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FAQs on Magnetic Field Filtration

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EMR is a part of our universe... but how much effect do weak fields have on chemistry? None that is appreciable.

Hey Love ur page.
<Well all right!>
My question is about the eco-aqualizer. Have you tried this product and is it any good?
<Mmm, not tried... but met the two young fellows who own the co., make these units... had quite a few laughs re>
I read their page with testimonies but I was looking for an outsider opinion for this product. I have a 225 drilled aquarium with a 3 ft wet/dry filter and a 2 ft refugium connected to each other with an Euro-Reef CS6-1 protein skimmer, which after reading your post that
Euro-Reef is the way to go and boy this skimmer kicks um butt. Would this eco-aqualizer help or is it just a bunch of hog-wash?
<The latter. Non-scientific mumbo jumbo. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/magneticfltfaqs.htm
SpeedBump61565 (Ed)
<Pyramid Power! Uhh, welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Green haired algae: Attn Bob; magic magnet devices, overflow boxes and not  03/19/2009
Heheheh, yes, I face-palmed a few times during that email.
<I as well>
If you have a moment and want a laugh, do read about the Eco Aqualizer.
<Oh yes... met the young fellows who produce... have seen Morgan Lidster's expose, the one he took apart... Miraculous!>
It emits "Far Infrared" rays, as well as breaking the molecular bonds between water molecules, and liberates trapped oxygen - without being hooked up to a power source. I was also totally unaware of the fact
that ammonia molecules get trapped - apparently by covalent or ionic bonding, between water molecules. It is also vacuum sealed, despite having water pumped through it.
<Right... and cures psoriasis reportedly as well>
Clearly, I got into the wrong line of work. I must have missed the "Defying the laws of Physics\Nature" courses in college - perhaps those were in the graduate or doctorate program.
<Have got my Pyramid cap on presently>
As far as the association is concerned, Yes, I am enjoying it immensely!
It has gotten me reading about aspects of the hobby that I had not even contemplated before.
<Nor wanted to! D'oh!>
Speaking of snake oil, my sump has a gravity overflow (2 x 1" lines).
I've already experienced the "wet floor" syndrome from the tank overflowing. Being the good little engineer, I've made a pump\overflow controller - If the water level gets too high or too low in the sump, it shuts the pump down and sets an audible alarm (before the water hits the floor). The system must be manually reset (push button) before the pump will restart.
<Mmm, we'll see... wouldn't it have been easier to just (re) drill, add to the lines?>
Would you think there would be a market\utility for such a device?
<Maybe... Am going to ask ScottV for input here... It's "right up his line". Cheers, BobF>
<<Hi Mike. I really have no idea if there would be a viable market for these. It is no replacement for a proper overflow, but there are many people I talk with everyday that are just unwilling or unable to drill for whatever reason. There is one way to find out if these will sell, we could try it! In case you are unaware I am a partner in Glass-Holes.com...basically all overflow boxes and the accessories needed to plumb and drill, the place to try selling these. If you would like to give selling the units a whirl I would be more than happy to put them on the site and we can see. And if you ever do want to drill your tank for larger throughputs just let me know. And dang man, you live in FL! If you have any inkling to dive do it, you will not regret it!! Scott V.>>

Too good to be true? Magnets, swooped Tennies, going to Mars  3/3/07 Good evening to you. Have any of you guys or gals heard of a product called the ECO-AqualizerTM ? http://www.ecoaqualizer.com/seehow1.htm <Oh yes> It supposedly was the 2003 Aquarium Central product of the year. <"Whoop dee doo"> If this product is capable of doing what it advertises, I want one.  Maybe Bob or one of you other fine folks with an understanding of chemistry can look at this website and let me know if what they claim is possible.  It really sounds like one of those "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is" deals. Thanks again, Mike <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/magneticfltfaqs.htm BobF, with his magical pyramid hat on this AM>

Magnet Magic? - 06/02/2006 What is your take on the ECO-Aqualizer ??    <Some opinions can be viewed here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/magneticfltfaqs.htm > Thinking of experimenting with one. <I'd like to see someone (perhaps the company owner(s)) show some examples from controlled experiments with empirical data as evidence to support their claims.> Figured it can't hurt but not sure if will help ?? <Do take a look here:   http://www.inlandreef.com/Testing/EcoPhotos.html .  I will not form opinions for you, but were it my money I were considering spending, I'd want more than just customer testimonials backing up a product.> Thanks in advance. <You bet.> Mark J <Take care,  -Sabrina> Ich breakout, crowded marine systems, Magical Magnet Cure-alls!  - 05/13/2006 Hey Guys, <What about the women here? Am wondering if "guys" covers all genders nowadays.> I have recently introduced a new Tusk to my aquarium. I have a 120 FO with skeletal corals. I have a huge wet/dry and a 25 UV going. After introducing the Tusk my Blue Face Angel was giving him problems. <This tank is too small for a Euxiphipops...> Not surprisingly the Tusk broke out with ich. He has obviously been scratching because he cut up the top of his tail. I have removed the Blue Face Angel and put him in another aquarium, however my Tusk, Picasso, Golden Arothron, and Volitans lion have ich now. None of these guys have ever had ich. <But your system did... you/they did actually have a sub-symptomatic crypt infestation> I don't want to treat with copper. I just recently ordered a product called ECO-Aqualizer that is supposed to help with the immunity of fish, and almost cure anything. <Heeee! Magnet technology... Hope you've also got a pyramid hat to cogitate furiously with... See WWM re reference to this product, the owners...> Not sure if you've heard of it. However do you have any suggestions? I love my fish and it sucks to see them with ich after they have been doing so well. ~Sam <Uhh... sure... Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/ichart2mar.htm and the linked files above... and soon... formulate a real treatment plan, execute against it... Or your fishes will perish. Bob Fenner>

Need advice on setup and possible Danio problem 10/30/05 Hello, I would first like to say what a great website you have! I have been spending hours a day the past couple weeks reading all the FAQ's and learning so much about keeping my fish healthy, and of course realizing what I have done wrong. Thank you for the load of information that you have! I decided to finally send in my questions and get your advice on a couple of issues. To begin with let me tell you about my tank. It is a 75 gallon that has been running since June of this year. I have 2 Emperor 280's with BioWheels, UGF run by 2 Aquaclear 70's, 30" bubblewand and 2 other large ornaments with airstones, 250 watt Heater (installed 2 1/2 weeks ago), <... you didn't have a heater previously?> Eco-Aqualizer E125 ( just installed 10 days ago), <And a pyramid hat?> 1 live plant ( not sure of what it is), 10 - 15 various plastic plants, and also plastic breeding grass. Now for my fish I have.. 8 Danios (4 zebra, 4 tiger) 1 Blue Dwarf Gourami 2 Guppies (1M, 1F, Had 3 F but lost 2 recently) 11 Various Platys (4 M, 7 F) 2 Neon Tetra's ( had 8 but have recently been losing them) 2 Black skirt Tetra's (1M, 1F) 2 Goldfish ( prizes from the fair in August, they have grown 3 times their original size and getting moved to another tank as soon as funds allow) <A very good idea> 4 Albino Cory's 1 Pleco 2 Baby fry ( I believe 1 is a Platy and the other is a Guppy) I am not sure if this tank is overstocked or not But I know you will tell me, at least I am hoping you would. Also I've learned from your site the I should not have the goldfish in there at all, but I assure you they will be moved very soon. <Good> Now onto my problems, after a couple months of losing several fish I had finally got a beautiful tank. I didn't know anything about cycling it or really anything about having and taking care of fish. On a whim I decided to get one for the house and luckily I started with a large one. After all the hardships and sadness of losing fish after fish I finally was able to enjoy the tank, I'm sure you know the relaxing power they have. Well the first of October the tank took a temp drop from a steady 78 degrees to 67 degrees in a matter of days. <Yikes!> I then noticed several of my platies with white spots 1 of them had the spots really bad. After doing some research I concluded that it had to be Ich and I treated the whole tank following the directions on the label I took out the carbon filters and all. Bought the heater and got the temp back up to the normal 78 degrees. After about 5 days the spots were gone except for the one Platy that had them worse Hers were gone after a week had gone by. However I didn't know that the treatment would cause my tank to have to recycle again. <Yes, commonly so> I started losing my fish again ( 6 neon's and 2 guppies). I had no idea what was going on ( which brought me to your site). And learning what the process of the cycle is. So I bought a testing kit and I believe I am almost done cycling, here are my readings from the last 3 days, maybe you can tell. 10/25 PH 7.0 Nitrite .25 Nitrate 0 Ammonia 0 10/26 PH 7.2 Nitrite .25 Nitrate 5 Ammonia 0 10/27 PH 7.2 Nitrite 0 Nitrate Less then 5 but not 0 Ammonia 0 My water is very soft due to a water softener installed for the house because we have well water. <Mmm, you might want to "blend" in some percent of the well water... maybe 10%... to add "hardness" and alkaline reserve> And I have always done a weekly 20 percent water change.  Do you think its almost done or do I still have a way to go? <Looks about done> I am sorry that this is so long but I thought it would help if you had all the information to go on. Because my last problem is the reason that tonight was the night I decided to write you. I came home and noticed one of my danios, it is a long finned by the way, has two orangey-red spots on her tail one along the very top and one along the very bottom. It was not there this morning when I left. It doesn't look like it was damaged by another fish and none of the other fish have these spots on them. I've looked on your site for some kind of clue what it could be but can not find anything. It is acting fine, not sick, very active, eating, playful as always. But I am still worried as to what it could be. Any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Again I'm sorry for the lengthy email. Thank you Jennifer  <Likely "just" environmental stress... should cure on its own with time. Cheers, Bob Fenner>  

Re: Need advice on setup and possible Danio problem 10/30/05 Hello Bob. Thanks for writing back. Yes I had put off buying the heater because the temperature in the tank had been steady, and then it suddenly got cold here outside. <I see> I just wish I had known before what it would do to my fish. But I know now! Of course the outbreak of Ich had me online looking up cures which brought me to the Eco-Aqualizer( which after almost 2 weeks has not cleared up the cloudiness, and its going back). But nope no pyramid hat. Would that help me?? ;-> <Hee heee, heeeeee!> I'll start looking it up. LOL So as an update to my previous email. The 2 Goldfish are now in their very own 29 gallon tank with 2 Albino Cory's. I took gravel and 15 gallons of water out of the 75 gallon tank and put it in the new tank. So it wouldn't have to go through a whole cycle. <Ah, good> Unfortunately the Danio I wrote about with the spots on its tail, I found floating this morning. All the other's are fine, so I don't know what happened. As far as my 75 gallon tank though I would like to replace what I have lost through everything this past month. 6 Neon Tetras, 2 Guppies and 1 Danio. What is your opinion? Am I already full with what is left or do you think I have room in the tank for them? <There is room> As far as adding well water to the tank I have no access to the water. It is run through the softener direct from the main line. All I have between the softener and the well is a shut-off valve. <Interesting... even the outside/garden hose water is softened? I would check on this> Is there something I should buy and add to the tank for the hardness and alkalinity? <Mmm, you could... but I would still find some "ordinary tap" to just blend in> My water readings the past two days have been... The 28 PH was 7.0 Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia 0. And tonight the PH was 6.6 <Mmm, too much of a drop... you might indeed want to add a few teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to a glass of water to the tank... to bolster its alkaline/pH stability> ( I assume from the water change) and Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia is 0. I don't add any water conditioner or anything to the tank because there is no chlorine in it. All I put in after a gravel vacuum and water change is stress coat. Do you think I should be putting anything in it to help with the cloudiness or will this also clear up after the cycle is through? <Will clear on its own in time> Thanks again for your advice. Jennifer <A pleasure to proffer it. Bob Fenner>

Re: Need advice on setup and possible Danio problem Nope, even the outside faucets have the softened water. <Very strange...> I found this out after filling our pool this summer. All the water went through the softener and it went berserk because of all the cycles it had to do in two days. <I'll bet> (Whew but that was a whole other issue). Anyways after thinking a few minutes I'm going to ask our neighbors if they can provide us with 8 gallons of their water a week. I'm sure they will have no problem with this. However our water (prior to the softener, acid neutralizer and some other tank being installed) had the most terrible iron smell and had a slight rusty color to it. If theirs is the same would that be harmful to the tank? <Could be... you do want to have some "hardness" component/s to your water... though some of the fishes listed (e.g. Neons) prefer quite soft conditions... and little iron> As for the baking soda would I do that with my weekly changes or if/when I notice the PH drop? <Best with the water changes> Thanks for your help Jennifer <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Multiple Neon Gobies, Magnetic marvels, pyramid hats, rambling...  9/19.5/05 Hi there, <Hello> Upon the suggestion of something I read on your site or elsewhere, I had purchased 4 neon gobies for my 55 gallon tank.  Before that they were in QT for a month and during that time, I tried to determine the sexes.  I then released them into the 55 to see if any would pair up and I could remove the 2 left overs as I did read one 1 or a pair can remain. <Yikes... good luck>   In a short few weeks, only 1 remained.  I have determined that they will seek out and kill the same sex until one remains.  Is that true? <Happens at times... but generally no... are pretty social animals in the wild, stocked in good numbers in transition in the trade> I asked a LFS and they said that you can have several in the same tank and they will be fine.  Well, I think that is a bunch of poo, because it seems EVERY salt water creature can only be a mated pair or ONE in each tank (with the exception of clowns with their own anemone in a large tank). <Mmm, not so> My question was, since I do have the BLUE NEON, if I added a GOLD, would the blue attack and kill it as he/she did the others?  Or would the color variation prevent that? <Should be fine to mix...>   I do have a cleaner shrimp as well (the tangs like him and my solar fairy likes the goby)  I did notice the goby will go after and take off any Lympho (unharmful white stuff ...bacteria or non-fatal protozoan....I just can't remember the name) off the wrasse whether the wrasse likes it or not! lol!   I was told that the cleaner shrimp do NOT eat the crypto/Oodinium, but only the neons do, which lead me to buying one of each, but like I said, I WOULD like another, but not if he will kill the gold.  Thanks for your time!!!! Oh, slightly off the subject: I do highly recommend to anyone with a salt water tank, an ionizer!!!!!   I have tested calcium and mag. right OUT of the ionizer and the levels were higher than the tank.....so it is great for keeping levels up.  I know it is basically a magnetized method, right?   <Are you referring to the product the EcoAqualizer? Is magnet "driven"> I have had NO illnesses, NO ich.......and since I put one in, and yes you will hate this.....I do not QT new fish because this ionizer kills ich, and prevents microalgae issues etc. <... how?> Unlike a UV, it does not take out the good stuff. And between my goby and shrimp, I am not worried.  I can always PUT them in QT if an issue arises. <Too late...>   I don't know what your thoughts are on the matter,  and maybe I have been fortunate, but once I move to my 150, I will probably QT then.  I really think a F/W dip for 15-20 minutes with Meth. blue (PS: Meth. blue will kill royal grammas...any other fish it is harmful to <No...> and the ionizer is the BEST and easiest, and least stressful for the fish instead of being in a QT....as most people only have a 20 set up and have to do a ton of water changes if Coppersafing as it kills all good bacteria. As time goes on, we all learn something new.  I almost lost my scooter blenny in QT as there are no copepods to eat!  I put him in my main display and he fattened up.  (I have a supplier who I buy copepods off of....now I have a fat mandarin as I supply him every month with new copepods, this was after trading in my scooter)  Thanks for your time and I do appreciate being able to voice my experience thus far.  Have a great weekend! <Thanks... and I won't limit you... have a great lifetime. Bob Fenner>

I Think I Have (Bristle) Worms, Eco-Aqualizer Question I think that I have bristle worms in my tank.  <<Not unheard of.>> My Live rock is loaded with them.  <<Ah, EXCELLENT indicator of husbandry (lack thereof), detritus levels. The worms are there in large numbers because they have plenty of food.>> I have taken a picture of one that I caught.  <<Not by hand, I hope. Bristle worms look similar to fire worms, NOT fun! Both can leave these very fine hairs in your skin, not entirely unlike some species of cacti. (Yes, I have been stuck, left little bumps in my finger for YEARS!)>> My question is this, are they harmful to the tank or should I just leave them in the tank?  <<No, they are not harmful at all. There are those who will assert that they can eat your tridacnids, some corals, etc., but they are misinformed. Bristle worms are specifically detritivores (detritAvores?), they eat dead and rotting stuff. Of course, there are species that may attack desirable specimens, but these are not an indicator of tank health/husbandry, and don't usually appear in the large proportions we see with bristle worms.>> Are they beneficial and if so how do they benefit the tank?  <<They're quite beneficial, especially if you haven't got a handle on the detritus, as they will actually help prevent a huge buildup of nitrate within the system by their consumption. However, they're not very pretty, I personally don't find them desirable (not after having been stuck), and would address the husbandry here to get their numbers down. All such issues are posted here on WWM ad infinitum.>> I have attached two pictures.  <<Good shots.>> I am also wondering if anyone knows anything about a product called Molecular Ionization which is an inline Aquarium ionization device. Their web site is www.ecoaqualizer.com  and the product is Inline aquarium ionization.  <<Just reading the drivel on their site gets my hackles up!>> It is supposed to clean the water and help prevent disease and algae growth. <<This product is useless, a waste of time, money, effort. If what they claim were possible, why are municipal water districts not using it? Go to reefs.org, search this product, learn what a hoax it is!>> Thank you, Kathy <<You're welcome, Kathy. Spend your hard-earned on a good protein skimmer, instead. Stay away from these products that promise the world based on pseudo-science. Marina>> P.S. A big hello to Bob Fenner!!! I have not been in this forum for quite a while. <<Say "Hello", Bob!>> <Hello>

Another ECO-Aqualizer inquiry... Evening! <And to you> The question has recently come up on our forum about the ECO-Aqualizer...and while not promoting the product in any way, I also feel it's unfair to criticize it site-unseen (untested?). <Mmmm> I have found many reviews and anecdotal information about the unit on the web, in magazine...I'm sure all stuff you've read. The one I've found just now is on your site here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/magneticfltfaqs.htm  <Yes... my conversations with one of the owners, promoters... encouraging them to produce real data...> Seems to be an incomplete conversation, and without dates it difficult to impossible to place it in a timeframe. <This last year...> So, I have to admit that my curiosity (or gullibility, as it may be?) has seemed to have got the better of me, and I'm contemplating purchasing this device, if for nothing more than to give a first-hand account of any failures or successes with it. I'm wondering if the communication in the link above ever progressed any further? <Not yet> I'm even considering purchasing a couple units and experimenting with them myself, as I'm not sure how well a single unit could be deemed a true success or not, with the other variables that no doubt come into play with our captive ecosystems. <Bingo... real science... requires replicate sets of experiments, control of other measurable factors...> Any further input you have would we welcome. <Okay, the phony baloney "articles" written about these EMR filtration products are... ludicrous... Blanket statements re "making water into a crystal"... You've read these "reviews" I take it... I am not a scientist, but did teach H.S. level physics and chemistry... there is a long history of these pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo products... Just show me the facts please... the water went through your unit at such rate... compared with the same circulation through a similar tube... what were the resultant changes in water quality in X hours? More Redox, dissolved oxygen, fixed carbon... what? I welcome your experimental modeling, results and discussion> Oh, and how the heck do I get rid of this Cyanobacteria in my 155g tank?? Two Velocity Ti 1225gph pump, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates all test zero! Fish load: female G. semifasciatus, bicolor blenny, pair of S. splendidus and four small green-banded gobies...got me stumped (may, in fact, be powering my interest in the EA!). Fred Bocskor President, Founder Smoky Mountain Aquarium Society <Take the long read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/maintenance/index.htm  scroll down to "Algae Control", read the pieces on Cyanobacteria... Bob Fenner, keying with the pyramid over his head> <Editor's note: go to reefs.org to see some long discussions regarding the Eco-Aqualizer.  Someone from Inland Aquatics (either Matt Marulla or Tom O'Toole) tried one, dubious results.>

Eco-Aqualizer for real? Hey guys, I'm writing to ask about the Eco-Aqualizer ( http://www.ecoaqualizer.com) There's an article by Bob Goeman's saying this contraption is for real. <He... works for the same co.... Marc Weiss> They explain the basic physics behind it, and some of it "sounds" logical but some of it sounds a little kooky ("light" photos from a ceramic powder?) The website is loaded with 180 day money-back guarantees (return shipping included) and BBB endorsements. <You can join the BBB. Just send them money. Really> Is this thing for real? If so, it seems it would be truly revolutionary. What's the straight scoop? <Kooky in my book as well. Please see Anthony and I's comments re here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rofaq4.htm Bob Fenner> Silicon Valley Steve

- Well? Eco-Aqualizer Skepticism - Hi guys, <Good morning, JasonC here...> Sorry to sound like a broken record (or would that be scratched CD) but I'm still wondering about this Eco-Aqualizer. They now show a "case study" of some fish store owner and her higher survival rates including her phone number to call her personally. <Why am I not surprised.> I know all this is anecdotal, but frankly your replies are just skepticism. <You better believe it - I am very skeptical about this product.> I'd like to see some objective analysis (set up two identical tanks with identical livestock etc, and compare the results). <I'm afraid that's not going to happen here any time soon - we're not a research organization. Your suggestion does have merit - perhaps you will set up two separate tanks and then share the results.> This contraption sounds like BS but there is also something intriguing with some basic physics which have some basis in fact. <Uhh... I'm not sure about that. There are also some basic physical laws which their claims leave by the road side. In my mind, the Eco Aqualizer is bunk. Some of their claims are just too outlandish.> Is it possible that someone will do some objective research? <It could be you... but if you are intrigued and think it might help you, please don't listen to me, just go buy the thing.> Thanks, Silicon Valley Steve <Cheers, J -- >

Eco Aqualizer Was at my local fish store today and they were telling me about this product I should try. Don't know if they were just trying to sell me something or if the thing really works. Thought I would ask you guys what y'all thought of the product and if it is even worth buying. It is called the Eco Aqualizer and this is the web site www.ecoaqualizer.com Any info y'all have would be much appreciated..............Thanks <You can see Anthony, Gage and I's comments re here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rofaq4.htm Umm, let's see... "mystery" device that works on magnet power... that makers won't or can't explain how it does, what it does... except "no need to change water"... Seen this spiel a few times over the years. No sale. Bob Fenner>

Eco-Aqualizer Hey Anthony, Have you heard anything about the eco-Aqualizer? http://www.ecoaqualizer.com/ Sounds like one of those fancy smancy bells or whistles. Read a review of it the other day in one of the fish mag.s, sounds cool to me, but I am a sucker to advertising. -Gage

Re: eco-Aqualizer The first claim on their homepage-website is that it reduces water changes and they even have a prominent link to a suggested schedule (?!?) of reduced water changes... read further and they claim maintenance free (nothing in an aquarium is such)... also that it is endorsed by Bob Goeman's (nice chap... but why does he do these things?/associations with snake oil style marketers)... <... think we've heard these sorts of claims before...> All those things add up to one big joke IMO. <Have never seen such statements substantiated... IMO the single best (cheapest, simplest, cost-effective) means of assuring consistent, high water quality are... frequent partial water changes, thank you> If its an ozonizer... just call it what it is... spare us the misleading/inaccurate marketing... and enjoy the many legitimate benefits of ozonation (although I am not sure that is exactly what it is). <How can an ozonizer run on magnets? Not joking, this is what "powers" these units> Heehee... an industry without watchdogs... gotta love it <G> Antoine <Cave canem, "beware of the dog". Bob F> Re: eco-Aqualizer Doh!.. I did not even care to read it far/close enough to see the "magnet" spiel (after they opened their pitch with a link to "suggested reduced water change schedule)... saw ionization, increased O2, parasite control... thought it was a glorified ozonizer in a deliberately confusing shell... now I see that its likely just a piece of monkey-spank. <Woo hoo! And... "thousands sold in Europe", "freeway close", "be the first one on your block"... comes with a genuine quote/sticker from P.T. Barnum!> Bob said it all... it does not get any better than water changes. Ciao, bubs <Arrividerci mi compadres. Bob>

AquaSponic  !!! (Eco-Aqualizer) Hello Bob, <Carl> Its summer time and I'm sure you have been enjoying the outdoors.  I'm still waiting for that first dive trip. Things are going great here at ECO-Aqualizer.  I recently hired an associate who previous maintained a 4,000 gallon reef exhibit at an AZA accredited zoo along with his 12 years of professional aquarium experience. Good man to have in the boat. <Glad to hear/read of your progress!> I am sorry for not getting back with you here the last 6 months or so - but I have been a very busy individual.  My product is now in 18 countries - with Exclusive Distributors in Asia.  Both Europe and Asia seem to have very educated hobbyists.  Open-mindedness comes to thought but in reality their cultures completely understands science. Japan is also a leading industry with similar technologies used within the ECO-Aqualizer.  Its a shame that most Americans are so quick to bash and slander things when they have no first hand experience with this technology. <Mmm, might I suggest you consider an approach in your advertising, overall promotion? I think a very simple experiment of a small sample size (ten ten gallon tanks?) of a given chemical, biological make-up... and simply chart the changes you observe with and w/o the use of your product?> I will boast that with over 4,000 units now sold - we have had only 2 returned.  I knew that my "180 Day Money Back Guarantee" was a risky option for myself, even though the investors thought elsewise.  I guess I'm lucky in 2 ways, because I did not go with those investors and now I'm free and clear. <Thank goodness!> And secondly, my product is safely saving many fishes lives - and that was my intention from the beginning of this adventure.  It feels very good to be doing something positive for a hobby that has captured my heart, even though it consumes endless hours. <Outstanding. Our goals are confluent here> Oh yes, almost forgot, I have had the pleasure of spending countless hours consulting with Nelson Herwig, Curator of Fishes at the Houston Zoo. <A fine gentleman> He himself has spent over 6 years researching the dynamic energies involved with magnetism, especially regarding it's application in water and cellular biology.  Nelson is the same man that discovered exactly how Potassium Cyanide adversely effects the kidneys of fish. He also worked hand in hand with Steve Robinson of Cortez Marine. Nelson also wrote a book that was one of the first compilation manuals regarding the pharmaceutical treatment of fish Diseases and Parasites. <Yes. I use, cite it often>   He is a fascinating scientist and has offered many insights regarding the incredible effects that our product has on the immune system of fish among other things. Anyway, hope to see you at MACNA in Louisville.  I think you will really enjoy my associates and welcome their field expertise.  Mind boggling stories to share. <I'll be out of the country for this go-around> I was tuning into WetWebMedia and was wanting to run a full banner AD for the next six months or so.  To my surprise, I encountered some pretty bad threads from some uninformed people.  Slander again from those too cheap to try a product with a Money Back Guarantee.  Well.... if I could put them in touch with my 4000+ customers - I would.  They are very very happy, buying more units and now starting up second tanks since their aquariums are so easy to maintain now.    <Make it known if/when you'd like to try your ad> Oh by the way, I am not part of Marc Weiss. <Good to hear/read as well>   And Bob Goeman's is probably the most honest reporter in the field.  Its a shame that he has gotten bashed for being honest.   <He is also a fine gentleman> And no, he is not part of my company either.  I just met him myself at the International Marine Convention in Chicago.  I can't believe all the politics involved in a hobby that we are all suppose to love.  For God sakes, it has a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee, because we know that everyone will greatly benefit with it.  Bob, you should send me your address.  I would love for you to see the incredible difference in ECO treated water. <Our address is 8586 Menkar Rd. San Diego, CA 92126. Carl, if you have input, testing you'd like for us to post re your products, do send it along> Hey Bob, give me a call.  We should talk. 1-866-ECO-AQUA, and either Brad or Janice will direct the call to me. Always a pleasure...... CARL DENZER    <Am just back from travel (Malaysia the last few weeks, so will take some time to catch up with correspondence. Hope to chat with you through the Net in the meanwhile. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: AquaSponic  !!! Hello Bob, Glad to hear of your response.  But being an honest person that I am, I feel I should be straight forward with. <Please do, always> I was a bit offended to see some threads posted at WWM. Especially some things that you had said about our product.  Believe it or not, as kooky as it sounds, our product will have a dramatic effect on this industry.  Its time we preserve the sea creatures that we all love so much and ECO-Aqualizer will greatly have an impact on that success. <I keep hearing this "commentary" from your ads... and really wish you would "just state the facts" re exactly "what" your product does so folks can understand what they're getting... not necessary to be too technical, or to reveal proprietary secrets... but, as you state, there have been a bunch of "kooky" magnetic products with bizarre claims... yours may just look like one more to potential consumers> I will send some data for you to post on WWM.  All testing is being done by Nelson Herwig and Vincent Hargreaves (UK) - all third party validations.  Some of these reports will even go into the DNA of diseases and how ECO has responded, as well as microscopic reviews at 1000x.  I just hope the public don't ramble again about its unwillingness to accept a very new concept. <Really would like to see, share these> All things come to a past and new things replace the old ways.  It should be looked upon as a step forward - not condemned for hocus-pocus.  Yes, our product involves physics that most hobbyist are completely unaware of - even marine biologist are unaware of the dynamics of quantum physics. Yet this is exactly the step forward this industry has needed. <Mmm, well, I once taught H.S. Physics... and still read a few journals...> I do very much want to advertise on WWM, but fear that the comments that you have previous made about ECO-Aqualizer, will have more weight and sway consumers away. <No need to advertise one way or the other, believe me. Am happy to "plug" good products, services, and for the most part not volunteer opinions re shams> I'm sure you are aware that starting a new business is very hard, I have to be careful where I spend my dollars.  The rate of return must be adequately met or the call for action is not necessary. <Am very aware of what being self-employed in this industry is like... I have been "in it" for more years than you've been on the planet. As regards association with us (WWM, WWF), we have more daily traffic than FAMA (ask our current sponsors), and more monthly traffic than all the national pet-fish zines.> I think you once said you get 5000+ visitors a day, <Now closer to 9k> if this is true, then WWM would be a viable source. And I would commit to a long term advertisement (a big box).  But honestly, if you speak badly about my product, I'm gambling with a deck of Saddam cards.  And most Aces have been retired. <Mmm, I don't speak one way or the other re your line. I have no contact with it other than having met you two fellows, who appear to be reasonable, intelligent and very-well intentioned> Also, you mentioned a 10 ten gallon tank tests.  If any readers see this, PLEASE advise that tanks need to be at least 3 feet away from each other - otherwise, the results will begin to mirror each other due to the magnetic flux travel. <Really? Magnetic fields drop off in intensity at a square of the distance from their source... these fields must be something! I was suggesting that you folks do some simple, repeatable (by others) experiments that could/would demonstrate the relative benefits, effects of your products use... Like five tanks with, five w/o, with different stocking densities... of whatever sort of set-ups.>   If the tanks are adequately separated, the claimed results will become very obvious and undisputable.  Just thought this should be mentioned beforehand and not after the fact.  Please clarify with readers so no incorrect testing has been resulted. <Will do so. You have here> No hard feelings, I think you're a great guy with good intentions and feel that WWM can be a big help in deciding the future of improvement in aquaria. <Along with our book publishing, and soon other media we have and will continue to do so>   Down the road, ECO-Aqualizer will be as important to a new tank setup as the actual aquarium itself.  That is if you care about keeping fish alive - long-term. <Outstanding. I do hope so and that you do well financially as a consequence> Hope all is well and still looking forward to a dive sometime. <Come out with us! Just talked with Ken Wong (Marine Depot, Bayside) and he is hoping to join us next week (24-31) in Hawaii. Will add your email addy to our dive/travel adventure list. Bob Fenner> Bests... Carl  

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