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Pulau Perhentian sharks  6/28/09
Hi Bob,
No I'm not gonna try and keep one! But I was wondering if you knew what the white-tipped sharks were that I often encounter snorkeling / diving in the shallow reefs just off shore from Pulau Perhentian, a
bit north of Redang. They look like very much like grey reef sharks (C. amblyrhynchos ) but with white-tipped fins. They're definitely not C. triaenodon, which was my first thought - too big/bulky. One of the
locals claimed that they're juvenile C. longimanus.
<Mmm, when I put your subject/title in Google, it mainly brings up Chiloscyllium griseum>
I bought that for a while, but now that I've become more curious, that seems unlikely too. The size is right >6ft but their fins are pointed rather than rounded. So, now I'm thinking that maybe they're C. albimarginatus, but what seen I've of their range doesn't include Malaysia, though the Philippines are included, and "data deficient" doesn't tell me much.
Just curious as to who it is that comes to check me out as I hang helpless in the water.
<Do you have a pic? BobF>

Re: Pulau Perhentian sharks  6/28/09
Huh, nothing like C. griseum. I guess you haven't seem 'em down at Redang. They're definitely Carcharhinidae -
<Mmm, did see what I believe to be a resident group of C. melanopterus... this is the likely animal>
classic requiem - and only meters off the shore from the Perhentian Island Resort. But honestly I'm more afraid of these smallish damsel-looking fish out there. You have to snorkel over their sandy nests to get out to the rocks.
<Heeeee! I agree with you... much more aggressive, given to biting>
I've never seen a more wantonly aggressive fish. Oh, they're cute, until you're gasping at the surface, holding your bloody leg, wondering what just happened.
Definitely worth a trip to see, but don't stay at the "Resort". It's a dump. Ask or Aziz at Mama's Place, just down the beach. Go during baby turtle season - Aziz runs an admirable little rescue operation from
the beach, most of the other locals just eat the eggs. Mmmm, leatherback on toast.
Thanks anyway.
D. taylorinius
<Thanks much for sharing. Bobbus Bieramicus>

Diving Malaysia... and Editing Sony video on a Mac  5-1-08Dear Diana, How did you manage to read from camera into iMovie? I would very much appreciate help!! Did you connect using USB cable direct to Mac or to Windows partition then copy to Mac? Do you need to buy MPEG 2 plug in or some other program? <I used the USB, but had the program "hiccup" intermittently and had to re-start, add it bit by bit... time consuming> Dear Bob and Diana, Great places to dive in Malaysia are as follows: Peninsular Malaysia: Tenggol (5 hours drive from KL) Perhentian (fly to Kota Bharu then 1hr taxi then 1hr speedboat) Redang (can fly direct to island from KL) Tioman (can fly direct to island from KL) East Malaysia Sipadan (of course) Some islands off KK... one has a resident dugong but I don't know if still will be there in 2009 Langkayan Layang-Layang Mataking Sipadan is of course the best. The rest are about the same diving-wise, with perhaps the East Malaysia destinations being a bit nicer. Check out the following website for more info: www.msac.org.my http://www.kapalselam.org/ www.airasia.com http://www.berjaya-air.com/ Thanks for the Egypt advice! Will check out those places you mentioned! Trudy <Thank you Trudy. Cheers, BobF>

The Fabio Bro.s HI BOB.... I AM ITALIAN,,, AND DIVING WITH YOU IN LEMBEH CHANNOL IN AUGOST 2002... I HAVE A QUESTION ... 1) YOU HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT DERAWAN , SANGALAKI AND NABUCCO AREA RESORT AND SCUBA DIVING? <Only Sangalaki... in Malaysia> 2) I KNOW THAT YOU DON'T LIKE DIGITAL UNDERWATER SYSTEM BUT YOU KNOW SOME PHOTOGRAPHER THAT WORK WITH UNDERWATER LIGHT CONTINUOUS (HID) FOR TAKE STILL PICTURE? ... <There are such devices, but they're not very bright. Look at the new (125 series) of Ikelite (.com), strobes... this is what I am currently using. Ciao, bello. Hello to your brother. Bob Fenner> HAVE A NICE DAY Casari Fabio 

Kuala Lumpur Hi Bob, <Carl>   my name is Carl Campbell and I'm a member of the SDMAS group in San Diego. I'm in the Navy and have a chance to go to Kuala Lumpur and wanted to know if you had any information about snorkeling there. <Not in KL itself... but in and about many places in Malaysia, yes. Do check (mainly with local or Internet dive services) re possible locations.> Also, do they export corals? <Some places, businesses, yes.> I'm on an Aircraft carrier and have a 7 gallon nano reef on my desk (and it is doing outstanding I might add).  If they had a place to get some small frags, I'd be interested in "stocking up" a bit.  What is your take on this?  Thanks.  P.S.  Tell Ron from Octopuses Garden I said hello if you see him!! Carl <Will do... think you might do well to collect your own frags... not hard to do... with a trusty (soon to be rusty) pair of pliers... a sturdy double-bag or screw top all-plastic container (with some holes drilled or melted through the top, perhaps the upper sides) to hold the bits (about an inch) that you can easily snap off underwater, stow temporarily in your BC vest (if scuba diving) or hold in a cooler for transport if snorkeling. Bob Fenner>

Tioman Island diving Greetings Bob et al.... I just wanted to send you a quick update, I have just returned from Diving on the Tioman Island in Malaysia in the south China Sea... Truly an amazing experience...  I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning on going there.  There are two very good dive shops on the Island.  The coral and other denizens are truly amazing.  The vis is good right now.... What really impressed was the almost fanatical zeal that they express over the maintenance of the corals,  I have never seen such an abundance, tons of staghorn and other hard corals... There are also tons of anemones and their clown hosts... Beautiful nudibranchs as well.  LOL I logged so many dives in five days that they were all laughing at me...  Saw a huge sea turtle... No sharks, apparently they are scared of the scuba bubbles...was told that re-breathers work better to see the whale sharks, maybe next time...anyhow have attached some photos for your benefit... Chat soon. Julian Hunt <Thank you for sending your appraisal along. Haven't been there yet (was in Kapalai, Sipadan a couple months back... It's REALLY inexpensive to travel to Sing. and about in Malaysia now. Bob Fenner>

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