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FAQs about the Maldives

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Maldives?  - 0713/2006 > Heya, Bob > I have a friend in Spain that is taking a holiday to the Maldives and wondered if you have and quick tips for dive outfits or other travel matter of aquatic interest? > Anth :) > for dive adventuring... though largely unknown to westerners. The big word for this country is EXPENSIVE... best to schedule all... stay, meals (no booze... unless you really want to pay), and diving as one deal... Have them contact me if they'd like... I like the Ari Atoll... B> > wow! Thanks Bob... I have cc'ed my friend Joseph from Barcelona here. >   Joseph, my good friend Robert Fenner here has some advice/information to share... see below. You may know that he is a lifetime world traveler > with great experience and advice to share. >   He's invited you to chat with him to maybe help that special trip to the Maldives more special. >   Safe travel to all, >   Anth-

Re: Maldives? Advice from, Bob Fenner :)  - 0713/2006 Hi Bob and Anthony: <Josep> On the beginning thanks at both for the interest (Anthony for redirect me to an expert, and Bob for interests to trick me on this trip) <Welcome> As I tell to Anthony I'll be a few days on Maldives and I'm searching info for have a better trip and schedule as much as I can (as looks I have the same fast overview, all looks really expensive) My main interests are, dive or snorkel, relax and maybe some professional interests (maximum I can stop 1 day at my wife) about exporters, traders or fishers. <Mmm, well, all the business gets done/through Male... you'll fly in/on the island next door... transit through here. Not many folks in the country... few pet-fish...> I will be on Male north (I'm looking for the island name but I can't found the name. The hotel is Taj Coral. Will be great to have your experience on this country. <Do take advantage of all the diving you can... bring your still and video underwater photo equipment... Sign up for a/the "package" deal for all as far as you can. Bob Fenner> Re: Maldives? Advice from, Bob Fenner :)  - 0713/2006 Thanks Bob: I understand that my best option is dive and snorkel (nice) There's only a thing that I don't understand on your answer >Sign up for a/the "package" deal for all as far as you can. What do you want to tell with it? (sorry maybe my english is not good enough, I can't understand that what kind of package do you refer. Thanks Josep <Oh, lo siento... entiendo "Toto inclusivo"... Las comidas, bebidas, transportante, hotel, desportes, buceandes... toto por uno precio. BobF>

Re: Maldives? Advice from, Bob Fenner :)  - 0713/2006 Thanks for the response. The issues was only with the context. Bob, did you dive? <Oh, si! Me gusta bucear> if yes, some divers explain me about higher flows, is it soo difficult? <Near the breaks in the atolls, out to the Indian Ocean... mucho!> I'll go with my wife and I'm a few worried. <The dive businesses there are very competent... If in doubt just dive in the inner lagoons> thanks for your explanations. Josep <El gusto es mio... pero, no Castellano! Roberto Fenner>  

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