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FAQs about Linckia Sea Star Systems

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Linckia Problem/Aquarium Suitability - 07/28/06 Hi, <<Hello>> I have a blue Linckia that has been happy in my tank for several months.  I have a 20 gal tank, with 20 pounds of Live Rock. <<My friend...suitability of this animal for aquarium use aside, this tank/volume of live rock is much too small for the continued good health of this animal>> The only other inhabitants are two Ocellaris Clowns.  The Starfish has always been extremely active and even now is climbing one of the intake pipes in the tank. <<Mmm, indeed...furtively searching for food...starving...>> What I am concerned about however is what looks like a white cut or graze on one of the legs.  He is still quite active but I am wondering what this is likely to be, and whether or not it is treatable. <<Likely the result/culmination of nutritional deficiency...adding/changing out old for new live rock may help but these stars rarely recover in aquarium settings.  Even so, you would only be delaying the inevitable.  This genus of starfish has a dismal survival record.  Those that survive the collection/shipping process still acclimate poorly...those that survive acclimation are usually doomed to slow starvation.  This starfish rarely, if ever, accepts offered foodstuffs (clam, shrimp, whatever), and thus requires large amounts of live rock in order to meet its nutritional requirements...which may also beg the question "is this animal truly reef-safe" as it will surely scour the emergent life from your rock.>> My nitrates are 0.0, but my SG is slightly high. <<Tells me nothing...what is "slightly high"?>> Any suggestions would be appreciated. <<Unfortunately there's probably little you can do for the star at this point.  But for future reference, I would like to suggest one of the smaller and hardier, easier to feed Fromia species would be better suited to your tank>> Regards, Simon Ashby <<Cheers, Eric Russell>>

Linckia help, please?   7/7/06 I've been a fan of your website for a few months now but haven't really been sure how to ask a question.  If this is the wrong way, please let me know the right way? <Mmm, this be it> Background: 55 Gallon Reef setup since January (moved in May), 2 false clownfish, 3 giant turbo snails, 3 conch snails, 7 hermit crabs, 1 blue linckia starfish, 1 lawnmower blenny. Ph 8.0, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia 0 temp 78 I purchased the star w/o doing enough homework.  Once we got him home (about 3 weeks ago) I did a lot of research and am now really thankful he has survived.  I can't find any definitive source on what to feed him and the blenny (bought this week).  We have a LOT of algae in the tank and I leave the back wall and sides unscraped.  We have about 75 pounds of live rock.  Is this enough to support everyone we have? <Only time can/will tell... genus Linckia stars feed on numerous small animals, algae, detritus...>   Have I overstocked my cleaning crew? <Mmm, well, the Conch will eventually be too big...>   I have a hard time thinking yes since we still have a lot of algae, but I want to be sure.  I feed the fish/crabs marine cuisine (1/2 cube twice a day) and everyone seems happy.  I just want to make sure they stay that way.  Any suggestions? Thank you, Rene Bress <Mmm... not given the information presented... Perhaps other than reinforce your statement re investigating before buying. If you had/have a much larger well-established system, I'd move the Linckia to this. Bob Fenner>

Linckia Starfish And Breeding Clowns - 11/08/05 Hello, great site, but I still need some help. <<Ok>> I'm looking into getting a Blue Linckia starfish, or a purple one. <<This species of starfish does not ship particularly well and requires "lots" of live rock to browse/survive, thus it has a very poor survival rate in captivity. You would be better off searching out one of the Fromia specie of starfish for your reef.>> I have a 55 gallon with 3 1/2 inches of crushed coral/sand, about 30lbs of live rock, protein skimmer, two powerheads and two power filters. This tank has been set up for about a year and a half. I have in it 2 Yellow Tail Damsels, 2 Clown Gobies, 2 Sebae Clowns, a Royal Gramma and a Lawnmower Blenny. Will I be able to add the starfish or will one of my brats try to eat it? <<Should be fine...but for the reasons previously stated.>> Or is my tank not big enough? <<That too>> I don't want to get a animal then have it starve to death or be picked on. <<Then go with a Fromia.>> I love my fish, I also have 2 true Percula Clowns in a 20 gallon tank I'm trying to get them to breed, any tips on food or certain water temperature, length that lights should be on, etc. <<Have a look here and at the links in blue at the top of the page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clnfshbrdfaq2.htm >> <<Don't forget the Bible of clownfish breeding by Joyce Wilkerson! MH>> Any help on either of these questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks
<<Regards, EricR>>

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