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Set-Up 1: Marine Set-Up Except Aspects of Filtration & Lighting

Small Marine Aquariums
Book 1:
Invertebrates, Algae
New Print and eBook on Amazon:
by Robert (Bob) Fenner
Small Marine Aquariums
ook 2:

New Print and eBook on Amazon: by Robert (Bob) Fenner
Small Marine Aquariums
Book 3:

New Print and eBook on Amazon:
by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Types of Marine Systems


The History and Development of Aquatic Habitats for the Marine Fish Hobbyist by Joseph E. Lupo
The Myth of the Roman Aquarium by Al Klee, Ph.D.
FAQs on:
History of the Marine Aquarium Hobby,

Rate your tropical fish store; Use these 20 questions to find out if your local retailer is at top of the tank or the bottom of the filter! by Neale Monks
Advice With A Pinch Of Salt: The Local Fish Shop Guy Versus Hard-Earned Experience! by Alison Pride
FAQs on:
LFS Selection,

First Steps in Marine Fishkeeping by Michael Van Bibber
Marine Aquarium Set-up in General by Bob Fenner
Marine Aquarium Set-Up 2 by Bob Fenner
General Marine Aquarium Set-Up Checklist by Bob Fenner

A Brief Outline on Saltwater Set-Up by Bob Fenner
Marine Planning, Getting Started with a Marine Tank By Adam Blundell
Technology, Putting on the Brakes: How much is too much? by Tommy Dornhoffer

Tips for Reef Tank Water Success by Bob Fenner
Symbiotic Partnership Biotopes for Marine Aquarists! by Bob Fenner
Top Five Marine Fish for Beginners by Bob Fenner

Related FAQs on: Best of Marine Set-Up 1 Best of Marine Set-Up 2, Marine Set-Up 1, Marine Set-Up 2, Marine Set-Up 3, Marine Set-Up 4, Marine Set-Up 5, Marine Set-Up 6, Marine Set-Up 7, Marine Set-Up 8, Marine Set-Up 9, Marine Set-Up 10, Marine Set-Up 11, Marine Set-Up 12, Marine Set-Up 13, Marine Set-Up 14, Marine Set-Up 15, Marine Set-Up 16, Marine Set-Up 17, Marine Set-Up 18, Marine Set-Up 19, Marine Set-Up 20, Marine Set-Up 21, Marine Set-Up 22, Marine Set-Up 23, Marine Set-Up 24, Marine Set-Up 25, Marine Set-Up 26, Marine Set-Up 27, Marine Set-Up 28, Marine Set-Up 29, Marine Set-Up 30, Marine Set-Up 31, Marine Set-Up 32, Marine Set-Up ,
FAQs on
Marine Set-up: Designs, Costs,

Converting You and Your System from Freshwater or Brackish to Marine by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on
Converting Systems from: Freshwater to Marine, Freshwater to Marine 2, Freshwater to Marine 3, Brackish to Marine,

Fish Only Systems:

Fish Only Systems by Bob Fenner,
A Marine Fish-Only Set-Up Checklist by Bob Fenner,
Creating a Marine Fish-Only Aquarium by Bob Fenner

FAQs on:
Fish Only Systems, Fish Only Systems 2
FAQs on:
FO System Set-Ups, FO System Lighting, FO System Filtration, FO System Skimmers, & FO (Fish Only) Livestocking by System Size, FO System Livestocking 1, FO System Livestocking 2, FO System Livestocking 3, FO System Livestocking 4, & FO System Feeding, FO System Maintenance, FO System Disease,

Fish & Invert./FI/OWLR Systems:

Fish and Invertebrate Systems, aka FI/OWLR Systems by Bob Fenner

FOWLR Systems Plus; Live Rock, Fishes & Hardy Invertebrate Biotopes That Thrive Together by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: FOWLR Systems 1, FOWLR Systems 2,
FOWLR Systems 3,
FAQs on:
FOWLR Set-Ups, FOWLR Set-Ups 2, FOWLR Set-Ups 3, FOWLR Set-Ups 4, FOWLR Set-Ups 5, & FOWLR Lighting, FOWLR Filtration, FOWLR Skimmers, & FI/OWLR (Fish, Liverock, Invertebrates) Livestocking by System Size, FOWLR Livestocking 1, FOWLR Livestocking 2, FOWLR Livestocking 3, FOWLR Livestocking 4, FOWLR Livestocking 5, FOWLR Livestocking 6, FOWLR Livestocking 7, FOWLR Livestocking , & FOWLR Maintenance, FOWLR Disease,

Reef Systems:
--Reef Set Up--

An Introduction to Reef Systems: What is a Reef : Aquarium, Filtration, Lighting, Livestock... by Bob Fenner
Reef System Set-Up by Bob Fenner
Tips for Reef Tank Water Success by Bob Fenner
Reef Ramblings, A Philosophy of Sorts, on All Things Reef by Tim Hayes
Being Conscientious Save money and the reefs By Jennifer Smith
Are You Too Close to the Sun, Wind & Rain? Being a Conscientious Aquarist, pt. deux.
By Laurie Smith
FAQs on:
Reef Systems 1, Reef Systems 2,
Reef Systems 3, Reef Systems 4, Reef Systems 5,
FAQs on
Reef Set-Up/Systems: Reef Tank Setups, Reef Setups 2, Reef Set-Up 3, Reef Set-Up 4, Reef Set-Up 5, Reef Set-Up 6, Reef Set-Up 7, Reef Set-Up 8, Reef Set-Up 9, Reef Set-Up 10, Reef Set-Up 11, Reef Set-Up 12, Reef Set-Up 13, Reef Set-Up 14, Reef Set-Up 15, Reef Set-Up , Reef Substrates
FAQs on
Reef Substrates,

--Reef Filtration--

Reef Filtration by Bob Fenner
New Products: The ZEOvit System: A New Concept in Reefkeeping by Alexander Girz
The Cutting Edge: Zeolite Filters By Jens Kallmeyer
FAQs on
Reef Filtration, Reef Filtration 2,
Reef Filtration:
Designs, Installation, Maintenance, Brands/Manufacturers, DIY,

--Reef Lighting--

Marine Light by Bob Fenner
Understanding Spectral Wavelengths and How They Affect Photosynthetic Life by James Gasta
Lighting Marine Invertebrates by Anthony Calfo
Coral Lighting: what we know and what we don't know (mostly the latter) by Sara Mavinkurve
Lighting Reef Systems: Considerations, Organisms, Goals and Costs by Bob Fenner
Correct Spectrum and Amount of Light is Needed for Good Coral Growth by James Gasta
Coral Color and What it Requires to Maintain it by James Gasta

Acclimating Symbiotic Reef Invertebrates to Captive Lighting by Anthony Calfo
Photo-acclimation: Why and How by James Gasta
FAQs on:
Lighting Marine Inverts 1, Lighting Marine Inverts 2, Lighting Marine Inverts 3, Lighting Marine Inverts 4, Lighting Marine Inverts 5, Lighting Marine Inverts 6

Reef/Coral Lighting: Stony Coral & Other Photosynthetic Cnidarian System Lighting by [to be written]
FAQs on:
Coral Lighting 1, Coral Lighting 2,
Coral Lighting 3, Coral Lighting 4, Soft Coral Lighting, SPS Lighting,
FAQs on
Coral Lighting: Science/Application, Designs/Fixtures, Lamps/Bulbs, Quality, Duration & Intensity, Night-Time, Lighting Costs, Troubleshooting/Fixing, Makes/Models/Manufacturers, & Metal Halides for 40-200 gal. Systems, Metal Halides for Medium-Sized Systems 2, MH for 200 gal. Plus Systems, Acclimating Symbiotic Reef Invertebrates to Captive Lighting,

--Reef Livestock--

Reef Livestock Selection by Bob Fenner
Recruiting Marines; Learn the basics of stocking a reef tank with this guide to biotope setups by Bob Fenner,
ions for the Maintenance and Display of Night-Active Fishes in Conventional Reef Aquaria by Kenneth Wingerter
Some (Relatively) Reef-Safe Fishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Reef (having Cnidarians) Livestocking by System Size, Reef Livestocking 1, Reef Livestocking 2, Reef Livestocking 3, Reef Livestocking 4, Reef Livestocking 5, Reef Livestocking 6, Reef Livestocking 7, Reef Livestocking 8, Reef Livestocking 9, Reef Livestocking 10, Reef Livestocking 11, Reef Livestocking 12, Reef Livestocking 13, Reef Livestocking 14, Reef Livestocking 15, Reef Livestocking 16, Reef Livestocking ,

The Three Best Halichoeres Wrasses for Marine/Reef Aquarium Use by Bob Fenner

Reef Foods/Feeding/Nutrition
FAQs on:
Reef Feeding,
FAQs on:
Reef Disease,

Reef System Maintenance
Reef Ramblings, A Philosophy of Sorts, on All Things Reef by Tim Hayes
FAQs on:
Reef Op. 1, Reef Op. 2, Reef Op. 3, Reef Op. 4, Reef Op. 5, Reef Op. 6, Reef Op. 7, Reef Op. 8, Reef Op. 9, Reef Op. 10, Reef Op. 11, Reef Op. 12, Reef Op. 13, Reef Op. 14, Reef Op. 15, Reef Op. 16, Reef Op. 17, Reef Op. 18, Reef Op. 19, Reef Op 20, Reef Op. 21, Reef Op. 22, Reef Op. 23, Reef Op. 24, Reef Op. 25, Reef Op. 26, Reef Op. 27, Reef Op. ,

Small Marine/Reef Systems (< 40 gal.):

Small Marine Aquariums
New Print and eBooks on Amazon:
Book 3:
Design, Gear & Examples of Successful Set-Ups

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Small/Nano Marine/Reef Systems Articles:
Small Marine Systems by Bob Fenner,
Small Marine Livestocking by Bob Fenner

Tom Walsh's Small Reefs by Bob Fenner,
What Is A Nano Reef? by Adam Jackson,
It's a Small World Pico Tanks By Kirby Adams
Yvonne Wilson's 34 Gallon Red Sea MAX 130D System by Bob Fenner
Greg Gilmour’s Fab "Seven Gallon Seas" System by Bob Fenner
35 Gallon Nano Commercial Set-Up by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Small Reefs Small/Nano Marine/Reef Systems
FAQs on:
Small Marine Systems 1, Small Marine Systems 2, Small Marine Systems 3, Small Marine Systems 4, Small Marine Systems 5, Small Marine Systems 6, Small Marine Systems 7, Small Marine Systems 8, Small Marine Systems 9, Small Marine Systems 10, Small Marine Systems , & Small Tanks Themselves, Small System Circulation, Chillers for Small Systems, Small System Lighting, Small Marine System Lighting 2, Metal Halides for Small Systems,
LED Lighting for Small Systems (< 40 gal.s),

Small Marine Systems Filtration &
FAQs on:
Small System Filtration 1, Small Marine Sys. Filt. 2, Small Mar. Sys. Filt. 3, & Skimmers for Small Systems,

--Small Marine System Livestocking--

Livestocking Pico, Nano, Mini-Reefs; Small Marine Aquariums
New Print and eBooks on Amazon: Available here
Book 1: Principles, Algae, Invertebrates
Book 2: Fishes

by Bob Fenner

--Small Marine System Livestocking--

Small Marine System Livestocking by Bob Fenner,
Isolation/Quarantine, Acclimation & Transport of New Specimens for Small Marine Systems by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Small System Stocking 1, Small Marine System Livestocking 2, Small Marine System Stocking 3, Small Marine Stocking 4, Small Marine Stocking 5, Small Marine Stocking 6, Small Marine Stocking 7, Small Marine Stocking 8, Small Marine Stocking 9, Small Marine Stocking 10, Small Marine Stocking 11, Small Marine Stocking 12, Small Marine Stocking 13, Small Marine Stocking 14, Small Marine Stocking 15, Small Marine Stocking 16, Small Marine Stocking 17, Small Marine Stocking 18, Small Marine Stocking 19, Small Marine Stocking ,

 Algae & Invert.s for Small Systems

Algae for Small Systems: Some Standards by Bob Fenner

Live Rock & Sponges for Small Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: LR and Sponges in Small Systems,

Cnidarians for Small Systems by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: Cnidarians for Small Volumes,

Molluscs for Small Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Molluscs for Small Systems

Crustaceans for Small Systems: To Be Limited by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Crustaceans for Small Systems

Echinoderms for Small Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Echinoderms for Small Systems

Fishes for Small Systems

Dwarf Dwarf Angelfishes of the Genus Centropyge; C. acanthops, C. argi, C. aurantonotus, C. fisheri, C. flavicauda, C. resplendens... by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Dwarf Dwarf Centropyge Angels,

Anglerfishes for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Little Basses for Small Marine Aquariums by Bob Fenner

Blennies, Blennioids for Small Systems by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on:

Cardinals Suitable for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Damsels, Clownfishes for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Dottybacks for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Gobioids for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

     Stocking Pico Reefs, Ultra-Small Gobies for Tiny Systems by Bob Fenner

Grammas and Roundheads for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Hawkfishes for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

Jawfishes for Small Marine Systems by Bob Fenner,

Small Scorpionfishes: Lionfishes and More of Diminutive Size by Bob Fenner

Seahorses & Pipefishes for Small Systems by Bob Fenner

The Few Wrasses for Small Aquarium Use by Bob Fenner

--Small Marine System Maintenance--

Small Marine System Maintenance
FAQs on:
Small System Maintenance, Maintaining Small Systems 2, Maintaining Small Systems 3, Maint. Sm. Sys. 4, Maint. Sm. Sys. 5, Maint. Sm. Sys. 6, Maint. Sm. Sys. 7, & Small System Disease,

Large Marine Systems (> 200 gal.s):

Large Marine Systems by Anthony Calfo
CA: The D.I.Y. Indoor Pond, Building large, economical displays for aquatic life, by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
Large Marine Systems 1,
Large Marine Systems 2,
FAQs on:
Large System Design, Large Tanks, Large System Lighting, MH for 200 gal. Plus Systems, & Large System Filtration/Circulation/Aeration, Large System Skimmers, Large System Stocking, Large System Maintenance,

Cold/Cool Water Systems:

Cold/Cool Water Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
Setting up a California/Pacific Coldwater System
by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Coldwater Systems, Coldwater Systems 2, Chillers for Small Systems,  Chillers/Chilling
FAQs on:
Cool./Cold Marine Set-Up, Cold/Cool Water
System Filtration, Cold/Cool Water System Skimmers, Cold/Cool Water System Lighting, & Coldwater SW Sys. Stkg. by Size, Cold/Cool Water System Stocking, Cold/Cool Water System Maintenance
FAQs on:
Chiller Rationale/Use, Chiller Selection, Chiller DIY, Chiller Installation, Chiller Maintenance, Fans For Cooling, Troubleshooting,  Cold water Anemones,

Tidepool Systems
FAQs on:
Tidepool Systems,

Setting up a California/Pacific Coldwater System by Bob Fenner

Raceway Live-Holding Systems by Bob Fenner,

Experimenting With Kreisel Construction by Sara Mavinkurve,

Example Systems (in/on Conscientious Aquarist Magazine): Aquatic Feature of the Month: An Expression of Technology By: Scott Sigman

Tanks, Stands, Covers
Marine Tanks, Stands & Covers by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Tanks/Stands/Covers, Tanks/Stands/Covers 2,
Tanks/Stands/Covers 3, Tanks/Stands/Covers 4, Location/Placement,
& By: Make/Brand/Manufacturer Name, Commercially Made Tanks: Advanced Aqua-Tanks (Uniquarium ), All-Glass/AGA, AquaPod, BioCube, Clarity Plus, DAS (Dutch Aquarium Systems), Eclipse/Marineland, Glass Cages, Jebo, Lee-Mar, MARS (Marineland), MegaFlow, Oceanic, Perfecto, Red Sea Max, SeaClear/Tradewind/CASCO, Tenecor, TruVu/Aquaplex, Uniquarium, ZeroEdge,


Making Your Own Tanks, Sumps TBW
Size Doesn't Always Matter! Thoughts on the Desire to Create Bigger Marine Aquariums By Scott Fellman
FAQs on Tank Design, Shape, Size, Materials, Location:
Tank Shape/Size, Tank Design, Tank Materials: Acrylic, Glass, Other... Location,

FAQs on Custom Tanks by Manufacturer: Lee-Mar, San Diego Plastics Aquariums, SeaClear/Tradewind/Clarity/CASCO, Tenecor, TruVu/Aquaplex,

FAQs on Making Your Own Tanks, Sumps: DIY Tanks, Sumps 1, DIY Tanks/Sumps 2, DIY Tanks/Sumps 3, DIY Tanks/Sumps 4,
FAQs on DIY Tank & Sump Engineering:
Design, Shape/Size, Materials, Tools/Construction/Sealants, Plumbing... DIY Acrylic Tanks, DIY Glass Tanks, DIY Wood Tanks, DIY Other Material Tanks, Stands... Tools,

Commercially Made Tanks:
FAQs on Commercially Made Glass Aquariums:
Commercially Made Glass Aquariums, By Make/Manufacturer: JBJ, Red Sea Max systems,

FAQs on Commercially Made Acrylic Aquariums: Commercially Made Acrylic Tanks: By Make/Manufacturer: SeaClear/Tradewind/Clarity/CASCO, TruVu/Aquaplex,


Aquarium Stands and Supports by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Stands, Stands 2,
FAQs on
Stand: About Floors Underneath, What Stand/Support to Use 1, What to Use ,
What to Use , What to Use , What to Use , Furniture, DIY, Finishing/Coating, Commercial, Leveling 1, Leveling 2, Leveling 3, Leveling 4, Leveling , & Modification, Repair,


Canopies, Covers & Canopies for Lighting Fixtures by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
Covers 1,
Covers 2, &
FAQs on Canopy/Cover: Rationale: Use and Disuse, Design/Engineering, Construction, Finishing/Coating/Sealing, Reflectors, Fans, Wiring, Repairing,

Designer Systems

Living Art: Designer Tanks, Stands, Covers by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Designer Tanks 1,
Designer Tanks 2,

Put An Aquarium In Your Office by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Office Aquariums,

Aquarium Repairs:

Glass Aquarium Repair by [to be written]
FAQs on:
Glass Tank Repairs, Glass Tank Repairs 2,
Glass Tank Repairs 3, Glass Tank Repairs 4, Glass Tank Repair 5,
FAQs on
Repairing Glass Tank: Leaks, Chips/Cracks,
Chips/Cracks 2, Chips/Cracks 3, Chips/Cracks 4, Holes, & Scratches/Blemishes, Cross-Braces, Whole Panes. Tools FAQs: Cutting Glass, Silicone 1,
Silicone/Sealant 2, Silicone/Sealant 3, Moulding/Frames; Techniques; Troubleshooting/Repairs, Olde Tank (Slate Bottom, Metal Frame, Pecora...) Repairs,

Acrylic Aquarium Repair and Modifications by Marc Quattromani
FAQs on:
Acrylic Tank Repair 1, Acrylic Tank Repair 2,
FAQs on
Acrylic Tank: Design, Scratches & Crazing, Leaks, Drilling/Cutting, Construction, Solvents,

Other Methods of Construction, Tank Repair
FAQs on:
Tanks of other Material Construction,

Gear/Components (other than Filtration, Lighting) Water, Salt, Substrates, Electrical Concerns

Marine Aquarium System Components by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Marine System Components,

Used Tanks, Gear for Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Used Marine Tanks, Gear,

Water, Salt Issues:

Treating New, Source/Tapwater for Marine Aquarium Use (Dechloramination et al.) by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Tap/Source Water 1, Tap/Source Water 2, Tap/Source Water 3,
FAQs on
New Water Treatment: Rationale/Science, Chemicals (Chlorine, Chloramines, Trihalomethanes...), Filtrants, Techniques/Tools, Testing, Troubles/shooting, Products by Manufacturer/Brand, DIY Treatment Chemicals/Tools,

Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Contactors & Other Means of Water Purification [to be written]
Reverse Osmosis, A Multipurpose Tool by Mark E. Evans
FAQs on:
Water Treatment,
Water Treatment 2, Water Treatment 3, Water Treatment 4, Water Treatment 5, Water Treatment 6, Water Treatment 7,
FAQs on RO et al. Water Treatment Gear: Rationale, Selection, Installation, Operation, For Commercial/Large Output, RO Water Storage, RO Water Treatment/Adjustment, Testing, Maintenance/Repair, Brands/Manufacturers... Filter Guyz, Kent, SpectraPure,

Deionizing Water Treatment
FAQs on:
Deionizing Water Treatment, Related
FAQs on:
DI Rationale/Use, Selection, For Commercial/Large Applications, DI Storage, DI Treatment, DI Testing, Maintenance/Repair, & Brands/Manufacturers: Kati-Ani DI Units, Kold-Steril Unit,

Major, Minor Constituents of Seawater by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Seawater Make-up,

Seawater, Natural or Synthetic? by Bob Fenner
Tips for Reef Tank Water Success by Bob Fenner
Saltwater Impressions (Synthetics Review) by Steven Pro
Makeup water and storage by Justin Norman
Marine Salts; A quick comparison of a few available salt mixes by Steven Pro
Makeup water and storage; Useful hints for storing and managing top-off water by Justin Norman
FAQs on:
Seawater 1,
Seawater 2, Seawater 3, Seawater 4, Seawater 5, Seawater 6,
FAQs on
Seawater: Mixing, Supplementing, Storing, Moving, Physical/Chemical Troubleshooting/Fixing...
Reusing SW, By Make/Manufacturer: Natural Seawater. Synthetics in General: Aquarium Systems/Marineland (Instant Ocean, Reef Crystals), Aquacraft (Marine Environments, BioSea...), Brightwell (NeoMarine), Central Garden (Oceanic), Energy Savers (Coralife), Fritz, Kent Marine (SeaSalt), Red Sea (Red Sea Salt, Coral Pro Salt), SeaChem Marine (Marine Salt, Reef Salt), Tropic Marin, Other Brands... About Buying Pre-mixed Seawater, About Synthetics Manufacturers Advertising Claims...

Specific Gravity, Salinity by Bob Fenner
FAQs on
Seawater: Specific Gravity & Salinity,
Spg 2,
FAQs on
Spg, Salinity: Importance, Science, Measure, Maintenance, Anomalies,

FAQs on: Humidity and It's Control,

Marine Substrates et alia res Related:
--Gravels, Sands--

Marine System Substrates (Gravels, Sands) by Bob Fenner
Marine Substrate Options by Sara Mavinkurve
FAQs on:
Marine Substrates 1, Marine Substrates 2, Marine Substrates 3, Marine Substrates 4, Marine Substrates 5, Marine Substrates 6, Marine Substrates 7, Marine Substrates 8, Marine Substrates 9, & Refugium Substrates/DSBs,
FAQs on:
Rationale, Yes/No? (Bare-bottom?!), Selection, Marine Substrate Selection 2, Marine Substrate Selection 3, By Type: Aragonite/s, Coral Sands, Silicates, Dolomites/TapAShell, Cheap/Bulk Aragonite, Southdown & Such 1, Cheap/Bulk Marine Substrates 2,
Cheap/Bulk Marine Substrates 3, Cheap/Bulk Marine Substrates 4, Cheap/Bulk Marine Substrates , Oolitic, Volcanic/Lava/Igneous, Calcites (Marble...), Novel Materials, Collecting Your Own, & Physical Make-up, Size/Grade, Location, Depth, & Marine Substrate Cleaning 1, Marine Substrate Cleaning 2, Moving/Replacing/Adding To 1, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 2, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 3, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 4, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 5, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To , & Substrate Anomalies/Trouble-Fixing,

--Deep Sand Beds (DSBs), Live Sand, Plenums--

DSBs, An Introduction to Deep Sand Beds by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
DSBs 1, DSBs 2, DSBs 3, DSBs 4, DSBs 5, DSBs 6, DSBs 7, DSBs 8, DSBs 9, DSBs 10, DSBs , & Refugium Substrates/DSBs,
FAQs on:
Rationale/Use, NNR (Natural Nitrate Reduction, Anaerobic Bacteria), Dangers, Physical Make-Up, Biological Make-Up, Size, Location, Depth, Conversion to/from, Reverse Flow Deep Sand Beds (RDSBs), Maintenance/Replacing/Adding To,
Sand Sifters (to be written>
FAQs on: Sand Sifting Organisms,

Live Sand, Beautiful and Functional by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Live Sand 1, Live Sand 2, Live Sand 3,
FAQs on
Live Sand: Identification, Selection/DIY, Systems/Placement, Biota, Maintenance,
Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 4, Marine Substrate Moving/Replacing/Adding To 5,

Mud Use, Mud Filters
FAQs on:
Mud Filtration, Mud Filtration 2, Mud Filtration 3,
FAQs on
Mud Filtration: Rationale/Use, Engineering/Placement, Maintenance/Replacement, Troubles, Products: Miracle Mud/Leng Sy, Other Mud products, DIY

Plenums, Natural Nitrate Reduction (NNR) in Marine Filtration by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Plenums, Plenums 2, Plenums in Reef Filtration, Plenum Removal
FAQs on Plenum: Rationale/Use, Design, Installation, Operation, Altering/Adding Media, Troubleshooting/Repair,

Denitrification, Gear for Same
FAQs on
: Denitrification/Denitrifiers,

Marine Systems Electrical/Electricity; Heating/Cooling


Electricity and Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Electricity, Electricity 2, Electricity 3,
FAQs on: Energy Consumption/Conservation, Electrical Consumption Measure, Electricity Back-up/Generation, Lighting Costs,
Pump Energy Use, Heating/Chilling Costs, Electrical Shorts/Shocks/Fires, Dangers!

Surviving extended power outages: how to keep your aquarium alive! By Mike Maddox and Merritt Adkins
FAQs on:
Power Outages,

Surge Devices
FAQs on: Surge Devices,

Grounding Probes
FAQs on
: Grounding Probes,

GFCIs/RCDs and Marine Aquariums, by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:


Heater Impressions (Reviews) by Steven Pro
FAQs on:
Heating Marine Systems, Heating 2, Heating 3,
FAQs on:
Rationale, Heating/Chilling Costs, Heating Methods/Gear, Heat Controllers (Fans et al.), Measuring/Thermometers, Heating Troubleshooting/Repairs, Makes/Models by Manufacturer,


FAQs on Chillers, Chillers 2,
FAQs on:
Fans For Cooling, Chiller Rationale/Use, Chiller Selection, Chiller Pump Selection, Heating/Chilling Costs, Chiller DIY, Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Cool./Cold Marine Set-Up, Water Temperature, Metal Halide Heat Issues,

Controllers for Marine Systems, X10 Controllers, An Economical and Functional Approach to Aquarium Timers, By James Gasta,
FAQs on:


Aquascaping Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Marine Aquascaping 1, Marine Aquascaping 2,
on: Dead Coral and Shells, Faux Rock, Faux Corals, Collecting Your Own SW Decor, Potentially Toxic Materials,

Background Choices
FAQs on:

Biotopic Aquascaping of Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:

A Fishwatcher's Guide to the Marine Fishes of the Tropical West Atlantic by Bob Fenner Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
FAQs on Marine Fishes of:
Tropical West Atlantic 1, Tropical West Atlantic 2,

Algae, Invertebrates and Vascular Plants of the Tropical West Atlantic by Bob Fenner Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Anemones of the Tropical West Atlantic by Bob Fenner Condylactis Anemones by Bob Fenner
FAQs on Algae Invertebrates and Vascular Plants of: Tropical West Atlantic 1, Tropical West Atlantic 2,

Petfishing in the Cook Islands (Short Version), Long Version (nine pages) by Bob Fenner Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX
FAQs on:
Fishes of the Cook Islands
Coverage of families in the Cooks: Surgeons, Doctorfishes, Tangs, Triggerfishes, Hawkfishes, Wrasses,

Visiting in the Galapagos by Bob Fenner
by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:

A Fishwatcher's Guide to the Marine Aquarium Fishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Tropical East Pacific,


A Fishwatcher's Guide to the Marine Invertebrates of Hawai'i, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Hawaiian Invertebrates,

A Fishwatcher's Guide to the Marine Aquarium Fishes of Hawai'i by Bob Fenner Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Hawai'i'; Land of the Puhi by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Hawaiian Fishes, Scott's Trip to Maui/Hawai'i,

Hawaiian Biotopes, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Hawaiian Biotopes, Travel

Fiji, Pet-Fishing in Fiji Part 2, by Bob Fenner FAQs on: Fiji,

Malaysia by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Maldives,

Indonesia Underwater: Algae & Plants by Bob Fenner Invertebrates: Sponges, Cnidarians (Soft Corals, Gorgonians/Sea Fans, Zoanthids, Hard Corals, Anemones), Molluscs (Bivalves, Gastropod Snails, Nudibranchs and Other Prosobranchs),

Fishes Articles by Bob Fenner:
Sharks & Rays Eels Misc. Marine Fishes Angler/Frogfishes Squirrel and Soldierfishes & the Pineconefish Scorpionfishes of All Sorts (Lions, Stones, Wasps...) Tube-Mouthed Fishes (Seahorses, Pipefishes, and more!) Blennioid and Gobioid Fishes of Indonesia, Wrasses Found in Indonesia Part One, Two, Three Indonesian Basses, Fancy and Otherwise, Dottybacks in Indonesia, Longfins/Roundheads of Indo., Cardinalfishes of Indonesia, Tilefishes of Indo., Indonesian Jacks, Family Carangidae, Indonesian Snappers, Family Lutjanidae, Indonesian Fusiliers,

Family Caesionidae, Indo. Grunts and Sweetlips, Family Haemulidae, Indo Emperors, Family Lethrinidae, Sea Breams of Indo., Family Nemipteridae, Goatfishes of Indonesia, Family Mullidae, Spadefishes Found in Indonesia, Family Ephippidae, Indonesian Butterflyfishes, Family Chaetodontidae, Angelfishes, Family Pomacanthidae of Indo., Damselfishes of Indonesia (Excluding Clowns) Clownfishes Found in Indo., Surgeonfishes of Indonesia, Siganids of the Malay-Indonesian Region, Triggerfishes of Indonesia,

The Macro Paradise Which Is Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia: Short Version, Long Version by Bob Fenner
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Australia's Wonders, Above and Below Water by Bob Fenner Walk-In Whitsundays by Peter Catterick & Bob Fenner

A Fishwatcher's Guide to the Aquarium Fishes of the Red Sea by Bob Fenner
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Red Sea, Red Sea 2, Red Sea 3, Red Sea 4, Red Sea Aquarium Biotopes: Reef Flats, ( Part 2 Red Sea Reef Flat Biotopes), Reef Slope, ( Red Sea Reef Slope 2 of 5, Red Sea Reef Slope 3 of 5, Red Sea Reef Slope 4 of 5, Red Sea Reef Slope 5 of 5) Sandy Slope, ( Sandy Red Sea Reef Slope 2 of 5, Sandy Re*d Sea Reef Slope 3 of 5, Sandy Red Sea Reef Slope 4 of 5, Sandy Red Sea Reef Slope 5 of 5) Ppt presentation of The Red Sea & Reef Aquarists Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, by Bob Fenner

Pistol Shrimp/Shrimp Goby Biotopes
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Pistol Shrimp/Goby Biotopes,

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