiblii and the lemon peel to get along fairly well (or more properly, to have little reason not to in a tank of that size), though I think we discussed that both get rather large for pygmy angels, on the order of a whopping 6" or so.  If they're in a 125, I see no problems.  Be sure to look up the Zebrasoma scopas, you'll see how (uh oh!  Fish Fashion alert!) beautifully sublime its coloration is, which will match quite smartly with the coloration of the eiblii.  LOL!  No, really, I'm not kidding!  Marina

Rockin' In The Rubble! (Creating a Rubble Zone For Centropyge) Crew: Current setup: 55gal FOWLR w/inverts (snails and hermits), 39lbs. LR, 4-6" DSB, 800gph flow, 10gal QT. I am interested in two Centropyge Angels: loricula and flavissimus.  I have formed the opinion that they could both work in my aquarium (feel free to insert rebuttal here). <Rebuttal: It can work in a large tank, but in a tank less than 5-6 feet in length, it could be a constant battle between the two fishes...I'd be hesitant to try this in a 55> On your Centropyge pages it is written: "Habitat: Consists of coral and rock rubble, with lots of caves and crannies."  I would like to add some rubble to benefit these fish (if not for the sheer joy of saying "rubble" every time I show someone my tank ;D). <Dude- you're speaking my language! I always refer to one of my tanks as a "simulated rubble zone" (yep- I'm a fish geek...)> Should I: a) buy it packaged? <Nah!> b) "hammer" out my own from live or base rock? <That's what I'd do, or get smaller pieces of LR from your LFS- they'll love you for it when you buy 10lbs of 2-3 inch pieces of rubble...you'd be surprised at how much rubble it takes to get a pound of live rock rubble) c) use crushed coral that I already have? d) don't bother, it's a waste of time/nothing but trouble? e) none of the above? <Again, I'd either buy some smaller rubble-sized pieces, or take out a hammer and smash out some on your own> Also, what is a good "rule of thumb" (not that again!) for number of "caves and crannies" for my aquatic animals?  Is 1 or 2 hiding places per fish good enough?  Thanks a million, Rich. <I'd create as many nooks and crannies as you can to offer numerous territories and hiding places for your fishes, even if you're just going to keep one Centropyge (I'd go for the Flame Angel myself..). And I DO encourage you to keep just one in this tank...but you could add some cool blennies and other small fishes for an interesting rubble setup. Rock on (I couldn't resist that one)! Regards, Scott F>

Lemonpeel Angel and dipping Hello Guys, <Salute, goombah! Anthony Calfo in your service> Just one question on giving a Lemonpeel Angel a Methylene Blue/Fresh Water dip. Is it safe to give a Lemonpeel a 5 to 10 minute dip? Read the FAQ's and your page on Centropyge but didn't find my answer. I am planning to purchase this fish and just not sure if I should dip the Lemonpeel. Thanks very much! Ron <a properly conducted freshwater dip of at least five minutes (aerated, buffered, temperature adjusted, etc) is fine for the angel... towards ten minutes with discretion. The problem is the Methylene blue. Centropyge angels are sensitive to metals (like copper) and organic dyes (like Methylene blue). Do consider Formalin instead for the medicated bath and follow mfg dose. Freshwater alone is fine too if you believe the fish to be in good health for starters before going into quarantine (you are putting him in quarantine right?!?) Kindly, Anthony>
Re: Lemonpeel Angel
Anthony, you are a good Dude.  <yes. thank you... when I'm not being a strict marine Nazi (remember the soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld?), hehe...> Definitely going into the Q-tank. Thanks Again, Ron <excellent! Best of luck to you, Anthony>

Re: Lemonpeel It's a 55 gal w/ 50# live rock. I have a sand star a brittle star, scarlet cleaner shrimp, coral banded shrimp, pistol shrimp, watchman goby, blenny, Pearlscale, black and white Heniochus, royal gamma, clown, long tentacle anemone, bubble tip anemone, 3 other fish under 1 inch and several crabs. See attached file for water conditions. If you have any advice I would really appreciate it. His breathing seems fine, he eats real good but he lays down flat on his side. Thanks in advance. <Let's see... keep up with the water changes and everything should be ok.  You do have a lot of fish in a 55 gallon tank this might be stressing the Lemonpeel out!  Please check into a bigger tank soon!  Has the angel been doing this for a while or is it rather new?  I think it just might be the angel getting some shut-eye.  Hope this helps!!  Phil>

Lemon Peel Do-Over Hello Bob: Well, it has been a little over a month since the Lemon Peel died an untimely death. My guess is that the Coral Beauty attacked the Lemon Peel. I am seriously considering (much to my wife's chagrin) trying another Lemon Peel. One thing puzzles me: In your valued response to my E-mail of a month age on this, you thought that the Coral Beauty would be, or be forced to be, the sub-dominant animal. By sub-dominant, does this mean that the Lemon Peel would be dominant, and would have attacked the Coral Beauty? And, if so, I would have expected the Lemon Peel to have survived.  If I have totally misunderstood, please correct me.  Thanks, Mitch <Your understanding is exactly what I intended by my statements... given numerous trials (same approximate starting health, size...) a Lemon Peel and Coral Beauty placed together, the former will generally become the dominant animal... occupying the better site(s) and space in the tank... However... starting now with the Coral Beauty, I would either get a much smaller Lemon Peel (Centropyge flavissimus) or a much (an inch or more) smaller individual... And if you can specify the location or origin, from Fiji... this is the current best source for this species. Bob Fenner>

Lemonpeel Angelfish Hi, I have a Lemonpeel Angelfish that has a white wart looking thing on his anal fin. What kind of disease is this and how should I treat it? Thanks. <I would leave it alone... maybe try a cleaner shrimp (Lysmata species) to clean up this biological blemish. This sounds like either a case of Lymphocystis or a tumor of internal origins... in either case, manipulating the animal, treating it with chemicals won't help, but hurt. Bob Fenner >

Lemonpeel Angel... I recently went from a fish only to a fish/reef tank. I have an 80 Gallon system that houses 1 Lemonpeel angel, 1 Coral beauty angel, 1 Scopas tang, 2 pearly Jawfish, 3 dwarf banana wrasses, 1 6-lined wrasse, 1 orange spot goby, 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 serpent star, 1 brittle star, 1 emerald crab, 1 green starburst coral, 1 Zoanthid (small button) coral, a few mushrooms and I believe a pistol shrimp (I hear him but don't see him). My Lemonpeel has been a problem of late. He is nipping at the Zoanthid. Therefore the Zoanthid is only opening up half and not looking too "happy". I have lots of Caulerpa algae there for the Lemonpeel and the tang to munch on. I feed them 1 time a day and he eats well, and nibbles all day. I have moved my Zoanthid around the tank, I have checked it for vampire snails. The Lemonpeel only nips occasionally so I don't think he is the only problem. I had a xenia (tiny little frag) in my tank for a while, but I got a red algae bloom that covered it up while I was sick and couldn't clean my tank. he didn't touch that, or any of the small Zoanthid frags I have added. The colony he picks at is green, but he ignores every other coral. Any ideas? My wife loves the Lemonpeel so if I have to get rid of anything it would be the Zoanthid, but I am wanting to add more corals and don't want it to end up being a prime buffet for the fish. Also would a clam do well with the fish I have? The tank is lit by 4 - 48" VHO tubes (2blues and a 50/50) thanks. Chris Madsen <Well, you might try adding some more/different live rock... with more sponge material on it... the Fiji premium would be my choice... and feeding the animal a few more times daily might help... but once this "habit" develops (a fish picking on a given invertebrate), it is very hard to change the pattern... And this Lemonpeel might leave other types of corals alone, but maybe not...A giant clam species could be cultured in your system. Bob Fenner>

Lemon peel angelfish Hi, I have a 3 month old 50 gal reef tank. I recently purchased a Lemonpeel angel fish to add to my 3 other clown fish. They all seem to be getting along, however I never see the angel eating the frozen shrimp that is fed to the other fish. I bought some formula one today and it seemed to begin to peck at it. However, the thing that concerns me the most is that the angel has developed black areas around its eyes, and a small red bump right in the middle of his side. <Not good signs... I will get another water check soon, however my last one indicated that my water is in good condition. My temp is ~79 and salinity is 1.023 at that temp. Any ideas or suggestions? The behaviour of the fish is the same as always, no scratching or anything like that. <Still... I would try expanding the food menu, using some types of algae (live, prepared), add a vitamin prep. directly to the water about once a month. Hopefully this specimen will rally. Please do read through the various FAQs on the genus Centropyge posted on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com... sometimes this species turns around... and is best kept in this sort of setting... though a larger system would be a plus. Thanks, Deniz <Bob Fenner

Lemonpeel Angel It¹s me again. Just a quick question about the Lemonpeel angelfish. How is the survivability of specimens from Tahiti or Fiji (I know they are not cyanide collected)? <Much better. Sure you've read the Centropyge materials stored on WWM? Bob Fenner> Thank you, Kevin

Questions about Feeding a Lemon peel Angel Jason/Bob, <<Jason here, howdy... I've got a question regarding a Lemonpeel angelfish. I acquired the fish 5 days ago, and due to the lack of a QT (currently it's occupied by another fish) I introduced the angel directly into my main 55 gallon tank). The tank is currently stocked with 1 yellow tang, 1 maroon clown, and 1 blue damsel. There's no sign of hostility in the tank at this point.  <<that is helpful  All water parameters are normal with only the nitrates being 5-10 ppm(?) <<not terrible or impossible to deal with.  The problem is that the angel has not touched any food so far with the exception of nipping on algae. I have tried Pygmy angel formula, brine shrimp, and broccoli. The LFS expert(?) claims that it does take a few days for the fish to get used to the new environment (he did not specify how long though). Bottom line, I don't want the fish to starve. Is there anything else that I can try to feed it? This is an established system with some green hairy algae present, and I have read these angels feed on that. <<in my experience, pygmy angels eat A LOT of algae, and if things are going well, you're just not watching long enough. These fish are/stay small and so they hide a lot in the wild - are wary of shadows, new circumstances, etc. - and who could blame them. The guy at the LFS is right, it needs time to adjust. Keep offering the pygmy angel formula when you feed everyone else - all my fish love it [currently no pygmy angel] and eventually you'll see it take a taste. Patience here is the key, although you might have waited for your quarantine to empty before you added another fish to your mix. But hey... it's in the tank, let's hope for the best, and do try to make sure it isn't getting thin... If you never see it eat but it never gets thin, it's eating something [like the hair algae]. I think you will witness this more and more as it gets comfortable in its new surroundings. I am running out of ideas on what to do. <<don't do anything, just watch for a day or two and feed everyone like normal. Btw, thank you for your previous advise on treating ich etc...D. <<You are welcome. Cheers, J --
Re: Lemonpeel angel
Jason, <<Hello... Thanks for replying... <<You are quite welcome. The Lemon peel angel is getting thin behind its head not too much) but there's no sign that its belly is shrinking?  <<ok so far... takes some time go gain ground in this department.>>  This is day 6 that I've had him/her.  <<is still early yetnbsp; I did notice some green hairy algae missing, however he/she hasn't touched any food that I have put in the tank (Mysis shrimp, Spirulina, pygmy formula) or maybe it is when I'm not around.  <<sounds like it's eating.nbsp; This fish hides a lot, however not to the point that it won't come out at all. <<sounds quite normal.  It is still quite active swimming in between rocks or up and down.  <<ahh, good.nbsp; What I don't understand is why would the LFS claim that they fed the angel brine shrimp when in fact it won't touch them?  <<circumstances are different now, no longer living in a cube.nbsp; They claimed that the angel ate brine shrimp daily, but it's hard to believe the fish wasn't shy in their store and it is in my tank.  <<Give it time - it needs to adjust to the tank as much as you need to adjust to how these behave. No worries. Thanks, D. <<You are quite welcome. Cheers, J --

Lemonpeel Angel and dipping Hello Guys, <Salute, goombah! Anthony Calfo in your service Just one question on giving a Lemonpeel Angel a Methylene Blue/Fresh Water dip. Is it safe to give a Lemonpeel a 5 to 10 minute dip? Read the FAQ's and your page on Centropyge but didn't find my answer. I am planning to purchase this fish and just not sure if I should dip the Lemonpeel. Thanks very much! Ron <a properly conducted freshwater dip of at least five minutes (aerated, buffered, temperature adjusted, etc) is fine for the angel... towards ten minutes with discretion. The problem is the Methylene blue. Centropyge angels are sensitive to metals (like copper) and organic dyes (like Methylene blue). Do consider Formalin instead for the medicated bath and follow mfg dose. Freshwater alone is fine too if you believe the fish to be in good health for starters before going into quarantine (you are putting him in quarantine right?!?) Kindly, Anthony

LEMON PEEL SCRATCHING Dear Bob, <Hi Brenda, MacL here to try to help you. I think Bob is off diving, where I'd like to be I might add.> Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a Lemonpeel angel in a 10 gallon quarantine tank for 2 weeks and she is doing some scratching. Before I go into my fishes illness, I wish to say that setting up and maintaining my quarantine tank has been a real challenge. The only reason I kept with it is because of all the pro-quarantine info. <It truly does make a difference.> I have read. This last time ,I attempted to cycle my tank, everything seemed to go better (I cycled my tank with 2 green Chromis for 2 months then returned them to the pet store when done). My QT has a small powerhead and the Marineland 125 BioWheel, no substrate, and a fake rock thing she can hide behind or in that is made for saltwater aquariums. Well with everything appearing fine, I did small water change and then went to get my angel. I knew she would be a challenge but I did as much research as I could.  After having her in the QT tank for a week, my levels started going funky again( ammonia levels going up, nitrite levels going up etc.)<The addition of the food and the fish caused a mini cycle.> I did some water changes to pull my levels into the correct ranges, used Kent Ammonia Detox a few times, and cut back on my feeding. Levels at this time are: Ammonia 0, nitrites<.3 but the color is not a strong yellow, Nitrates 20ppm, pH 8.0-8.1 ( I am having to add a pH buffer every day to get pH to 8.1),KH 14,Calcium 420,salinity 1.021,temp 77-78 degrees.  I use Tetra tests do all my testing. <Something seems off, if everything else is up there your ph should be as well. Do you have a friend or a local fish store that could check your tests?> Well I think the combination of water quality and stress from water changes has stressed my fish and she has started scratching. She does not flash along the bottom of the aquarium but scratches around her eyes and gills. She has clear eyes and does not have any white spots or discolored marks on her body. Her two side fins have some spots on them but she has had that since the first day I have had her and that has not changed. <Could be a variety of things causing it> She is still eating well (she loves romaine lettuce, spinach, and Ocean Nutrition number 1, and will munch on Ocean Nutrition frozen Angel formula )is very personable, but she will periodically go into a fit of scratching on something and twitches as if she has something in her head. <There are multiple things that could cause that.> I went to my local pet store and they told me so many conflicting things I am confused. I know I need to get my water quality under control (all water changes done with RO/DI water). I have heard about dipping a fish and inquired about that at the pet store but they did not advise that because of the barbs on each side of her gills. <It works for parasites but its possible that something is just irritating her.> I tried to pull up articles on dipping but my computer is going funky, I just hope this letter reaches you. I did read an article that stated you should do a water change with half salt water from your established aquarium and half fresh water, would this help keep things more stable in my QT? <Putting the water from the tank in would also put the established bacteria into the tank and that might help some.> Also, I read some of your articles on lowering the salinity in the QT tank but once again, I am afraid to do that because of my water levels. <Hyposalinity works great for ich but its possible what you have isn't ich. Usually with ich you do get the white dots.> Also, I am scared to treat with copper because of this type of fish and because my levels are so touchy. <I really hate copper, I think its done more damage then help. But there are cleaner shrimps and neon gobies etc that help with parasites.> Should I do a fresh water dip, if yes, please tell me the appropriate procedure. Lastly, when I did a water change I rinsed my filter pad in saltwater and there was a whole bunch of little crawly things in the rinse bucket. <That's curious> I have never seen anything like this before.  Could this be something that is making her sick. <Depends on what the little crawly things are.> I used a small piece of live rock from my main aquarium to attach food to in the QT. <In that case could be copepods and they are a good thing.>I have not seen anything like this in my display tank.  Thank you for any help you can give me. P.S. Can you recommend a good product that would help pull my pH up? I personally like the HGH blocks they seem to help stabilize the tank but I think its a good idea to double check your tests to be on the safe side.> Sincerely,

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