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The Macro Paradise Which is Northern Sulawesi (Long Version), Part 1

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Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com


Manadotua Island north of Bunaken, near Froggies Resort.

Where is Northern Sulawesi? Sulawesi, formerly Celebes is the odd hand-shaped Indonesian island located north of Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores et al. islands in the Indo-Malay Archipelago. A vintage 1940's era map showing the country as named, ruled (for 350 years) by the Dutch, as the Netherlands East Indies.

Easy enough to get to: From the west coast of the U.S., a twelve hour flight to either Japan or Taiwan, six hours down to Singapore, then a mere three more to the new international airport in Manado.

Sulawesi is not a small place (about 73,000 square miles), is comprised of many different cultures, not at all like Java but more like Bali in its "feel", easygoingness of the populace.
>Resorts in the area: Fancy to not. Bunaken side: more wall diving, clearer, warmer water… Possibility of Manado and environs-basing, (e.g. Tasik Ria Resort), and hauling out to Bunaken Preserve (about an hour one way) or staying at one of the Bunaken Island dive centers. E.g. Murex, Froggies…  

>Froggies, on Bunaken Is.: Low end, set-menu, no hot or running water. Instead it's rice and fish lunch and dinners daily, except on  Sunday's when you can get... fish and rice! Actually, the menu is more elaborate, but it is "set", not a matter of choice. And they do supply freshwater (both drinking) and in a basin... to wash with "Indonesian style"... with a ladle and wash cloth. You will find the warmest spot to set a bucket out to warm it up during the day. Cost: about $30 per person per day.

>Kungungan Beach Resort: Pier, running water, pier, restaurant menu (24 hrs). Ahh, luxury. On the high end for the area are places like KBR. Hot and cold running water... food to order night and day. Cost is about $200 pp/d. Diving in the region is about all the same in terms of expense, twenty to thirty dollars per tank dive depending on volume.

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