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FAQs on Marine Algae Identification 10

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Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Mysterious Algae Question   12/24/06 Hi Ladies and Gentleman. <"John"> A semi brief question. <Like chocolate?> I have a brown fuzzy type of algae that grows on just about anything except my corals and substrate.   It is maybe 3mm in length and you have to get up close to see it.  From across the room you would never see it, and it only grows where there is very very strong flow.  It is not aggressive, just annoying.  The fuzz stops where a coral or clam starts, or decreased flow.  I keep SPS (Acropora, Montipora) and they are all doing great so it is not hindering anything.  My tang and snails like it. I have tested all parameters for a possible fuel for this nuisance and everything tests good,  nitrate 0, phosphate 0 etc.  I run RO/DI, (no silicates)  keep my alk at 12 ,calcium at 420 and ph at 8.4 and all stable.  I run AC for the first 3 days of each month and started running Phosar 24x7 for the last two weeks thinking perhaps it is excessive PO4.  I have a skimmer rated for twice my tanks needs and do my 20% water changes bi-weekly.  I do have a fuge with a DSB and Chaeto.  Nothing seems to help. Other then this brown fuzz I have zero (0) algae in my tank or sump. I am out of ideas.  Any insight you can provide would be helpful. <Mmm, would need/take microscopic examination, but this is highly likely a Cyanobacteria... taking advantage of conditions only it can...> If you need more detailed information I will be happy to provide it.   Wet Web Media Rocks. John <Thanks. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mysterious Algae Question   12/25/06 Bob, <John> Thanks for replying. <Welcome> I found exactly what I am dealing with on WWM site at the following link, last entry so you can get an idea: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/maralgidfaq7.htm Salty Dog said that algae is difficult to get rid of.  Just what I wanted to hear.   So I am open to any ideas you can think of. Thanks Bob. John <Read my friend... limiting nutrient availability, competition, predation... many roads... Gone over and over again... on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Dictyosphaeria colony, big green thing   2/13/06 Gentleman, Can you identify this hunk of green algae growing at the base of my reef ? Should I remove it ? Thanks for your help. Tom. <Likely a Dictyosphaeria colony: See here http://wetwebmedia.com/greenalg.htm Up to you to keep or (carefully vacuum, remove rock, scrub... to prevent spreading) not. Bob Fenner>

Algae ID help  02/12/06 I read all 10 pages of your algae ID's and still have questions.   <Okay> The one I'm most curious about is one that looks like that crinkly plastic Easter basket grass.  It is full of both water and bubbles for buoyancy.  Also, I have some that is probably plain hair algae (it is growing on the glass, too).  Any chance it is Chlorodesmis instead? <Doesn't look like this to me> Finally, confirmation that this is plain bubble algae.  Does it grow on short stalks? <No>   Tank is 3 weeks old and these Algaes appeared after diatom bloom. Any Latin names would be appreciated. Thanks. <... wish I could... don't know from these pix. I suspect these will cycle out soon. Bob Fenner>

It's Green and Growing Fast...Algae? - 02/06/2006 Gentleman, <Let's not forget the ladies;)> At the base of  my reef there is growing a 3" diameter chunk of  some kind of algae. Its dark green and somewhat hard. I have seen my Scopas Tang chewing on it. What the heck is it? <Can't say without a pic. Most likely some new algae growth though.> Leave it there or remove it? <If the Tang likes it, I'd leave it.> Thanks, Tom <You're welcome. - Josh>

Algae identification and removal 02-05-06 Hi, <Hello> I have a large amount of what appears to be Caulerpa growing in my tank. Today while fumbling through your archives I read that some Caulerpa can give off toxins, which surprised me. <All algae can actually> So I looked through all your algae identification pages, and I found nothing. <Surprising> A close match is Caulerpa racemosa, but I don't think that is it. <Is what this looks like to me> I will be attaching a picture of it. Just in case it did not go through, which it may very well not, I will give a quick description. As all Caulerpa it is based on a vine. On the vine "bubbles" shoot out along the vine. Unlike Caulerpa racemosa, there are two bubbles on opposite sides of the vine, then go up 1/2cm the vine and there are two more "bubbles" on opposite sides of the vine and this continues. So my questions are what is this? And is it a danger to my tank? <In large (relative) quantity, possibly> By the way my yellow tang will not touch it, this leads to my theory of it being undesirable. If I need to remove it what is the best way to do it. Remove it all at once? <If you want> Or remove it over the period of a few days due to the possibility of releasing excessive toxins into the water? <Oh! If you want to remove it entirely, try to take it out all in one go... along with a water change, use of carbon...> Sorry for the lengthy question? <No worries. Bob Fenner>
Thanks much,

Help unknown algae  - 1/30/2006 Hello Crew, Thanks for the great site!  I have a question regarding 100+ sprouts of an unknown macro algae that growing all over my 3 week old "Fiji Premium Live Rock".  I have 90 lbs of it in my 50 gallon new reef tank.  I guess I want to know if it is a problem, and if it is a problem what should I do to remove? <Mmm, might be Derbesia: http://www.google.com/search?q=derbesia+identification> I do not have a sump to place competing favorable Algaes.  I do have a Magnum canister filter and an Aqua-C Remora.   Thanks in advance for your help. <Need more info... or to direct you to the articles, FAQs files on WWM re Algae Control... Bob Fenner>

Re: Help unknown algae   1/31/06 Bob, <Tom> Thank you for your response.  What more information do you need (I have included 2 more photos)?  I reviewed your links and they did not seem to help me understand what I am up against. <Really? A bit wider search will show this genus is hard to control once established... most "algae eaters" find it unpalatable...> I have a yellow tang, scarlet hermits, Mithrax crab, astrea, cerith, and Nassarius snails and none of them will eat it. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Tom Hobson <Umm, go back young man... to WWM. Read re Green Algae, Control... Bob Fenner> Re: Help unknown algae   1/31/06 Bob, <Tom!> I'm sorry but I must be a little too dim... <Mmm, nope... gauging from below you're at least in the Metal Halide class of intensity> but I do not see the light.  I have read the algae control section.  I have restricted food for the fish (nutrients).  I have added, "tang heaven red and green" from IPSF.com to compete.   Ammonia    0 Nitrite    0 Nitrate    5 Ph    8.3 alk    300+ <Mmm, the last is likely calcium concentration in ppm?> I have not tried an urchin, or Elysia.  The only other things I think of is to pull the rock out and try to razor blade the plants off or throw it away and start over. <Not yet...>   Is there some little tidbit that I am missing that will prevent me from tossing the live rock? <Yes... I'd try the Kalkwasser trick here once or twice. Mix up a batch and add some till the pH reaches about 8.6... should precipitate soluble phosphate and really shake the Green. We'll "escalate" (Shades of "Nam", and soon the Middle East) what you might do here next if this doesn't do the trick. BobF> Tom Hobson Re: Help unknown algae   1/31/06 Bob, <Tom> I guess I need to cut the chase here.  If this rock is going to be a continual problem, I want to throw it out and start over with a new batch of live rock. <Mmm... not really a good, practical approach. The new rock (or even no rock at all!) can/will develop the same algae/problem from spores left about, and prevailing conditions... Best to take a sort of long haul, steering a large boat with a small rudder attitude here... create competition for nutrient, reduced nutrients period, and allelopathy means of control...> As costly as this may be, I would rather spend the money than beat my head against a wall.  This tank was supposed to be an enjoyable hobby right now it is pain. <Believe you me, I understand... as stated, categorically I'd launch a blitzkrieg with the three avenues above. Bob Fenner> Tom Hobson

Algae?  - 1/30/2006 Hi Crew, I am new to the reef hobby (less than 1 year).  I have found your web site & Anthony's and Bob's books tremendously helpful. I've not been able to find a similar photo on wet web media of this. Can you tell me if this looks like some type of red algae? It's developing in several areas of my tank. I like the way it looks but want to make sure it's okay for my reef tank. thanks, Marty <Likely a Red, see: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm, but could be a brown (bleached out), definitely an algae... in both cases desirable. Bob Fenner>

Red & Pink Algaes   1/27/06 I have these 2 types of algae growing. I found 2 pictures on WWW.com that look similar, but I'd like to double check with my pics. Please see attached. The maroon algae is gorgeous. I've had Cyano in the past, this looks nothing like that disgusting slime in shape, but colorwise, please see for yourself. It is groups of individual feathers, some kind of curly, feathery. Any ideas? <Pic too blurry to identify, at least on my old fashion CRT.> Or is it time to start ripping it up? <Wouldn't rip up.> Nothing will eat it, that's for sure. The pink/orange stuff, man, I'm clueless. It grows in roughly the same shape, but never find it in direct light. <To me this looks like a specie of encrusting sponge, not algae.> It looks like pinkish orange plastic that they make kids squirt guns out of. Real weird. Not spreading like crazy. Ideas on this one? Tell me what I want to hear! (Undiscovered species of G. Blablabla from previously unknown island in Pacific Rim. First known subject in captivity). <Possibly first known species on your block.> Or not. I am prepared for either. Thanks! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

What kind of algae is it? Spin the Wheel of Identification!   1/22/06 We have tons of little red colored "dashes" that seem to be attached at one end to a clear colored almost invisible stuff all over the sides of the tank. They are almost free floating except for being anchored at one end. They wave in the current. I can not find out anything about it, please help. Thank you, Scott & Nancy <Mmm... uhh... could be a member of a few phyla... see the Invertebrate ID FAQs files on WWM, send a pic if you can. My first guess... some sort of tubiculous polychaete. Bob Fenner>

Little "moose antler" looking red thing   1/7/06 I have not gotten an answer to this email and assume (the dreaded "word") it went to email heaven. The entire text is copied below: <Thanks for re-sending... don't recall seeing, and I move most all about> Hey Everyone, Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A week or so ago I found this little "moose antler" looking red thing growing in my tank on an old clam shell. I hope the picture comes through and you can see it. <Nope. Rats!> The shell sits on the bottom of my 75 gal tank. It has grown a good bit since I first saw it, not quite doubling in size to what it is now. I would guess it is about an inch high now. It looks filmy and translucent but stands up to the water flow. I don't have any flow directly on it but do have good flow through the tank. I have 4 power heads as well as the canister filter, 2 power heads are 400 gph and 2 are about 350 gph.  I tried looking on your site but didn't see anything that looked enough like it for an ID. I searched on the internet and the only thing that looked similar was "Nori" and it was still a little different. What ever it is I'm really happy to see it. I am going to have a good time watching it grow, hope it doesn't turn out to be some giant type that grows out of the tank!! I pasted the picture here and copied it in the email also; I sure hope you can see one of them. And guess what! I figured out what you all have been talking about of emails in HTML format so I changed it to Rich Text, is this ok? <The text is yes...> I had no clue what you were talking about before so I was one of the guilty ones. Thanks for all of the help while I learn how to take better care of my tank pets. <Mmm, I suspect this growth is an algae of some sort... second quess, perhaps a sponge colony... in either/all cases, not likely harmful... You can try sending the pix to my personal email:  fennerrobert@hotmail.com if you'd like. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Professor, <Nutty perhaps> I'm sure it is an algae, red, and good for my tank. I was trying to find out what kind because it just showed up and I got excited about that. I have some other green algae which just started growing on one of my live rocks also but have been unable to get a decent picture of that. This is my fourth message trying to get the picture to you. I hope it works. Agnes Gray <Do see "it"... still could be an algae (first guess), sponge (second). Not harmful at any length. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

New Print and eBook on Amazon

Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

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